Thursday, 17 November 2011

Updates from X-Ray 2

Well, the blogs are flying in after Bravo 1 phoned with updates from X-Rays 2 and 3. The two blogs from X-Ray 2 are a little delayed due to a lot of their communications with fieldbase being via satphone, which doesn't lend itself to passing on long blog messages!! So without further ado, here are our group bloggers.

X-Ray 2 - Clare Jones

Blog 1: Monday 7th November 
Day leader Tom attempted to gently wake X-ray 2, after the success of the previous morning’s alarm call but failed to operate the radio! Instead the group were woken by the sound of the radio crackling and Tom shouting “get up” as if we were convicts! X-ray 2 left Alto Cebadilla at 05.30am ready for the day’s 13km trek lead by Jesus, the day’s navigator. The day began with light drizzle and steep hills from the onset. Eventually Moritz, Tom, Clare and Jonathan came across an old shack which the group had lunch in out of the rain. The lunch hour consisted of laughter from playing “elephant, bibalibob-bob”, chici-chici-cho, chici-cho-coco” and ron-maka-ron”, raising everyone’s spirits after 800m worth of hills and getting soaked. After lunch the sun shone and X-Ray 2 reached their destination at 1.30pm. they set up their camp over stunning views of Lake Arenal and Volcano Arenal. Dinner was cooked by Jesus, whilst everyone was snuggled in their tents due to the chill of beginning 1000m above sea level. After playing card games and having teeth chattering while chatting, X-Ray 2 suddenly felt the ground shaking; with panic on her face, Rachel shouted “Everyone don’t panic!”. In fact everyone else was calm. Day leader Tom managed to keep everyone calm by using the toilet nearby and not realizing we had just experienced an earthquake measured at 5.9 on the richter scale. X-Ray 2 ended the eventful day under the stars in their tents preparing for the following day’s 18km trek. 

Lake and Volcan Arenal - a fitting reward after a hard day's trekking

Blog 2: Saturday  12th Nov

The camp awoke at 03.30am ready to be lead through the jungle by the legendary Don Luz. Don Luz hacked his way through the jungle with his machete ensuring X-Ray 2 were safe and sound. When asked whether he enjoyed working with Raleigh, Don Lux replied; “yes I do a lot, I enjoy talking with the venturers and the PMs and enjoy listening to them speaking English. I enjoy this job a lot”.
The jungle’s tough terrain resulted in many of the venturers falling flat and skidding down the muddy slopes. Exciting but very challenging trekking through the jungle but the main consensus of the group was that it was an enjoyable experience. Don Luz then took X-Ray 2 to the hot springs where they bathed in warm water such luxury for the smelly, dirty venturers. PM Rachel thought the experience was magnificent and unique. After the springs the group walked a steep descent to the waterfall on the Rio Celeste which was an awesome sight. X-Ray 2 then continued their trek until they reached their final destination, El Pilon. After picking up their food supplies and setting up camp, we had a lovely dinner of chickpeas, rice and sauce and then retreated to our tents. The distance of the day was 15km through the difficult terrain of the jungle. Day leader Marette kept the group in high spirits. The weather was hot and humid and the scenery was amazing! 

The jungle...quite a lot of trees!

Rio Celeste..yes the colours are real!
Just some of the stunning scenery witnessed by X-Ray 2
X-Ray 3 15th November: Sarah Bartram
Blog 2: since the last update x-ray 3 have had the first La Cangreca table tennis tournament (on a broken ping-pong table we found in the Rangers station, balanced on a picnic bench). We were all kept entertained by Laura’s heated disputes with referee Randy; and there were some impressive performances from Lisa, Randy and Sarah Church. But the real star of the show was Don Boliver, one of the park rangers who put us all to shame.
We’ve almost been to see a waterfall. We walked for about 45 minutes before heading back to camp, only to find out from the rangers the next day that we’d been about 300m away from it! We walked through some beautiful rainforest along the way though and plan to go back another time.
It hasn’t all been fun and games though, the project is proving tougher than we anticipated. As the ground where we are digging trenches is made up of hard rock and clay, which takes a long time to break up with a pic-axe before it can be dug up. However, fuelled by such culinary delights as chips, sausages, salad and Anna and Lisa’s empanadas, X-Ray 3 have been powering through and have dug over 60m of trench and have started laying and filling the pipes. After all this hard work we have spent our afternoons swimming in the river, working on our chess skills and stretching out to Randy’s river-side yoga classes.  


  1. Georgina Corrales17 November 2011 at 11:35

    To Ana Gabriela Herrera X-Ray 3
    Hola mi nena, espero que estés muy bien, por aquí todo en orden. Andre y Georgie están en exámenes finales preparándose para las vacaciones. Si Dios quiere la otra semana nos pasamos para la casa. Todavía faltan algunos
    detalles por fuera pero así nos vamos a pasar y luego se van terminando. Te amamos y te extrañamos demasiado. Disfruta mucho, besos, mami.

  2. clare jones x-ray 2

    Just read the blog you wrote, been keeping an eye out for it and it's finally up! Very good. All sounds very challenging but really good fun, i know how much you love the card games...i still need to beat you in poker at some point. Not sure if you chose the pictures or not but they look fanastic, the colours and scenery look amazing. Not a great deal to update you on here, same old...reading and more reading! Can't believe you're 6 weeks in already. Hope you're fit and well and still enjoying yourself. Speak soon.


  3. Daisy Knox Murphy (X-ray 6)
    Sisteeerrr! ya queda casi un solo mes para que vuelvas a tener contacto telefonico que ilusion :D Bueno pues yo te sigo contando mi vida, hoy no he tenido clase porque ha habido huelga aunque no era de la universidad pero como en mi uni son todos unos revolucionarios y en la otra huelga pusieron silicona en las puertas para que no entrase la gente y como a parte nadie de mi clase iba pues no he ido basicamente jajaja
    Por otro lado mi padre se esta haciendo viejo el otro dia se compro como una especie de crema que decia que era pelo artificial pero en realidad parecia como si se hubiese pintado la cabeza con ceras blandas, pero ahi estaba el tan contento con su pelo falso, menos mal que se dio cuenta de que asi no podia salir a la calle porque daba vergüenza jajaja
    Luego el otro dia me agrego victor al facebook y yo pensaba ignorarle porque claro como vea los comentarios de lucio pues se me va a descubrir todo el pastel y asi no puede ser, bueno y que luego lucio se piensa que he dejado a victor asi que un desastre. Pero luego resulta que me mando hasta un privado y todo para que le aceptara asi que le he aceptado y le he restringido el acceso a practicamente todo espero que no note nada raro jajaja si esque menudas lio :P Y he pensado que como no quiero dejarle pues le voy a decir que yo no quiero nada serio ahora y que pues si quiere seguir sabiendo que puedo estar con otros pues que bien y sino pues nada jajaj si soy una zorrilla y me van a pillar y se me va a ir todo al traste pero que vamos a hacerle a ver lo que aguanta esto xD
    Espero que tu no tengas esta clase de problemas por alli jaja miss you and love you lots xxx

  4. Delun Jones 11L XRay2
    Hi Delun, finally a blog from X Ray 2 and 2 terrific ones came together! It was great to get some news and to see the photos-just beautiful! Been to nanna's and told them about the earthquake-you can imagine her reaction!
    Hope things are going well for you all and that everyone is ok and enjoying such an amazing experience.
    By the way, we still havent had your letter, hope ours got to you.
    Loads of love, Mam, Stu and all xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. brian lam from HK

    it's your birthday in HK today, maybe it's sort of delay at your place but enjoy your two-day long celebration (your fds are celebrating with you by filling your fb wall with all lovely messages) and i am sure you will have a super fabulous one with your new friends!

    enjoy whatever celebration you had in raleigh and i am sure it will be the best birthday ever!

    carrie chan

  6. ur worst nightmare17 November 2011 at 20:02

    Julie Gollner Xray 6,

    Hi there conejito, u alright pretty little thing?I have been checking all the updates, although there is not much info about how you are anyway... I hope everything is going alright, and your head is all straight up. we dont want two heads messed up in is enough, don't you think?i am still in madrid, doing the goddamn physio still, started the injections in my ankle this week, and is going alright...hopefully i will get to go to the mountains this winter...maybe with you, if you are not too sick of me all ready.
    I miss you, more than i can possibly take.
    and I do love you, believe it or not.
    talk to you soon blue eyes.
    besos, lots of them.

  7. Alice Hall X-ray 1
    Hi Alice,
    Antonia and I posted your birthday present yesterday so hope it reaches you by the time you get back to fieldbase. Of course we expect you to wait until 11th Dec before you unwrap it. Remember to admire the classy wrapping paper! Lots of love, Emily xx

  8. Jerry, Fiona, Sophie18 November 2011 at 02:56

    Tom Coombs 11L X Ray 2,

    Hi Tom,

    We're all here together, Sophie too and just read about the earthquake, 5.9 on the Richter scale, Wow !! Bet those hot springs were fantastic, the waterfall on the Rio Celeste and those amazing jungle and volcanic scenes. We're desperate to see photos of you and the rest of X-ray 2 and really hope they'll Post some up very soon. It's clearly hard trekking, but the rewards must make it really worthwhile. Great news, all the best.

    Great story about the Radio ..... 'Over and out' for now.

    Cheers, Sophie, Mum and Dad. xxx

  9. Clare Jone - X-Ray 2
    Hi Clare, it was good to see your blogs at last - and then two at once! Enoyed reading how you are getting on. It's good to know everyone is keeping their spirits up, and that scenery just looks beautiful. Thinking it's only another week then you will be back at base. Worcester is going to seem so dull in comparison! Nothing much happening really - work, sleep etc. Look forward to reading more soon. Nan send her love. Love Julie

  10. For Delun Jones (XRay2)

    Hiya Delun! Hope you're okay and having a wonderful time. The trek sounds like lots of hard work but I'm sure you're coping well you tough cookie!

    Not much news from here apart from the fact that I've thought of fancy dress costumes for the christmas course!! How about we go as a partidge and a pear tree?? What do you think? Hope you like it....I'm not too sure how we'll manage it yet but I'm sure we'll find a way to make it work!

    Got to go to a string quartet practice now. Can't wait until you get home! We definitely need a good skype catch up when you do so that you can tell me all about your amazing trip!

    Love you loads

    Carys xxxxxxx

  11. Para Jesús Jimenez

    Un borracho en una fiesta le envia un mensaje de texto a su esposa: amor llego en 30 minutos... si no he llegado lo vuelves a leer TQM!!! :) jajajajaja

  12. For Delun Jones (XRay2)

    Well hello stranger! Sorry it's taken me so long to write on here! Memory like a goldfish! I hope you're having a fab time! It looks absolutely amazing! Experience of a lifetime! :)

    A good catch up is definitely in order when you return to lovely Wales! I'm thinking dog walking followed by film night ;) Get a bit of Notting Hill on the go ;) And obviously we will have to go out for drinkies! :p

    Missing our chats! And the banter! :p Looking forward to seeing you very soon! :D enjoy the rest of your trip! I am well jel ;) See you soon lovely! :)

    Cariad Mawr

    Lauren :)


  13. josue xray3 por lo que leo, lo están pasando bien, recuerda siempre que aquí oramos para que Dios te cuide, te amamos mucho, mami.

  14. Will Harris X Ray 3
    Hello Will. How's it going? Blog looks good, that clay sounds like hard work.
    I got my MPhil in hooray. Will have to see about viva, but one major hurdle crossed.
    Tomorrow I'm off to Sheffers to sell SALVE jewellery with Pete at the Union, then on the party.
    Lucy has had her baby - Sofia Magdelena
    Liebe Amy

  15. Delun Jones 11L XRAY 2
    Hey Delun, we are all down mammys for Sunday dinner inluding aunty Ann. Week today you will be home Hurrayyyy :)
    Nanna being Nanna brings down all of the wedding cd's thinking she can put them in your i pad haha !
    Aunty ann says " hi delun hope you are having a good time, missing out today lemon sponge and chocolate cake but don't worry we will make sure to tell you how nice it was see you soon Aunty Ann xxx"
    Lynn says " blogging today 6 days left untill Nanna's big 70th but it doesn't seem to be as important as the arrival of the biggest drama queen in Wales DELUN JONES :D xxx"
    Gaga says " hi delun looking forward to seeing you next week love xxx"
    Kai says " GET Me A PRESENT lol see soon xxx "
    Cara says " it feels strange without you around see you next week xxx"
    Stu Davies says" see you a week today del xxx"
    Kerys says" suck it up and get over the jungle xxx"
    Mammy and stu say " can't wait to see you delun xxxxx"

  16. Lisa Rijsenbrij X-Ray 3. Lieve Lies! Hier even een kort berichtje, alles klinkt super! Ik zag ook een paar foto's op facebook staan. Heel dom vorige keer dat ik 2 keer hetzelfde bericht stuurde! Weer iets voor mij natuurlijk... Ik ga alweer, pap gaat eten koken (patat met een spitskool slaatje, klinkt misschien bekend?) Morgen een wiskunde repetitie waarvoor ik maar eens goed ga leren. Duim voor een goed cijfer:)!! Dikke kus, marije

  17. to marette de vos, alpha 2
    hey jet, heb gehoord dat je in het ziekenhuis ligt! echt helemaal kut. hoop dat het nu weer een beetje beter gaat. ma zei dat je van de trek bent afgehaald en nu bij de schildpadden zit...ff chillen.

    hier gaat alles zn gangetje. heb vrijdag weer een tussententamen dus ben nu weer lekker achter de boeken. afgelopen week ook thuis in nijmegen geweest om op de honden te letten omdat pa en ma even op vakantie gingen. heel fijn. ben net weer thuis gekomen van hockey, vandaag de eerste wedstrijd gelijk gespeeld tegen bloemendaal terwijl we tot nu dan alles hadden gewonnen. beetje zuur maarja....

    ik heb ook, en dat zal je wel leuk vinden.. een brommertje gekocht :) een hele skofterige. heel vet. zal je wel laten zien als we weer uitgaan in adam.

    ik krijg ook als het goed is begin december mn nieuwe kamer in mn huis. een hele chille kamer aan de gracht dus ben ik heel blij mee. maar je zal het wel allemaal zien..

    he, hou je haaks, geniet van alles wat er om je heen gebeurd.. want voor je het weet ben je weer terug in nederland en zou je wensen dat je nog gewoon lekker aan het reizen was. geen gezeik, etc, etc... gewoon puur chillen.

    ik zie je snel weer!

    dikke kus,

    je broertje floris

  18. Tim Sawrey x-ray 6
    YO BROSIF :)Hope things are going swimmingly! And its still raining and you aren't getting a tan ehh!
    You will be pleased to know that I am dying doing highers, they are solid! Could use your attemps at helping me with higher maths to be honest. Mum and Dad are already fighting with big Mr B about English. I just got my report today, no doubt it is better than yours was! And parents evening is on Wednesday. But there have been quite a few parties recently which is making up for all the homework! :)
    You're missing I'm A Celebrity which i bet you're gutted about, it's really good this year but Sinitta is in it and you would be wanting to kill her, she is just constantly screaming, soo friggin annoying! And this woman called Fatima who was this Olympic shot put person, all yer pals wrote on you're wall saying you look like her, hahaaa, you kinda do as well! Obvs she is more muscly than you though! Mark from The Only Way Is Essex is in it as well, i love him but you would be hating him. Oooh and x-factor has properly gone down hill, The Risk, Kitty and Craig have all gone! Oooh and Frankie got kicked out and Amelia replaced him, which i am pretty sure you'll be happy about.
    The big wheel and stuff just went up in town with all the lights so it's starting to look proper Christmasy! And it's getting really cold! Just think when you come back i will have decorated to house with tinsel since Mum will have been away, i am gonna make you're room look saee awesome!
    Well I think that's pretty much all the chat. Swimming is pretty tough right now but I will tell ya all abooot it when you're back. Only 4 weeks now, its going so fast here! I hope you're having a good time bro, it's definitely better than here, being at schol and in the cold! I am dead proud of you :) Miss you man! Love youu :) x x x
    P.S Your Jack Wills trackys are dead cosy! Ooh and all your hoodies and cardys!

  19. Delun Jones 11L XRAY2
    Hey Del, Cara here :)
    3 more days and I can see you again WOOP WOOP !!!
    Nanna can't sleep cause she is so excited for you to come home !!!
    Daily News:
    I made my christmas list today :D
    It isn't very long because we are going away in January but I have put a couple of things down which I don't think I will be able to live without ( such as Now 80 CD Lol)
    It was quite hard thinking of things I wanted this year because I don't really need anything.
    But Christmas Is Christmas so I thought some things up. I was on this websit the other day and it has all retro clothing and accessories on it. It is called and It is AMAZING !! lol
    They have these " Disney couture " jewllery on there and tey are absolutlety stunning. They have bangles with quotes from disney movies engraved in them like from snow white and the seven dwarfs it says on one bangle "whistle while you work" and there is a cinderella bangle which says " dreams do come true" and there is a pinochio bangle which says "when you wish apon a star".
    I have been thinking about your christmas list but It's quite hard. ( I will just get you a life supply of shower gel, I guess your going to need it when you get home ) lol !!
    ahhh I can't wait to see you again
    hmmmm I never know how to end these blogs so ...
    toodle pip for now
    Lots of Love Cara xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  20. Rachel Mundell - Zulu 5

    Hi Rachel,

    We have so enjoyed following your progress via the blogs and through your Mum & Dad. Looking forward to haring all about your experiences and adventures when you finally come home. Island is looking lovely, still plenty of Autumn colour as it's incredibly mild, cannot believe Christmas is less than 4 weeks away as it still feels like early Autumn! Saw John & Janis yesterday, had a lovely lunch with them @ Godshill and then had a stroll up to the church - first visit, can you believe that? Enjoy all you see and do on your final project. Lots of love, Jenny & Mick. xx



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