Saturday, 19 November 2011

Updates from X-Ray 4 and 5

With phase 2 drawing ever closer to its conclusion, here are some blog reports from X-Rays 4 and 5 at Playa Hermosa and Achuapa respectively.

X-Ray 4

X-Ray 4 have currently settled into the roles of park rangers at Playa Hermosa. Our nightly patrol are full of anticipation for who will find the most nests, 10 is the best so far. Usually we find about 100 eggs.

We have been working hard all the time to protect the hatchery from high tide and rangers are pleased with our progress. We are determined to finish the project by the end of phase.

When fieldbase visited our camp, we organised a mini Olympics with disciplines including pinball, dancing, coconut throwing and the best sandcastle built in 10 minutes.

On Saturday, we had the pleasure to welcome a special visitor to camp when the Australian Ambassador came to say hello during her visit to Central America. The Australian Embassy and Raleigh work closely together and we were proud to show her the hatchery, the work we have been doing and our jungle camp.

The luxurious jungle camp

PM Lucy doing some path clearing

X-Ray 5

Having spent the last week and half adapting to a different lifestyle within a Nicaraguan family, the culture and expectation within the community seem to be the main differences from our own personal upbringing.
We found it fascinating that children get married from the age of 14-25. Also there have been recent developments in the education system.

Without knowing what was to be expected when living in a different environment, the way we have been treated in our households has been spectacular, from making tortillas to the unexpected situation of having our clothes washed for us!

The weather has been amazing in comparison to the previous week of torrential rainfall. In terms of the project itself we have built the dam and still need to establish a few waterpipes in order to provide sanitation to families in the village.

It has been a remarkable experience to be living in such a different environment and enjoying many laughs along the way. These included half an hour of Spanish lessons every day where 10 press-ups was the consequences of any’s fair to say some of us have developed quite a lot of upper body strength.
We have also had the idiot of the day award for anyone coming out with the silliest remark...the winner of that has to wear Halloween pumpkin dress for the day.

It’s been an action-packed last 3 days from finishing our project to a few last minute activities with community including a very enjoyable leaving party.

The completed dam

X-Ray 5: trench diggers, dam builders, boulder lifters

The evening radio checks are done with this view...not bad!!!


  1. Chelsie Eccles 11L X-Ray5
    I just want to say how proud that i am of you sweetheart and that one day that i will be able to help and experiance all the good things that you are doing for the envireoment and learning, helping and making this world a much better and nicer place to live in. I will always respect everything that you are doing and hope that you make so many good friends and have a fantatic time. Love and miss you Babby Bird xxxx Dad + BobbyBoy xxx

  2. Monisha Sodha 11L X-Ray 4
    Hi Moon,
    So jetzt numme no e wuche und denne bisch scho zrugg, irgendwiä isch d'zyt scho schnäll vrbi gange. Am samstig chunnt au denne mami scho zrugg us indie. Ha ei mol mit ihre telefoniert und es goht ihre guet.
    Minni beförderig isch jetzt offiziell dure cho und isch scho ab em 1.11.11 gültig, bi mega froh isch es no das joor dure cho, mir händ am firtig e chlini party gfiirt mit dä novartis lüüt zum uff das azstosse, isch cool gsi.
    Jetzt wo d'herbstmäss vrbi isch, händ sie in dr stadt scho dr wiehnachtsmärt afoh uffbaue, es sind numme no 5 wuche bis zu wiehnachte, scho krass.
    ich ha mich jetzt definitiv agmolde für dr stadtlauf wo am näggste samstig isch, am zystig isch probelauf, do wird ich s'erste mol dusse trainiere, well ich bis jetzt immer im fitness uffem laufband trainiert ha. jo ich hoff das chunnt guet, ha eigentlich numme angst das mir d'kälti z'schaffe macht, aber ebbe mol luegge.
    so wiä's vo eurem blog tönt händrs guet mit eurem projäkt, isch sicher e tolls gfühl diä schildkrötli ins meer use z'loh. bi scho spannt uff d'bilder!
    bis bald, numme no e wuche! :-)

  3. Millie Pierce, X-ray 1
    Hello chumling, I got your letter on Friday:) :) Thanks so so much, it was so nice to hear from you :) I hope by now you have got at least some of my letters - I have been putting the right address on them now! Its quite warm and sunny here now, but it was foggy this morning, I'll try and write you a letter today, and maybe even post it today! I hope the trek is going ok, think about you all the way over there all the time. Miss you so so so much, stay safe. Love Catherine xxxx

  4. For Ross Skinner - XRAY5

    Hi Janner

    Good to see some more pictures and to get an update - still upright and breathing!

    It would be good to hear direct from you perhaps when you get back to field base or when you're on turtle watch? Try and check your e-mails if you can.

    A competition for idiot of the day .... hmmm! Is there a league table? Bet you're right up there ... ! Congratulations in advance on taking the title.

    Take care of yourself, work hard and enjoy.

    Lots of love Mum and Dad

  5. Chelsie Eccles 11L X-Ray5

    Hi Aunty Chelsie

    I asked Mummy and Daddy if they would type this up for me as I've still not mastered typing with me being born 4wks and 3days early.

    Well... I can't believe that you have been living it up with the turtles etc whilst my Mummy was having the operation to bring me into the world. Gotta say it Aunty Chel, I've defiantly got your looks, I'm proper gorgeous :-)

    Mummy keeps having a moan because she's telling everyone that she so needs to talk to you about me and how special and perfect I am.

    Right onto the important stuff....My name is Poppy Anne Dey and I was born on Thursday 17th November at 09:46am, weighing 6lb 12oz. I am now at home awaiting a call from you.

    Mummy has told me that you are due home next Sunday and I cannot wait to see you. You best be up on your Spanish because I'd would like to learn it too.

    Not really much else to say as I've only been here 3 days, but can't wait to hear all of your adventure stories.

    From what Mummy has told me about you, I love you already even though she does say that you are grumpy at times :-)

    Mummy and Daddy asked me ti mention that they love you too, oh and please call call Mummy as soon as you can. Ps I'm open to any purchases from duty-free :-)

    Anyways I best get off for a booby snack so See you soon Aunty Chel

    Love from Lollipops aka Poppy Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Message for Sarah Church 11L X-ray 3
    Hi Sarah
    Thinking about you. I'm enjoying seeing pictures of you on the blog. Lots of love from Nan

  7. Marette de Vos, 11L, Xray 2/Turtles.....
    Ha lieve Jet !!! Wat komt er veel op je pad, lieverd ! Een bezoek aan een Costa Ricaans ziekenhuis is natuurlijk wel 't laatste waar je op wacht, tijdens zo'n expeditie.....papa maakt zich zorgen om je teen....hij heeft iets teveel ontstoken tenen gezien die niet in orde kwamen, dus let goed op, he, pop !! Bel ons als je 't niet vertrouwd !!!!
    Hoop dat je geniet van het strand en de schildpadden.....'t is natuurlijk heel gek om ineens uit je trek- groep te moeten en 't staartje van een andere groep mee te maken....maar wat lief van Anne dat ze je warm welkom heette !!! En 't redden van turtles is fantastisch !
    Tjonge Jet, we gaan een heerlijke kerstvakantie vieren , hoor !!! Ik zie ernaar uit om je op te pikken in San Jose........en dan hoop ik samen met jou die ziekenhuis-ervaring een beetje te kunnen ' vertroebelen'.....daarna gezellig naar papa in San Diego......komt allemaal goed ! Ik vind dat je 't waanzinnig goed doet, slaat je knap door alle tegenslagen heen....en weet zijn vast en zeker zoveel hele mooie en bijzondere ervaringen die je ook vast gaat houden na deze drie maanden Costa Rica.....daar gaat je plakboek vooral mee gevuld worden, let maar op !!!!! Ik denk aan je, lieve Jet.....en hou heeeeeeel veel van je, you know !!!Dikke kus, Mama

  8. Emma Jacob 11L X Ray1
    Hi Em
    You'll be nearing the end of your second project now and I bet you're looking forward to catching up with everyone at fieldbase and seeing Millie again.
    It's Sunday evening and it's been a really foggy and cooler day so the fire is roaring and all is well. Nick had his gig on Friday; Dad and Diana and Lou and Simon came along so we managed to be the discrete oldies hovering at the back. Lou did some fantastic whistles when Nick was on so we only disgraced ourselves a little.They were in fact really good and no doubt will be signed up really soon to a big label (???!!!!).Andrew took a video of one of the songs so we will show you when you are back.
    Had to buy a new dishwasher this weekend which was a bit of a shocker but I didn't really feel we could be without one. Exciting times I know, but that was probably the highlight of the weekend (apart form Nick's gig of course) although we did see Aunty Em and Freya this morning which was nice.
    All is well with them and they are planning a party in a couple of weeks to say goodbye to all their pals.
    I bet you are already getting excited about where your next project is and I hope you'll be able to give a quick call when you get back and find out.
    Really can't wait to see you, it'll be a fab Christmas having you back. Take lots of care, have fun and love you. Mum xxxxxx

  9. Delun Jones 11L XRay 2
    Hello darlin girl, missing you so much and cant wait for 1 more week and we'll be coming to fetch you!!! Hope you are well and enjoying the final few days of the trek and making the most of this fantastic experience. We are so looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Watching the "strictly" results show now. Alex Jones and Chelsie were joint top scorers last night and Russell and Robbie were the bottom 2. This weeks show was at Wembley Arena! Here come the results......In the bottom two are Russell
    and Flavia, and Holly and Artem. And leaving the show tonite are............Russell Grant and Flavia.
    We had a lovely afternoon today. Nanna, gaga, Auntie Ann and the Davies's came down for Sunday Lunch and Auntie Ann brought her amazing lemon sponge and fairy cakes! Then Byron, Nicola and Adam called in.
    We've missed your cooking over the last 6 weeks, We'll give you a few days rest before you start baking again. Last night me and Stu went to The Star-had a fabulous juiy steak! Next time we go out you can choose the place!
    Nos da, take care, enjoy! Most importanly-iechyd da.
    Loads of love, Mam xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ps have bought Rocky treats for you to give him as soon as you get back!

  10. Kate Wilson - X Ray 3

    Hi Kate

    Hope your ok hun, just a quick message to say hi and really looking forward to hearing from you on the changeover ! City had a good win over Millwal today (televised) and Torquay beat us properly :(
    Hope your still having an amazing time, will see you in 4 weeks !

    Love you

    Mike x

  11. Hello Julie!! (X-ray 5)

    My lovely Julie, i hope you are having a smashing time out there, I really look forward to catching up in a few days :). Everything is fine here, just getting on with work really, quite settled in now, but I miss you very much.

    Talk with you soon my dear

    Keep smiling 8-)

    Love Duncan xx

  12. To Oscar Crol 11L X-Ray 4,
    Hi Ossie, wat is het leuk om te lezen wat jullie doen tijdens het project bij de schildpadden. Zo schattig om op een foto te zien hoe zo'n schildpad dan op weg gaat naar de oceaan. Je ziet er al aardig bruin uit op die groepsfoto.
    Geniet maar van die lekkere temperatuur, want hier is het vochtig en ongeveer 5 gr. Waar ik de vorige keer sprak over een lekker zonnetje en rijp op de weilanden is het nu heel erg mistig en grijs en dat is ook wel weer iets bijzonders. Gisteren kon je de overkant van het veld bijna niet zien, dan zie je allemaal schimmen lopen en de bal bijna niet. Heel apart. Zullen we weer even bellen als je op Fieldbase bent? Geniet nog even van die laatste dagen aan t strand! xxxx Mama

  13. To Eleonore Vollebregt, XRay 5, 11L

    Hallo lieverd,

    Heerlijk weer een foto op de site van jullie groep ontvangen! Super, jullie zien er allemaal goed en heel happy uit! Jullie zien er zo stoer uit met die laarzen! Ik begrijp dat dit avontuur er bijna op zit! Wat vliegt de tijd lieverd, voordat je het weet ben je weer terug op het basiskamp! Dus geniet maar ....Gisteren op tv stukje over CR, wat een prachtige natuur!
    Het is heel mistig hier op dit moment! Wel mooi maar zeker niet fijn om op de weg te zitten. Duc en Jur gezien, Jur had z'n lange jas uit China aan, je begrijpt het positieve commentaar! Wel geestig hoe netjes hij zich had aangekleed! Verder gisteren druk in tuin gewerkt, met pap nog lampen voor in de tuin gekocht. Wij vermaken ons goed hoewel het nog wennen is dat Missy er niet is, het is wel erg stil in huis zo zonder jou!
    Verder ben ik deze week weer razend druk met van alles. Ik verheug mij enorm om je aan het einde van de week weer een smsje te kunnen sturen of te bellen! Ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen en ook de avonturen van je teamgenoten. Via de blogs kunnen wij hier veel volgen! Verder heb ik Eline gesproken en namens jou gefeliciteerd! En aan het eind van de week komt bij Nini een nieuwe poes!
    Wens je nog heel veel plezier, geniet, ik denk aan je, dikke kus van pappie en mammie en natuurlijk ook van Fluf (anders maak je je misschien voor niets zorgen als ik hem niet noem!!) hvjxxxmammie

  14. James Holland - xray 5

    Hi James how are you?
    Hope you're having a great time. We went to Sharon and Mark's over the weekend, I got the game that you tried helping me with again which is assasins creed 2. Can't wait to see you, when you get back so you can tell me all about it.
    Have fun from your brother Thomas

  15. Anne-Maaike Sleurink,

    Hi AM, Alles OK ? Ik heb je retourvlucht gewijzigd, je hebt nu de vlucht op de 20e december, vertrektijden en reserveringsnummer zijn ongewijzigd. Veel plezier, Paul

  16. Marette de Vos, 11L, X-Ray 2
    Hee lieve schat!!
    Ik dacht dat het wel weer eens tijd was voor een berichtje! Ik lees in het bericht van je mama dat je teen ontstoken is... Wat vervelend zeg!! Ik hoop dat het niet heel ernstig is en dat het je niet belemmerd in het hebben van een leuke tijd!! Veel beterschap en hopelijk is het snel over!
    Nu iets over hoe het in het koude kikkerlandje is.. (Je mist niet hoor) Want namelijk hier in Nijmegen is het nog steeds het zelfde.. Ik ben door de weeks druk bezig met mn nieuwe studie, maar ik vindt het gelukkig heel leuk dus dat scheelt! Verder gaan we zoals gewoonlijk zaterdags uit, maar moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik jouw leuke dansmoves wel begin te missen hoor!!
    We denken vaak aan je en zijn dan ook benieuwd wat je aan het doen bent, gelukkig bestaat deze site zodat we je een beetje kunnen volgen! Alleen een dingetje, ik zie jouw leuke koppie niet zo vaak op de foto's, daar moet dus echt verandering in komen he mevrouwtje!!
    De tijd vliegt en ik denk dat jij daar ook zo over denkt, in December kom je al thuis en kan niet wachten om jou dood te knuffelen en 1000 smakkers te geven!! Weet je wanneer je ongeveer thuis komt? Ben je er met oud en nieuw? Ik zou het erg leuk vinden wanneer je de tijd heb en je mobiel het doet, me even een smsje stuurt hoe het met je gaat en wat voor leuke dingen je hebt mee gemaakt!!
    Lieve schat ik ga je weer verlaten, hoop dat je mijn berichtjes gelezen hebt en laat aan een van ons horen wanneer je weer thuis bent, dan zijn wij aanwees!!

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Babette

  17. To Ken Lo (X-ray 4)

    Hey Ken, how's it going? Hope you're well and are having a great time! Sounds like a blast from what I've been reading on the blog. Very proud of you. I'm back in Brunei, will be heading back to Oz on Sunday. 3 weeks have been a proper long time to forget about work so it's been a good break. Managed to send some postcards from Seoul so one should be awaiting your return at home. Talk to you soon. x Thel

  18. Clare Jones 11L X-ray 2

    Hi Clare, it was good to see your blogs at last as I was starting to get abit worried. It sounds like you're still having an awesome time and the pics look amazing. With my new phone I can see the blogs at anytime which is cool. I realise that at times the trek must be very difficult and hard going and I'm very proud of you. Did the earthquake scare you?
    I'm back at work today after a long weekend in Manchester with the aerobic girls. The hotel was lovely and posh and all inclusive so we had plenty to eat and drink! We went to the Trafford Center on Saturday and into Manchester on Sunday and had a splendid time. The shops are all christmasy now - well it is only 33 days until christmas day!
    You must be nearing the end of your trek now and heading back to fieldbase - I will send you an email. lots of love Mum xx

  19. TIm Sawrey, X-Ray 6
    The last we heard of you (and saw of you) you were laying foundations and playing football in sandals, no update since so we have had to make do with guessing how the building project is coming along and how life with your Nicaraguan family is going. It's all so exciting and we are incredibly proud. I downloaded some of the photos from the blog and had a few of the girls around at the weekend - Fiona spent ages studying them, she thinks you look 'different'! She will no doubt report back to Ben.

    Not much to report here really - Tilly's parents evening on Wednesday so may see a few of your old teachers. Ben H has been mailing Tilly about your boys holiday next year, he wants a deposit and I guess you want to go but you will maybe need to try and communicate a bit with them when you are back at Base.

    Can't believe that the time is going so quickly. I head off to Ho Chi Minh next Thursday (1st) and Tilly is threatening to put up Christmas decs whilst I'm away so she has full control! Help! I'll try to make your room out of bounds but may not be able to guarantee that!

    Keep on having a fantastic time, everyone is SO jealous and can't believe that at 17 you are doing everything that you are! Hope your time back at Base before the final phase is good. We miss you and so looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Take care Tige, love you very much, Mum, Dad, Tilly and Bax

  20. Chelsie X-Ray 5. Hi Babe, well what a week it has been!!!! You look like you've been having a great time in Nicaragua, I cannot believe you are home next week, i bet you're so sad. Little F has been round tonight for tea, oh he's great now he's walking. He had a look at your pic and i told him Aunty Chelsie is back this week..
    We then took him to meet Poppy, oh his little face was a picture, he just stood and clasped his hands. Well babe this will be the last message i send. I'll see you at Heathrow :)Love you so much and so proud of you xxxxxx

  21. Will Harris XRay 3

    Hello Will. Hope you are well. You must be back soon, sometime this week I think?
    The weekend was good, lots of jewellery sold, a good surprise party, and the equine behind went for the first HPM training run in a glorious Cloud inversion on bleaklow. I have a parcel which I am hoping is from you, but we shall see. I went shopping today and nearly bought a breathable leotard for Ecuador, but wussed out cos I thought it would rub.
    Hope you are ok. Looking forward to hearing from you. Amy

  22. Hello Beta (Harneel Cheema 11L X-ray 5)
    How was your recent adventure. You guys seem to have done a very rewarding challenge for your host families and I reckon there must have been a few tears shed on your part. Ww can't wait to see you and hug you. Only three and a half weeks left. We still haven't had any snow I reckon you're be back by then and let's rethink your igloo design. We're speak soon and take care and god bless you.
    Love from mum and dad and simi

    Hi this is simi
    love ya
    check msn
    missing you sooooooooooooooo much
    love simi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. 11L X-RAY 5 to: Hilmar Heijmans

    Hilmar! Hoe is het jongen? Lekker dammetjes aan het bouwen in de jungle? Ik hoop dat je het nog allemaal volhoudt aan de andere kant van de aardbol. Davide vertelde laatst dat wij jou konden bereiken dus laat ik dat maar niet voorbij gaan. Ik heb echt heel veel zin om weer met je chillen. Volgens mij heb je wel een aantal uren nodig om alle mooie verhalen te vertellen maar ik wil ze allemaal horen onder het genot van een paar biertjes. Ik las dat je nu met de de plaatselijke bevolking aan het socialisen was. Misschien hou je er nog wel een vriendin aan over haha. Ik hoop niet dat je terug verlangt naar Nederland want hier gebeurt vrij weinig en iedereen heeft haat aan het weer (ik las dat bij jullie het weer goed was). Ik ben de afgelopen dagen een beetje ziek geweest en heb mijn routine van bijna elke dag zuipen bij het mooiste Utrechtsch Studenten Corps niet kunnen volhouden. De Jaarclubs zijn nu gevormd en daardoor hebben we minder druk en krijgen we de kans om mensen te introduceren (zoals jij, na 10 december?). Over de studie wil ik het niet te veel hebben want dat is een 'pain in the ass'. Verder een nieuwsupdatje, mocht je dat nuttig vinden: Hulk Hogan verliest ontzettend veel geld door scheiding, Schiphol eerste luchthaven met spandoek-automaat (weet je ook wat je kan verwachten bij terugkomst) en nog steeds rellen in het Midden-Oosten. Overigens heeft Ajax de afgelopen weken slecht gespeeld, helaas, en heeft gisteren Barcelona met 3-2 gewonnen van AC Milan. Jouw leven in op dit moment vele malen boeiender dus ik zal nu ophouden met mijn gezeik. Zorg dat je heelhuids thuiskomt!


  24. Friso Tigchelaar! X-Ray1!!!

    Lieve Fries!!!!!! Deel 2 van de missie zit er ook al weer op! Hett vond het erg leuk van je te horen en wij horen dat natuurlijk weer van Hett! Fries ook wij zijn super trots op jou! Je bent echt een kanjer! Mocht jij volgend jaar gaan ontgroenen dan is dat peanuts voor jou! Jij kunt alle ontberingen aan! Met ons alles ok, Rolf is lid van Azurro, Jr druk met studie en Bobbi gaat 2 dec proefstuderen aan VU,Business analytics. Nog ruim 3 weken Fries en dan zit je " life changing" trip er alweer op!!! Zijn benieuwd wat het laatste deel voor je in petto heeft! Keep up the good spirit! Big hug from all of us en... Pura Vida! XXXX

  25. Message for Geoffrey Kirby,X-Ray 5

    Hiiiiiiiiiii Geofffff!
    Its Mim ANDDDD Ben. And now Ben is going to type so you know its from him (you can tell from his short text typing and bad grammar <3)

    Yo bruv hws it goin out dere?
    Hope al is wel atm...
    Jst soo u knw I got a job as deputee managa at a shop!
    It's wel gd init :) caled Past Tyms.
    I am a lazy lil s*** bt please 4give me.
    Let me knw hw ur doin n wats goin on wnt ya?
    Lkin 4ward 2 c in u wen u get bak.
    I'm sure dere wil b lots u cud tel me ;)
    Alryt, take care bruv, c u soon xxx

    Glad all is well. So ummmm looking forward (?!) to you coming back. Maybe? At least I got Ben to write you a message :) We both had the day off and so trekked round Cambridge for the day. We are both looking forward to our presents on your return. From Mim (no love in case you get the wrong idea)



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