Friday, 17 February 2012

Alpha 8: San Jose

 Another Alpha update from Miraflor, this time from Alpha 8's Rachelle who are in San Jose, assisting the community in the construction of a Community Centre.

Challenging does not begin to describe the first few days of our community centre works... The Nicaraguan sun beat down on us relentlessly as we toiled in the heat, levelling the slope in preparation of laying the foundations of the building on day five. A trip to the water hole was therefore much deserved leaving the group refreshed, relaxed and raring to go once again.

Our ‘foster’ families have been nothing short of amazing, feeding us far too much and taking far too good a care of us. Although the language barrier has been challenging for some, we have all learnt that laughter is an international language and it is fair to say that everyone has managed to bond well with their new Nicaraguan families. A discussion over the delicious rice, beans and tortillas came to the common consensus that what was, at first, an overwhelming experience, is now an environment where all of Alpha 8 are comfortable.

Work continues on the centre and next Wednesday we look forward to the visit of Bravo One on their road trip next week. To all our friends and family at home – we are well and having an amazing time!

Pura Vida!

Alpha 8 x

Sorry that we can't bring you any photos so far from the Nicaragua groups - next week as stated, Bravo One will be visiting and receiving photos from Alphas 6, 7 and 8. Rest assured once we have them, blogs will be update accordingly.


  1. For Alpha 8, Victoria Brennan. Hello darling. Having bed tea at the mo. daddy's off today (Sat). Hope all's going well. Warmer here now - hurrah! Having supper with Helen and Peter tonight at Cote Brasserie which will be fun. Saw Faith and Robin last night for curry takeaway and heard about their adventures in Vietnam which they enjoyed. They liked a place in middle Vietnam - Hua something. Nice city and beaches not far away by bikes I think. Much love the old dears xxxx

  2. SAM HORBYE ALPHA 5 Blogs coming in from lots of "ALPHAS" but not ALpha 5 as yet!!! We await with anticipation. Keep up the good work. Text from a quarter of Team H as they head off to the snow. they are missing us. Big hugs. Mum and Dad XXXX

  3. Danielle Dowding (Alpha 8). So happy to hear news from Alpha 8 and that you are doing well. We hope you are having an amazing time and experience angel. The news from Zim is that your little sister made the Zimbabwe Tennis Team, she did not drop a set over the two weekends. Khami, however, came third in the gala and no spirit cup - need you back!! Oupa and Gran send their love and we all love and miss you "angel". May God bless you and protect you in everything. God bless, Mom, Dad and Shell.

  4. Lisa Steinmetz alpha 6
    Lieve Lisa
    Volgende week krijgen we weer berichten over jouw groep. Ik ben zo benieuwd hoe je het hebt.
    Ik zat nog te denken, is er veel muziek...ik bedoel van die muziek die we altijd op hadden staan als we door Frankrijk zeilden in onze lavendelkleurige oftewel badkamerblauwe oude volvo...van die muziek van de 'meisjes'...
    Je kreeg een uitnodiging voor een toelatingsdag op de WdK voor 22/2.
    Ik heb ze geschreven dat je 'even' weg bent. Je krijg nu bij uitzondering een nieuwe uitnodiging.
    Bibi en ik waren samen uit eten vandaag. Dat hadden we al heel lang geleden afgesproken en vandaag kwam het er pas van. Nu zitten we samen naar een zeemeerminnenfilm te kijken.
    Dag lieverd, veel plezier en alle goeds.
    Kus mam

  5. Message for Matt Moore, Alpha 2

    Eagerly anticipating news of Alpha 2's trek progress and trust all is well with you and your team.... Meanwhile, news of this week's football results (that matter to you) in case you haven't heard them. Starting with today (Saturday). Chelsea salvaged a 1-1 draw in the FA cup 5th round tie v Birmingham having been 0-1 down after 20 mins and then missed a penalty (Mata). Arsenal are out - lost 2-0 v Sunderland and the poor things are out of the Champions League too having lost 4-0 to Milan away (with even Wenger admitting they can't be expected to score 5 at home). Won't gloat too much 'though as can't on current form assume we'll necessarily do better v Napoli on Tuesday. We will be in Venice then so will watch on TV and let you know. Meanwhile, "Thursday night, Channnel 5" turned out fine for both United and City who saw off Ajax and Porto respectively (both away) and look certs for the last 16 in the Europa league.

    Enough on football - other family news is that we of course miss you, Pippa is now ski-ing with most of her year group in Morzine, Kate has been home for her half-term and is on good form having passed the maths test she needed for her teaching and Monica is at home now - albeit with nurses and carers coming in all day long to support her. Dad and I are visiting Diana and Jan Thompson this weekend (drove straight here from Chelsea) along with Alison and David all of whom send their love. Other than that the only news I think you'll be interested in is that Greece still looks like it might go bankrupt and Murdoch has announced he is filling a void with The Sun on Sunday - no surprise there then.

    Lots of love from us all, including Harvey - xxxx woof

  6. Para: Alfredo Salas Garro alpha 8
    De: Macha

    Holaaa alfree!! espero q estés disfrutando bastante esta oportunidad!! me fascina lo que estas haciendo! y como te conozco se que le estas sacando el mayor provechoo!! Quiero ver mas fotos para entender mejor que estas haciendo en Miraflor! jaja ya llevas bastantillo tiempoo, nos haz hecho bastante faltaaa!!

    Te mando un beso y un abrazoo!! q sigas pasandola bn!! y disfrutando y aprendiendoo y todoo jajaja muaaa ahi te escribo después! =)

  7. Amy Craddock Alpha 4
    Dear Georgie
    Looking forward to hearing from your group and your exploits. Aunt Cecilia rang and sends her love and special hug for birthday. The snowdrops are out but bet the colours your end are more vivid. Make sure that you make time to stand and stare -need to store it all up for story telling later.
    My course was OK, hotel in lovely countryside. Muddy everywhere so thought of you in the jungle. We can have shared experiences even though you are far away.
    Enjoy your adventure
    Mum xx

  8. Message for Maria Gerono Alpha 6

    Grandma wants to say she loves you and to take care. She's praying for you everyday and she's glad that you are living in the village "where there are people"! Xxx

  9. For Joe Donovan - Alpha 6
    Hello Joe.
    Thinking of you and trust you are still enjoying the challenges of tropical Nicaragua. Looking forward to reading the next Alpha 6 blog update. Good luck to you and all the members of your group. Love Mum x

  10. For Georgina Webster Alpha 5
    Hope you are having a lovely time darling - don't forget those anti-malarials!! Daddy and I spent a great day in St Andrews on Friday and he kept on spotting you amongst all the students! Cesci and I took Anouk to boot camp today at Karen's and she still has 3 puppies left - dad is very keen... Leo has just come back from a boozy weekend in Aberdeen and Ruaridh from seeing Frankie Boyle uncut in Glasgow! Dad and I are both on a diet and so although we had a full lunch at the Doll's House he did restrict his add-ons to one pie and one coffee tower from the bakers! Missing you loads. All our love M, D,F, R, L, J, M, P, C XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  11. Maria Gerono Alpha 6

    You'll like this! Liverpool 6 Brighton 1!
    Nice warm up for next week end's final.
    Skrtl, Carroll and Suarez plus 3 own goals from Brighton.

    Anyway thought you'd like that - oh and your mate Steph finally got a date last night on Take Me Out.

    Love you lots Mum xxx

  12. hello Thea It is easy to find you in the pictures in your orange jacket. we reside in Gålå and missed you a lot in the slopes today. it is hard to imagine your life in Nicaragua even though we loook at the maps and read in the rough guide. take care in the sun and be nice to your "family" mamma, pappa, jesper og cigne

  13. Message for Kevin Ho in Alpha 8

    Hey Kev!! Mum said you look skinny in the pics lol! she misses you like crazy and keeps asking when you're going to call home??! Hope you're having loads of fun and not missing us as much as we miss you! Xun Yi keeps asking 'ge ge ne?' haha I keep telling him you're on the plane lol well take good care of yourself, we check this blog almost every day, so jump into the pictures whenever you see someone with a camera! haha Oh one other thing, we had your favourite dish today...succulent king prawns, fried in a lovely ginger sauce...MISS YOU LOADS..will message you again soon!

    Love Sam, Jen, Mum, Dad and Xun Yi xxx

  14. ALEX BEAUMONT 12B, ALPHA 4...Sending you all my love and hoping you're OK...Couldn't wait for the Alpha 4 Report...saw it today..and was so excited....but your old Mum is worried now...earthquakes are Ok..but giant spiders in shower??...biggest fear! but just don't shower&they really ARE more scared of us etc...hope you're loving it all, how totally amazing you are...Love and miss you...all OK back home, can't wait till you are back at BaseCamp(selfish!) so we can communicate more..You are my best son, my favourite son..(I KNOW you're my only one, but I'd feel the same if I had 52..) I am amazingly proud of you..All my love...xx

  15. Message for Afsana Tahirova, 12B, Alpha 5

    Alpha 5 appears to be lost for the moment - but I am sure that everything is going famously!

  16. To Rosie Alpha 4
    Hi again Rosie. Well this is our third message and we haven't yet seen one on the blog, so not sure if they have got through to you.
    Just read the report from your team, sounds good but hard work. Looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing from you soon. We went to see Jaz in Dublin yesterday and had lunch with some of her friends and had a good time. She's off to India tomorrow, so we'll just stay here in the rain for a while!

    Missing you, but hope you are having fun.

    Love dad,mum and the BOYS.xx

  17. Danielle Dowding (Alpha 8), Hi angel, thinking of you and hoping that the community centre is starting to take shape and that you are happy. Lots of rain in this part of world. Dad coming home today and Shell playing Peterhouse Boys today and the girls tomorrow. Roxy, Buster, Molly and Reg all good and still very noisy! Busy moving the garden away from the fence as Roxy destroying all my plants. Longing to hear some more news from Alpha 8 and see some pics. Love you so much angel. Take care and Godbless you all. Mom, Dad and Shell.

  18. Message for Clare Wright!

    Hola lovely! Looks amazing out there, loving the pics of you - so cool to be able to see what you're up to! Matt and I are chilling out in Cornwall thinking of you and sending you lots of love. The daffs are out here... Spring is in definitely in season! cant wait till you're here, getting very excited now!! Lots of love to you gorgeous, miss you muchly xxx xxx

  19. to Rachelle Bent alpha 8
    hallo daar. Oye me ? probeer berichtje te sturen.
    lukt natuurlijk niet makkelijk met deze 'comments'
    kan jij telefoonnummer doorgeven met tijd hoelaat we moeten bellen? aldaar ? of collect bellen naar hier ?
    xx erik, leonie, diego

  20. Courtney Jarman-Gurney2 March 2012 at 01:39

    Danielle Dowding, Alpha 8!! My best friend :) hope you are having the most amazing time!! i am so proud of you and cannot wait to hear all your stories :) sending you sooooo much love x

  21. Para Alfredo Salas del alfa 8 del 12B
    Aquí desde la casa de tus papas, todas tus tias queremos enviarte saludos y un fuerte abrazo,deseando desde ya un feliz cumpleaños, que Dios te siga bendiciendo y que está experiencia que estas teniendo la lleves en tu corazón por siempre.
    Te queremos mucho, nos haces mucha falta y regresa pronto.Tus tias Garro



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