Sunday, 22 January 2012

Living For The Weekend

It is now a full week since the Advanced Fieldbase Team touched down in Costa Rica and as a reward for their endeavours (pats on the back all round), were given the morning to take a trip up Volcan Irazú on a glorious Saturday. Bravos 2 and 4, both noble steeds, were loaded up and 90 minutes later, Team FB (Fieldbase) had ascended through the clouds to the summit. Scenery aside, a striking observation was the number of cyclists battling their way up Irazu’s flanks in the 25 degree heat. We doff our caps to you; a feat worthy of the upmost respect. Dubbed ‘El Coloso’, Irazú towers above the city of Cartago at 3432m and the views from the top were spectacular to say the least - the layer of cloud cover below providing an almost heavenly view (admire Ale’s stunning snaps below).

Sunday/Monday will see the relentless activity at Fieldbase kick up yet another gear – the Venturer Managers are on their way. Dave F, Tim and Pedro are San Jose bound to meet the recruits and return them safe and sound to Turrialba, where they will be welcomed over a breakfast of Gallo Pinto before the fun and games of training begin.

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  1. Pura Vida ALEX BEAUMONT 12B!!! Sending all my love and hoping you enjoy the wonderful experiences ahead of you.... I miss you already, but am so excited to read that you're safely there! All my love always, your Mum.xxxxx



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