Monday, 21 November 2011

The X-Rays are coming

The X-Rays are coming
Believe it not phase 2 is drawing to a close. After almost 3 weeks of digging trenches, building foundations, putting up walls, moving boulders, climbing volcanoes, and trekking through the jungles, the X-Ray groups will be back at fieldbase on Wednesday, another awesome experience under their belts.
The comms officer from each group will provide us with their final blog on their return but in the meantime here’s a quick update on the groups.

X-Rays 1&2:  the trek is done! After 17 days of solid walking, the intrepid venturers in each group have reached their final destination...the beach (different beaches I should add!!). Tomorrow will be a well-earned day of rest before their return to fieldbase on Wednesday.

X-Ray 3: This has been one hard-core group. In today’s SITREP, they reported 125 metres of trench dug..that is a trench one metre deep ladies and gentlemen. Not content with the digging they decided to walk 19km across the stunning national park on their day off.

X-Ray 4: All are well at Playa Hermosa and, vitally, so are the turtles! The group has been busy building a barrier to protect the hatchery and continuing their night patrols.

X-Ray 5: The group has been working very hard and finished their work for the phase including laying the final pipes. With the work done, they were able to enjoy a camping trip to a nearby beauty spot on Saturday. They also took the time to celebrate Brian’s birthday. With a long journey ahead of them, the group will be bidding a fond farewell to their host families on Tuesday morning as they start heading back to Costa Rica.

X-Ray 6: The group has finished their phase with the wonderful satisfaction of completing their project and today were putting the final touches to the community centre that has been built over the last two phases. Like X-Ray 5 they will be leaving their village on Tuesday morning.

Fieldbase: There may not be a lot of digging or trekking going on at fieldbase but it has been a busy place. As well as the vital radio duty to keep in touch with all the groups and updating the blog; there has been circuit training every night, tough runs on the campus, planning the X-Ray games for changeover (report to follow), filming the fieldbase skit...and, most importantly, growing moustaches for ‘Movember’.

I’m sure you’re all dying to see the efforts so here they are...some more impressive than others.

Alex a fine two-tone effort!
Pedro he carries it off with Argentinian style

Reggie - have you seen this man?
Ross: we had to shoot it on a white background so it would show up better
Tom: have you ever seen a man prouder of his facial hair!

It remains to be seen if the groups on phase have been taking part in 'Movember' but rest assured we will bring you the photos if they have! 

So just two days before fieldbase is once again alive with venturers and PMs, and we'll bring final blogs from the groups along a report on the eagerly awaited X-Ray games.


  1. Ying Bik Kwok Konica 11L xray 4

    1. Went to my cousin’s (mum’s side) wedding last sun at inter-con. My aunts and uncles kept asking some mo liu questions about you as you can imagine. Since you said you may come back for Chinese new Year, I took the liberty to make an appointment on your behalf that…… will go to “bai lin” with them over that period……please don’t scold me……..LOL……and please don’t avoid coming back for CNY after knowing this!!!
    2. Alex will propose on 4 Dec. So happens that day is Jo’s bday. The plan is he drive the car back to Jo’s mum home in homantin after dining with her. We will hide ourselves in the park nearby and surprise them when they pass-by after parking the car. Alex will prepare a bunch of flowers, cake and ring. He also asked me to play guitar….to play ‘ngor yuen yee’ by Faye Wong. I seriously doubt whether I have enough time to practice. Interesting
    3. Will go to mo sir home for hotpot this sat (26 Nov) just a small Raleigh gathering

  2. Hey Poppy (X-Ray 6)

    We have been thinking about you loads and wondering how you are getting on... We all hope that Nicaragua has been as great an experience as Cerro Chirripo, and we're looking forward to hearing about what life has been like for you, both as a builder and living with a new family...

    It's now grey, cold and foggy each day in London. I have just finished the organizing the school quiz which went well - we raised over £3000! I also did your job at the Festival of Geology at UCL and lots of people asked where you were and how you are doing, and sent their love. Pod is still working... It's Kim's birthday next week and he will be off to Banners again with friends.

    Incredibly, time seems to be flying past - we're looking forward to seeing you in less than a month now. We'll wait for you before we get the Christmas tree...

    Lots & lots of love,
    Yor Ma, Pod and Kim X X X X X X X

  3. Tyla Koen X-Ray 6
    Soon you will be home can't wait to see you and everyone can't wait for you to tell all your stories.
    Finally we're getting somewhere in CPT looks like we might sign the lease soon. Jo has gone to view a place and says it is nice but we can make it more homely. Everything will be split down the middle between you and Chandra and it will be up to you two to make the living arrangements work.
    All at home is quiet, nothing to report, daddy just working very hard, you know what they say everything is the "Same-O!".
    Till we hear from you via skype or sms. We love you and are very proud of your accomplishment in Casta Rica and Nicaragua. Can't wait to hug you on the 27th.
    Love Mom and dad

  4. Jonathan Littlewood X-ray 4
    Hi Jonny!
    Not long now - today will be your last day at Playa Hermosa, but am sure it will be an experience you remember for the rest of your life. Have fun back at Fieldbase for your last few days before the journey home. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!
    Love and hugs, Mum xxx

  5. Monisha Sodha Xray 4
    Hey bally!!!hope ur well out there!js read an update from ur team and seen another pic of u! u have to name 2 turtles bally and bally ok! Hope ur havin fun on those night patrols n not being naughty ;) romantic walks by the beach at night n that lol i wrote on here last week bt I cant seem to see it, so not sure if u got my msge. Anywaysss so I went to prague for a night, needed time out from olo so had a nice lil break. It was also taz’s surprise 25th so was great seeing all those lot n he was happy I came : ) omg this guy came upto n goes “I always see u out, bt this is the first time iv seen u sober,so I can actually introduce myself properly” OH DEAR THEY THINK IM A PISSHEAD!!!loool!we went to this new club there, was really nice, music was wikid so im all refreshed and back in olo nw : )
    Sham is so funny, I spoke to her a few days ago and she was like have u heard from moni, shes supposed to be back n I kept trying to explain to her shes got her dates mixed up. She thinks u only went for 4 wks lol. She was like ru sure shes gone that long. She was sayin hw shes supposed to meet u at heathrow bt never heard frm u…well that’s cs ur still in the jungle!LOL! oh shambammm!!
    Was chattin to hira last nite n we were remembering the time we all went out to loop…oh bally..remember hw u got sooo wasted n had to be put in a cab home, n then ooops puke!haha cant wait for us all to have a massive girls nite out!piccadilly institute it is!lol!
    So heres a one direction update…harry is dating the xtra factor presenter…shes 32!!hes 17!!thats js wrong!n I thought zain n Rebecca ferguson was a large age gap!lol
    Oooo also…titanic is coming out in 3d in the cinemas!i didn’t know who else would appreciate that news other than u!n heard the theme song with celine dion too..shes got a good voice!lol!
    Also in other news demi moore is divorcing ashton kutcher :O apparently he cheated on her on their 6th anniversary!
    Anyways I better go, im gna get ready and go watch the new twilight movie. Will let u know hw it was. Byeee bally xxxxxx ps. Iv started watchin im a celeb get me out of here (trashy tv I know) bt I js think of u when I see them in the jungle!ewww snakes n creepy crawlies!

  6. He Marette! (x-ray 2)
    Hope everything is going ok? Heard you've had a big problem with one of your two feet.. Hope you still have two? Also hope that everything is OK now and that the hospital wasn't that much of a disaster.. Almost home little sister so keep it up! See you soon. Greets from one of your two brothers, you know, the eldest and annoying one

  7. For Lisa Rijsenbrij Xray 3, hee grote schat van me. Alweer bijna terug lees ik, en nu verheug ik me toch al wel een beetje erop dat er misschien tijd is om even met elkaar te bellen. De berichten op het Blog zijn spectaculair. las over 125 meter trench digging, hoeveel blaren, hoeveel bloed, zweet en tranen en hopelijk ook tranen van het lachen. Wat een gek idee dat je nu langer weg bent van email, facebook en mobile telefoon dan verleden jaar in de woestijn. En dat vonden we al best lang.
    Judith heeft haar eerste PTA's achter de rug. Allemaal goed, behalve grieks en een jaloersmakende 8,9 voor geschiedenis. Kobbe wacht op zijn uitslag wiskunde... Hij heeft De Grootste Agenda ooit gekocht. zo eentje als bij Gran op de gracht ligt. Echt heel koddig. Judith belde net uit Utrecht. Uitgeput, nog maar een dag en de voorstellingen beginnen al en ze zegt we hebben eigenlijk nog twee weken nodig. De repetitie periode was eigenlijk best kort. Als je wil bellen, we zijn zaterdag eigenlijk de hele dag op pad in Utrecht. vertrekken onze tijd om 12.00 uur en komen pas laat in de avond terug - maar misschien is dat juist voor jou een goeie tijd. Stuur anders een smsje welke dag en hoe laat. Oke, hasta la pasta maar weer en
    Dikke kus, en tot horens over een paar dagen. We zijn super trots op je.

  8. to Eleonore Vollebregt XRay 5, 11L

    Hey lieve pop, je bent alweer op weg naar het basiskamp! Wat is de tijd omgevlogen! Hoop snel een smsje van je te ontvangen! Ik stuur je nog maar even een berichtje dan heb je gezellig post als je aankomt!
    Niet veel nieuws, ben druk aan het ruimen voor de 10e! Morgen naar oma, Musica donderdag gaat niet door, de violist heeft te veel gespeeld en moet nu helaas rust houden. Veel heen en weer moeten bellen maar alles is rond. Lieverd tot snel horens, big hug van mammiexxx

  9. Laura Smith, x-ray 3

    Happy belated birthday Laura! Hope you enjoyed your day in the jungle! The photos so far look great! Hope you have time to update me on facebook when you get back to fieldbase :) Got home safely, had fun travelling around, very action packed but missing all you guys! Love Niki xxx

  10. Clare Jones - X-Ray2
    Pura Vida Clare! Good to hear everyone has reached the beach safely, and a day off tomorrow (Wednesday), which hopefully might mean sleeping in past 4am! Nan received your letter last week - the smelly bit made me laugh - hope you manage to smell sweeter before you board the plane, I wouldn't fancy sitting next to you for 10 hours! I am enjoying this week off work, leave I had to take - Matt has a couple of days. Just taking days out. Had a nice day in the Cotswolds, had lunch out, and bought a few nic-naks. Hope to hear more from you on the blog where you go next. Just goes to show you can really survive without the GHD's! Lots of love Julie and Mattxxx

  11. Para: Ana Gabriela Herrera C. X-Ray 3
    Gor de fijo con esas caminadas viene skinny bitch!! Quiero mil fotos!
    El jueves es mi graduacion :) Yaaaay!
    La casa esta casi lista x dentro, tuvieron q volver a pintar esta semana. El mueble de la cocina lo ponen el fin y solo faltaria llamar a la gente del granito q lo venga a medir y en 2 dias lo instalan! Las cortinas y las alfombras ya estan aprobadas :), ya se pago el adelanto, solo esperan a q nosostros les digamos para venir!
    So much else to tell! Bottom line... callee a penas pueda please...
    Love U... Andre H.C.

  12. Clare Jones 11L Xray 2

    Enjoy your day on the beach after your long trek. Hope your feet are not too sore.
    love you loads Mum xx

  13. Friso Tigchelaar 11L X-ray 1
    Ha die Fries,
    Ik denk dat je vandaag terugkomt van die eeeeeeeeenorme wandeltocht! Heb je nog wel voetzolen of is alles aangezet tot dikke lagen eelt? Hoeveel km was die trek wel niet? Ben zeer benieuwd wat je dan nu weer gaat doen. Jammer dat we elkaar niet zien als jij terugkomt want dan zijn Frank en ik in Zuid Afrika en ga jij begin jan. naar Spanje. Ik denk dat je me dan maar eens een ontzettend dikke email moet sturen met al je verhalen erin. Hier gebeurt niet zo heel veel, het is echt ovember, soms de zon, soms heel mistig, maar...... Nog geen sneeuw. Morgen ga ik golfen, als het lekker is 18 holes, maar als het heel koud is dan maar 9. Vorige week heb ik met mn tas gelopen. Nou, dat vind ik helemaal nix, veel te zwaar!!! We hadde 3 clubs en putter competitie. Moet eigenlijk zeggen dat ik de rest van die clubs helemaal niet heb gemist. Sla net zo slecht met 3 clubs als met 13 ha ha.
    Ben zeer benieuwd naar de volgende blogs. Ik blijf je volgen. Take care en een stevige hug. Ria xx

  14. Floris Muller; X-Ray 3.
    Hoi lieve Schat,
    Wat gaat de tijd verschrikkelijk snel. Morgen of overmorgen ben je al weer terug op fieldbase, alweer drie weken voorbij. Hoop dat je het nog steeds heerlijk hebt en dat je je een beetje nuttig kunt maken daar.
    Hier is het weer nu eigenlijk wel prima, zonnig en helemqaal niet koud maar dat zou elders in het land wel eens heel anders kunnen zijn, aan zee is het in deze tijd meestal minder mistig dan in de rest van het land. Vanaf vrijdag gaan we weer regen krijgen.
    In Egypte is het weer een grote chaos, Cairo staat weer volledig op z'n kop, enorme rellen, veel doden en nog veel meer gewonden.
    De andere zoon van Ghadaffi is inmiddels opgepakt, verlinkt door z'n eigen mensen.
    Ado DH heeft 2-2 gespeeld het afgelopen weekend tegen Utrecht.
    Philip is nog steeds geblesserd en mag dus nog steeds niet voetballen.
    Vrijdag a.s. komen Meijer en Melvin hier gezellig eten, weet nog niet wat ik ze zal geven, misschien wel iets Italiaans.
    Oke lieverd, hoop dat dit bericht wel bij je aankomt, want de vorige kan nik nergens terug vinden. Dikke knuffels ook van pappie, hvj mammie.

  15. Monisha Sodha Xray
    Hey Monisha!so i went to finally see twilight ystdy, thought it was really good, except i came home n i had nightmares about vampires!lol!i better stick to the pg rated films haha Everytime i write on here i can never seem to see the previous post i wrote so i have no idea if ur gettin the msges so thought id try again and say HIII.Man united arent doing so well in the champions league. basel are doing well, but manu need to win when they play them!lol!HOPP SCHWEISS! Saw more pics of u :) looking forward to u coming home u can go to the match urself, u have something to look forward to when ur back!Will msge u again soon Lots of love Zarrei xxx

  16. To: Robert Farmer, X-Ray 3.

    Hi Robs, just to let you know that me and your beautiful neice Delilah Rose are doing well after an emotional labour on 13.11.11, she is such a good girl although I am very tired! Sounds like you are having an amazing time, make the most of every second and start thinking about all the great changes you can make when you get home now you have had such an eye-opening experience. We miss you and wish you could see Delilah, but we're also very proud of you so keep it up. Lotsa of love, Danielle, Dean, Delilah and Dexter xxx

  17. Gemma (x ray 6)

    we have been following you on line here in the office, looking forward to hearing all the stories when you get back. Looks like your having a fantastic time, keep up the good work


  18. Delun Jones X Ray 2
    Hi Delun, you must be on your way back to base now! Hope you enjoyed the trek- well done XRay 2!!!
    Hope the next couple of days will be fun. Can't wait to see you on Sunday. Looking forward to hearing about the phases and everything else.
    We've all missed you loads. Text us when you can if you need anything. We'll bring you clean clothes to the airport!
    Hope to see some group photos on the blog soon.
    Love you to bits, Mam and Stu xxxxxxxxxx

  19. Alice Hall X-ray 1

    Hello Alice. Hope you are well at the end of your trek. Dread to think how your feet are! It must be a relief to be back at field base. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Love Mum xxx

  20. Friso Tigchelaar 11L x-ray1

    Hoi Friso,

    Hoor van Ria dat je terug bent van je trek naar de vulkaan. Hopelijk stond ie uit, of ben je geroosterd.
    Hier is alles nog hetzelfde, Ria gaat golfen en ik naar Engeland (helaas om te werken). Blijf vooral zo lang mogelijk in Midden Amerika, want je kunt je hele leven nog in Nederland zijn.
    Wij zijn natuurlijk wel heel nieuwsgierig naar je avonturen, dus als we in januari allemaal weer thuis zijn verwachten we natuurlijk wel dat je je verhaal komt vertellen in Technicolor detail en Dolby stereo.

    Veel plezier,

  21. Millie Pierce X-Ray 1,
    Hello Millie!
    I see you have finished your trek - how are your feet? Enjoy the beach, do you see any fishies like in France?? I went to some estate agents this afternoon, its so scary, I have to have a house sorted by christmas - since when was I old enough to choose a house to live in?!? Also (I can't remember if I've told you already) but I got three punctures on the way home on Monday.... It is so so cold today - the grass in the common was froozen.
    Sophie got back from the battlefields on Monday, there was an accident on the motorways in France (due to all the fog), so they couldn't go and see anything on the last day and just sat in traffic... But she seems to have enjoyed it which was good :)
    I'm packing to go home tomorrow - at MiP I see my first patient to take a history, I'm a bit scared to be honest, but hopefully it will be fine. I'm getting the train in the evening and should be back in Highgate in time for the end of The Sound of Music (school play) and so can hopefully get a lift home. I'll be thinking of you this weekend - stay happy and I'll post your message to Allie. My last letter will be this weekend, hopefully you'll get something soon!
    Miss you so much, stay safe, be good! Can't wait to see you in December. Love you xxxxxx

  22. To Eleonore Vollebregt, XRay 5, 11L

    Lieverd, wat een feest om je stem gehoord te hebben. Wat klonk je vrolijk en blij! Super!! Wat goed dat jullie zulk mooi werk geleverd hebben. Super trots zijn wij op je! En dat je gastgezin zo leuk en lief was. Hier was ik zo nieuwsgierig naar! En blij dat jullie weer veilig na zo'n lange busrit weer op de fieldbase zijn. Heerlijk weer even iedereen te zien, verhalen te horen etc. Genieten en dan helaas alweer beginnen aan je laatste stuk in CR! Time flies! Lieverd ik hoop je nog een keer te spreken voordat je weer vertrekt, dikke kus xxxmammiexxxx Heb je al je brieven en blogs gelezen? xxxpappie en mammiexxx en fluf

  23. Oscar Crol, 11L
    Os, geen idee in welke groep je zit, jouw blog is niet zo overzichtelijk als die van ons haha. hoop dat je het super vet hebt daar in Costa Rica. Hoorde in ieder geval van Val al positieve verhalen dat je je schoenen kwijt was etc. India is geweldig. Ik begin nu met de trek, gaat hilarisch worden denk ik, mijn tas is niet te tillen. Pop veel plezier nog en ik spreek je als we beiden terug zijn! XXX Ster

  24. Zulu 4 Alice Hall


    Crikey nora (note not Morag) it's cold here. I got hypothermia about three times today. I think I also pulled some muscles when shivering.

    I'm very impressed by your tan. Hope you have fun with the turtles. That was the one you wanted, wasn't it?

    I'm about to bake something. Probs just some cupcakes now and then some I might do a chocolate roulade at the weekend. I'll be thinking of you while eating them. Enjoy your gruel, or whatever it is that you're eating.

    Love Antonia



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