Monday, 6 February 2012


Quick update. Team Fieldbase is San Jose bound to pick up the venturers. After all, it wouldn't be much of an expedition without them....  The rest of the VMs are hard at work, toiling away over the project plans, prior to deployment on Saturday. We've got an action-packed week ahead.


It begins. Fieldbase is now close to capacity as this morning we welcomed a fairly tired bunch of venturers to Turrialba HQ, indeed I too am struggling to prevent my head from lolling after a late night/early start organising sleeping arrangements, feeding and marshalling half-asleep venturers onto buses at the British School in San Jose. A cracking gallo pinto with scrambled egg breakfast cooked by Sandrita and Mireya has been followed by an intense morning of icebreakers, swim tests, admin and accommodation arrangement,and despite the jet-lag, smiles are present all round.

The afternoon has progressed with radio training, the standard method of communication whilst out on phase, giving the groups chance to perfect their Maverick/Goose impersonations. Dinner was followed by a comprehensive run through of projects by Country Director Julian, as venturers were given summaries of the amazing array of projects being undertaken in Expedition12B. The option of evening entertainment in the form of a movie, unsurprisingly had a take-up of zero given the hectic previous 24 hours-Tomorrow it’s project allocation and jungle camp.

Turrialba Fieldbase
Breakfast on the terrace
HCVs in full swing
Pedro and Ross greet the venturers


  1. Hi!

    I just need to know my lil brother has landed safe in Costa Rica and has been collected by you nice people! His name is Kevin Ho. Please update your blog soon!!



  2. Helle there, this is a message for Ravenna. We wish her and all the other volunteers a wonderful time and an unforgettable life experience. We are glad that all venturers have been picekd up safely. With lots of love from her family and Polo and Buda

  3. Hola Ileana, (Boyes CR/N 12B)
    Esperamos que estas bien y tambien contenta ahi!!!
    Abrazos y besos,
    Duba y yo
    P.S. No te olvides tomar tus "malaria pills" (sorry could not help nagging)
    Pura Vida!!!

  4. Sharon Granville7 February 2012 at 16:17

    To Maria Gerono
    Hope you arrived safely. Can't wait to see photos and follow your adventures over the next few months. Love you Mum xxx

  5. To Sonia Deiters

    Lieve Son, je bent alweer aan je 3e dag toe! Hoe gaat het allemaal daar? Heb je leuke mede venturers ontmoet? We zijn allemaal erg benieuwd hoe je het ervaart. Ben je al een beetje bijgeslapen? Ik heb inmiddels ook dat korte griepje achter de rug... Maandag hebben Claire en ik nog even geschaatst op de trekgaten.... en vandaag is het NL kampioenschap marathonschaatsen! Vanavond de beslissing of er een 11 steden tocht komt... dat is zeer onzeker omdat het waarschijnlijk gaat dooien komend weekend... Vanmiddag vertrek ik weer naar Le Biot met de vrienden.

    FDikke zoen en geniet!!!! Pap

  6. The Cosgrove Family8 February 2012 at 07:04

    To George Cosgrove - Glad to see from the photo that you arrived in one piece - we can't see Max or Charlie though... perhaps Max is behind you?

    Looking forward to finding out what your first phase is! Hope you have learnt how to use the radio's well enough incase you get lost!

    The dogs are really missing you, as are we. The house is very quiet but tidy!

    If you want to write a letter you know the address, however we aren't expecting them to be as regular as Angelica's were! Take lots of photos.

    Best of luck to everyone,

    Love the Cosgroves

  7. Message for Liam Ward....hope your having a wicked time, rocky has moved into your room already! make sure you keep in touch :-) Love Sarah and Mum x

    Hello Illy, Greetings from manila! Kamusta ka? Sending you my warmest Pinoy wish for success and to say that I am eating the best, ripest and sweetest manggo and I am thinking of you with each and every bite :) hang in there! take care.

    Tita Lou

  9. for ILEANA BOYES(CR/N 12B)
    Hello there Illy, it is so cool what you are doing. We would gladly trade place with you now hahaha...Have a great time there experiencing something different from home. Stay safe!!!
    from Tito Sean, Tita Rachel Anton Marky Mariana

  10. Message for George Moody Alpha 6 Looks like you're off to Nicaragua. Have a great time, it will be so interesting living with the locals. Saw the photo of Alpha 6, couldn't spot you so assume you were wearing fancy dress. Take lots of photos & try to keep a journal too, this is once in a lifetime stuff!
    Love from us all
    Mum xx

  11. To Sonia Deiters

    Yoooooo Sooooonnniiiiaaaaa!!! Hoe zijn je eerste dagen raleigh? Al leuke nieuwe hangmat buddies gemaakt? en hoe bevalt het water dat naar chloor smaakt? Hier is het vooral koud, en probeer zo min mogelijk naar buiten te gaan, al moet ik wel beamen dat schaatsten een goed medicijn is tegen een kater, die ik deze week een beetje vaak heb door alle leuke feestjes. wel jammer dat je die moet missen. Ik ga dit weekend schaatsen met mama en tante patricia en oom kees (hoop dat ik het nog kan. Nou schatje, ik ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen. Nog heeeeeeeel veel plezier en ik mis je!
    xx Eem

  12. To Sonia Deiters

    ps. Zimra heeft gewonnen hahahahahahahahaha

    x Emilie

  13. Message for Rosie Henry Alpha 4. Seen your picture on the blog. Glad you arrived safely. Enjoy the warmth, freezing cold here. Have fun on your project.

    Love mum and dad.

  14. Para Deyanira Monterrey.
    Alpha 3
    Hola Deyita espero la estes pasando bien y disfrutes este tiempo fuera de los tuyos, te queremos un monton y te extrañamos mucho.

    muchos besos y abrazos
    te quiero ...... Carmen

  15. For MAX DE KROON (CR/N 12B Alpha 7)
    The most important news in the Netherlands: "once ciudades caminata" will not take place!!! Shokking!!!
    How are you doing? We hope it will be a fantastic experience. Just another 67 days till we see you in the flesh, we're doing o.k. Love you and remember the words of grandma: "houd het zedig, rein en kuis". XXX

  16. TO Sam Horbye Alpha 5. You were clearly battling with the rain as we coped with another snowfall. Exciting jouney down from Swyncombe!! Glad there was porridge in the early hours of the morning!! Like the smiles in all the photos. the beginning of memories to last a lifetime. Love Mum and Dad X

  17. Fi and Peter Horbye10 February 2012 at 03:41

    TO SAM HORBYE ALPHA 5. Love the smiles in all the photos. As you battle with the rain we battle with yet more snow!!! Good luck to everyone and treasure what will be memories of a lifetime. Big hugs. Mum and Dad X

  18. To Joshua Biggs O’May (12B-Alpha 5);Hi Josh. The fifth offer has came in. Very well done. You have a full house. We will do the acceptance for O for you now. The jungle looks amazing– you seem a bit too relaxed for the hard work you are meant to be doing! Its snowing here which keeps the mosquitos down. Hope you are not being eaten by them Love Mum and Dad

  19. Christie-Miller Family10 February 2012 at 09:09

    TO Amelia Christie-Miller Alpha 2,
    Seen your trek, it looks amazing. Good luck with making the beds and wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for saturday 11th. All thinking of you and hope you have a great day. ALL our love M+D, Ted, Dave and Em.xxxxx

  20. To Danielle(Dowding) and Nicole(Waller), Hoping you are both settling in and excited for your projects/hike. Have fun and enjoy this amazing experience. We love and miss you guys. May God bless you and keep you both safe. Love Mom, Dad and Shelley. xxx

  21. To Dara, alpha 4
    Hola linda. espero la estes pasando barbaro. suerte para vos y todos tus amigos. con todo nuestro amor. ma, pa y alec

  22. To Elliot "Smelly" Gordon Alpha 7
    Good to see you got there safely, hopefully with all your kit!!! Snow's still great , more due next week. The chalet is.....tidy without you!! Loving and funnily missing you lots. Enjoy every minute lots of love Mum and Dad x

  23. To George Cosgrove alpha 8,Hey hey its the monkeys her.Hows it going,hope you are having a great time and getting enough food!!!!
    Miss you loads love from us all xx

  24. Bethany warren (alpha 8)
    Hellooooooo beth!:D ahhhh hope your having an amazing time! looked at some of your pictures you look so cute ;) haha. cant believe your not gonna be here for my birthday next week): Owell only 5 more weeks and i get to see your face :P Driving test next week will let you know if ive past or not on here if you get this message alritee(: Hope i dooo!/: lol. have a lot to catch up on when your back you will be quite shoked! lol. I miss youuuuuu Bethanyyyyy! see ya sooon. Your best person in the world me.. Chloee! :D Lots of lovess xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Illy, 12B/Alpha 7

    Your code is very intriguing. ¡Pura vida! ¿Or is it Vida Loca?

    Ciao, from your P+A+Ls in Milan. x P



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