Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Trek this out: Alpha One in Barbilla.

Today we bring you the first update from the Alphas, and as a stickler for tradition, it makes chronological sense that Alpha One’s Azelle who gets us underway:

Alpha One have made a successful start to the Tuirrisantos Trek! After a 2 hour snooze on the bus, (due to the previous night’s epic paint party), we arrived at our start point. Day One was rather relaxed, and despite there not being room at the ranger station, we were given more than adequate accommodation at a nearby community station. An afternoon of icebreakers ensued; frog murder (a tongue variation of that classic, wink murder) providing much hilarity, especially as poor Hanko was suspected in every round! Well he does play with that penknife an awful lot...

Day Two was much tougher as we headed into the jungle, which was extremely muddy! We all ended the day covered in it, bar Julie, who has the very annoying talent of staying perfectly clean while the rest of us are filthy! (Ed: Nicely done Julie). How does she do it?! Another problem of trekking through the bogginess of the Costa Rican jungle is that we fall over. A lot. But with every muddy fall (even if it is your 3rd in 5 minutes), we were able to have a laugh and pull ourselves back up again. Various wails were audible throughout the day – “My foot is stuck in the mud” – “I think my boot’s about to come off”, from Claire, to rather embarrassingly, “I want my Mummy” from this author. Credit must go to Mark in his role as day leader, for motivating us all to the finish. We are all enjoying our Raleigh rations too! A can of tuna with crackers, crushed from being at the bottom of your rucksack all day is absolutely delicious after a morning of trekking!

Day Three was further trekking in Barbilla National Park, but we found it slightly easier after our tough introduction, and again credit to day leader Claire, along with ‘tough-but-fair’ Dutch Army PM Roeland aka Chuck Norris aka Rolo (hard on the outside, soft interior) who ensured we reached our finish point ahead of time, and were able to enjoy a delicious and relaxed lunch of salami, noodles and crackers. Props to PM Katie for that, it not only satisfied our meat craving, but was also a relief to Julie, who after carrying it for three days, was looking forward to not being followed by hungry dogs! We are also learning lots of Spanish from our HCVs, Istvan and Michael; Rosh and Eika are top of the class and Michael’s English, in return, has come on leaps and bounds. He’s now at the point where he’s cracking jokes!

We have all bonded really well in such a short time, and Allegra has established herself as Alpha 1 Mum, tucking in everyone’s mosquito net at night. Tim however, needed no help in that department, as he created the most cocoon like structure, drawing awe from us all. Accommodation has so far, been rather comfy, with showers for 2 out of 3 nights and toilets for all 3, (if you include a long drop!) But don’t get too envious, tomorrow we’re cracking out the tents, certainly not for the last time. We’ve now been joined by Louis who had been at Fieldbase with a chest infection, and missed the opening days. Alpha One are a full contingent and ready to go!

3 days down, 16 to go, and Alpha One are in good spirits, Playa Hermosa here we come!


  1. For Neneh on Alpha 7.
    Hope you are not as tired as I am. Digging holes to plant trees all day long. No easy in clay soil. Still, feeling good and weather mild and sometimes sunny. How are the a la carte meals and the 5 star hotels? Watching the blog and keeping up with the news so that I don't miss you. Big love, Cxxxxxxx

  2. For Nicole Waller Alpha 2
    Hello Muff Hope you well and not getting too rained upon!We are going to Kariba tomorrow on a houseboat for half term - Nath at home playing cricket this weekend.Everyone says hi (including Lady)Love you lots and miss you lots
    from everyone at home xxx

  3. Victoria Brennan-Alpha 8 We are just getting used to this blog system we hope the building is going well all well here and Jack is back from Italy - love Mum and Dad

  4. para istvan: alpha 1 tan lindo, treck es super salvaje, emocionante, apoya ahi a michael dale animos, pasenla de lo mejor, disfruten.... te queremos un monton

  5. para:Istvan Sepuñveda (alpha 1)
    De: HAruhi Suzumiya!!! es broma.. de Vanessa
    Hola, Hola, Hola!! hola Cero! Hola Cero! esto es nICA-Esteli! cambio!!
    Como estas!! Mi Istvancito!! bello Saludos a Michael! Decile que ya mire las fotos de el ganando el torneo de las lagartijas y despues cpmp una muchacha le gano!! espero que la esten pasando bien! claro, disfrutando lo hermoso y bello que es trek, disfrutan de ese lugar tan bello como es Costa Rica y su flora y fauna!! jejeje ojo cuidado se les sale el ojo por ver mucho! pero bueno, hagan lo mas que puedan! y a guerrearña!! Istvan sentite en tu entrenamiento para maestro sensei ! y que al final encontraras la paz!! eso va tambien para vos Michael! seria bueno que pensaran en un objetivo qeu quieran cumplir despues de trek, despues de tanto estres y de todo, no piensen en negativo, sino en que ustedes pueden y animo con el ingles! ya lei quee stan dando clases de español, bien por ustedes y dar el maximo! qque mas, se van a perder el miercoles de ceniza, ahi les reservamos buñuelos si quieren cuando vengan, acuerdence del encarguito !! jujujuju y ps les seguiremos enviando mas cosas, Saludos al FU, y DIGANLE QUE SE PORTE MALMENTE BIEN!! JEJEJE A jhony.. que.........Jnony la Gente esta muy loca!! jajajjaja y ps a La deyanira, que plante mija!! a demostrar la fuerza femenina!! jejeje y a Uriel que le aprobeche!!
    Ps aca extrañando tus llamadas pero qeu mas da, se que la estas disfrutando y no puedo esperar pa cuando terminen trek y pa la segunda fase vengan pa cuminatario.......aproveche y nos vemo!! espero k le estes dando uso al cuadernito!! jejeje y a Chiki tambien, vamos a ver en que condiciones lo traes!! jejejeje
    bueno me despido y con mucho cariño!!!

  6. Alpha 1
    Roisin Carson
    Hey so proud of you sounds tough what you are doing
    but you can do it I know you can !! we all send our love and kisses to you xxxxxxxxxx

  7. HI Roeland

    geen idee of je dit bereikt maar we kijken regelmatig even op de site om je te volgen! Uit de verhalen begrijpen we dat je de groep onderweg is en dat het goed gaat! Hier verder alles goed, nog een beetje winter. Kus van iedereen, ook van benji en saartje

  8. For Tim Welander Alpha One
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tim from us all in a frozen Scottish Borders! 24 on the 24th! Hope this gets to you by Friday. Great to see you and follow what you are up to on the blog. Looks amazing! With all our love, Mum,Dad,Chris,Anna and Bodie xxxxx

  9. Alpha 1
    Roisin Carson

    Keep up the good work "m8"

    Megs and I send our love.


  10. To Louis Worrall (Alpha 1)
    Bad luck with the chest infection!!! I hope that is the only one. We are all missing you lots!! Sasha's songs and photos are now on a CD so watch this space!!
    Muma working in London staying with Will and Munch and Dad sends you lots of love as well.
    Granny getting married on April 29th!!!
    Looks like you are havig lots of fun! Ma not worried about you but woudl love to hear from you!!
    Loads of love Mum, Dad, Sash, Munch, Will, Ru and Gilo!!! XXX

  11. For Hanko Gerritsen Alpha 1 Turrisantos Trek

    He swah, hoe gaat het? Rustig? Gast, je moeder wordt er gek van dat ze nix van je hoort. Trek je het daar in dat Pura Vida? Mooie foto's! Heb jij die gemaakt?
    Wij vliegen morgen terug naar Nederland. Gelukkig vriest het niet meer. Veel regen gehad in curacao maar het was zeer relèkst (we hebben T-shirtjes gekocht met "Relèks" en "hopi great" voor je 2 neefjes. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je verhalen en hoe zwaar het is. Hoop dat je veel mooie ervaringen hebt daar. Hoe je goed man!
    Dikke kus van je vader!

  12. To Roisin Carson (Alpha 1)
    Hello sister! Sending lots of baby bump hugs your way (yes-it is still just a bump!) - keep strong on your adventure and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when we see you in April. Will keep you posted...Love you.Rosanna and Ben.xx

  13. For Julie Balfour (Alpha one, i think?)

    Hei! Håper du har det bra :) Jeg savner deg veldig! Jeg har vært i københavn i helgen og besøkt Johanna. Det var kjempe hyggelig!(bortsett fra at jeg ble frastjålet begge bankkortene mine, og at det ble tatt ut 6000 kr..) Men det ordner seg! Denne uken har jeg fri fra musikkhøgskolen, fordi det er opptaksprøveuke på skolen. Vi reiser til Singapore om ca 2 uker (27 mars), det blir veldig rart å reise dit uten deg! Vil bare si at jeg er glad i deg og at jeg savner deg! Håper alt er bra med deg! Stor klem fra din tvilling :):):)



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