Friday, 9 December 2011

Zulu 2 ... Laughter and Lost Flip Flops

After 10 totally amazing days of trekking with Zulu 2 I have returned to field base (sorry it’s Brie, the expedition DPM!) in definitely a physically fitter state, 10 days of walking will have that effect! In order to regale my tales of laughter, lost flip flops and stunning views on the Miratombo trek ... and what a trek it was!

We started off with the 2 day travel up to the community of El Cebollal in Miraflor taking in the youth centre that Alpha 6 and X-ray 6 build over the last couple of phases as well as all the hard work that both the two groups put in to getting it finished! From there we turned east taking in all the spectacular scenery that Miraflor has to offer before heading down through the community of los Apantes and making our way down towards Estelí. Whilst passing to the East of Estelí we managed to find time to take in a beautiful Waterfall at Estanzuela before heading along the mountain ridge that run south through Nicaragua displaying some stunning of rolling green fields and pretty rural villages. The group are currently on the final furlong heading towards Malpaisillo and on to the final destination of Cerro Negro, an amazing black volcano, and El Hoye, a volcanic crater lake, where the group will finish camping along side this spectacular sight.

But it wasn’t all walking, fantastic views and random chats about whether you would rather have cheese for arms or bacon for legs. We also had some very important decisions to make along the way, including Bone head of the day. The winner of this much coveted award got to wear (usually drawn on in pen) a moustache for the day as there prize, which would have been hugely funny had the winner of this prize 90% of the time not been me!

The Miratombo trek for me has been an amazing experience, we met so many kind and generous people on each leg of the journey and the Zulu 2 group has been amazing giving 110% of effort along the way. All of which made this an experience I will take with me forever.


  1. Millie Pierce, Zulu 3
    Hello Millie!
    I'm counting down the days till you come home, I miss you so so so much, hope life in the jungle is treating you well, it's chilly here but nothing too bad. Tomorrow the fams are coming down for my christmas concert and tonight is the medics revue - its a cross between the christmas panto and the 6th form review, it's called the lion the itch and the wardround. I hope its good, I really need some comedy theapy. got to go and eat - fish and chips; we have the same thing every week, I'm so bored of it! Miss you more than words, not long now, love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Poppy (Zulu 2) - It's lovely to see the trek photos, it looks like you're having an incredible time and we are all hugely jealous :) Life here is the same as usual, although our boiler broke down for 3 days and we had no hot water or heat, and we were freeeeezing cold... except for the brilliant fire I made in the back room. We are taking Omi out for a Chinese tomorrow and spending the rest of the weekend getting ready for Christmas - you won't recognise our tidy house when you get back!!! We hope you won't have too much of a culture shock when you get back (eg. temps below 0 degrees, lots of veggie food and indoor living) and we are really excited to hear all your news etc... Lots of love Yor Ma, Pod and Kim XXXXXXX Ps. oh yes - hello from Sam and Lily too!

  3. Zulu 2 - Ana Gabriela Herrera
    Gorda ya estoy en Madrid!!!!!! :) :) :)
    No hay palabras! You and me... tenemos q venir juntas someday!! <3 Te amoooooooooooooo!! Gozela bonitos estos ultimos dias! Besos!! Andre H.C.


    Hey Imo

    You'll be back soon! Yah! We can't wait to see you and catch up on the goss. We need to have your return flight changed but I need to know what time you will be able to be at the airport. Please send an email ASAP. Or have someone drop us the details so we can sort it out. Lots of love from us all. Pablos sends woofs too! Nin xxxxxxxxx

  5. James Holland (Zulu 2)
    Hi James, I have just got back from India...Wow what an amazing country..loved it!!! just been catching up on doing brilliant stuff James absolutely awesome!!! so proud of you and really excited about hearing your stories and of course the movember look really well. Hope you have learned alot from this and enjoyed every moment. Your time away has just flown by cannot believe next weekend is when you are have done great James well done!!!! see you soon Nina x

  6. To Oscar Crol 11L Zulu 1;
    Lieve Ossie,
    Het is alweer een tijdje geleden dat we iets op het blog hebben geschreven;
    hier is alles prima; we zijn net terug van een ouderdag bij Tia in Groningen, het was echt super gezellig. Straks viert Tjerk zijn verjaardag (ik heb hem namens jou gefeliciteerd).
    In de Alpen heeft het inmiddels gesneeuwd en voor de komende week is er nog meer sneeuw voorspeld, dus dat komt allemaal goed.
    Geniet van de laatste dagen met Raleigh! Spreek je snel, heel veel liefs xxx Mama



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