Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jungle Fever

The weather Gods conspired against Expedition 12B in truly spectacular fashion yesterday, as the proverbial heavens well and truly opened to drench man and woman alike to the bone. Raleigh venturers however, are made of sterner stuff, and once they made it to their respective sites it was all hands to the coal face to get camp ready as the rain continued its onslaught.

Venturers were given demonstrations in using bamboo to construct basha beds and hammocks, hanging the communal tarp (handy for keeping bags dry) and of course, digging the long drop, before settling in for hot drinks – is there anything a cup of tea cannot solve? Our trekking groups had a slightly different itinerary as they undertook arguably the most fun part of trek – river crossings – perfecting the huddle and conga techniques in the Rio Reventazon.

Today began with an early start at 3.30am, celebrated with that timeless culinary classic of porridge, before it was down with camp, and onto tools training, getting to grips with the mattocks, spades, shovels and wrecking bars in anticipation of some on-phase labouring in just 4 days time. Mercifully by this time, the sun had emerged bashfully from behind the clouds, but the morning’s events were far from over – it was time for Casevac (Casualty evacuation). I’d like to reassure you readers, that this was a drill, rather than an emergency situation with groups ringing in reports, constructing stretchers, and carrying their ‘injured’ member to Fieldbase, where remarkably, each and every one of them made a complete recovery.

Congratulations to all our venturers for their achievements in such adverse conditions and for maintaining good humour throughout. Top effort, and as my old rugby coach used to say: “If it’s not Raining, It’s not Training!”.


  1. hola deyanira espero estes de lo mejor y espero disfrutes de esta experiencia al maximo, me imagino q te has de sentir rara, pero es parte de la experiencia y mas por el idioma, pero veras que lindo q la pasaras.. el primer grupo es para entrar en confianza y veras q luego te sentiras con mucha confianza con todos cuidate besitos, saludame al fugo decile q disfrute tambien... cuidence

  2. To Phillip Houghton Alpha 6

    Hi Phil, Hope all is well so proud of you, gave your brother a hug from you as I know your as proud of his achievement as we are. We still have snow here but our barmy beagle loves it. She is missing her snug buddy, well and truly teething as we keep finding her teeth lying around. Its great fun spotting you on the pics, enjoy every second and oh and guess what Mom's message is 'BE CAREFUL'. hehe love from all of us xxxx Dad

  3. For Jack Griffin- A2

    uncle david came round just after you left with 100 dollars for you to spend. luckily vanessa is on her way out soon so will bring it over for you. When vanessa sees you you will have done the first treck. Hope the treck was amazing. Enjoy it. Lots of love mum xxxxx

  4. For Samuel Marsden (Alpha 5) - Barvo: Hey Sam, we're following your progress avidly and glad to see that you're being kept busy training despite the adverse weather. It's freezing here and snowing on and off but your dad has made it home from Russia and thinks it's positively warm here given the temperature in Moscow!

    We're enjoying scouring the blog photos for glimpses of what you're doing and we're looking forward to hearing all about Barva. It's quiet without you around (although the coffee machine is glad of a rest)but we know you're having a great time and Molly is currently creating one of her card kit masterpieces to send out to you. All our love
    Mum, Dad, Ollie and Mol xxxx

  5. For Louis Manders, Alpha 6.

    Heyyy lovely, hope you're doing well and having a wonderful time :) all the stuff that you've been doing sounds really fun! Been reading the blog every day. I'm fine, just working my way through all the essays. I miss you.

    With love, Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s. all my housemates and Fran and Aidan say hi!

  6. Message for MAX DE KROON (Alpha 7)
    Net even gegoogled op "Paradise in the Clouds", Miraflor, Nicaraugua: prachtige plaatjes van vogels, toucans, orchideeën en natuurlijk van de mensen daar. Je zult je kunnen uitleven met je Spaans met de locals. Als ik het goed begrijp, gaan jullie huizen bouwen! Echt een andere wereld dan Bilthoven! Geniet met volle teugen en denk aan wat Oma altijd zegt: "houd het zedig, rein en kuis". Veel liefs, W+M+S

  7. For Nicole Waller, Alpha 2

    hey nicole! just wanted to say hi! hope you having the most amazing time! been thinking of alot! sent a message last week but im not sure it went through... been following you everyday! take care! love and miss you lots! send big hugs! Love Pie

  8. Message for Victoria Brennan -Alpha 8 Hi daring we both hop you are having a great and interesting time love from Mum and Dad



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