Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Power of 6 in El Portillo

Alpha 6 have had an amazing time in El Portillo; building outhouses has taken up most of their days, but that does not mean to say that ‘Team Toilet’ have been all work and no play.

Here’s 6 reasons why Alpha 6 will miss El Portillo:

6 things we’ve learnt
• A little bit of Spanish
• If in doubt ‘mas cemento’
• Alternatively...’mas agua’
• How to make regional dishes.
• Astronomy, we’re now all experts
• How to use a long drop!

6 happy moments
• Arriving to Don Brigido singing (legend)
• Granny’s ice pops
• Endless sunshine
• Dougie’s birthday - camping on the mountainside and sleeping under the stars
• Granny’s flushing toilet! There’s always a queue...
• Completing latrines

6 wild moments
• Discovering the love child of a chicken and a duck = Chuck!
• Phil being kicked by a cow!
• Lisa being awoken by a snake!
• Fosca meeting the locals (whip scorpions and stick insects)
• Witnessing new sports including Granny’s never ending battle keeping the pigs out of the kitchen (they never win)
• George, James and Dougie chasing chickens with limited success (visions of a Rocky training montage)

6 ‘injuries’
• Veronique falling out of a hammock
• Fosca tripping over a football
• Sunburn
• Sunburn
• Sunburn
• ...Sunburn

6 things we’ve eaten
• Sour, salty cheese
• Rice and beans
• Sugar cane
• Jacket potato
• Rice and beans
• Malanga

And a couple of quotes
• What’s Christmas like in Achuapa? Maria Gerono
• Get the wheel bucket – Daniel Meza
• If it wasn’t for the law enforcement of the laws of physics; I would be unstoppable – Louis Manders


  1. To Phillip Houghton Alpha 6

    Hello lovely! just got the update from your alpha :) Sounds and looks like your having a great time, although cows might of been added to your dislike list! Hope you're taking care of yourself, looks like you've done a good job! All is good here, just missing you lot's! looking forward to the next updates!
    love and miss you Keana xxxxxx

    1. To Roisin Carson Alpha 1

      Sis, yey got your email. Lovely to read :)
      Just a quick one, this is my third message on here but I don't think any have gone through.... Boo been sending you guidance and messages from people. Will check this one goes through, if it does will write a longer one but so great to hear from you and v. v. proud of you. Dad sends his love and is doing really good. Love you sis, loads NMRK xxx

  2. For Joe Donovan, Alpha 6

    Hey you, looks and sounds like you're having an awesome time! I can't beleive I've been away for almost a month, I leave for Chile on Sunday! Looking forward to your update from fieldbase,

    Love you


    PS: England lost in both the rugby (to Wales!) and football to the Dutch this week- both good games to watch though and hopefully signs of good things to come...

    PPS: great beard! ;-)

  3. To Phillip Houghton Alpha 6,

    Sounds like things are 'Moo-ving' along nicely, sorry couldn't resist. All is well at home, Chris now has his joining date,May 7th, so it will be one in one out. Puppy's growing but still not doing as she is told, to your mom's obvious annoyance. Hope you are entertaining everyone with your wealth of humorous quotations.
    Stop hiding in the background on all the pics and keep up the wonderful work, keep enjoying it you deserve it.(Mind the cows)

    Love you and miss you so much.
    From all your Family,

  4. To Louis Manders Alpha 6

    Hiya blue, Great to have an update from Alpha 6 on the blog. Sounds as though you've been really busy but looking at the photos have been having some fun times too!! Looks like you might have been trying to improve your dance moves! You will be back at base camp soon, so we look forward to hearing what you will be doing on your next phase.
    Joe and me have been out training - don't fall over in shock - we are entering this years Grim Challenge together.
    Take Care
    Lots of Love Mum

  5. To Phil Houghton Alpha 6
    Hi, glad your having a great time but we are all missing you, push to the front of the photos so we can see you, take care, love u and miss u, sue and the bewdley bunch xxxxxxx

  6. To Lisa Steinmetz alpha 6

    Lieve Lisa
    Fijn om over jullie te lezen. Dus nu kun je een pleetje bouwen. Dat kan handig zijn....
    Kun je even vertellen hoe dat met die slang ging... Getsie!!
    Ben zo benieuwd naar jouw versie van 't een en ander.
    Zijn dit jouw foto 's ?
    het is hier voorjaarsvakantie. Bibi, pam en ik en Lola doen veel met de paarden. Gisteren naar het bos en toen lunchen bij de geiten.. Star is geweldig (zie fb)...
    Hoop je gauw even te spreken of te lezen.
    Dag lieverd, kus je moeder Hannelies

  7. Charlotte Hobson1 March 2012 at 16:38

    Louis Manders- Alpha 6

    Heyyy lovely, just seen the update from your group, looks like you've been doing a really great job :) love the pictures! Everything is fine with me, just really stressed as i have deadlines coming out of my ears! But after next Wednesday i will be free from work before Kenya. It's really hot out there, can't wait to get a tan! Today, in my 'Perspectives on Development' lecture, my lecturer talked about Raleigh being a project helping development at the grassroots level and encouraging community participation etc. It made me smile and think of you :) Missing you lots, hope you're well, and taking your malaria tables!
    With love, Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Lisa - Alpha 6

    Liesiepiesieee! Hoe gaat het daar? Hoe was je eerste fase?
    Lees net dat je bent gewekt door een slang. Whaaah ziek scary! Hoorde van mam dat je vandaag op track gaat! Spannend! Ben heel benieuwd hoe t met je gaat maar dat kun je me volgens mij niet echt laten weten vanuit de jungle :p
    Veel plezier in ieder geval.. Van Ies hoorde ik dat de blikjes tonijn op een gegeven moment uit je oren komen.. hahaha
    Kus van je zus (B)



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