Monday, 12 December 2011

Zulu groups...the home stretch

Unbelievably the end of Expedition 11L is nigh, Wednesday will see the groups return to fieldbase for the final time as phase draws to an end. A few days of skits, awards, rafting and tearful goodbyes will follow but before then here’s a final update from the Zulus.

A quick reminder: Please do not send any more post from now on as it will not reach us before the venturers leave.

Zulu 1: After some 270km of trekking Zulu 1 are currently enjoying a well-earned rest at the beach at Palo Seco. Bodies are weary, feet are sore but spirits are high. Well done Zulu 1.

Zulu 2: Completed the Miratombo Trek in Nicaragua on Sunday and rested their weary bones at the stunning Lake Asososca. They have seen some amazing sights during their 250km trek and enjoyed some beautiful weather. Tuesday and Wednesday will see them continue to cover some impressive distances but this time by bus rather than foot.

Zulu 3: Continue to impress and amaze the rangers as they tackles set for them. They have dug over 220 metres of trench and laid the corresponding pipe. They were able to celebrate by turning on the first tap in the system. A truly awesome group!

Zulu 4: Have been continuing with their turtle patrols and work in the hatchery. They have also been doing great work around the rangers’ station. They also celebrated Alice’s birthday on Sunday with a fine energy bomb cake.

Zulu 5: Working across 4 project sites, the group have been making great progress improving wells, digging trenches, and laying pipes for water that will benefit many families in the community. They will begin their long journey back from Nicaragua on Tuesday,

So that’s almost ladies and gentlemen, all the groups are safe and well and enjoying their few days on phase. It will be an action-packed few days at fieldbase before they are homeward-bound.


  1. Poppy (Zulu 2)
    Hi Pops - what brilliant achievements, for rising to the challenge in all your projects and hanging on in there until they are finished, you are a star! We are all so very proud of you :) I (Soph) have really enjoyed looking at the blog each day, it's been a bit like watching a reality TV show and I think I'm going to miss it... anyway, I would much rather hear about your adventures straight from you! If you feel like Skyping when you get back to fieldbase, I will be around quite a lot this week. Otherwise, we are all looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your news in a few days. We love you! Yor Ma, Pod, and Kim (Sam, Lily and the fish) X X X X X X X

  2. Floris Muller; Zulu 5.
    Hoi Schat,
    Begrijp uit het laatste Blog dat jullie nu onderweg zijn vanuit Nicaragua terug naar Fieldbase, schijnt een heftige, lange tocht te zijn. Morgen komen jullie dan terug op Fieldbase, voor de laatste keer. Neem aan dat we wel iets van je zullen horen, kan je a.j.b. een beetje rekening houden met het tijdsverschil, het is bij jullie 7 uur vroeger dan hier.
    Ik verheug me erg op je thuiskomst, jammer dat dat net een dag na m'n verjaardag is, maar goed ook dat overleef ik nog wel. We gaan eten in Amsterdam, dat is voor Diederik, Mischa, Fleur en Ruben prettiger en makkelijker, verder doe ik niets bijzonders, spaar m'n krachten maar voor Tanzania.
    Afgelopen zaterdag was het broertjes/zusje eten erg gezellig en het feestje bij Pop ook, Frits was weer lekker op dreef, is weer mee terug gereden naar Den Haag, heeft bijna non stop zitten kleppen, wel gezelliog want pappie lag naast me te slapen.
    Vanmiddag weer naar de manueel therapeut geweest, dat doe ik al een paar weken, twee maal per week, ze heeft me flink onder handen genomen, hoop dat de pijn morgen weer iets minder is.
    Lieverdm, hoop dat alles goed is met je, geniet nog die paar dagen in CR, en zorg dat je op tijd op het vliegveld bent de 20e a.s.
    Dikke knuffels, ook van pappie, mammie.

  3. To: Floris Muller, Zulu 5

    Lieverd! Hoe is het met je? Hoe is het daar? We hebben vandaag het jaarboek gekregen en jouw foto uit de brugklas is echt extreem lief! Natuurlijk zijn de antwoorden typisch jij.. Ik heb volgende week se-week, helemaal geen zin in.. Maar kom maar weer snel terug want ik mis je echt heel erg! xxxxxxx Line

  4. Alice Hall Zulu 4

    Hello Alice.Hope you have enjoyed your last few days and are feeling much better. Was glad to hear that you had a birthday celebration. Did you enjoy the cake? We'll make one for you here but perhaps it won't be up to the standard you have got used to with Raleigh! Jessica got home this afternoon (Wednesday) and has just told me that you are online so perhaps I'd be better sending you an e-mail. Can't wait to see you on Sunday. Mum xxx



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