Wednesday, 8 February 2012

12B Project Allocations!

Turrialba Fieldbase awoke this morning to a state of excitement and fervour usually associated with birthdays, Christmas and Olympic venue awarding ceremonies. It’s project allocation time for Phase One!

Trekking Groups
Alpha 1 – Turrisantos Trek
Azelle Egbe
Claire Edgley
Eika Webb
Hanko Gerritsen
Istvan Sepulvede
Louis Worrall
Mark Fearon
Michael Romero
Roisin Carson
Timothy Welander
Allegra Dowley
Julie Balfour

Alpha 2 – Corcovado Trek
Amelia Christie-Miller
Edward Lilley
Emma Tivey
Jack Griffin
Markus Hjorth
Matthew Moore
Nicole Waller
Sjoerd Baardman
Tess de Jongh
Anna Blackwell
Marvin Uriel Perez
Pamela Quesada

Environmental Groups
Alpha 3 – Carara National Park
Ravenna Westerhout
Alexi Meghir
Charles Pilkington
Deyanira Monterrey
Diana Fisher
Joni Moreno
Louisa Treadwell
Oliver Thomas
Savan Shah
Sian Lewis
Sophie van Woerkom
Mark Wardle

Alpha 4 – La Amistad
 Ciara Atkinson
Amy Craddock
Andrew Sweerts
Dara Sternberg
Fleur Jansen
Harol Tercero
Jack Bannenberg
Jose Castillo
Mary Dashfield
Robert Sutton-Mattocks
Rosie Henry
Tim A Phoa

Alpha 5 – Barva
Jezreel Lezama
Holly Courtier
Amanda Petersson
Georgina Webster
Harvey Burgess
Jessica Emerson
Joshua Biggs O’May
Sam Horbye
Samuel Marsden
Thomas Edney
Wing Tung Wong (Vivian)
Bryan Lobo

Community Groups
Alpha 6 – El Portillo, Achuapa
Maria Gerono
Daniel Meza
Dougal Mackenzie-Smith
Erika Lobo
Fosca Meyjes
George Moody
James Barlow
Lisa Steinmetz
Louis Manders
Phillip Houghton
Veronique Driebeek

Alpha 7 – La Naranjita, Miraflor
 Elliot Gordon
Ant Gallagher
Gustavo Badilla
Ileana Boyes
Liam Ward
Max de Kroon
Mercedes White
Neneh Mae Whiting
Phoebe Mackenzie-Smith
Sonia Deiters
Valeria Polimeni

Alpha 8 – San Jose, Miraflor
George Cosgrove
Alfredo Garro
Ben Chowdhury
Bethany Warren
Danielle Dowding
Josie Killen
Kevin Ho
Rachelle Bent
Thea Mikkelsen
Valeria Vasquez
Yuvraj Verma

Groups allocated, it’s straight to packing as the groups prepare for the hike to jungle camp this afternoon. Once there, they’ll be constructing their homes for the night – basha beds and hammocks, enjoying their dinner of pasta and tomato sauce (ranchera is superb) on trangias, before bedding down for the surreal experience of a night at one with nature.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that our late arrivals have also made it to Fieldbase. Welcome Ben, George, Thomas, Nicole, Danielle and Jose!

****Remember, if you wish to post a message, make sure you leave details regarding who the message is for including surname and who is sending it*****


  1. Hey Hey Nen
    We see you are off to La Naranjita, Miraflor. All looks lovely. Hope parcels arrived and you have trousers to keep out those mozzies. Very cold here, very jealous. Big hug C,T,L xxxxxxx

  2. Sharon Granville8 February 2012 at 15:49

    Maria Gerono Alpha 6
    Woohoo Nicaragua here you come! Enjoy the latrines - Right up your street.
    Thanks to Raleigh for great photos bet you don't all look this clean next round.
    Good to see you all smiling.
    Grandma sends her love.
    Love Mum
    PS Capello just resigned and Harry Redknapp cleared of all charges

  3. Dear Lisa
    Nice picture! Nice sweater! Have a very nice trip.
    The 11 city skate trip is not taking place...melting day on sunday not enough ice...
    Star and Nikkidy have a very thick coat and are doing great in the cold.
    Little Wolf plays in the snow and Lola puts her nose through the 'cat door'...
    Enjoy the nice temperature!

  4. alpha 1
    para: Istvan Sepulveda
    de: anabella
    mi gordo belloooooooooooo que emocionante que vas a turrrisantos trek, que miedo trek de primero. mis respetos mi hermano te quiero un monton. disfrutala, recorda que mientras mas grande es la cuesta la vista al final será mas linda.. trek sirve para encontrarse con uno mismo. para mi fue la mejor fase de todas la convinacion del ambiental y comunitario. besotes para vos... quisiera abrazarte muy fuerte
    pd. a bajar la pancita muaaa

  5. alpha 5
    para jerzeel lezama
    de: anabella
    mi fu hermoso, que salvaje que te toque ambiental primero es super lindo, disfrutalo todo el tiempo, cada dia, recorda que este es tu momento.. limpia tu alma con la naturaleza... por las clases no te preocupes ya me encarge yop. ahora solo disfruta de esta experiencia tan linda. te mando miles de besos y abrazos. hagale huevo mijo

  6. Roisin Carson,

    so cute with your lame peace sign.

    (You'll probably get this twice, I did a mail thing .... thinking I was commenting.)

    Hope you're having a great time!
    xo L

  7. For Nicole Waller alpha 2

    Hope you arrived safely! Thinking of you lots and hope you have the most amazing time! Will be keeping track of what you do! Love and miss you lots. Take care!

  8. Could you please let Ant Gallagher that the hole he left in our lives 3 days ago has been filled and if he wishes to stay out there for an extended period of time, he is more than welcome!


  9. For Yuvraj Verma Alpha 8

    Dear bhai,
    loving your bed and desk at home. Had a lovely chicken curry tonight :)just read that you got soaked on the day where you had to wake up at 3:30 (O_O), hope you're having a real good time ;P

    Di x

  10. (Amy Craddock - Alpha 4)

    Hey Ames,

    I've been eagerly keeping an eye on the blog, saw you've been assigned to the environmental project first - hopefully you'll be able to tell me what a cloud forest's like when you come back!
    Anyways, I'll be sending airmail every now and again, hopefully it gets through promptly (don't worry about writing back soon, I understand that'd be quite hard in the middle of the jungle!).
    Missing you lots,

    Love, James

  11. For Georgina Webster Alpha 5
    Loving all the texts and blog, but especially the photos. I have spotted you in a few, but Leo has managed more - always better at 'Wheres Wally'!! All looks a bit 'i'm a celebrity', if you say 'get me out of here' will it work or do you just have to grylls and bear it!! Missing you loads, lots and lots of love M, D, F, R, L, J, M, P,C and A XXXXXXX

    Alfreee!! Lo sigo en el blog todos los días cosi!! que chiva que se pone la camisa de heredia, así me gusta, que lleve sus raíces a todo lado! Se nota que lo está pasando súper chivísima!! Yo no me despedí de ud, y lo llame el lunes pasado, pero ya habías apagado el cel...en fin, solamente VIVALO! sienta la libertad y disfrute minuto a minuto, porque se va VOLANDO!! Vas para nicaragua, chivísima! espero que no le de mucha diarrea, si le parte de la experiencia!
    Te quiero demasiado lindurita!!! y acá lo extrañamos muchooo!!! :) Nana
    pd: disfrute la avena por mi!!

    Danielo! Hola bobín!
    Vas para barva, QUE TAN CHIVA! seguramente le llegaMOS una sorpresita, nada más espérala! jajaja Que la pase súper dani, y deje de ligar...ya lo vi humm!
    Te quierooo :) Nana
    pd: mani mani simple, in the Raleigh World! (again)

  14. Beth Warren - Alpha 8

    Hi Beth
    I hope you having an amazing time and your working hard. Ive seen some of the pictures on the blog looks like better weather than here haha don't really no what to say but i miss you and ill see you when you back

    Love Joe x

  15. Message for Tom Edney, Alpha 5 of 12B, from Steve, Karen and Hannah Edney. Hi Tom, hope you're having a great time, taking your malaria tablets (like a good boy), eating well, and getting stuck in. The Greens and the Bundys say hello too. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Han xxx

  16. Alpha 3
    Deyanira Y Joni
    DE: Josi Larios
    Ambiental q tuani!! disfrutenlo al maximo, pasenla super bien!! decile a Joni q si te pasa algo lo golpeo!! otra cosa disfruten de su PM Adri muchos saludos de mi parte!!1 disfrutenlo les seguire escribiendo abrazos!!!!

  17. alpha 5
    Jezrell (Fu)
    Fu de mi corazon!!! ambiental q deacachimba disfrutalo al maximo!!! echale ganas!! y sobre todo volvete loco!! saludos!! te seguire escribiendo!! un besot!!

  18. alpha 1
    Istvan y Michael
    Muchachos!! Treck la parte mas tuani de estar en raleigh, es la face en la q te conoces a vos mismo y te das cuenta de lo q podes hacer!! disfrutenlo!! tomen muchas fotos!! saludos cuidense!!

  19. Alpha 2
    Marvin Uriel
    Treck!!1 q tuani disfrutalo al maximo!! esta es una de las partes mas tuanis de estar en raleigh!! hechale ganas!! y sibre todo disfrutalo!! muchos saludos

  20. Alpha 4
    Harold Tercero
    Harold!!!! Hasta q se te hizo!!! creeelooo estas en raleigh!! disfruta disfruta no te puedo decir mas pasala super y toma fotos!! saludos!! cuidate muchooo!!!

  21. Christie-Miller Family11 February 2012 at 01:56

    Happy Birthday Amelia Christie-Miller Alpha 2.

    Good luck with the first day of the trek and ON your birthday. So thinking of you and seen great pic of you on the Blog.

    looks amazing.
    with love Mum and Dad

  22. Emma Christie-Miller11 February 2012 at 07:08

    Alpha 2
    Amelia Christie-Miller

    Molly, a massivo HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have an amazing day. Good Luck trekking.. I've searched Corcovado and the beaches look insane..something to look forward to at end! Very jealous Pol!

    Lots of love Em xxxxx

  23. Alpha 6 - Veronique Driebeek
    Hi Veronique,
    Leuk om je op de foto's terug te zien,ziet er erg opgewekt uit! Ben benieuwd wat je moet doen voor je project in Achuapa. Je boft dat je daar zo lekker warm zit, het vriest hier nog steeds.
    Sterkte met je trektocht! We houden je blog nauwlettend in de gaten.
    Heel veel liefs, Pap en Mam

  24. To: Pilko, Lilley & Cosgrove

    Sounds like life was a breeze at home, warm dry and you could lounge around till all hours. Dont forget to wash behind your ears and try smiling on some of the raleigh photos - dont worry about your laughter lines! Hair was looking good lads in spite of the conditions

    Have a swell time and work hard - it is what you are there for.

    Loads of love
    The downhill posse still in one piece xxx

  25. 12b Alpha 3
    Louisa have a wonderful birthday on the 19 th hope the project is going well - it looks wonderful - all well here but -25 so we are very envious of your weather love from us all xxxxxxx

  26. Alpha 8
    Alfredo Salas Garro

    Holaaa alfre!! espero q estes disfrutando muchooo todos los días me meto a ver si encuentro algo diferente! pero por alguna razón solo me salía una foto! y ya encontré las demás!! q chiva se ve todo! disfruta muchoo te cuento q hoy fue el clásico y gano saprissa!! pésimoo jaja 2-1 y heredia perdió contra cartago pero no c cuantoo jeje solo para mantenerte actualizadoo te mando un beso y un abrazoo alfredito!! ahi te seguire escribiendooo muaaa

    att: macha!! XD

  27. Roya Tahirli-tweety sister:)13 February 2012 at 11:36

    for Afsana Tahirova
    i have seen your new photo and i loved it:)everybody here misses you and waits with impatience to see you:)dad, mommy, grandpa and me-love you much,miss you much;)

  28. amigos pongan a Nicaragua en alto, saludos a itsvan, el fu, deya, y a joni

    un saludos a mis amigas de costa rica erika lobo y pame quezada bendiciones y nos vemos pronto.

    Att. cristian perez


    Hiya maria missing you already can't wait to see you and i hope you have an amazing time! Doris gives her love! And so do all of the Gerono's and Brough's in the Uk.
    Lots of love Connie

  30. michael romero hey querido amigo feliz dia del amor y la amistad recuerda k no stas solo k podes lograr lo k te propongas solo se tu mismo, piensa en positivo y demuestra de k estamos hechos los nicas.

  31. hola deyita feliz dia del amor y la amistad disfrute al maximo de la expedicion raleigh cuidese y sobre todo disfrute pork raleigh solo es una vez. la quiero mucho

  32. Hanko Gerritsen Alpha 1

    Hee Hank. Hoe gaattie? We hebben net zitten internetten bij Albert Heijn in Curaçao en daar voor het eerst jullie blog bekeken. Ook de groepsfoto van jouw team. Ziet er geweldig uit allemaal. Ben benieuwd hoe het lopen gaat. Zal wel pittig zijn he?
    Maar altijd beter dan de kou in Nederland.
    We houden julie blog in de gaten, heel veel plezier.
    Dikke kus,

  33. alpha 5
    jezrell lesama
    hey q onda... bueno ya tas viviendo tu experiencia raleigh disfrutalo un monton cada segundo q stes ahi xq no van a regresar cuidate demaciado y portate bien sabes q n este momento no solo t representas a vos si no a nicaragua y a nosotros un besote cuidate y saludame a todos los chabalos... spero stes disfrutando tu proyecto... m saludas a dani q lo quiero un monton. m imagino q ya te distes cuanta q s super tuani m imagino q como pm igual besotes disfrutalooooooooo

  34. alpha 5
    Daniel saborio
    q onda Dani spero t ste llendo deacachimba y estes disfrutando l proyecto... no c m imagino q estar como pm s un poco diferente asi q spero q lo disfrutes y te divirtas como lo hicistes n nuestra expedicion... te quiero un besototote espero verte n nicaragua...
    psd: acordate q sos pm cuidadito con las participantes jaja ♥ :)♥♥


  35. para DEYITA
    alfa 3

    Hola mi niña espero que hayas pasado feliz dia de San Valentin , te amo mi muñeca aqui se te extraña mucho , pero recuerda que tienes que cumplir tus metas .

    miguel esta aca en nicaragua te manda muchos besos y abrazos , buena mi reyna cuidese mucho .

    Quien te quiere con todo mi corazon . Tu mami Norma

  36. Haappy Birthday from all in Chamonix - Alexander sends his regards. Still very cold and a bit of snow. Ed went back yesterday all in one piece although almost took a tree with him!!!!
    Love from Mum Dad and Will and Jim, Sue and Popsie. Xxxxxxxxx

  37. Amy Craddock, Alpha 4
    Dear Ames

    Just doing a quick catch up on your activities as just back from my course. More cards have arrived: Uncle Sam & co, Sally and Auntie Wendy & co. Auntie Rebbe & family send their love. Hope you received our card.
    A big hug

  38. Sam Horbye, Alpha 5

    Dear Clam,
    I hope all is going well your end... how are the animals? I bet you are eventually overcoming your phobia of stray cats splaad! Just returned from Berlin... most amazing city - I can now see exactly why it was your favourite inter rail city! We visited so many things including the Sachenhausen and the Reichstag. I have lots of cool photos etc which I will show you when you get back. But having returned I have immediately had to return to normal life with revison for mocks etc... not fun at all. Anyways have an amazing next few days and I might blog you on my b day! Also Choellg got a call about his job which could be good news...

    Love Ben xx

  39. to: Sam Horbye : Alpha 5
    Hola Sam. Que tal tu Spanglish?! Love seeing the pictures, however make sure u put Mum and I on ur mailing list. We did not get ur round robin email! Cuidate y dusfruta de tu nueva libertad!!
    Abrazos Dad

  40. to: alfredo garro, alpha 8

    Alfreeeeee! quiero q me cuente ya como va todo fijo buenisimo no me o puedo imaginar ojala lo este disfrutando q no lo dudo..y aprovechandoloo q es lo mas importante! Lo extraño increiblemente demasiadooo! en serio! ya entre a la u :) me estoy matando un poco con el trabajo pero ahorita termina este sacrificio hacia el mundo q atenta contra mi vida social y mi descanso! Todos aca en la casa le mandan saluditos! mami ya volvio y ya la casa esta terminadita :) solo faltasss vooos (8) jajajaja bueno bebe siga disfrutando muchis! aca demasiadisimos chismes por contarle q le llegaran en el otro mensaje jajaja para no quitarle de su valioso tiempo alla!
    bye bye
    te amo 3 millones
    un abrazoteeee
    Popa (:

  41. Alpha 7 , Sonia Deiters

    Lieve Son,

    Happy B'day!!!! van harte gefeliciteerd met je 19e! Ik hoop dat je het daar enorm zult vieren... jammer dat we niet even om de hoek kunnen kijken. We moeten het hier nu doen zonder taarten en gezellige drukte in huis. Hoe dan ook, ik hoop dat je geniet in La Naranjita.. en dat je veel eelt op je handen krijgt van het zware werk...(haha) Dat komt dan goed van pas voor wanneer je weer thuis komt! Ik ben blij voor je dat je dit allemaal kan meemaken. en trots dat je zo hard werkt daar! Hier alles prima... a.s. vrijdag gaan we via Bomi naar Pontresina.... Daar zien we zoals gebruikelijk Hein en Conny. De winter is hier nu definitief voorbij.... dus maar goed dat we de bergen in gaan!
    Lieverd, werk hard door.... nog ruim 1 week en dan start de volgende etappe. Enig idee wat dat gaat worden? Miss you!!!!!!!(vooral aan het ontbijt!)
    Dikke verjaardagszoen van Pap

  42. For Tom Edney Alpha 5. We are hoping your group posts an update soon. Bet you're having a great time. Tim Maggie and nan back from Hawaii and had good time. Saw Paul run 10k in a good time. Boozy week in Budapest last week, will go again soon. Arsenal have blown it but happily so have Chelsea. Mum has sent letters including things from Maddi and Oskar. Keeping laughing. Dad xx


    I am clearly not the only person who is longing to hear what Alpha 5 are up to, I think you are the only group not to send any news - please do so soon. Great evening for Bens b,day last night and lots of chat about Mr May. Tom home this weekend and Ollie down for next round of interviews. still without a suit!!!! Farrell playing at No 10 this weekend against Wales. Hodgson injured and got call up over FLood. Interesting. Keep smiling. Love Mum X

  44. For Afsana Tahirova, Alpha 5
    Hey Afsunini, how are you doing over there? Hope you are having a great time with great people. Enjoy every moment of your adventure and bring a lot of exciting memories.
    We are doing well, again in mid-term, almost half of the last semester done.
    I couldn't imagine to have a friend without internet, out of connection might be so hard. I miss you sooo much.. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Take a very good care,
    Loves and Hugs!!! :*

  45. Hey rosie, hope you are having a great time :) The snow has finally disappeared, and it's actually quite nice whether! I'm sure it's a bit warmer where you are though! Have a great time, love you lots, Alex xxx

  46. Hello holly and all at fieldbase.
    Pura Vida,!
    So holly with Alpha 1 helping put up tents !
    All those years of festival experience ?
    All well here lambing in progress,your dad`s language not improving
    Your cousin George bringing new girlfreind to see lambs...will report
    Love Mum xx

  47. To Rosie Henry Alpha 4
    Hi Rosie

    Another attempt to send you a message. Haven't seen any of the others published. Hope you are well. All is well. Everything is good here. We had a good ski holiday and Jaz is now in India. Looking forward to hearing from you towards the end of the week hopefully.
    Lots of love
    Dad, mum and Alex

  48. hi Fosca! x Telllisford

  49. Maria Gerono Alpha 6
    Hi Maria
    20!!! already !!!
    Hope you get some cake and a nice birthday surprise! Hope you have a fab day even though you'll be digging toilets!
    Connie, Dad, Jane and Doris!
    XOXO <3 YOU!

  50. Afsana Tahirova Alpha 5
    Good to see you cooking!! Looked like a local version of plov! Looking forward to an Alpha 5 update.

  51. Michael and Alison28 February 2012 at 14:38

    James Barlow Alpha 6.visited Milla last w/e. good time watched France beat Scotland, good game, excellent seats 2nd row from pitch. highlight for caroline and your mother was french streaker, came rather close. Wales lucky to beat England, after some dubious changes after half time. The rovers lost again, sooner owners and manager go the better,sold samba to pay debts, 3rd bottom on goal difference.Emma still looking for job. Hope all well, keeping bugs away.Love from all.

  52. Ian &amp; Sandra Granville28 February 2012 at 16:31

    Maria Gerono - Alpha 6
    1st of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    about time you managed to find a decent job....
    looks like you're having a great time.
    bet you would love an ice cream.
    Make sure you can get out of those holes you're digging

    Take care

    Ian & Sandra

  53. Maria Alpha 6
    Did you get our birthday greetings? Hope you had a great day (and that you were excused latrine duty). We have been eating cake and blowing out candles in your honour. We can have a late party when you get back
    Lots of love



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