Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alphas 3, 4 and 5 return

Alphas 3, 4 and 5 have returned to fieldbase after an enjoyable couple of days at their respective environmental project sites. So without further ado, let’s get started, following the logical approach of chronological order:

Alpha 3
During phase one, Alpha 3’s Adri Rodriguez and Jonathan Baguley will be leading a group working in Carara National Park, some 30 miles from the capital San Jose. Joined on their PPV by special Fieldbase guest Jemma Grundon, they admired the park’s plethora of flora and fauna, and witnessed nature in all its glory – a cat chasing an iguana. Under the stewardship of head ranger Gabriel, venturers will be working on an important disabled access route through the park, alongside general maintenance trails, whilst gaining the unique opportunity of living in a jungle camp. Jon’s tip: Watch out for the ants!

Alpha 4
Consisting of Jessica Soane, Alex Beaumont, Alex Dennis and special FB guest Alejandra Campos, Alpha 4 made the long trip down to La Amistad National Park, a UNESCO Heritage site, and one of the remotest regions of Costa Rica. On phase the group will be maintaining the ‘Gigantes del Bosque’ trail (Giants of the forest), flattening, adding steps and drainage to a trail around 1.5km long which contains a high concentration of avian species, including cedros and Ira rosa. 

Alpha 5
Slightly closer to home than their Alpha 4 counterparts, A5’s Afsana Tahirova, Daniel Saborio, and Caroline Bolt headed out to the Barva sector of Braulio Carrillio National Park and had the pleasure of a night’s stay at the new ranger station. The choice of entertainment for the evening: Kung Fu Panda 2.  Result. Apparently a night at 2700m above sea level was a chilly affair, yup, that’s right folks even in Costa Rica, Brits know how to complain about the cold. During phase the group will be installing a water pipe into the ranger station from a pipe just shy of the 3000m mark, and if they’re lucky, will catch a glimpse of the tapirs and pumas that call the dense jungle their home.


  1. voor fleur jansen crijns,
    Een goed tocht toegewenst. Hier wachten we op de tocht der tochten: de 11-steden tocht. Voor jou idem, gewoon een kwestie van volhouden, zeggen ze. In gedachten lopen we mee. Dikke brasa, FWJ (grandi)

  2. Voor Fleur Jansen envirmental alpha 4
    Elfstedentocht gaat niet door, de dooi gaat inzetten.F en Ine nu in Cuba.Van FC uit Blaricum ook alle goeds,brasa en veel plezier op reis.(Hij gaat proberen ook een anonymous te sturen) .Wij gaan vh weekend schaatsen in Amsterdam, er is een festijn op de grachten.Binkie springt nog steeds over de sneeuw ivm koude poten.Suc6, geniet van het lekkere weerLfs, MBC



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