Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Return of Bravo 2

Bravo 2 have returned from their, and it would be fully justified to say here, epic road trip to northern Nicaragua, where they have visited our community phase groups up in Miraflor and Achuapa. Starting with a couple of days collecting rocks and teaching English in San Jose with Alpha 8, they also had the opportunity to visit Los Apantes where Claire and Dave had assisted in the construction of a Community Centre in Expedition 11G/H - the whole village turning out with refreshing drinks and papas fritas for all.

A whirlwind 20 hours with Alpha 7 in La Naranjita followed, with a dip at a local waterfall before literally mucking in with the construction of adobe bricks; former city slicker Tim Salt described it as the most laborious morning's work he had ever undertaken in his life... Their final stop was with Alpha 6 in El Portillo where they (sheepishly) took a share of the praise lauded on A6 by the community for their hard work during the phase, although they made up for it through their vocal backing during the national anthem and The Beatles' - Twist and Shout at the evening’s fiesta, where speeches, singing and salsa were in abundance, along with the customary piñata.

One blip on an otherwise magnificent trip occurred on the final morning as Bravo Two were left feeling utterly dejected that their Nicaragua - Costa Rica border crossing took 44 minutes, some 17 minutes slower than Ross Mckenzie's notorious 27 minute scintillating slalom through the mayhem of international border bureaucracy back in the balmy summer of 2009.

At this point I wish to inform you, dear readers that your blogger is back (cue sobs of relief/three cheers as you see appropriate). Sadly low numbers at base, tied in with a bug that left many members bed-bound, subsequently left you under informed. This will be rectified asap. I personally wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope our updates in the coming days serve to slake your thirst for all things Raleigh in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Pura Vida!

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  1. Yo Merc!! Mum and Madz here! Hope you are having a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing from you soon! Saw your Alpha group pic, looks like a fun bunch! Lots of love M & M xx



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