Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Adieu, to Bravo Two (said in accent of schoolboy linguist)

Today we bid farewell to Bravo 2 (Pedro, Kelly, Jayshree, Dave Frazer) as they began their tour of Costa Rica’s stunning south – first stop, La Amistad International Park to visit Alpha 4. As I’m sure you may now realise, in the absence of some 94 venturers, 20 PMs and another 4 fieldbase staff members, things are quieter than snow around Turrialba HQ. Indeed the Logs Team, God bless ‘em, barely know what to do with themselves. After weeks of sorting and sourcing various goods and supplies, a brief period of respite is as unnatural to them as finding the afore mentioned white stuff blanketing the Costa Rican countryside.

Later on Bravo One in the guise of Tim, Holly and David will be visiting Alpha One at San Joaquin, where their fourth day’s trekking culminates. We’ll be gathering all the goss’ from life on the Turrisantos Trek, and hopefully have some pictures to share with you on the blog tomorrow.

Until then

Pura Vida!


  1. Message for Joe Donovan, 12B
    Hey you, hope everything is going well out there... I've been stacking up a fair few adventures of my own (including roads and bridges being swept away and very impressive thunderstorms!) Can't wait to trade tales! Happy valentines day!
    All my love,
    Anna xx
    PS, still haven't received my card....

  2. For Louis Manders, Alpha 6

    Happy Valentine's Day lovely! Thinking of you, hope you have a wonderful day. I haven't been doing much, just uni work. Had physio today which was fine and I had a doctors appointment where I got prescribed some antibiotics so that's good. And I saw a show at uni tonight. I'm seeing The Woman in Black at the cinema tomorrow so I will let you know what I think! Hope you're having a fabulous time. Miss you lots.

    With love, Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. To: Joshua Biggsy O'May, Alpha 5
    Biggless!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time out in the wilderness. I know that the work is pretty intense but Alexi tells me you guys had some pretty fun times before heading out into the jungle. I can't believe it's only been a week (not to make you groan) but it seems as if you guys left weeks ago. Regardless, enjoy your time in Costa Rica- it's a once in a lifetime opportunity! xx, Rach

  4. Danielle Dowding (Alpha 8), We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary today angel and thinking of you. Tomorrow is the school gala, can you remember how busy you were a year ago as House Captain. Khami's theme this year is "Mad Science", lets hope they can keep the spirit cup! We love you and hope you are having an amazing time. God bless. Mom, Dad and Shell.

  5. Patricia Deiters-Rahusen15 February 2012 at 03:01

    Lieve Sonia (Sonia Deiters, Alpha7), vanuit grijs en regenachtig Holland, waar sneeuw- en ijspret tot het verleden behoren een dikke zoen. Iedere dag kijken we uit naar het blogverslag. Erg leuk om jullie min of meer op de voet te volgen. Fantastisch dat je nu in Nicaragua zit. Spreek maar veel Spaans enzo... un abrazo muy fuerte,
    hier alles goed, pap en mam

  6. Christie-Miller Family16 February 2012 at 16:19

    Amelia Christie-Miller Alpha 2
    Dearest Molly - So thinking of you - day 6 - of your massive trek. Hopefully the pain in your legs, feet and back is compensated by the wildlife and that you are nearly at the most exciting part of the trek. Missing you like crazy and keep your spirits up you're nearly half way.
    big hugs Mama and Dad - Emz, Dave and Ted x x

  7. Sam Horbye ALPHA 5 I wonder what it is like living at 3000 metres, sleeping in a basha with a lot of rain!!! The tougher it is the more stories you will have to tell!!! Perhaps it is something Lizzie and I could do - dont laugh!!! Keep smiling. Miss you lots. Big hugs. Mum and Dad XX

  8. Caroline de Jongh17 February 2012 at 09:01

    Dear Alpha 2 12B- special love to Tess de Jongh. How are you doing out there in the heat? Surviving the bugs and all? We wish you all the energy, survival spirits, power and love to keep on trekking. Hope it brings you the moments and amazement you were looking for. Catch up your Spanish with the wild? We love you. BIG HUG from the whole FAMILY xx

  9. Beth Warren-Alpha 8
    All the Warren clan send their love. We are all very proud of you and are thrilled to receive the welcomed updates about your present adventure-now you know what 'hard graft' really means! Hope you are protecting yourself from the sun and still gaining a tan to envy us on your return.We look forward to seeing some photos posted on the blog soon. We love and miss you, but we can wait a few more weeks. Keep going.
    Love mum++++++++++--xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Comment for Caroline Bolt 12B

    Hey sweetie, how you doing I have been following the piccie and blog hope you are well and having a ball. It certainly looks fun, wish I was there, not sure I would be much help though....lol

    Love Unc

  11. For Dr Caroline Bolt 12B
    Hi Caroline, Hope you enjoyed the field trip,loved the pictures on facebook.We are getting ready for our trip to oz next weekend,getting quite excited now.David is getting a spread sheet ready which has made Dad very happy.We are also going to spend a few days in Sydney so let us know what we should go and see and do while we are there. Hopefully the parcel we sent will get to you soon and in one piece.Hope to speak to you soon lots of love mum and dad xxxxxxx



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