Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Meet the Squadron

20 degrees on the thermometer and a 3 minute walk to the office – Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer would have their work cut out trying to find a better location. But it’s not all plain sailing for the sterling group of men and women who comprise Team Fieldbase. The past days have seen them busier than banana salesmen at a monkey convention as they continue their preparations for 12B. Time to meet the squadron:

The ‘veteran’ of the team, Julian is our Country Director and started working for Raleigh in 2001. Aside from providing Stephen Fry-esque tidbits of knowledge, he will be liaising with our project partners, focusing on our external relationships, project planning, funding and business development.

No-nonsense Country Programme Manager Ross has worked his way up through the ranks since 2006, previously working as Logistics Manager, Expeditions Leader and Accounts.  His main responsibility lies in the delivery of the expedition programmes and management of our volunteer managers; running and organizing all expeditions.

All action man and Country Expedition Manager Pedro Rodriguez/Peter Rogers is responsible for the day-to-day running of all expeditions, and ensures that everything here at HQ runs smoothly. He spends his days making sure that all project managers are fully trained, knowing exactly where to go and what to do at what time.

The unsung heroes, and lifeline of the team are the logistics cohort; the tireless workers who ensure the venturers have all the necessary kit, are properly fed, and take care of the vehicle maintenance to enable the delivery of supplies mid-phase. Grafting away behind the scenes for all hours, they perhaps don’t get the credit they deserve, but the simple fact is that Raleigh couldn’t function without them. They are Claire, Dave, Tim, and Kelly – workhorses and decent folk to boot, everyone one of 'em.

Jayshree is our administrator overseeing a whole range of nitty gritty details ranging from passports to insurance, and making sure all our documents are up to date and the Project Managers are suitably organized. 

Holly is our Accountant, managing the budget and ‘keeping our house in order’. From preparing project budgets, to auditing expenses, Holly also runs the Raleigh shop – stocked full of home-comforts ready for changeover between phases – and currency exchange. 

Charged with bring Raleigh to life is our photographer Ale. She will be ensuring that everyone leaves with unforgettable memories, as well as making sure that you lot back home can get a glimpse into life at Fieldbase, and out on project. 

Working closely alongside Ally is the Communications Officer, yours truly dear readers, I go by the name of David. I’ll be attempting to find words to describe the multitude of magnificent work our venturers will be undertaking on Expedition 12B, keeping you at home updated via the blog.

Finally there is Splatches the dog, unofficial Raleigh Costa Rica/Nicaragua mascot who enjoys the enviable balance of no work and all play. I’m considering applying for her role next time….

(Team photo to follow imminently - Ally is away in San Jose) 

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  1. Message for Clare Wright,

    Have an amazing time out there hun, thinking of you and cant wait to see you and hear your stories when you get back to the UK!!

    Besitos!! Marie xxx

  2. Message for Alex Beaumont,

    Glad you have got there safe hun xx Can't believe your up so early in the mornings! But most importantly you missed the best ever Corrie episode. Epic! And the cat fight on celeb BB was great. Frankie Coccoza looks fav, can you believe it!?! I have decided to blog you all the latest on the soaps whilst your galvanting because you can't tell me off. Hee hee!!
    You will have an new installment soon!

    We love you loads,
    Rach, Matt and Ollie your monkey of a godson xxx

  3. jane pilkington2 April 2012 at 07:48

    Charlie Pilkington - Zulu 1

    Hi Honey,

    I am amazed at you walking 300km as we couldn't even get you to walk to Barrowford so I am pretty impressed if you make it. I hope the boots are worth the investment although it did look like they were covered in cement last I saw of them.

    All good at home and work. Had to take kitten to vets as he got stung on his paw the other day and had an allergic reaction (numpty) and heard from Em today. It's looking like her long awaited trip to Fiji will be aborted due to a cyclone so she is pretty hacked off but looking forward to coming home in 2 weeks.

    Give my love to George it must be great to be together again.

    Much love and missing you
    Mum Dad & Sid xxxx



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