Monday, 7 November 2011

Report from Bravo 4 on the road

A quick report from the Nicaraguan capital Managua, where Bravo 4 (consisting of Julian, Reggie and Alex) have arrived after travelling up from Fieldbase on Sunday.
Yesterday afternoon we met up briefly with a high-spirited X-Ray 2 who are tackling the Guanacaste Trek with gusto! They had finished their second day´s walking by lunchtime and were enjoying a well-earned rest in the sunshine (a far cry from Alpha 2´s rain-sodden start to the same trek!). as well as delivering food and blog messages, Bravo 4 also returned Delun to her rightful place with X-Ray 2. Along with the beautiful weather, the team have been treated to some stunning views and beautiful sunsets that have rewarded their tough climbs on day 2.

Next stop for Bravo 4 is a visit to X-Ray 6 in Miraflor and then onto see X-Ray 5 in Achuapa, blog messages will be delivered and photos taken. We´ll be back with a report on those visits asap.

Bravo 4 are currently soaking up the atmosphere here in Managua where people are celebrating on the streets in their thousands after Daniel Ortega of the Sandinista Party won the national elections with a record margin of 63%. The atmosphere is certainly lively but very happy and friendly.

Blog from the various X-Ray groups are due in over the next few days so keep an eye for those.

Pura vida and De acachimba!


  1. Message for Sarah Church 11L X-Ray 3
    Hi Sar
    not sure if you received our last message - your project sounds very exciting - good luck with everything at La Cangreja- dying to hear more about that jacuzzi !!
    Love from everyone Mum Dad Nan Jayne Mike Blanca Cynthia
    un beso pura vida !!

  2. Delun Jones 11L XRay2
    Hi Delun, we are so relieved to read on the blogs that ur with your group and tacbkling the Guanacaste Trek! Hope everybody is well -especially you of course and that you are enjoying the challenge so far. Cant wait for the next photos, the country looks beautiful and the views amazing-when the weather stays clear! The windmills look like the ones near Brynna!
    Whats it like to have a dip in Lake Arenal? Very cold?
    Pura Vida and Iechyd Da!
    Love you millions, miss you every minute! Mam and Stu xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ps We emptied the Raleigh collection box on the counter today-will be sending a cheque off for £35.69 tomorrow!

  3. Emma Jacob 11L X Ray1
    Hi Em
    Just writing this before I head off to work. November is getting cooler and very damp so dark nights and dark mornings which is a bit miserable. Spoke to Aunty Mand last night and the midwife said that Penny is going to have an elephant sized baby! She's well though and everything is ready for the arrival.
    Nick is well and I am gong to his parents evening next week so it'll be nice to meet his tutors and see how he is getting on. Seems to be loving it though. Everyone else is well although the boys weren't impressed with all the fireworks that went off and both spent the night behind the sofa - so brave!!!
    Well I hope you are well and having a brilliant time with amazing views. I bet the volcano is something you'll never forget. Hear from you when you get back to base.
    Love from all, love you, Mum xxxxxx Nick sends a kiss too altho he is still asleep at the mo!x

  4. For Delun Jones.

    Hiya Del! Sounds like you're having an awesome time out in Costa Rica. The pictures look amazing and you seem to be doing so many exciting things. It must be such an experience. How cute were those little turtles?! I'm well jealous haha!

    Everything's okay here. I'm home for reading week at the moment and am going down the Miskin Arms with Siwan for a drink won't be the same without you! Coming home has been so lovely, I'm just gutted that I don't have the chance to catch up with my best friend :/ but we'll have a MASSIVE catch up when you get back. I've got loads of scripting work to do this week, the lecturer gives us more work than Fatty Cattie ever did :O can you believe that?? :O I'm really enjoying things up in Bangor and have just managed to get my head around the accent haha. You definitely are coming to visit next semester aren't you?? Couldn't bear to go another term without seeing you after christmas.

    Right, time for me to get back to my work now. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Costa Rica. Good luck with the trek! Fight through it and then you can come home to see your Mam, Stuart, Rocky, James...everyone misses you like crazy I know. I've seen a few of your Mam's comments - I'm sure she doesn't know what to do with herself without you about the place.

    I miss you like crazy!! Will write again soon,

    Carys xxxxxxx



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