Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 3 ... Phase 2 in the Big brother house ... oops sorry I meant 11L expedition!

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday with a hugely fun and very successful change over under our belts the fieldbase team where in much need of some R&R don't worry though - WE'RE BACK and hoping to have a blog for you every day. We will also be having other guest bloggers from each site letting up now how is happening on each project site. However, we are back to our 100% on form now and with Phase 2 well and truly under way including an early road trip (trips to go and see both the projects and also to the for our very own Bravo 4 off up to Nicaragua driven by Julian the country manager, Reg one of the logs managers and Alex our comms officer. And Bravo 2 with Ross and Tom delivering a food drop in the Raleigh Land Rover to the Xray 1 trekkers (and bringing back with them a blog and image!) On a happier note it does mean that for the next few days you under the writing skills of the DPM Brie! here is a round up of what all the groups have been up to during the last couple of days.
Here at Fieldbase we have been busy preparing for the next change over (its never to early to start preparing!) and Googling random facts trying indeed to find out if there is a question that Google cant answer.
Here's a quick round up of all the 11L groups:

X-ray 1 – Turrisantos Trek

After a great days trekking the Turrisantos trek have made to Bajo Bonilla at the base of volcan Turrialba to meet the 2 members of the field base crew who have carried their food to them and drop it off with them for the next 5 days. Tomorrow they will start the ascend of volcan Turrialba taking in some amazing views along the way and reaching the top before coming down all in one day! Alpha 1 - see the blog below. In case you are wondering, I'm afraid that heavy rain and thick cloud ruined their chances of a clear view from the top of the volcano... ah well, they still had a blast climbing up there!

X-ray 2 - Guanacaste Trek

Currently the Guanacaste trek is safely at Alto Cebadillo taking in Jungle and back-country roads along the way. The group are all super happy especially now that Delun has rejoined the group and comfortably completed her first days walking!

X-ray 3 – La Cangreja NP

Have nearly competed work on their jungle camp where there will be living for the next 17 days whilst working to put water in to a scientific hut in the middle of the jungle. Not only that but they have a “Jacuzzi” next to their camp that they can wash in everyday after work. Sounds sensational can’t wait to visit them! And bring back a blog letting you know all about it!

X-ray 4 - have built their jungle camp, settled in and began their turtle patrols. Which they will keep up for the next few weeks until they leave. Beautiful sunny weather has been predicted for this region so hopefully they will have a amazing time.

X-ray 5 - are currently staying in the town of Achuapa in Nicaragua as the village they will be working in (San Nicolas) was affected by the recent elections. The group however will have hopefully finished moving in to the community by the end of this afternoon and should be getting to now their new families.

X-ray 6 - have arrived in the village of El Cebollal. They have moved in with their host families and are now enjoying discovering what it is like to be part of a rural Nicaraguan family. They had a day off not due to the election and went for a walk to a local waterfall however should be cracking on with there work as from tomorrow morning.

That's it for now - we'll bring you words and pictures from Xray 1 on the 09th who will be receiving their first food drop from Bravo 1 tomorrow.

Hasta luego for now, however here are some more images of Alpha 1/2/3 from the last phase until we get some more for you in a few days

 Alpha 1

 Alpha 2

 Alpha 3


  1. James Holland (X Ray 5)
    Hi James...I feel there is a lack of photage going on mate...are you hiding lol...So you on your way to your next phase and will be meeting your new family for next few weeks...Maybe an ideal time for your Casa T Shirt and Bag moment maybe ???? Hope your still enjoying yourself James..I check in on here every single day reading updates...I am now an official stalker for sure...So great to read and so proud James that your out there doing something totally amazing..your doing brilliantly and each time there is a new update about you, it makes all the hardwork so worth it...As Sue would say...good on ya Kiddo !!! Davies is laughing at the footie results!!!! Well James good luck on your new phase...cant wait to see the PICTURES ...Speak Soon Nina x

  2. For Lisa Rijsenbrij X-Ray 3
    Hee liefste Lisa, OMG OMG OMG, ik heb net even op Google opgezocht waar je nu ongeveer moet zijn. Ik kan mijn ogen niet geloven. Ben je daar nu echt ??? Moet je jezelf af en toe in de arm knijpen om te weten of het echt is. Ik wel hier achter mijn computer. Iedereen vraagt naar je, vooral van de vraag of ik je mis wordt ik soms een beetje ongemakkelijk want hoe kan ik je missen als je zoiets fantastisch aan het doen bent en over een paar maanden terugkomt met een koffer vol ervaringen en nieuwe vriendschappen in je hart.
    We sturen je heel heel veel liefs en goeds en deze keer niet ziek worden hoor ! xxx mama, papa & the gang from Purra with love. Op het blog wordt gesproken van een "jacuzzi"... waar jullie zijn. PFFFF. Echt afzien zeker. Desperately jealous zegt pappa die net belt vanuit de auto onderweg naar vergaderingen...

  3. Clare Jones 11L - x ray 2

    Hello Clare, I've just seen that Alex has had her baby - a boy and they've called him Oscar so I thought I would let you know. Hope you're enjoying your trek and you haven't got any blisters!! Ian took Maise to the vets today about her lump and they said its probably just a cyst so they've drained it and sent sample to the lab for analysis to be sure. Keep smiling, love u Mum xx

  4. Millie Pierce, X-ray 1
    Hello! Glad to hear you made it to the top of the volcano, hope you're feet/shoulders/hips/back/legs (deleate as appropriate) are ok! You are a bit of a banana and gave me the wrong address so there are about 9 or 10 letters somewhere in costa rica (I just hope the postmen are super cleaver!). But I have written this on your profile with the correct address, so hopefully some letters should get to you soon! Stay safe. Miss you so much, can't wait to hear the sound of your voice in 1 month and 11 days! xxxx
    Also, I do believe some stressing has gone on - you will be owing me a cup-cake! xxxxx

  5. Daisy Knox-Murphy (X-Ray 6)
    Siiiii otro blog mio que te va a llegar, no estas emocionadisima?
    Ya que tu no me puedes contar que es de tu vida pues te sigo contando yo la mia.
    Para empezar te indormo de que te estas perdiendo el barco aunque esta temporada esta siendo muy surrealista y verla sola sin pizza ni coleslau pues no tiene tanta gracia todo hay que decirlo.
    Bueno hoy he estado con Victor en mi casa y nos hemos comido los moquitos mutuamente porque joooder que chico mas paradito me ha faltado decirle directamente lo que queria. Ni con un laser me pone la mano encima...pero bueno como lo voy a dejar no me preocupa en exceso jajaja
    Y hoy no tengo mucho mas que contarte mañana no tengo clase y soy suuuper feliz, aunque bueno la verdad que en esta uni cada uno hace lo que le sale de las narices y doy menos horas de clase que lo que tardo en ir pero con la calmaa jajaj
    Todavia sigo en proceso de sacarme el teorico del carnet soy una fracasada y lo mejor de todo es que mis padres se deben pensar que tienen una hija tonta que lleva llendo dos meses a la autoescuela y todavia no se saca el carnet pero claro como no la he pisado... jajaja
    por cierto espero que dentro de tus planes de futuro se incluya un viaje a Roma porque estoy enamorada y te vas a venir conmigo a conocer italianos, lo doy por hecho como puedes ver ya que tu no tienes opinion :P
    love you xx

    Hi Molly,We have read the blogs and seen some pictures, it looks like you are having a great time. Some of the pictures are great the views cool.Your menues look interesting! HA HA! We are all well here. Look after yourself, keep having fun and take care. Hope the bugs don't bite too often. Lots of love, Dad and Susanne xxx

  7. VM Message for Brie, Tom, Reggie, Bruce, Ross, Julian, Daz and Splatches:
    Helloooo babses!! Hows it all going over there?? Has anyone got rained out of La Cangreja yet?! And how many Bravo's broke down during phase 1? Hope 11L is going amazingly, not gunna lie, life in the UK is pretttty different to Costa Rica but time's flying by! Been in London nearly 2 months now! Hope it's all going well :) Brie- have you found anyone else to take over reigning champion of the finger pull? Tom and Reg- hows the man cave looking? Bruce- you'll be pleased to know i've learnt all the words to La Camisa Negra.. Ross- see any potentials for the next candidate to 'suffer' on the bus to Cahuita? and finally Julian- has the spiderman costume surfaced yet?? Hohoho! Blog's looking awesome, wish I was there with you guys doing it all over again! Take care all, hope to see you at some kind of reunion on your return! Lots of love, Babs xxxx

  8. Tyla Koen X-Ray 6
    Hey Ty, how's the water project coming on and hope you settled in nicely with your host family.
    Dad and I wanted to drive to the Saudi border on Monday but woke up to rain and lots of it. It then rained most of the morning. It is lovely to finally have some decent rain.
    We are going to camp on the beach, Fri and Sat with Aniah and George, we will miss you not being there.
    Think winter is slowly creeping in as it was rather chilly this morning (Wed) when I left for work.
    Spoke to Cath and hopefully her friends will get back to her with regards to something in CPT.
    Soon your stay will be up enjoy it to the max, this is a once in a life time opportunity and I can't wait to see you at the airport on the 27th.
    We love and miss you stax xxxxx M & D

  9. Monisha Sodha (X-Ray 4)
    Hey Moni
    Went to 32, Russell Square. All done. Problemlos. In drei Jahren kommt der Rechtanwalt ! Stopped by LHTM and took a picture for you. More reason to go to London. Was sagt Du?



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