Friday, 25 November 2011

Final blogs X-Rays 4 and 6..

I think writer's cramp has afflicted some of our bloggers hence the slightly delayed final blogs from X-Ray 4 and 6. X-Ray 5's comms officer is currently crafting a blog masterpiece which I will share with you in the morning!

X-Ray 4 (Monisha)

Looking back at our time in Playa Hermosa it really feels like it flew by. We becamer a family with the park rangers and even though Don Marco and Jonny, the volunteer, did not speak much English, we found a way to communicate with them, which was made easy by Don Marco’s animated way of expressing himself in Spanglish.

We were especially proud to finish the barrier on our last working day. During our time in Playa Hermosa we were also lucky enough to witness some breathtaking sunsets that I am sure we will not forget in a long time.
One of the unique aspects of this project was the direct contact we had with tourists visiting the beach and wildlife refuge. We were able to impart our knowledge and share our experiences with the people who keep the refuge going and spread awareness of the plight of the turtles.

Spending 19 days in Playa Hermosa made us aware of Costa Rica’s wider conservation issues and the need to protect and preserve the ecosystem. We felt privileged to be part of such efforts.

X-Ray 6: Huzy
The youth centre is all ready! It’s hard to imagine we built this turquoise beauty with our bare hands. When we got to work on our first day, there were just a few foundation structures. Then we slowly built it up under the watchful eye of our maestro, Don Rolando, who, by the way, had no designs of the building skectched out whatsoever. I guess when you’re that good you don’t need paper just imagination and a lot of confidence!!
We’re very proud of this building especially since, for some of us, it was our first time using a spade, hammer or saw!

Don Rolando threw a party for us to celebrate the completion of the youth centre. Lots of dsncing ensued and there were plenty of bodies being thrown around by the locals who were up for some serious salsa dancing.
Earlier in the day, we had lunch at the rangers station. Our hosts mums had cooked chicken for us and it was really special for us all to eat together with our families. This was followed by a speech from Don Rolando. Then we took turns to say our thanks and that was when got a bit emotional. Sometimes you don’t really need to understand the language to get the message.

All in all, it was a great project for X-Ray 6. We came in wanting to give back to the community but we ended up getting so much more from them in return. And we did all that with a beautiful backdrop provided by Mother Nature herself. This experience is something we won’t forget for a long time. After all this is the stuff that awesome memories are made of. With that we leave Miraflor with a sweet sorrow in our hearts.

Amazingly we are about to head into the third and final phase of what has been an awesome expedition. Tomorrow/this morning will see the announcement of the Zulu groups for third phase and we'll bring you those groups asap, along with an update on the eagerly anticipated Zulu games!!


  1. Hi Poppy (X-Ray 6) - I've just seen the photo of the youth centre you've all been building - amazing, and what an achievement! I hope that you're still enjoying yourself and looking forward to the trek... Most of the people, who ask me what you're doing in Central America, have asked me what age you have to be for an expedition with Raleigh - they all want to go!!! I hope you have some good drawings of the wildlife and, of course, are taking note of the rocks... I miss you! Lots of love Yor Ma XXXXXXX

  2. Floris Muller; X-Ray 3.
    He lieverd,
    Daar baalde ik van dat je de verbinding verbrak nadat je pappie had gesproken, ik nam de tel over en weg was je, had me er de hele dag op verheugd dat ik je nog even zou spreken, maar helaas.
    Neem aan dat je morgen dus aan je laatste project begint, het is allemaal wel heel erg snel gegaan, ik mis je wel heel erg maar overleef het wel, tot nu toe.
    Boef had trouwens echt door dat het jouw stem was door de telefoon, ze begreep er helemaal niets van, denk dat ze je ook wel mist en de aanloop van je vrienden, gelukkig komen vanavond Meijer en Melvin gezellig eten, even bijkletsen en Boef zal daar ook blij mee zijn.
    Volgende week zaterdag vieren we dus gezellig Sint bij Fleurtje en Ruub, dobbelen en gewoon gezellig.
    Morgen gaan pappie en ik naar een presentatie van een nieuw, nog te bouwen, appartementen gebeuren in Haarlem, aan het Spaarne, eens kijken wat dat gaat worden en of dat eventueel iets voor ons is in de toekomst.
    Oke lieverd, neem aan dat we vandaag of morgen op het blog lezen waar je de volgende periode zal zitten en in welke groep je dan zit.
    Geniet er nog even van, ik verheug me toch wel heel erg op terug komst en op Tanzania, we hebben er allemaal enorm veel zin in.
    Dikke knuffels, ook van pappie. Hvj XXXXXXX mammie

  3. Monisha Sodha (Xray 4)
    Hey moni!!js read ur blog on here, i hope u took pics of those sunsets!u should be coming home within a few days so js wanted to say have a safe flight home. cant wait to catch up n hear all about ur stories..n i bet u cant wait to get to the beauticians haha sending lots of love xxx

  4. Julie Gollner, Zulu 2.

    Hi there conejito. i am sorry we did not talk on my graduation, i called u over lunch but ur phone was already off, I guess u were leaving before i expected, my fault, again.
    Graduation was good, would have loved to bring u with me there, it would have been fun...maybe u invite me to urs and we make it up.
    I am happy we got to talk and to know u are doing good. I am very proud of everything u are doing and the fact that u decided to finish this til the end, nice job.
    I am coming back to madrid wednesday to continue the treatment and hopefully be done soon enough in december to see you. If not, I will see u anyway, as I promised, ok?
    Being in London without u feels weird, came by walk from notting hill gate to ari's place yesterday and does not feel quite the same...i have no one to pick up flowers for anymore.
    hang in there and please let me know u are okay as soon u can, ok?
    i will be missing u bastard.

  5. Hi Jasper, Zulu 5,
    Hoe gaat ie? Leuk gastgezin en leuke 'collega's'?
    Was volgens mij nog een aardige rit naar het dorp in Nicaragua. Mooie reis?
    Heb je een fijne verjaardag gehad, daar aan de andere kant?
    Hier alles goed, wel erg rustig zonder jou en zonder B. Ook wel goed, kan ik de sociale contacten weer een beetje onderhouden. En een beetje bijslapen :)
    Verder niets te melden hier, hoop je snel weer te spreken of te lezen! Veel succes en plezier met phase 3, Mx



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