Friday, 25 November 2011

Zulu groups announced....

After last night’s high quality skits (joint winners were X-Ray 2 and 5), and the judging of our Movember competition (won by John Ward – evidence below) it’s time to get down to business again and so here are the Zulu groups for the third and final phase of Expedition 11L.

Please remember when posting messages from now on to use the Zulu groups.

Zulu 1: heading off on the Turrisantos Trek with Bruce, Kunmi, Matt and Barney are:
Afsaneh Mahloudji
Cristiany Alexander Alonso Torrez
Oscar Crol
Dinora del Carmen Flores Talavera
Jonathan Morales Munoz
Katie L Wilson
Lisa Rijsenbrij
Sarah Bartram
Alex P Shaw
Ying Bik Konica Kwok

Zulu 2: heading up to Nicaragua for the Miratombo Trek with Will, Lucy and DPM Brie are:
Mark  Wem
Geoff Kirby
Ana Gabriela Herrera Corrales
Flor Mendieta Noguera
Imogen J Wetzell Ramsey
James Holland
Laura Smith
Poppy Bluman
Sascha Tubbeh
Julie Göllner

Zulu 3: continuing the digging and wildlife spotting in La Cangreja with Vic, Kelly and Ken are:
Eleonore Vollebregt
Friso Tigchelaar
Jeanette Reeves
Jesús Jiménez Valverde
Melissa H Kenney
Lidia Belén Mendoza Acuña
Ally Cheung
Millie Pierce
Moritz Steinbeck
Ross Skinner
Tim Sawrey
Marette B de Vos

Zulu 4: protecting the turtles at Playa Hermosa with James, Julie and Gemma are:
Alice Hall
Brian Lam
Daisy Knox-Murphy
David Hernán Sequeira Cascante
Erick Monge Castillo
Harneel Cheema
Hilmar Heijmans
Jacobus Rutgerrs
Jahari Lisseth Blandón Jarquin
Molly Sandquest
Jeanette Reeves

Zulu 5: starting a new water project in Achuapa with Rachel, Duncan and Owen are:
Anne Sleurink
Arnaud Laurencin
Clare Jones
Emma Jacob
Floris Muller
Issac Colom Viquez
Jasper Jongeneel
Jayne Deegan
Jonathan M Ward
Josue Gomez Rojas
Reinier van Doorn
Rob Farmer
Sarah Church
Serena Glynn
Thomas Coombs

So, the groups announced, it was time for last minute preparations but before that, the teams battled it out for the X trophy in the inaugural Zulu games. Such challenging events as the Bravo 3 pull, the slippy-side, soak the fieldbase team, and dodgeball helped to establish the champion Zulu team. After some pretty intense competition, Zulu came out on top...although they may struggle to fit the trophy into their hand luggage!!

Zulu 5...champions
Fieldbase staff get a soaking in the water bombs challenge!

The command challenge
The Bravo 3 pull


  1. Kate Wilson Zulu 1

    Hi Kate

    Was great speaking to you last night ! See you got the trek you wanted :) Mum, kev and Meg send their love !

    See you in 3 weeks hun

    Love you

    Mike x

  2. Delun Jones , formerly X Ray 2!
    Hi Delun, just been reading the latest blogs with nanna and Cara. Well done for doing so well in everything! Great photo too. Bet you got mixed feelings now the groups are preparing for their next phase. But we just want you back home with us on Sunday! Stuart says he cant wait to pick you up from Heathrow- and luckily the staff there are not going on strike till Wednesday! And also the fog that cancelled many flights at Heathrpw and many parts of Europe earlier this week has now cleared and the forecast for Sunday is sunny and cool.
    Kerys is not very well, but, like she said to you, I told her not
    to be such a wuss! Kai 's playing rugby tonight and gaga, lynn and stu have gone to watch. Nanna's been busy arranging all her birthday flowers! Dale and his friends have gone to Blackpool to celebrate his birthday Tuesday.
    So, this will be my last blog to you in CostaRica! When I get home from work tomorrow I expect you wll have left fieldbase and be on your way to the aiport. Cant wait to see you and cant wait to hear all about the last 7weeks.
    Enoy the rest of your last day!
    See you soon, loads of love, Mam, Stu and everyone xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Zulu 2 - Message for Geoffrey Kirby


    But do not fear. Now you have a message from Mim and Becky :D You can now make up some lie that we both fancy you and you are stuck in some crazy love triangle. Or hexagon in your case ;) *player player*

    Oh HIYA! Hope your having a nice time Geoff and that you have met lots of nice people... I hope you are not scarying everyone like you scare me... JOKING :) I also hope that you are not missing me too much and crying and not sleeping e.t.c. I'm a very lovable person... Hope you are doing our kind well. We must stick together! THE END :) x

    When you next get on facebook, let me know if you got our last messaaage. Or ask your leader man. :) I miss you lots (*throws up*). Glad you are having fun. Hope you have made friends and not ripped any boxers yet. Standard. Ben's draws are fuller than ever, so do the decent thing and come back and rip them to shreds. Don't tell Kim :p I AM JOKING that was all Becky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, this is a rambley message about junk. As per usual. But it cheered your day up. I bet your leaders think we are mental. But they know you. So its a given. We are rofl-ing. :) Becky said she'll pick you up from the airport ;) hahahahhaha
    I hope this message gets approved.

    We do actually miss you (seriously). Look forward to seeing you on your return. We need to all go out for a late Ben's birthday partaaaaaay?I'll talk to your secretary when he's back from holiday :p Rev's or summin'. Okeee. We are going now. Byeee!

  4. Hi Poppy (Zulu 2) - Just in case we aren't in contact before you set off for Nicaragua again, we want to say 'Good Luck' on your trek. It looks like the rainy season is now over up there, and so hopefully you are in for a much drier time! We will be there to collect you at Heathrow when you get back - so see you then... Love Yor Ma, Pod and Kim XXXXXXX Ps. I (Soph) have accepted you on Skype, and I'll try to be near my laptop tomorrow in case you call! Love you X

  5. zulu 5 clare jones

    Hey hope your feet are feeling a bit better, bet our extreme walk from Whitby to Robin Hoods bay and back doesn't seem as extreme anymore! Just been looking at the pics...I want to do the car pull. You look in high spirits. Hope you've received the post I sent by now. Will be in touch again soon. Enjoy this final phase you've only got three weeks left. And yes of course I'm still ok to pick you up, I've got the date and times.


  6. zulu 3: Lidia Belen,
    de: Anabella
    que onda Belen, que salvaje la cangreja yo estuve ahi y me gusto muchisimo fue unos de los lugares que mas me gusto, meditaba mucho en el rio y sobre el puente, respirar el aire tan puro y vivir en medio de la jungla es una experiencia unica, que buena nota que estes ahi... me saludas a don Bolivar, a don Paulino... y si esta himel, pues tambien... un abrazo para vos... que lo pases de lo mejor

  7. To Eleonore Vollebregt, Zulu 3, 11L

    Lieve lieve Noor, wat een feest was het om samen met jou op de site van Raleigh te zitten. Jij in CR en ik thuis! Wat leuk dat ik nu een beetje weet wie wie is! De Nederlanders haal je er wel uit maar toch zat ik er soms helemaal naast! Ha ha! Wel ongelooflijk stoer dat je nu het regenwoud in gaat! Brrr wanneer ik de verhalen lees van de vorige expedities. Dit hele CR gebeuren zal je inderdaad niet snel vergeten, een positieve bagage voor de rest van je leven! Ik hoop dat je deze blog nog ontvangt voordat je vertrekt, je ligt nu nog lekker te slapen op de harde grond, vanavond lekker in je hangmat of in je bedje van bamboe tussen de spinnen en apen! Lieverd geniet van je laatste grote avontuur, wij vinden het geweldig dat je dit allemaal onderneemt! Kreeg nog smsje van Duc dat hij met je gesproken had, ja jullie horen of zien elkaar pas weer in het nieuwe jaar! Lieverd controleer wel je schoenen wanneer je ze aantrekt! Succes in de jungle, mooi projekt, heel veel plezier! Niet te geloven hoe snel de tijd gaat! Dikke dikke kus van pappie en mammiexxxxxx love you!

  8. Zulu 4 Gemma Fernihough
    Hey! Omg I've been trying to send u a msg, 4th time lucky! Think I'm in the right place, fingers cross u get this. In ur bid to find friends i thought I'd send u a message. How things going? I'm currently sat in the airport off to NY, a million miles away to what ur doing, but u sound like ur having an experience of a lifetime!
    Hope all is well, take care xx

  9. Zulu 4 Daisy Knox Murphy,

    Daisy, just see a photo of you wearing the notting hill carnival t-shirt. Brought back some good memories. HIT THE ROAD JACK!!!! Bring on next year eh :) enjoy what you've got left of costa rica and live it up. xx

  10. Floris Muller; Zulu 5.
    Hoi lieve Floris,
    Evenb snel een berichtje nog, we hebben net met heel veel toestanden je vlucht kunnen veranderen, via de site werkte het allemaal niet, 2 dagen diverse keren geprobeerd, nu telefonisch gelukt. We hebben alle mails naar jouw hotmail doorgestuurd zodat je in ieder geval je nieuwe ticket kunt printen, zonder ticket, geen vlucht, de gegevens zijn verder geloof is hetzelfde als de vlucht van de 17e behalve dat dat ticket op de 17e staat en het nieuwe op de 20e dec.a.s. Het zal allemaal krap worden, je moet die vlucht echt wel hebben anders hebben we echt een enorm probleem met Tanzania. Geniet nog de komende weken in Nica......enz.
    Je hoort weer van me. Dikke knuffels mammie.

  11. Alice Hall Zulu 4

    Hi Alice,

    I nearly didn't recognise you in the photo of your new group: you're so tanned! What happened to the pasty Scottish look you've been perfecting for years?
    Hope you have a fab time with the turtles!
    Lots of love,
    Emily xxx

  12. To Harneel of Zulu 4.

    Dude!! I'm in puerto viejo right now having beer and grilled fish. I miss u already. Have fun yeah. And u'll be alright. Talk more soon =) I'll never forget you. Huzy.

  13. Afsy Mahloudji, Zulu 1

    Heeeeey pretty lady,
    What happened to our SKYPE?! I'm in dire need of some Tootleluvvinnnn. It's getting ridiculous: I was at the pub for someone's birthday the other day, and it had been the first time I'd been in a big group of people I knew for such a looong time, and with people who weren't talking about how their hamster is so nice and fluffy, and how their year 6 maths work is really, really hard (just how hard maths retakes are haaaaa, we never really change, do we?). Anyway, the overwhelming strangeness of actually HUMAN CONTACT gave me an illness, I swear to you. It was just a shock to the system, and my body clearly did not recognise the feeling, and rejected the experience. LIFE IS SO SAD WITHOUT YOU, SEE?! Talking of human contact, I was telling someone that he should visit London so that I could have 'human contact'. He took it as a sign that I'm actually in love with him. So, now, I'm in love, apparently.

    There's nada mucho taking up my time really. I've read so much. Oh, except for this CHRISTMAS FAIR that I've been planning for Maggie's. I DID NOT REALISE HOW HARD IT WOULD BE. There are so many people, and you know how I hate to organise myself, let alone other people. You'd be so so so good for this job- you get to boss everyone around! (love you..)

    Anyways, there's really not a whole lot to report, clearly.. Although, they're making a Human Centipede 3. Which I will definitely not be watching with you. You and Liv can find some other poor, innocent soul to rope into your disturbed escapades. Someone's status the other day was something to do with the second one. Crazy stupid boy for watching it.

    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR INSANE TREK!!! I'll definitely be praying for the skin on your feet (speaking of which, remind me to tell you about how we're going to solve our essshkkk about feet, yes? It's really important), and I'll write you soooooooon! Je t'aime, te echo de menoooooooos. (and also, your ucas hasn't been sent yeeeet) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  14. Georgina Corrales26 November 2011 at 22:24

    Para Ana Gabriela Herrera Zulu 2 Nicaragua
    Hola mi nena espero que disfrutes mucho esta tu última etapa. Te amamos demasiado y tenemos muchas ganas de verte muy pronto- Cuidate muchísimo. te esperamos en la casita nueva.

  15. Zulu 5 Clare Jones
    Hi lovely!!!! Just to let you know what's happened since I left fieldbase. Flight got cancelled so iberia put us up in a hotel for the night and we fly back to Madrid at 1pm on November 27th. Gutted i can't get home earlier but all is well anyway. Missing you already, promise i'll blog you again. Hope you and the girls and everyone else in Zulu 5 have an awesome time in Achuapa. I'm sure you will anyway. Miss your laugh and your gorgeous face. We have to meet up after you get home. Love you loads, Delun xxxx

  16. Zulu 5 Emma Jacob

    Hello gorgeous, can't believe i've had to leave you guys so soon. Missing you all already. Just letting you know that my flight got cancelled so Iberia put us up in a hotel for the night and i fly home to madrid at 1pm tomorrow November 27th. Massive boo that i can't see all my family earlier but there we are. Hope you have an awesome time in Achuapa with everyone in Zulu 5. Tell everyone (including Rachel and Owen) that i already miss them all so much. Wish i was a 10 weeker and on phase with you all. We have to meet up when you get back. I'll come up to Nottingham to see you and Millie. It'll be amazing. Love you loads, have an awesome time!!! Delun xxxx

  17. Zulu 5 Serena Glynn
    Hello chic!! Can't believe how much i miss you already and it's only been a few hours. My flight got cancelled so Iberia put us up in a hotel until we fly tomorrow at 1pm so everything fine although i wish i could go home sooner but there we are. You going to have an awesome time in Achuapa with all the girls and the rest of Zulu 5. I'm so jealous i'm not with you all. We have to meet up after Raleigh's finished. I'll have to come to California to see you with all the girls and we'll stay there with you for a bit. Miss you loads darling, have a brilliant time, Delun xxxx

  18. Zulu 4 Molly Sanquest
    Hey gorgeous, can't believe how much i'm missing you already. My flight got cancelled so Iberia put us up in a hotel for the night until our flight back tomorrow at 1pm November 27th. Gutted that i don't get to see my family sooner but everything's fine anyway. Still can't believe you booked you tickets. Your so brave chic. I don't think i could do what your doing. Can't believe i didn't get to be on a phase with you but promise we'll meet up before you go with the rest of the girls and go out on the town!!! Missing you loads, have an awesome time in Playa, Delun xxxx

  19. Zulu 3 Millie Kenney
    Hello lovely! Can't believe how much i'm going to miss you not that i've gone. I bet your going to have an awesome phase while i'm back home in the rain. My flight got cancelled until 1pm tomorrow November 27thso Iberia put us up in a hotel until then but everything's fine. Gutted i can't see my family sooner but there we are. Can't believe i didn't get to be on a phase with you. It would have been awesome! Missing you loads chic. We have to meet up when you get back home and go out on the town. Have a brilliant time, loads of love, Delun xxxx

  20. Zulu 5 Jayne Deegan
    Hey lovely! Missing you already. Can't believe i'm not with you and everyone else in Achuapa. Wishing i was a 10 weeker right now. Just letting you know my flight from San Jose got cancelled until 1pm tomorrow so Iberia have put us up in a hotel until then. We have to meet up when you get back from your travels with your cousin. I'll be coming up to Scotland to see you! Missing you loads, have a brilliant phase!! Loads of love, Delun xxxx

  21. Zulu 4 Alice Hall
    Hello gorgeous! Missing you loads since i left even though it's only been a couple of hours. Flight got cancelled until 1pm tomorrow so Iberia have put us up in a hotel for the night. So gutted i haven't been on phase with but we definitely have to meet up after you come home. You'll have a brilliant time in Playa Hermosa i bet. Missing you, have a brilliant time. Loads of love, Delun xxxx

  22. To Ross Skinner - Zulu 3

    Morning Janner, Devon yer

    Glad to hear you're spreading the mother tongue to the far flung corners of the globe!

    What happened to the final blog of X-Ray 5, don't tell us it was down to you and you're planning on performing it by means of interpretive dance like you used to do your homework when you were at school! We'll look for it on UTube.

    Great that your group finished the project and now you're moving on to the final phase back in the rain forest.

    We'll look for the blog updates over the next couple of weeks.

    Cheers n see ya gain - look after yourself

    Love Mum and Dad xxxx

  23. zulu-5 clare jones

    So you should be with your Nica family I take it now. Hope you had a bit of R&R. Clear blue sky here today but it's soooo windy! That xmas fayre is on in York again this weekend, seems a bit early, so town was packed, didn't realise it was on otherwise I wouldn't have gone in. Works starting to pile up now, had a bit of a panic yesterday about how much I need to do. Think Tom, wink and neil and going to come up for a few days in a week or two so that should be good - wink keeps on saying he's skint though! haha. Hope all's well then. Looking forward to seeing you soon it seems like it's been ages...guess that's because it has been!


  24. Zulu 5:Floris Muller
    Lieve Os, Wat leuk om even wat van je te horen via facebook. Het is ook heel fijn om te weten dat je het leuk hebt en je een leuke groep hebt. Is waterleidingen aanleggen erg zwaar? Of lukt dat jou wel met die spieren van je?
    Succes en veel plezier in ieder geval. We zien je de 18e weer in het koude holland.
    xxx Fleur

  25. Anne Sleurink Zulu 5

    beste anne

    ik zag al jullie foto s! leuk, wat een fantastisch avontuur beleef je!blij dat de groep nu weer wat beter is!
    hoe voel je je nu?heb je koorts of is het beter?
    hier gaat alles goed
    paul en ik hebben vanochtend gefietst
    het is hier vies weer
    veel regen
    we missen je
    maar je zal wel veel geleerd hebben ook

    goed dat je dit doet

    laat je weten of je nog koorts hebt?
    wat leuk dat je een goede vriendin hebt!
    welk meisje is dat op de foto?
    jij ziet er goed uit trouwens

    love u

    haha mouse is so silly XX Izzy I MISS YOU!

  26. Zulu 2 Geoff Kirby

    HI GEOFF :) well you wont believe what happened to some of us 7 weekers, we were in the airport from 9am until our flight thatwas meant to be at 6pm but it got cancelled and Iberian airlines have put us up in a 5 star hotel AND we are in the presidential sweet, i am sitting in the office where all the past presidents have been writing blog messagesin a dressing gown. Its a hard life o and we get free buffet dinner and breakfast. I bet that is what you want to hear on treck. Have a great time though and stop being stubborn and carrying everything lol See you soon. MAKE SURE YOU SHOWER. Jonny xxx

  27. Zulu 2 Mark Wem
    Hey Mark, we are still in costa rica which is annoying because our flight got cancelled and i really want to get home but then again we havebeen put up in the presidential sweet of a hotel which is amazing but still cant wait to get home. Have a wicked time on treck and i look foward to seeing the next ginger beard in 19 days lol. See you back in england dude. Jonny xxx

  28. Zulu 2 Flor Mendieta Noguera

    Hola FLOR :) we are stuck in costa rica at the moment because our flight was cancelled home but we are in a really nice hotel at the moment and flying home today. You have an awseome group for treck so i hope you enjoy it. Going to come back to Costa Rica soon though. Pura VIda! Jonn xx

  29. Zulu 2 Imogen J Wetzell Ramsey
    Hi imogen, i am running out of time here so have to be quick. We are in the presidential sweet of a 5 star hotel because our flight was cancelled yesterday so gutted not to be getting back home but at least we had a place to stay. Please say hi to everyonme in the group and tell Sacheo BULL SH*T Have a great last phase on treck. See you in England or Oz maybe. Jonny xx

  30. Hilmar Heijmans, Zulu 4, 11L
    Lieve Hilmar, Wat fijn je weer gesproken te hebben op Skype, ik was blij te zien dat het weer wat beter met je gaat. Papa maakte zich ook zorgen en heeft s'avonds laat nog een mail gestuurd naar Raleigh , dat ze goed op je moesten letten en als het niet in een aantal dagen beter werd om dan antibiotica te geven. Maar gelukkig is het zover niet gekomen.
    Op de nieuwe groepsfoto ben je wel de bleekste van het hele stel, maar met je nieuwe project op het strand en aan zee zal dat wel snel bijtrekken.
    Minder leuk nieuws, afgelopen dinsdag is de vader van Monique en opa van Wietske, Nicole en Anne overleden. Op de respectabele leeftijd van 89 jaar, maar verdrietig blijft het altijd. Wietske ,Nicole en Anne hebben nu geen opa en oma meer. Hij (Hans, toevallig he?) wordt morgen maandag 28 november gecremeerd in Diepenveen. We zullen daar met z'n allen aanwezig zijn.
    Verder gaat hier alles goed. Ik heb de afgelopen dagen geholpen bij de expositie verkoop van Ines , Lydia en Ans( haar ken je denk ik niet ) Het meeste werk was van Ines, schilderijen ,objecten en sieraden. Het was bij haar thuis en het was adembenemend, alsof je in een andere wereld stapte.
    Ze hebben ook waanzinnig goed verkocht. Het was echt fantastisch, zeer uniek.
    Hilmar veel plezier met de schildpadden. Dat is wel even iets anders dan een surprise maken voor Sinterklaas. Alhoewel die van jouw wel altijd steengoed zijn.
    Ben toch zo benieuwd straks naar al je verhalen.
    Lieve schat geniet er van, heel veel liefs van ons, mama

  31. Clare Jones - Zulu 5
    Hi Clare, can't believe your on on the last phase. All exciting stuff by the looks of things - winning the challenge - did you really have to pull the car? It was good to hear you rang your mum, and we are all pleased to hear that you are well and enjoying things - even with the sore feet! The water project sounds as if you will be making a real difference to those in the community - how lucky you are being able to make that sort of impact on lives. The next three weeks will go so quickly, I hope you manage to enjoy every minute of the adventure. For this we are sure - when you get back you will be planning the next! All coughs and colds here, so staying in the warm today. All our love Julie and Matthewxxx

  32. Millie Pierce Zulu 3

    Hi Lovely Millie, It's Sunday eve and we've just said Goodbye to the Mitchells and Brittons and they all send you lots of love and are amazed
    with your challenge and wish you all the best for the rest of your trip.
    Arthur would like to know how many of the Deadly 60 you see, please take photos!!
    Enjoy the jungle and maybe one day they will tell us when the wheelchair access is completed and you can take me on a girls holiday!!
    Pops says your iPod is of much use but when she goes on shuffle instead of music it comes up with your GCSE bitesize science interviews with posh speaking scientists!
    Look after you! We love you very much
    Hugs and kisses
    lots of love
    Mum, Dad, Xanthe, Poppy & Arthur

  33. Emma (new Godmother)Jacob Zulu 5 11L
    Hi Em
    Just read the latest blog and know you'll be now in Nicaragua with your host family.It will be a fantastic experience I'm sure, maybe you can cook them your Banoffi Pie!
    It's Sunday evening and all well here. It's going to start to get alot colder now so I'll make sure Andrew brings some warm gear to the airport. I have been in contact with Sarah so tell Millie when you see her that she'll be traveling home with you.
    It looked like a great party at fieldbase and good to see the Venturers won the Olympics!You will come home with so many happy memories.
    I have two and half weeks left at school so that means you'll be home in three which is amazing at how the time has flown.
    I will email as soon as Pens has her baby so you will hear asap, take lots of care.
    Loads of Love as always Mum xxxxxxxxxxx, Andrew and Bro (he was so pleased to speak to you the other day)xxxx

  34. Zulu 2 - Geoffrey Kirby. Can't get used to calling you Geoff, so you'll have to put up with me using the name I gave you! Spent this afternoon taking your front brake apart and think it is OK now; the garage didn't put it back right. You'll have to try it when you get back. You've got three dates to put in your diary for next year. You cousin Gemma is getting married to Andrew (2 June), Edward is getting married to his Danish girlfriend (no date yet), and Ginny and I will be tying the knot (we too haven't set a date yet). So lots of celebrating to do. Bathroom and dressing room finished, but there's a never ending list of things to do. James Christie-Smith got back to me (and I think copied you in). He thinks that he could find you some work in Cape Town, but it would be better if you learned to drive first. You, Philip and John will be with me the week before Christmas. Do you want us all to come and meet you at the airport? Have a wonderful trek. Make the most of those extra weeks.

    Love from all of us

    Dad, Ginny, Philip and John x

  35. For Gemma PM. Zulu 4.
    Hi Gemma. You must be well bedded in with the turtles now. Hope your not having too much trouble with poaches. I,m sure they are far too scared to mess with you and your crew.
    As xmas gets closer I admit I am getting a bit down. Missing lost ones and someone to phone and chat to.
    Cash has an ear infection poor thing but he is still happy most of the time. He has a new record of walking 8 steps in a row. As you can guese Laura is thrilled with him.
    Had a chat to Chris about Shelly yesterday. She is looking for a trailer as Molly is so bad at traveling she thinks Shelly might get injured.
    She mentioned us selling Shelly to her again but I think it would be nice to just hand her over so she has peace of mind. She has got the best possible home. What do you think.
    We had a meal with Ann and Jack Russle on Saturday. It was a nice eavening. Ann sends her love and said they are all missing you. There are more redundantsies comming up but your department are over stretched so she is going to take on some one to replace you now.
    I might be going up to Sunderland this week as R Graham might not be able to come here as R Junes sister is still criticle and needs a heart opp but is too sick.
    On a good note, the wheather here is great and I am learning to do a lot of shopping on line so I can Walk round the wood and not round the shops. The Stable roof is finished now (good old cabbage) Let me know how your getting on as soon as you can. Miss you. Love Mum.

  36. Zulu 2- Geoff Kirby

    Hey Mr.T! Guess who? I'll tell you who I am when Ive done writing you a massive letter updating you on my life.
    So, my flight was looong, and Spain was freezing. I didnt get to meetup with the guys cause I flew to Barca and they were going to Madrid until their flight got cancelled. I was a little excited to get home. FINALLY. And I gave massive cuddles to my parents who were overjoyed that I was back. My dogs still wont leave me alone but it's cool, theyre too cute and I need all the cuddles I can get. First thing I did when I got home was setup my sleeping bag and mosquito net and sleep on that nasty bodega pillow. Guess the Raleigh experience really does stick with you. I slept like an absolute BABY.

    Wow I really miss you. How cool would it have been if Raleigh was kind enough to put us on trek together? Not that that would ever happen. I reckon they split us cause they realised that we were just so awesome, and we were starting to make other people jealous. Yeah, I think that's the reason they split us. Anyway, hope you didnt cry too much when I left haha. Or actually I hope mark took a nice video of you bawling your eyes out. From as many angles as humanly possible.
    Think I'll stop writing now. The Raleigh staff will probably see the length and guess who it is straight away.
    Ohh, and if you STILL dont know who this is. It's Don Marco. I went to english school just so I could write to MR.T and ask you where the hell my machete is?

    Kayyy I'm going now, I'll write soon. Love Ty x

  37. Zulu 2- Julie Gollner

    Hey Mi JUUUULIE! Im home now and I'm happy to be home but Id much rather be out with you guys. I would have loved to be in your group cause all my homies are in yours. I think you made the right decision. I didnt want to tell you to do trek cause you had to make the decision on your own, but I think you will have an amazing time. Its going to be difficult sometimes but I know youre a very strong person, and you will get through it. I know that cause I lived with you for 2 weeks! :D miss you Julie. Cant wait to hear how it went! Love Tyla.

    PS IM SO JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW. Please give Geoff cuddles but just watch how close you get alright. Ill be watching hahahah Lovee youu Joolie x

  38. Zulu 2- Mark Wem

    MOUSEEEYYY. Man, hope trek is THE SH*T. (Hope this comment is approved). Missing you guys like crazy. Take lots of pictures, specially ones for me kay :D Pretend Im there. Thanks.
    Just thinking about your eating habits and, damn, hope you dont get too hungry on your limited food. Want to know what Ive eaten so far? Well I had a couple of pork paninis and a milkshake or two. Some fried eggs and toast with melted butter and COFFEE. Lots of fruit and for dinner I had this beautiful lasagne with melted mozzarella. I am STUFFED.

    Haha Sorry about that :p I didnt really eat those things, Ive had cereal with yoghurt and even that was massively enjoyable. Miss you guys and Ill continue writing annoying blogs to you. Oh yes, this is not the last of me.

    Cheers Mousey.
    I could murder a coke right now x

    Tylaaa x

  39. Zulu 4- Gemma

    Hiii Gemma! Arrived home safely and sad but it's alright. Just knowing that you guys are still out there enjoying yourselves makes me happy :)

    Wish I had a chance to go back to Playa Hermosa along with you all! Enjoy it and please please tell Don Marco that Super Chica says hello :)
    Hope the bugs are all full up now on previous-venturer blood, so that you dont get harrassed too much. Just remember to NOT SCRATCH, fight the temptation!!

    Anyway, off to have a hot shower now! (sorry hehe) and I shall see you sooon! Cant wait to hear all about it.

    Miss you, love Tyla x

  40. Zulu 2- James

    Hey James! Thinking about you guys loads out on trek. I know that somedays will be really hard and you'll feel like giving up but I know you well James and I know you can get through it. Youre stronger than you give yourself credit for. Just block everything out and keep going till the end. Kick cheiflado's butt out the door, and tell him he's not welcome anymore :D (I just found out that its chalado and not chieflado via Google translate but I think chieflado is waay cooler :D)

    Keep your head up Jamesie!! xx

  41. Jerry, Fiona & Sophie.28 November 2011 at 08:15

    Tom Coombs, 11L, Zulu 5

    It was great getting your message, gave us a really vivid idea of what it's like travelling in Costa Rica.

    Congratulations on winning the X trophy in the Zulu Games. The Bravo 3 pull, the slippy-slide, soak the field-base team (a bit like soak the Estate Agents it must've been good to do) and a round or two of dodgeball, so to win you must all be pretty fit !

    Achuapa's up in the North of Nicaragua, so what's it like finally being in a fixed location ? Be interesting to actually be creating civilisation after all the fascinating trekking in the wild. Even for you, a regular water supply, prepared meals and a comfortable fixed bed will feel like an unbelievable luxury after all the traveling. Seems like it must have been slightly sad saying bye to all of the 'seven week-ers' and probably it won't seem very long before you're coming home too, but in the meantime there's of course a great project get into, apparently the pesticides get into the water, so fresh spring supplies are absolutely essential, well done Raleigh !! If you have an opportunity, please send more information and keep taking more photos too. All the best to the rest of Zulu 5.

    All the Best.

    Love you and miss you lots.

    Mum, Dad and Sophie. xxx

  42. Jasper zulu 5

    Happy Birthday Jasper!!!! hope you had a top day, im at home now, about to book hard bass. will let you know when i have. happy birthday again, see you in February mate


    28th November 20:43

  43. Zulu 1- Christiany

    I am at home now. Te extraño. I tried to add you on facebook but I couldn't find you. So you will have to add me when you go back home. I want to know how your trek went!

    See you soon amigo! Love Tyla

  44. Zulu 1- Dinora

    Hola mi amorcito. Te extraño mucho. He utilizado un traductor para poder escribir esto porque MI ESPAÑOL ES MALOOOO! jajaja (Eso lo aprendí de mis amigos españoles: jaja). Quiero ser tu en facebook para que podamos hablar cuando termine de viaje. Esperamos que se diviertan en la caminata!

    Te Amo mi amorcito :D x

  45. Zulu 2 Ana Gabriela Herrera Corrales

    Hey Ani, I am now finally home after a cancelled flight and am missing everyone so so much. I hope treck is going ok and is not to hard. I bet it is still nice weather out there. It is freezing out here. Tell me when you get back to fieldbase how it all goes. I hope no one gets ill in your group. Jonny xx

  46. Zulu 2 Sascha Tubbeh

    Hey SACHEO, just wanted to give a quick blog message to say i will be starting that list of movies soon so dont you worry. You will have educated me well in movies lol, also thanks for the little comment on the x-ray 4 photo lol. I hope treck is going well and you havent got those friction things still. Jonny xx

  47. Zulu 3 Jeanette Reeves
    Hi jeanette, how are you doing in the jungle? i hope the animals/bugs arent too bad for you lol. I hope you all have a great time in the jungle and say hi to everyone for me. It is nice to finally be home but i am missing everyone too. Enjoy the last phase and i hope to see everyone again sometime. Thanks for being in the Alpha 5 lol deffinetly the best group lol. Jonny xx

  48. Zulu 3 Jesús Jiménez Valverde

    JESUS, i thought i had posted to you already but dont know if it went through. I am now finally home after a 24 hour delay from our flight being cancelled. It is great to be home but missing you all so much. It is so cold back here as well, so very different to Costa Rica. I hope living in the jungle is going well. Thank you again so much for the t-shirt. I am going to miss our family loads, it was a great week having you as my older brother and the showers in the river :) see you again soon i hope. Enjoy the rest of Raleigh. Jonny xx

  49. Zulu 3 Kelly PM

    Hi Kelly, though i would send you a quick blog message. I no how much you would want one from me lol :) I am back home now after a 24 hour delay in Costa Rica. We got put up in the presidential sweet of a 5 star hotel though so worked out not too bad. Its great to be back but wow its cold here. thank you for everything on raleigh i absolutley loved every moment of it. Please say hi to everyone in your group and i hope ken hasnt gone to crazy building giant penis statues yet. Jonny xx

  50. Zulu 4 Alice Hall

    Hey hey. How is it on the beach, i hope you guys still have the hot weather. It is freezing back here in england lol. Please say hi to Don Marco and Johnny for me please lol. What do you think of jungle camp, i am jealous you got to set up the bashers. Hope they dont collapse like A5s jungle camp lol, that didnt go toooooo well. Enjoy the patrols and stuff, they are amazing i think. Missing everyone loads but nice to be back in the real world. Jonny xx

  51. Zulu 4 Molly Sandquest
    Hey Molly. How is Playa :) it is an amazing phase. Hopefully you still have the sun out there and no rain. Make our jungle camp even better and i want to see photos lol. Say hi to everyone in your group. The turtle patrols are wickid and i hope you SAVE THE TURTLES :D lol, good luck in what you have planned in the future..... ;) i hope it all goes well for you. Jonny xx

  52. Zulu 5 Clare Jones
    Hi Clare. I am home and have had a hot shower now so i am happy happy ot be back home and to have seen everyone now but am still missing you all out there. I hope your community goes well. Your group is HUGE lol. Cant wait to meet upwith you in Oz hopefully. Good luck with talkign to your family, attempting to speak in spanish is quite fun, i just took to acting it all out lol. Also i hope your family like the ball, which i DID finally pay you for lol. It was great having it in Playa but i bet the kidswill love it in Achuappa. Jonny xx

  53. Zulu 5 Jayne Deegan
    Alright Jayne, i was just thinking how to say somethign in a scottish accent but realised you wouldnt be able to hear me anyway lol. Your community group looks awseome btw, have a great time and i hope your family is wicked. Hopefully that book of EVERYTHING in spanish will have helped. Missing everyone from x-ray 4 and the beach. So nice to be back home now though. Enjoy your travelling on after and enjoy the rest of Raleigh. Maybe see you in Oz or at least back in the UK. Jonny x

    P.S can you just laugh at Issac's hair for me again and rub it lol

  54. Zulu 5 Issac Colom Viquez

    ISSAC, i hope you are in your community families by now but you arent still taking 5 hours to translate one little thing :) I had an amazing time in Playa Hermosa and missing everyone already but so nice to be home. Have a good time on the rest of Raleigh and your group looks awseome so enjoy. Say hi to everyone for me please. Missin your awful hair cut but glad it is now sorted and wasnt a bot fly thing. See you again sometime i hope. Jonny x

  55. Para: Dinora del Carmen Flores Talavera (ZULU 1)
    Cristiany Alexander Alonzo Torrez
    De: La chila loca de la Vanessa
    Que les ha parecido el turrisanto Trek!! a k esta salvaje verdad?? disfrutenlo y vivanlo el dia a dia!! Dinora!! yo se que tu puedes, y no te leentees mija, k o si no te dire... Bueno!! jajaja Por Cristiany ni le digo nada pork ya se lo dije.. k lo disfrute, todos los dias es un nuevo comienzo y no hay k rendirse.. k si pueden hacer trek, que no pueden hacer en sus vidas!! por si ai anda Bruce me lo saludan, se que el anda con su carita de felicidad de siempre, que ai si no se le cumplio el guanacaste trek, por lo menos le toco con ustedes pa pasarla divertido! jejeje.. y a ver si por ai se hace santo, ya k le gustan bastante las iglesias!! jajaja ( el entiende) ... que mas les digo! aaaa.. ps Pura vida! ahorita estan conociendo a costa rica y se han encontrado con los lugares mas preciosos que han visto, y esos momentos, chavalos.. atesorenlos, recuerden que no estan solos, esto es un sueño, Raleigh es un sueño que se vuelve realidad y si esto se cumple, eso quiere decir que cualquier cosa es posible, solo es proponerselo!!
    Recuerden que Trek es 1 por ciento fisico y 99 por ciento Mental.. y pa`lante!!
    aki se perderan las noches de compras, pero bueno.. jajaja
    PD: Dinora! Feliz Cumple!! k aunk no estes aki pa k veas k no se olvida!! jajaja k cRISTIANY y BRUCE te den un piko por mi!!! jejeje
    ya con esta me despido, pork o sino se hace mas largo y kien sabe que lo publiquen..
    Esperando que les llegue!!
    siempre, Vanessa Alonso!! ^_^

  56. Para: Lidia Belén Mendoza Acuña (Zulu 3)
    De: Vanessa
    K nota Belen!! espero k a leer esto si recordes mi cara!! jajaja por se k te confunden!! jijii y ps si, disfruta esta tu ultima phase de raleigh.. no penses si que se va a terminar, si no en disfrutarla al maximo, vivirla cada momento, recordar cada instante como si fuera el ultimo, para que no hayan arrepentimiento.. otra cosa, no te leenties maje!! jajaja ya sabes a lo k me refiero no?? jajaja es broma, es broma, a los chicos les va llendo fenomenal en trek y con ganas de cuando regresen..
    Saludos y pura vida!! los guardaparques son retebuena gente y me imagino k los de la cangreja son asi tambioen!! solo se vos misma y pa`lante!!

  57. Para: Jahari Lisseth Blandón Jarquin
    dE: Vanessa
    K onda Jahari! ps SOLA!! OTRA vez, ni modo!! jajaja y ps k te digo, espero k las chiverias k te compraste te sean suficiente en playa hermosa!, saludame a Don Belfort! y a todo el legado de guardaparuqes que conoci, estoy segura te llevaras muy bien con ellos! jeje
    a disfuar la 3era fase, que ya lueguito se va, pero no penses en eso, sino en vivir el dia dia sin arrepentimiento... y en hacer lo que realemnte quieres haciendo algo sumamente bueno.. cuidando tortuguitas, si ouedes tomate una foto con una tortuga bebe! jeje ahi son varias semanitas en playa asi que a disfrutarla mija, los atardeceres son hermosos!! y en el mar, la vida es mas sabroso, en el mar.. y sigue la cancion, levantate siempre con una sonrisa en la cara y a disfrutar!! ahi bebiendo pipa!! jajajaja suerte! y los esperamos al regreso!!

  58. Rob Farmer Zulu 5
    If this gets to you Rob it will be a real miracle - didn't have all this blogging etc in my Raleigh days.
    Sounds from all reports your having a great time - I knew you would. Hey congrats on becoming an Uncle, I bet you can't wait to meet her. Life here in sunny Wales is manic, Jack and Harry are getting more and more excited and mental about christmas and it is only nov 30th. Charlie is gettting fatter by the day and Steve and I are just knackered and very envious of your adventure. Enjoy the final challenge and really looking forward to seeing you and hearing about it all at christmas.
    Lots of Love Aunty Sarah, Uncle Steve, Jack, Harry and Charlie XXX

  59. Hilmar Heijmans, Zulu 4, 11L
    Hi Hillie, time flies en is het alweer december! Het weer in Ned. is guur, daar mis je niets aan. Wel wordt Daan een beetje verwaarloosd. Vanavond hebben we met ons 4-en Sinterklaas gevierd, nu zonder surprises maar met een gedicht. Jouw cabriosurprise van vorig jaar telt gewoon nog mee voor dit jaar. Volgend jaar hopelijk weer met z'n 5-en. De turtlebeach lijkt me een mooie afsluiting van de 3 projecten. Hopelijk niet te veel hinder van bugs en lekker strandweer. Bij ons is het Alle Dagen Heel Druk. Ik ben zeer vereerd dat ik gevraagd ben lid te worden van de ABCD, de 65 jaar oude A'se Bridge Club, waar opa ook jarenlang lid van was. Leuk he?
    Ik heb een e-ticket voor je geboekt voor 20-12 14.15 uur met Delta naar Atlanta en vandaar naar Amsterdam. Ticketnr. 0063545559912. Je kunt als je ESTA reistoestemming hebt met je paspoort inchecken. E-ticket en vluchtgegevens heb ik naar je gemaild. Let goed op het maximale gewicht van je rugzak. Dit is 23 kg. Stop de eventuele rest in je handbagage. Of draag dubbele kleren. Overgewicht boven de 23 kg kost je $150 extra!! Have a good time at Playa Hermosa, say hi to Don Marco and have a good rafting trip. Veel liefs en tot gauw, xxx Papa.

  60. Hilmar Heijmans, ZULU 4, 11L
    Ik wilde je de voetbaluitslagen van dit weekend niet onthouden: Heerenveen -AZ 5-1 , de eerste verloren wedstrijd van AZ dat 1e staat met 34 pt uit 14 wedstrijden. PSV verloor van Feyenoord met 2-0 en staat 2e met 31 pt uit 15. FCTwente won eindelijk weer eens en wel in Utrecht met 2-6 en staat 3e met 30 punten uit 15 wedstrijden. Ajax en Feyenoord staan 4e en 5e met 27 pt. Heracles staat 10e met 20 punten na een 7-0 overwinning op VVV Venlo. Wat een enorme hoeveelheid doelpunten!
    Nederland moet voor de EK in juni 2012 tegen Denemarken, Duitsland en Portugal spelen, in Charkow in Georgie, een zware poule.
    See you soon!



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