Saturday, 4 February 2012

Spinning around - Rafting and Burn's Dinner

After another hard week of training, the task masters at Fieldbase kindly gifted the weary VMs a rare day off. Jolly decent of them, and a decision well received by all. The substitute for a day of labour: a trip rafting on the Rio Pacuare; recognised by National Geographic as one of the top five most beautiful rafting locations in the world. Surprisingly, there were a mere two incidents of VMs overboard – congratulations go to Miss Lucinda Ryan, as she fell out on a flat stretch of water in an over-exuberant attempt to splash a rival boat.... You have to admire the commitment to anarchy.

The previous night was also an evening of note, as HQ celebrated a belated Burns supper. As I’m sure can be appreciated, haggis is somewhat difficult to source in Central America, nonetheless an outstanding spread was put on by the irrepressible Sandra, heavens knows what we’d do without her. All the traditions were observed including some interesting (awful) Scots accents in the group dictation of ‘The Immortal Memory’, alongside fine toasts to the Lairds and Lassies by Caroline and Ross respectively (token Jocks). In true spirit, dinner was followed by a ceilidh, Gay Gordon’s and Dashing White Sergeant’s attempted with mixed success, in some ‘remarkable’ fancy dress costumes.


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