Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Previous projects in Miraflor

After a few days sampling the delights of Nicaragua’s local buses (actually pretty good), the carless Bravo 4 team arrived back at fieldbase (to be fair Julian very kindly picked us up from the bus station in San Jose!)

As well as visiting the groups in Nicaragua, we also had the excellent opportunity to see the work that previous Raleigh groups had done in the rural communities in Miraflor. From building community centres to rebuilding houses destroyed by floods, the positive impact of Raleigh’s work is evident everywhere.

Luckily in each community, we were able to speak to people who had benefited from various projects. In El Coyolito, a women’s group was meeting in the community centre built by Raleigh volunteers; while in El Rodeo we visited homes rebuilt after flooding.

During any Raleigh expedition, the volunteers work extremely hard with local people on the current project and over a three-week phase will see a lot of progress. However, they may not see the impact that their hard work and commitment has in the long-term. Visiting previous projects and speaking to those people using the facilities confirmed what we have always known; that a group of volunteers working with the community can make a big difference to people’s lives.

The community centre in El Coyolito, Miraflor
A women's group meeting in the community centre
Above and below: new houses in El Rodeo, Miraflor


  1. Tyla Koen X-Ray 6
    We had a fantastic weekend at the beach. Our place was the same as last time. Unfortunately the late night drive by's still happened with a 4 x 4 getting stuck in the dunes right behind us at 3am with much shouting and noise making by the locals to help their friends getting out the sand (what a pain) but we had a beautiful spot and throughly enjoyed ourselves. Mylo and Peanut loved it too, she would just walk out into the sea and swim with no problem she loved it. George and Aniah were good company as usual. We judged the hightide well because in the morning the water was lapping at the tent flap, luckily we didn't float away with the current.
    Showed everyone at work your pictures in the Glam Magazine and they all said how stunning you looked.
    We are looking forward to your home-coming on the 27th we have really missed you.
    Love you and can't wait for you to return with all the stories of what you have been up to.
    Your mom and dad xxxxx

  2. To Oscar Crol 11L X-Ray 4;
    Lieve Ossie, Het is alweer een week geleden dat ik iets op het blog heb gezet. Over jullie groep aan het strand staat weinig op het blog.
    Wel leuk om foto's te zien van afgeronde Miraflor projecten. Ik kom net terug van een wandeling met Chimo door het bos, het heeft vannacht voor het eerst echt gevroren en er ligt een kleine rijp laag over het gras en de weilanden echt super mooi, daarbij een zonnetje en het lijkt net of de wintersport begint. (in de Alpen heeft het nog niet echt gesneeuwd, maar goed het is nog geen kerst) Over Chimo hij weet echt niet goed meer hoe het allemaal zit, jij op reis, Tia die af en toe (echt niet vaak) thuis komt en dan nog 1 van ons 3-en die eens weg zijn. Ik was het weekend weg geweest en zondag zat hij echt vragend te kijken leg mij nu maar uit waar iedereen is.
    Gelukkig ziet hij iets later weer een eekhoorntje lopen en dan staat hij weer te blaffen en piepen totdat hij kan proberen om sneller te zijn. Nou ja dan rent hij naar buiten maar altijd weer net iets te laat! Menno zal vandaag of morgen zijn rapport krijgen, want de rapport vergaderingen waren afgelopen week. Veel liefs van ons allen, xx Mama en Papa

  3. Clare Jones - 11L X Ray 2

    Hi Clare,
    Hope you're enjoying the trek and having loads of fun. Hope things are not too hard. I look at the blogs every day but haven't seen any from Xray 2 yet and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pics. Thank you for my birthday prezzie - I love it. I had a lovely birthday and we all went to the Barn Owl but we did miss you. I met Sh, Sw and Ds last night and we had tea at the Lyppard and tonight I'm meeting Olga in town for something to eat. Don't know where we going but I quite fancy a mexican so might go to Chesters.
    Anyway Adios for now. Miss u loads. Pura Vida
    Love you Mum xx

  4. To Moritz Steinbeck, X-Ray 2

    Hi Moritz,

    alle X-rays haben ihre posts und blogs draussen, nur leider fehlt eine Nachricht von X-Ray 2 :-( Naja, geduldig bleiben und hoffen, bald etwas von Euch zu hören und zu sehen.

    Ich hoffe, dass es Dir gut geht und dass das Trekking-Leben seine Charme bewahrt.

    Hier ist alles gut: Anton ist seit gestern zurück vom Cottage und diese Woche beginnt der 2nd term mit Zeugnissen, Sports Awards und Oxford Cup. Philipp 'hat Rücken', ist aber in besten Händen bei einem sehr guten Freund von Jörn, der seine Praxis in München hat; es müsste ihm also schnell wieder besser gehen.

    Hier wird der November jetzt nachts schon richtig kalt (Frost), aber jeder Tag ist traumhaft und sonnig. Es hat seit Wochen nicht geregnet. Ich gehe fast jeden Tag auf den Trail, weil's so schön ist...

    Nächstes Wochenende kommt Philipp - Thanksgiving und 1. Advent - das müsste eigentlich mit Deinem Changeover ungefähr passen und dann freue ich mich darauf, von Dir zu hören.

    Pass gut auf Dich auf,
    enjoy, hdl, Mutz

  5. Delun Jones 11L XRay2
    Hi Delun, here we are checking the blog again but still no news of XRay 2! Cant wait much longer-we might have to fly over to find out what's occuring! Hoping for an update and photos soon.
    Hope you are finding the trekking a doddle-(Stuart says!). Hope you are enjoying the second half of the trek and that its not extremely difficult all the time.
    And hope you are eating lots of energy bombs-they sound yummy! Bet me and Cara would like them! You can make us some when you get back and done all your washing and ironing! Joke-Stuart says he will do your washing. - now you know that's a joke! Stuart says he will cook your favoutite though-fillet steak-very rare!
    Nos da from us, but its only prynhawn da in Costa Rica!
    Pura Vida, love you to bits, mam and Stu xxxxxxxxxxxx



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