Monday, 13 February 2012

Alpha Update

The Alpha groups are now settled in at their respective projects and over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you comprehensive reports from their Project Comms Officers with all the new and views from life on phase. In the meantime, here’s a quick through of the Alpha’s progress to date, hot off the press from this morning’s Sitreps:

Alpha One are making good progress through the Barbilla Indigenous Territory and tomorrow will emerge from the jungle at San Joaquin where they will be joined by Fieldbase’s Holly, for a taste of trek.

Alpha Two are also in fine spirits and yesterday had the bizarre experience of walking several kilometres straddling the Costa Rican and Panamanian border. Today they too delve into the jungle.

Alpha Three’s bamboo has arrived and will spend the day constructing a jungle camp which will be their home for the phase.

Alpha Four have made a challenge for 'Alpha' status as they have thrown down the gauntlet to the other groups and almost finished work on an irrigation system in proximity to the path they will be constructing.

Alpha Five are sorting their accommodation at the ranger station and are enjoying a ‘fresh’ morning up on Volcan Barva.

Alpha Six arrived at their community of El Portillo yesterday afternoon and have commenced work this morning on their site

Alpha Seven are spending their day planning their work during the phase with the local maestro, before attending the opening of a local pre-school this afternoon.

Alpha Eight have also settled in San Jose, and are beginning work in the sunshine.

Tomorrow the southern leg of Fieldbase’s roadtrip begins as they embark on a journey visiting Alpha’s One, Two, Three, Four AND Five. On the 20th February the northern team departs to visit the Nicaraguan groups up in Achuapa and Miraflor.

Those of you with your eye on the Tico Times may have spotted that there was an earthquake just before dawn off the coast of south west Costa Rica! Despite measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale, some of Fieldbase slept through the whole event and we can report no damage was done to any of the groups.


  1. Hi George Alpha 6 hope you're now settled in with your host family in El Portillo. Seems strange that you only left a week ago. All OK here although Will has had food poisoning all weekend but recovering now. Great that England & Wales won their games at the weekend....don't worry, we have recorded them for you. Dad & I have been going to the gym & avoiding carbs so hopefully you will see a difference when you get home. Missing you, hope you're having a great time.
    Love from us all
    Mum xxxxxx

  2. For Danielle Dowding (Alpha 8), Hoping you arrived safely and are having fun with the project. We love and miss you angel. God bless Mom, Dad and Shell.

  3. Alexi (Alpha 3)
    O papous, n giagia, n Marina, o Dimitris, oloi parakolouthoun to blog kai se psahnoun stis fotografies. Epofelisou zesti dioti edw kanei pagwnia. Polla filia apo tin Clio, ton baba kai emena.

  4. For Joe Donovan Alpha 6
    Hi Joe (aka DoJo). Sounds like you’re having a great time. Heard about today’s Costa Rica earthquake, so we're glad you're in Nicaragua!). We’re all following the Blog, with you pictured occasionally. Looking forward to your next email update. Take care. Love Mum & Dad xx

  5. Para Alfredo Alpha 8

    Tómale una foto, tómale una foto, se fueron para heredia con el culo roto!!! jajajajajaajajaja

    Maeeeeeeeeeee disfrute al maximo este viaje en nicaragua que es el mejor, si de casualidad pasan por el zacatal saludese a la gente de ese lugar que fue donde estuvimos nana y yo... Me imagino que ya esta matando fuertemente... ESA ES!! jejeje... calidad mop sigale poniendo motivación al grupo a su estilo y simplemente sea ud en cada momento dejandose llevar por lo que quiera hacer!!! BUENA NOTA MOP saludeme a la compiya que anda con ud (Y)!!! :D .... PARA PARA PARA PARA PA... HEY!!!

    Se despide Andrés Cambronero!

  6. Para Daniel Saborio Alpha 5

    Pongale MOP!!!! conoce un leñazo metale ese sabor que ud solo sabe poner.... zaaaaaaaa!!!


  7. Para Jezreel Lezama Alpha 5

    MAe fu espero que la este pasando super tuanis,aca te mando toda la motivación necesaria para los momentos dificiles y mi acompañamiento para todos los momentos que hay que hacer la fiesta... conoceeee demasiado, ud es uno de los puntos fuertes de esta expdición, sigalo siendo hasta el final!!! :D Contagielos de nuestra risa ¡Que buena vibra! se viene la 12 b la 12b la 12b!

    Atte: Andres!

  8. Mum and Dad Blackwell13 February 2012 at 17:32

    Anna Blackwell (Alpha 2)
    Hi Anna
    Hope the trek is going well, it sounds amazing and I imagine the sights are spectacular. Mum watched the bafta's last night - yawn - apparently Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne (X) were nominated but didn't win? We failed again to complete Tinker, Tailor... mum fell asleep again :-( Dan has tonsillitis - he thinks he caught it from you when he said goodbye :-)
    Big hugz. Dad and Mum xx

  9. Mum and Dad Blackwell13 February 2012 at 17:34

    Anna Blackwell (Alpha 2)
    Hej Anna! Hur mar du? Jag mar bra. Titta pa jungeln! Jag alskar dig. Mamma xx

  10. Vicki Brennan (Alpha)
    Hi Vicki,
    Hope the construction is going well and you have settled into your new pad. Will think of you on tuesday, we're having a rubix cube party here. Bluebird days so get the villagers to do a snow dance.
    Se agapo,

  11. Louis Manders Alpha 6
    Hola! Lets hope your Spanish has moved on a bit
    from this! Seems like you had another long journey to your Phase 1 but hope you are settling into the community there and enjoying the experience. Make sure you take loads of pics. We are all avidly following the blog and I have had facebook messages from Charlotte to see how you are. We both hope you will be able to message us when you return to field base at beginning of March. Your student finance stuff came and they want it returning immediately so will sign and send for you. I will do the mum stuff now and say 'Hope you have remembered to take your Malaria tablet this week!! Ceryn has her sleepover tonight - so no sleep for us. Take care of yourself.Love Mum and Dad

  12. Phillip Houghton (Alpha 6)

    Hi Son,
    Missing you a little bit, well the dog is anyway, I have had my hearing aid checked as it seems to have stopped working while I am in the house since you have been away, its soooooo quite. Glad you have got to dig that hole, you new it was your destiny, hope your new Momma is keeping you in check.
    Enjoy and stay safe (Oh and I assume you explained to everyone which Plates caused the recent earthquake).

    Love Dad,Mom,Chris and Yes Tizzy Wiz xxx

  13. Emma Tivey alpha 2
    From Mum
    Hi Emma - we keep a daily check on the blog so feel as though we are in touch even though we can't speak to you! It does sound amazing and hope the boots are holding up. all is fine here - Harley is getting used to his life of leisure (though he's been ridden every day since you left except one when everything was frozen solid), and I'm keeping him on a starvation diet (he's very cross). Saw Murph on sunday and he's looking great. Dad and Mary send their love, can't wait to hear all your news! Have fun - bet you are in your element, Sally wishes she was trekking with you. xxxxx

  14. Vicki Brennan Alpha 8

    Happy valentines day. Hope it is all going well in Nicaragua and you still loving it just as much. Take care of those venturers!! Missing you but time is flying (and must be going even quicker for you). Take care, lots of love Jen xx

  15. Afsana Tahirova, 12B, Alpha 5
    As I recall from experience in the early stone age if you use your poncho to protect you and your basha from pouring rain, failure to tie off the hood of the poncho can result in a very miserable night.

  16. James Barlow (Alpha 6)
    Hi Babe, hope your having a cracking time, looks like it from the photos. please let us know how your getting on when you get internet. So i started work yesterday, im actually really looking forward to it so should be good fun. Having a great time in Edinburgh, all the flat send their love(especially Emma). Im going home at the weekend, will be strange without you there. your also be pleased to know that im bringing stavros back up, hes all mine now! Mums in Sussex at the moment, but some sad news, Granny fell down the stairs the other day and has broken two bones in her ankle, she is having an operation on it which will take a very long time to heal but im sure she will be okay. Mum, Dad and Emma are coming up to stay the following weekend to watch the Scotland vs France game, should be good fun. Anyway, have a great time and keep us posted when you can. Everyone sends their love. Take care, love you loads Milla xxxxx

  17. lucinda. Hope you are enjoying the venture. I am keeping up with the Raleigh blog to get your progress.
    Everyone enquiring about you and how it is all going.
    Flat is being sorted from early March so hopefully will work out ok.
    alls well and lots of love from everyone.
    Ma xxxxxx
    for lucinda ryan alpha 2

  18. Mum for Roisin Carson Alpha 114 February 2012 at 14:53

    Hi Roisin hope all is going to plan with your trek it all sounds so exciting..I love following this blog makes me feel in touch with you.. miss you lots the house is pretty quite without you... everyone is fine back home, the snow has almost disapeared but may come back !!!!love you lots thanks for your message xxxx

  19. Louis Manders (Alpha 6)
    Hi hope your having a good time. Your not missing much in the rugby England are playing poorly and narrowly beat Scotland and Italy. I am training with England prop Alex Corbisiero tonight which will be amazing. Meg jumped up at mum on the sofa and fell over the back. Ceryn has had a load of her mates round for a sleepover which is annoying. They were shouting across the landing at two in the morning when dad had to be up at four.

  20. Lisa Steinmetz alpha 6
    Lieve Lisa,
    Wij zitten hier gebakken eitjes te eten, bibi en ik. Het is woensdagmiddag en bibi is net uit school.
    De sneeuw en het ijs zijn gesmolten, er is nog last van kruiend ijs...maar onze vijver doet daar niet aan.
    Het is nu weer gewoon oud- hollands shit weer met regen en wind....hmmm
    Ik ben zo benieuwd naar hoe je het hebt. Hoe zijn jullie naar Nicaragua gegaan?
    Woon je daar in een gezin of met je groep. Eet je lekker en raak je al gewend aan de bonen? Ik vond het eten in EL Salvador heerlijk. De taco's en pupuses...die leer jij vast ook allemaal kennen. Anders dan de mixicaanse versies trouwens.
    Wolfje groeit goed en zegt zachtjes mrau als ze me zoekt en ik zit boven en het is stil in huis. Dan komt ze lekker onder mijn gezicht zitten, tussen het toetsenbord en mijn lijf in.
    Bibi groeit ook. Ze heeft allemaal t shirts uitgezocht van vroeger van jou.
    Jan is braaf en er wordt goed voor hem gezorgd.
    Ik mis je heel erg en kom niet vaak in je kamer. Dat vind ik niet zo leuk namelijk.
    En ik vind het zo tof wat je aan het doen bent. Wat zul je veel leren en wat zal er veel veranderen in je leven...kun je ook een ecolatrine in de tuin bouwen...of in M...haha
    Ben heel trots op je. Deze mail krijg je vast als jullie bezoek krijgen van de bravo's...
    Dikke kus
    Ps Jill heeft goede cijfers gehaald!

  21. For Ravenna Westerhout Alpha 3, he die lieve Ravenna, hoe is het in het National park? Zie je door de bladeren de zon..? HEbben jullie een stevig kampement opgezet? Wij hopen dat je nog steeds geniet van alle nieuwe indrukken, dat je al je spierkracht inzet om de wegen mooi te maken, dat je veel lol hebt met je mede venturers en dat je je goed voelt. We missen jou, je lekkere kookkunsten, je bijlessen, maar we houden vol! Hier alles zn gangetje: Frederik had een 7 voor wiskunde (hij bedankt je..), Livia's hoest klinkt nog als een zeehond, Zora mist geen aflevering van Wie is de MOl, de openingsborrel van pap's Arbor is morgen en Zithaka's reis is voortgezet.We verheugen ons op een bericht van jou, in de tussentijd genieten wij van de berichten op weblog. liefs van ons allen, mam

  22. Alpha 1 - Roisin Carson,

    Keep up the amazing work,enjoy it all to your best.

    Miss you.

    Love you bestfriend x L

  23. Amy Craddock (Alpha 4)

    Hey Ames,
    Hope you're still enjoying your time there, I read you're all working hard, keep it up!
    But most importantly, Happy Birthday! I hope your group's treating you well on your special day, I wish I could be there celebrating it with you!
    Anyways, I've sent a letter and hopefully the contents will be able to suffice as your birthday present until you come home.
    Love, James

  24. Sam Horbye Alpha 5. On reading the blog I can only assume that in Raleigh terminology "fresh" probably means freezing!!! Hope you are all warm enough but perhaps that keeps the mozzies away!!! Perhaps after a few days you are now an expert pipe layer. Not sure that would be a strength of yours! Had a lovely 24 hours in Durham and enjoyed the delights of Castle College Bar. An eye opener but nothing I hadnt seen before!!!! Elie was warm. Drove back to London yesterday and French today. THink of you always and look forward to seeing some more photos. Hope the Spanish is being put to good use. Big hugs and lots of love. Mum and DadXX

  25. Rob Sutton-Mattocks Alpha 4: Hi Rob, finally managed to work out how to do this, I think! Hear you are going great guns on your trail. Absolutely nothing of any interest happening here, except for a very exciting exam about bog gardening. I expect you know more about bogs than I do (or ever want to). Keep well, keep warm (or cool, whichever is more appropriate) and look after yourselves. Much love Mum and Dad

  26. Charlie Pilkington (Alpha 3)

    Hiya Charlie
    Hope all going well in the National Park and that you have found your vocation - digging holes. I hope the rain has let up and you are actually managing to get your gear dry. I also hope your linguistic skills are improving!

    When you get back to base please check your email. I have booked Uni halls and you should hear back in April if you have your first choice. More importantly some of your flight times changed so you need to be aware what's happening there and alert George and Max.

    All is great at home apart from the moles which are making a hell of a mess but I have now found a mole man who will fix that problem. Dad has been away in the USA this week so it's been great to eat simple food and watch chic flicks without a fight for the remote. Despite the mess and noise you do create we do miss you loads but I have to say my beer bill has reduced somewhat.

    On the football front Harry Rednapp got off his court case with the Inland Revenue and as Capello resigned Harry is now in with a shout as the new England Manager. Mick McCarthy has been sacked at Wolves so you can rib Roy and Burnley are back to under performing.

    Sending all our love and enjoy
    Mum & Dad (& Sidney)XXXXXX

  27. Mark Wardle Alpha 3: Hi Mark we hope you are enjoying Costa Rica, we have been following the blogs and have seen that your building materials have arrived for you set up camp. Looking forward to seeing more photos on hows its going. We all miss you but we know your going to really enjoy this challenge. Keep safe and well and look forward to hearing from you when you get back to base camp.

    much love mum and dad and Katie xx

  28. Fleur jansen alpha 4 :Lieve Fleur ik hoop dat je mijn eerdere mails heb gekregen.We zitten in Amsterdam t/m maandag.Binkie moet wennen, er zijn maar weinig bomen tijdens de wandeling.We gaan zo naar Roland en dan eten met Brinio en M.Gister naar toneel met Ada.Afgelopen week waren er veel dingen voor het werk, maar morgen stuur ik je weer een brief.Hoe vaak krijg je deze mails?het is hier koud en nat, veel mensen zijn nu op wintersport want het is krokusvakantie.Er ligt heel veel sneeuw.geniet maar van het heerlijke weer daar.Veel liefs, brasa van ons 4tjes



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