Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Alpha 7 - La Naranjita

Mercedes with lists some observations regarding life on project in La Naranjita:

• Construction well underway on 5 houses of adobe bricks, and the entrance steps to the school.
• Discotheque Naranjita! Wild!
• Banana Pineapple Cake birthday surprises for Sonia and Phoebe.
• Waterfalls!
• Black widow spiders and a few dangerous snakes (thankfully dead).
• Rice & beans breakfast, lunch and dinner still going strong!
• Playing mafia has become second-nature at night.
• English lessons are going strong.
• Slowly all becoming obese by eating our body weight in peanut brittle - “croquante”
• Finally, the tea brought by Raleigh road trip has been heavenly; the perfect way to end a hard day’s labour.


  1. Patricia Deiters-Rahusen29 February 2012 at 10:16

    Hola Sonia (Sonia Deiters alpha7)
    Hope all is well. Pap en ik in de stralende Pontresina zon, heerlijk. Hoop dat je een geweldige verjaardag hebt gehad met banana ananas cake! Favourite now4ever? Un abrazo,

  2. Alpha 7 Sonia Deiters

    Lieve sonnie!!
    Ik hoop dat je dit berichtje krijgt want je gaat echt gillen en krijsen van geluk! SNOOKIE IS ZWANGER! Dussss verder hoop ik dat je echt een top tijd hebt ik ben nu in Frankrijk skiën met m'n papa! De zon schijnt echt heerlijk alleen er is geen apres ski beetje jammer! Ik ben begonnen met Spaanse lessen in Nederland t is heel leuk enzoo ! Sunny mis joe much dikke kus!! Xx cato

  3. Elliot Gordon alpha7

    Hello eddy.

    How life going as Rambo? Hope all is well bro. Louis sends his love. I think a night a bushwackers is due when you get back. Keep safe missing you bro.
    Love Harry becky & Louis. X

    1. Amanda P Alpha 5, Ane3 March 2012 at 11:30

      Amanda P - Alpha 5
      "Mossan Anne" is wondering where Alpha 5 is hiding out.Did you all escape to a luxurious spa somewhere or are you all stuck in a tree top somewhere surviving on tropical fruits and bark. All the Alphas seems to be back to base but the A-5's..........What's up! We are mature grown-ups so we are not worried just curious.....ha! We all love you

  4. SONIAHHHHH!!! hahahahah ik moet zo lachen om Cato en ook om mama's berichtje (favourite now4ever??) haha onze ouders zijn niet wijs. MAAR WANNEER GA JE ME BELLEN? ik mis jou! leuke fotos, goed om te zien dat je er niet zo mee zit om je handjes vies te maken.

  5. Wilbert de Kroon1 March 2012 at 08:35

    Max de Kroon, Alpha 7: hoi Max, terug op fieldbase? benieuwd hoe deze eerste trip is geweest. Veel Spaans kunnen spreken, mensen leren kennen, gitaar kunnen spelen, beesten kunnen zien, enz.? Dit weekeinde met Oma naar Soldaat van Oranje (musical). We hebben je nu op een paar foto's kunnen ontdekken, maar smachten naar meer! Heel veel plezier en ... blijf voorzichtig! Even bellen i.v.m. universiteitstoelatingseisen graag.
    Liefs, M+S+W

  6. To Joshua Biggs O'May Alpha 5
    How can "super sensitive ears Josh" sleep through an earthquake when gentle breathing from the next room disturbs? All the irrigation work in Scotland has obviously come in useful.What a fantastic time you are having. want a report on all the flora and fauna.Missing you not appearing. Heaps of love Gram

  7. Anthony Gallagher Alpha 7

    Am loving the beard, Grandad would be proud. Dad says you should have spent a couple of weeks with him on site judging by the walls, but he would take you on anytime. We are all very proud of you and looking forward to seeing you again, espicially the 2 new dogs in the family. Take care, love from Mum x

  8. Christie-Millers4 March 2012 at 15:20

    Amelia Christie-Miller X-Ray 5,12B
    Dearest Molly, it was wonderful to have our brief chat whilst you were at basecamp - amazing accomplishment completing the trek, sounded brilliant. So glad packing all that stuff came to good use! Good luck with the pipes and the new team on this phase. We are all thinking of you. Big Hugs love from Mama, 777 222 x x x



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