Thursday, 3 November 2011

Final blogs from Alpha 3 & 4

Alpha 3
Alpha 3 spent their environmental phase in the mountains of Chirripo National Park. Cerro Chirripo, which we summited twice has a height of 3820 metres, being not only the highest mountain in Costa Rica but also the highest in the whole of Central America. From the top we were fortunate enough to see both the Pacific and Carribean Oceans.

We succeeded in our task of renovating and improving the paths and managed more than 10km, excavating trenches and removing thousands of rocks. It was heavy manual labour at high altitude but the view of the surrounding landscape and the group spirit made it all worthwhile. The experience of getting up to the top and this incredible park all to ourselves is on that we will never forget.

“Since climbing Chirripo, I feel a much stronger person. I never thought I would reach the top so now feel I can achieve anything.” Poppy Blunan, 11L Venturer.

Alpha 4
So that is it for Alpha 4’s trip to Playa Hermosa. What a time we’ve all had. We completed every task; building the sea defences - a 9ft high wall made from driftwood with a huge trench behind it – as well as releasing thousands of baby turtles and stopping more poachers than we can remember.

It took a little while for us to bond as a group but once we did, there wasn’t anyone that could stop us from completing every task put in front of us.

But for now the 11L Alpha 4 group of Geoff, Tyla, Delun, Clare, Mark, Chelsie, Julie, Christiany, Jonathan, Anna, James and PMs Owen and Gemma have completed their first phase and we’rte all hoping that whatever comes next will be at least as good our time at Playa Hermosa.


  1. To Poppy (Alpha 3)
    Well Done Poppy! - you have achieved so much, and it was really good to hear that you have been working with such a supportive and friendly group of people.
    Love Pod, Soph and Kim xxx

  2. Tom Coombs, 11L, X-ray 2

    Looks like you've just got another great challenge. Volcanos, Rope Bridges, Hot Pools, Mud Packs and fantastic views, not to mention the Creepy Crawlies, Monkeys and Lizards ( maybe these shouldn't be mentioned !) It's going to be great and what a stunning contrast to Cerro Cirripo. We've just seen the group photo of X-ray 2 crew and you all look in fantastic shape, happy and well and in great anticipation of the next trek. Sophie forwarded us your Facebook message. We hope you got our previous Blog messages too. Have a wonderful time, keep taking the photos.

    Mum sends an embarrassingly sloppy kiss !

    Cheers, Mum and Dad. xx

  3. X-Ray 1 Friso Tiggelaar
    FRISO! OMG...zag net pas dat je aan het trekken bent!! HOLI man..en hoe is het? overleef je het? is er veel kut modder bij?en regent het veel? heb je ook je ipod mee?
    ik hop voor je dat je groep een beetje leuk is..en als dat niet zo is zijn ze leuk bij het einde van de trip hoor hahahah..
    Zo raar dat ik weet waar je nu bent, aangezien ik het ook heb gedaan. erg weird dat ik weet in wat voor situatie je zit..ben je ook zo super gek op die ''Energy Bombs''? Die zijn zooo lekkkeeeer hahaha
    Anyways..schrijf veel zodat je alles kan vertellen met kerst!! Ben zo beniewd naar je verhalen!
    xxxx claire bartstra

  4. For Gemma Fernihough.(PM)
    Hi Gemma. It was so good to hear from you the other day. everyone asks after you and Tim the back man wishes he was with you. When I can pin Laura down we will try and send some photo,s. Keep your fingers crossed as David gets his results today. Still missing you. love MUM, xxxx

  5. hola tontito, aquí estamos comiendo taquitos... que rrreriiico. estuve buscándote por todo turri y no lo logré. Bueno te esperamos y sobre todo te extrañamos. Cesia te quiere muchito.
    Dale un beso y abrazo a Brucito jajajaj cuando regrese le compro un cafesito jajaja

  6. Kelly (pm) x-ray 4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I hope the new group is half as good as we were ;-)

  7. (For Geoffrey Kirby, Alpha 4) Hi Geoffrey. All sorted for you to stay for the full ten weeks. Expect it will be Dad that picks you up at the airport in December but we can sort that out later. Looking forward to reading what you are going to be doing next. Just back from Johannesburg getting the contract started and off to St Helena in January, so we'll have a lot of catching up to do. Back just before you go off to Oz. Quiet without you (not sure whether that is a good thing!) and looking forward to seeing you. Have a great time. Ginny, Philip and John send their love. Me too. Dad x



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