Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Alpha 3 - Carara update

Since the last update Alpha 3 have had another great week in Carara National Park. We had a fun time entertaining fieldbase and celebrating Louisa’s 19th birthday last weekend. Our rock collecting may have been interrupted but our brains were certainly put into action as we all deliberated over stick, triangle and music box games. We all enjoyed a quiz evening fuelled by Julian’s extensive knowledge and an incredible energy bomb birthday cake.

On Monday Alpha 3 was buzzing with excitement for what was to be our day off at Playa Hermosa (a beach about an hour away). Thanks to our PMs, Jon and Adri, we had an amazing day. Fortunately the bus did stop for us despite us not being at a bus stop and the sun shined as we spent most of the day in the sea – playing chicken much to Jon’s expense. On our journey back everyone was very refreshed, happy and glowing. We thought our day could not get any better ... but it did when we discovered a man on the bus who was more than delighted as we all whipped out our refried bean packets to trade with him for salted plantains.

Since then we have continued with our work. Thanks to Jemma the mural is completed and looks great. The main focus has continued to be reconstructing the dilapidated pathways in Carara. We hope to finish the circuit we have been working on by Thursday. We have continued to see lots of wildlife while we have been working, including a snake, an anteater, a jungle chicken and of course plenty of Scarlet Macaws.

Back at jungle camp we have enjoyed another quiz night, this time with a jungle theme dress code. And a couple of nights ago we were introduced to the cup game. We are still holding out for a venturer to beat Adri. All in all we are having a really good time. Even our first drop of rain on Saturday was greeted with smiling faces... that is until Ollie tried to sleep in his basher bed.
Over our last few days we are hoping to complete the pathway reconstruction in the area we have been concentrating on, enjoy our second day off possibly exploring the jungle and take down our jungle camp as part of our big clean up operation at the casa verde! Then we will be heading back to fieldbase early on Thursday morning for changeover. Time has flown by so fast, it is hard to believe we only have a few more days on phase one as Alpha 3.


  1. Ravenna Westerhout Alpha 3, Lieve Ravenna, Zora en ik hebben gisteren vanuit Hedrehely eenbericht voor jou geplaatst maar weten niet zeker of deze goed is aangekomen.WIj komen zaterdag 3 maart terug uit Hongarije en we lezen dat jijdonderdag weer op het kamp terugkomt.Zieter stoer uit watjullie allemaal doen en wat heerlijk dat jullie eendag naar hetstrand gingen.We hopen dat we even contact met je kunnen hebben. Veel liefs van ons allemaal,Frederik,LIvia,Zora,pap en mam

  2. Lieve Ravenna. We hopen dat je het heel erg naar je zin hebt en alles niet te vermoeiend vindt. We hebben nog geen persoonlijk bericht van je ontvangen, maar hebben wel gelezen wat Appha 3 aan het doen is. Opa Jan en ik gaan morgen een week naar Lanzarote. We hebben gehoefte aan zon. Vandaag je vader aan de telefoon gehad uit Hongarije. Hij jaagt en rijdt paard. De ideale vakantie voor hem. Ik ga zo kijken of ik je op een foto kan vinden. Nog een hele fijne reis toegewenst van Opa Jan en Epi.

  3. Alexi Meghir, Alpha 3
    Geia sou. Ematha ta nea sou apo ton baba. Kali xekourasi stin vai sas kai meta tha exeis mia katapliktiki ekdromi! Zilevw. Ypothetw den tha theleis pia na fas ryzi me fasolia gia poly kairo. Vrikame spiti gia touxronou, me polla domatia, sto 113 kai Riverside Drive. Ola kala. Se liges meres o babas paei Londino kai meta Colombia. Tha paw kai egw stn Bogota kai n Clio stin Florida. Tipota oso endiaferon oso afta pou kaneis esy. Polla polla filia. Mama



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