Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Alpha One in Barbilla National Park

First of all I’d like to offer an apology for the sporadic timing of blog entries this past week. This has been due to the team being absent from the office on various training exercises. From here on in, we’ll be as ever present as the mouse and keyboard at your desktop, as you savour all the news from Raleigh Expedition 12B.

To business; Alpha One have returned from Barbilla National Park after trekking the opening 3 days of their phase: The Turrisantos Trek, and it may impress you to learn that this feat was achieved in a mere 2 days (they’re a wily bunch, Alpha One).A morning start at Barbilla Ranger Station allowed the group stunning views over the jungle and as the sun began its rapid ascent, it seemed A1 were in for an absolute peach of day. Not so. Shortly after entering the jungle the heavens well and truly opened, leaving Katie, Roeland and Dave as drowned as the proverbial rats (classic idiom). The going was fairly tough over undulating terrain, and the path for most parts was the consistency of kitchen condiments – throw in several river crossings and you’d be forgiven for wondering if they threw in the towel. That can be denied with a resounding no as good spirits and ground speed was maintained throughout as they made it to the Valle Escondido (Hidden Valley) to make camp around 2pm.

The next day saw a variation on a theme – more jungle, but a tough ascent and the absence of the rain. The previous days deluge had done little for conditions underfoot however, but with the bonhomie for which they are renowned, A1 slogged on and emerged from the trees. A moments rest to allow their eyes to readjust from the gloom of the jungle and they were back on the prize – a fairly steep descent through the fields to Bajo Pacuare, the Raleigh pick-up, and the ride back to fieldbase. A cracking trip.
Dawn at Valle Escondido
Entering Barbilla National Park

Alpha One's Roeland and Katie
View down to Bajo Pacuare
Dave, Katie and Roeland above the Rio Pacuare


  1. Horbye Family to Sam Horbye ALpha 2. Whilst you conquer tropical rainstorms we deal with the heavy snow. Thinking of you all laying your pipe. Good luck and treasure these lifelong memories. Lots of love Mum and Dad X

  2. Hola, saludes atodos los Nicas que estan en la B12.
    Suerte y muchas bendiciones chicos y chicas,pasenla super!!:) disfruten al maximo esta experiencia, que es una de las mejores de la vida!! vivanla de corazon:) vivan esa adrenalina!! suerte cuidence mucho!! Saludes especiales para ti Fu.! por aca se teextraña un monton!! te quiero mi negro loco!! besos se cuidan!



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