Sunday, 27 November 2011

Phase 3 has lift-off!!!

The third and final phase of the legendary Expedition 11L is underway. The Zulu grups boarded their buses at crack of dawn yeasterday and by 6.30am fieldbase was a much quieter place with a motely crew of eight staff left behind.

All groups reported in safe and sound yesterday evening and this morning will either continue their journeys or start getting camp set up.

Zulu 1 reached their destination and camped by Rio Guacimo let night, using the house that PMs Ken and Will rebuilt during their PPV. Bravo 1 will meet them with a food drop on Monday and then join them in climbing Volcan Turrialba on Tuesday.

Zulus 2 and 5 reached Jinotepe in Nicaragua yesterday afternoon, where they spent the night. Zulu 5 will continue onto to Achuapa today to meet their host families, while Zulu 2 will continue on to La Rampla in Miraflor to start the trek proper.

Zulu 3 are in La Cangreja, having waved good bye to the 7 weekers at San Jose airport, and spent the night in the rangers station before setting up camp today. The general consensus from the group is that jungle is ‘pretty amazing’!

Finally Zulu 4 will be setting up camp today at Playa Hermosa ready to start their night patrols and hatchery protection.

Yesterday was a mix of excitement at starting a new phase and sadness at waving goodbye to our awesome 7 weekers who will very soon be home.

Bravo 1 will be with Zulu 1 tomorrow so if you are posting blog messages for anyone in that group please try and do so by 11am Costa Rica time.

Pura vida!

Departure time approaches and there's still a bit of packing to be done!!

A Raleigh send-off for the 7-weekers - the hug line!

Members of Zulu 2 practice their walking technique.



    Hi Will, I t was great to hear from you even though it wasn't very sucessful.
    We have been following you on the blogs. I'm sure the trek will be fabulous and you will see some amazing views. Try not to bring any pets home !!!
    We ran the santa fun run this morning. It was great fun about 500 santa's were running around Lutterworth.Your dad handed sweets out to the small children of some of our friends,
    Rich is fine though he wasn't too keen on scuba diving.
    It's my first Christmas party on thursday, then my second on Saturday with more to follow. Saturday night is our dance, dance xmas party with an exhibition. (not sure if thats me after wine)! Think I will need to pace myself.
    Love Mum, Dad and Rich,

  2. Lisa Rijsenbrij Zulu 1, 28 november, gefeliciteerd met je pappa ;);) liefste Lisa, weet niet zeker of ik nog op tijd ben zodat dit berichtje nog mee komt met Bravo 1. Maar ik probeer het maar. super dat het gelukt is met je ticket en wat fijn om nog even van je te horen dat je groep zo leuk is. Als ik kijk naar de foto kan ik me daar alles bij voorstellen. En zo mooi gemengd ! De voorstelling Judith was prachtig, en nu ligt ze met koorts en redelijk uitgeput in bed. Het was heel erg gezellig in Utrecht met iedereen. Jacob vond dat wat hij las op je blog en op het Raleigh Blog (ik had het laatste deeltje voor iedereen gecopieerd) het equivalent was van de emotionele en mentale groei die je in je eerste drie studie jaren doormaakt en hij straalde erbij van oor tot oor als een echt trotse oom. Flore van Marie heeft een ongelooflijke knappe stageplaats gevonden in Parijs. Ze gaat een programma meehelpen opzetten voor het bedenken van hoe het helal gereinigd kan worden van overtollige veelal kapotte of uit gebruik geraakte satelieten. Is dat niet fascinerend ! Ik leg het vast een beetje te huis en tuin en keukerig uit. Ik ga Paul Jaeger vragen of hij misschien iemand kent waar ze kan wonen in die tijd.
    Weet je waar ik je echt om benijdt, dat je niet vanaf na sinterklaas alsmaar naar dat wee-ige fijne feestdagen hoeft te luisteren en erger nog, het antwoord daarop... hetsellufduh !!
    Geniet daar maar heel heel erg van. Want die dans ontkom je niet drie jaar achter elkaar.
    Ik ben nu al benieuwd naar de berichten die bravo 1 terug zal brengen. je ziet er zo fit en sterk uit. volgens mij gaat het wel lukken met de trek. Take good care of yourself, hasta la pasta en tot de volgende keer maar weer.
    dikke kus, mama.

  3. zulu 5 clare jones


    So finally found these football scores that have been evading me for so long, i think it was just cus i couldn't open them cus i didn't have the right java script. Anyway here it goes brace yourself:

    KGV are currently bottom of the league (11th) having played 10 games. They have lost all ten games. There goal difference is -38!

    Currently top of the league is B and WM Police with a total of 19 points. They've played 7, won 6 and drawn 1.

    Ferndale (i put these in cus it was the only other team i think you've played against, i didn't recognise any of the others) they are in 9th place and have played 10, won 2, lost 7 and drawn 1. Their goal difference is -8.

    Oh no and more stats for you! Hahaha!
    Erm...the biggest away win of the season has been against KGV. I think this might have been the most recent game. It was against B and WM Police and the score was 0-5.

    In the Herefordshire nad Worcestershire league, Pegasus Ladies Reserves are top at the moment with 18 points after 7 games. Worcester United are second on 15points but have two games in hand.

    Right after that i think i'd better send some cheery news too.

    It's only 27 days till christmas!!!!!!!


  4. Clare Jones 11L - Zulu 5

    Hi Clare, it was so good to hear from you the other day and I'm so glad you're having a great time. I expect you're now settling in with your host family in Achuapa and I'm watching the blogs to hear of your progress. I have written you another letter and hope you get it before you leave. The next 3 weeks are going to fly by so enjoy every minute of it. I got the xmas decorations down yesterday but Ian said it was too early to put them up yet but I'm going to put them up gradually during this week as I have Saffy staying over this weekend so I won't get chance to get it done then. I'm thinking of taking her to see Father Christmas at Webbs or St Peters and the Worcester Christmas Fayre is on too. love you loads Mum xx

  5. Jayne Deegan x ray 5
    Hope you enjoy Nicaragua & your project goes well.
    Party was great and was hoarse the next day, due to the singing and feet sore as dancing so much!!
    Anna & Bob & Margaret from Gourock Pool were asking for you and said they are proud of you and wish you well! Your friends & Matthews were awsome on the night! Did you see the pictures of my cake. Amazing. Dad organized that without me knowing. Take care & enjoy yourself

    Luv Mum & Dad

    PS DID YOU KNOW i'M 50!!!!!!

  6. Zulu 2- Geoffrey Kirby.

    Hey Geoffrey. This is my second blog of daily blogs and, as promised, there will be one for everyday! I keep wondering what it's like for you guys out there. Im massively envious. I would love to be back out there. Im feeling for some more Raleigh sometime. What do you think?

    It's good to be back though, I thought my jetlag would be worse but Ive gotten right into it. I even wokeup at 6.30 this morning and spent time with my parents before they went to work! I still havent been to see my friends or brother yet! Didnt want to ditch my parents. The girls have planned a picnic for lunch and have made loads of cupcakes and cookies and stuff so Im kinda excited to tuck in (and to see them ofcourse hehe). I dont know if fieldbase has set off yet but when they do, I'll still write so it'll just mean you'll get a massive overload of blogposts when you get back to fieldbase!
    Oh my gosh, I seriously do hope that your 30kg rucksack is not killing your back and youre managing. The last thing I want is a hurt Geoff! Ill try really hard to not say "I told you so". Please listen to me next time? Thanks.
    Hmm besides that news nothing else much. Im getting back into my car today, Ive missed driving so much. OH and one of my dogs is REALLY fat now. Like no jokes. Shes really fluffy and FAT. Its so cute. She literally looks like a ball of black fluff on legs.

    Everyone's heard about you already :) Family and all so now you're going to HAVE to meet them haha. Ill take you up when you're in SA (dont worry they wont eat youuu). Saw what your brothers look like; ADORABLE. And I thought you were cute! Awwh miss you Geoffy (You probably will be teased for that one. sorry. I know I wont though since none of my friends or family read the blog anymore haha)

    Ill write to you tomorrow. Enjoy yourself bub x

  7. To Ken Lo (Zulu 3)

    Hi Ken! hello from Perth, finally. It's good to be back, although not so great to be back at work. It's hard to get off holiday mode but otherwise looks to be a pretty cruisey term. It's a whole different ball game working in a private hospital.

    How's the jungle? Any scary or hairy encounters yet? Not much has happened since last time. I found out what I'll be doing next yr, they're not too bad actually, could be a lot worse I suppose. Vin and I are still house-hunting. Vanessa said to tell you, you better accept her friend request on facebook this time.. lol. Hope the jungle is treating you well. Missing you loads. xxx Thel


    hi Alice . . hope all is well.
    I have confirmation now of a 2 week place in the Embassy, dates to suit you in ? April or early May.
    I have been working in Jeddah for a few days . . .(nice weather on Red Sea coast) . . and then back to Riyadh . . ugh . . . COLD AND WET! I didn't come to Arabia to be cold and wet! :(
    Wet and Saudi driving do not go well together as they have so little experience of driving in wet conditions! total carnage!!!! :|
    Today off to Beirut for 3 days speaking engagement . . . supposed to be nice there . . we shall see . . . hopefully weather better! :)
    Stay safe and have fun.
    Love Dad

  9. Zulu 2- Geoffrey

    This is blog post number 3! SO if you didnt get the other two go ask Ross where they are :p Its really hard me being here and you there, missing you, and then not being able to talk to you when I need comfort. Its a proper test. Its just like when we were in Nicaragua together in seperate villages, just ALOT worse cause there's nothing I can do here to occupy my mind.

    I had a really really bad day yesterday. I was dying to speak to you. I went and finally saw Twilight with the girls and then a friend of mine from the states picked me up and we went to meet up with the girls again for coffee. Like 5 minutes into the ride I told him to pull over and I jumped out and was sick in the middle of the road. I felt like I was on drugs, I couldnt see anything and I was so dissoriented. I told him to take me home and kept on telling him which roads to take but they were the wrong ones cause I didnt know where I was. I started freaking out and crying. And we finally reached my house and I said bye and like ran out the car, took my stuff and then sat on the curb outside my house throwing up cause I didnt want to be sick on the floor in my house. It was pouring down and was about 10 degrees. But the rain felt nice. I sat there for about 45 minutes, I was soaked. I dont know what it was cause I never knew anyone with the V that became disoriented and stuff. I went inside and climbed into a hot bath with my clothes on and fell asleep. I dont know how long I was there for but I went and woke up my mom and asked which medicine to take. I feel better now, just really weak. Throughout it all I just wanted to talk to you but I know I will soon enough. Just wanted a hug :(

    I dont even need to say I hope youre staying strong cause I know you are! Miss you Geoffrey x

  10. Millie Pierce, Zulu 3,
    Hello chumling, I hope life in the jungle is treating you well, it has suddenly got very cold here - I got soaked on the way to the hospital this morning... it was very weird, the sky was blue, but it was chucking it down with rain... and no coat :(
    Also, there are large public sector strikes going on at the moment, I haven't been affected - I went in the back entrance of the hospital, but flat mates have had their lectures cancelled - lucky things!!
    I hope you get my letters before you come home, I sent my last one on the weekend which gives it 3 weeks to get to you!! I haven't had anything from you apart from my first letter (it is kept on my bedside table) but I will keep you updated.
    I had a lovely weekend, Friday was very hard. I'm going to copy one of my emails in becuase I don't think you got it. But Saturday was good - I saw your fams (apart from Xanthe) which was lovely, and generally spent time at home with my fams, Robs came down for the day as well :)
    Here is what I said about Friday:

    I woke up and got a lovely email from you :) I went to Krissi's and Daphne (Emma's Mum) gave me and Char and Em (Kriss's Mum) a lift to Northwood. There we were given a rose, a candle, and a sprig of Rosemary. Lindsey spoke for a bit and then various people read prayers from all the major religions, and then we layed the rosemary on her grave. Then we went back to Suzie's for lunch. Then I went to school - I've written all the details in my letter which I'll post tomorrow. Then home for supper before going up to Ally Pally to let off lanterns.

    This evening I spoke to Lindsey that you were thinking about us all here, and she was so glad and sent her love and appreciation. She wants to know all about it when you get back!!
    So although it was very difficult, I'm glad I went, but I did miss you!! Its not long now till you come home, advent calendar tomorrow :) My room is lovely and christmassy, I have a mini christmas tree and reindeer across my shelves :)
    Anyways, thinking of you everyday. Miss you so so much.
    Love you xxxxx

  11. Eleonore Vollebregt, Zulu 3, 11L

    Hey Lieverd, wat een pech dat ik je niet meer heb gesproken!! Ik had mijn telefoon uit staan!!! Ik kreeg een smsje 's nachts van Duc dat hij je had gesproken, ik heb toen mijn geluid uitgezet want ik dacht straks gaat Noor ook een smsje sturen dat zij Duc heeft gesproken. Enfin, tijdens het boodschappen doen hield ik nauwlettend mijn gsm in de gaten, helaas toen zag ik dat ik je gemist had op 10 min!! Ik nog bellen, sms sturen maar je had toen al je telefoon opgeborgen! Wat een geluk dat ik je vrijdagavond nog gesproken had!! En wat een verrassing maandag dat jij op de foto stond! Iedere keer ga ik even naar de computer om naar je te kijken! Je ziet er stralend uit en zo klonk je ook! Op de groepsfoto doen jullie ook lekker gek, dus ik denk dat je het helemaal naar je zin zal hebben op je laatste stuk in de jungle! Ik zie ook dat je hebt geshopt, er hangt een mooie ketting om je hals! Wel grappig dat wij jullie kunnen volgen! Lieverd, ik wens je succes met het graven in de jungle, weer een prachtig projekt! Geniet van alle beesten die je waarschijnlijk zult zien (hoop ik toch) en horen! De geluiden zullen wel heel speciaal zijn om die van zo dichtbij te mogen meemaken. Geniet nog even van het mooie CR, de natuur, de mensen, alles! Wij leven op afstand met je mee, miss you, tot zeer spoedig, time flies,
    heel veel liefs van ons allen, xxxpappie en mammiexxx

  12. Gemma Fernihough Zulu 4

    Hey Gem! Sorry its taken so long to send you a message but I havn't had anything as near as exciting as what you have been doing to write about!

    Your trip looks amazing and Im sooo jealous that you are looking after little turtles! How cute! Have checked the blog most days to follow your progress and to see some pics and it really looks like the adventure of a lifetime!! I hope you are enjoying it though it does look hard work!

    I have seen the pics of Roo on FB that Billy has put up - looks like he is going really well for him! Must be wierd looking at pics of your own horse being ridden by someone else!!??

    Thor is going great - started taking him out to a few unaff shows recently just to get back into the swing of it and will hopefully reaffiliate in the New Year if I can keep him ticking over throgh the winter - its pretty difficult now with the dark nights etc but we'll manage! Im sure cold & dark seems a long way away when you are sat on a Costa Rican beach!!!

    Anyway - have an amazing time, enjoy Christmas - I bet you are looking forward to relaxing with the family after the hard work with Raleigh!!!

    Take care,

    Love Emma & Thor xxx

  13. Alice Hall Zulu 4

    Dearest Alice,

    Just a quick message to request that you name a turtle Gertrude for me. If you happen upon a male turtle, I think Billybob would be appropriate.

    I'm making bolognese this afternoon. I was being dozy and forgot to half the quantities of meat so I've ended up with enough to last me until I'm 30 (I know, I know. That's not long. Ha ha).

    I bought a new pair of trousers the other week. I've had to take then up by 4 and a 1/4 inches. Tell me. Who on earth is that tall? Imagine how much they would have to be taken up if you wore them...

    Have fun


  14. Message for Sarah Church 11L Zulu 5
    Hola Sar
    Hope all going well in phase 3 and that you are having a brilliant experience in Nicaragua. We are thinking of you every day and looking forward to seeing you at xmas and filling you up with some festive food.!! Good luck with everything.
    Lots of love
    Mum and Dad xx



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