Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Welcome Explorers

Fresh-faced and with a spring in their step, our Explorers have arrived at Turrialba HQ, meaning our roster is now complete for what will be a bumper filled Phase Two of Raleigh Expedition 12B.

In typical Tico style, a gallo pinto breakfast was served and in a matter of hours, they’ll be trekking around the sultry surrounds of Turrialba’s countryside, and getting to grips with tents, trangias and toilets of the short drop variety.


  1. Amy Craddock, Alpha 4
    Wow, completed phase 1. Well done, you. Hope you are enjoying HQ before getting ready for phase 2. Dad & I avidly watched the slideshows three times (may even have been 5 times) hoping to catch glimpses of you but to little avail. Need to know that you are doing Ok so smile into that camera please!


  2. for Nicole Waller Alpha 2
    Hej Muff Should be back at base camp now - great trek I hope.News very thin on the ground on the Alpha2 side so hope the camera/blogger finds you soon!Missing you lots,all well at home,everyone sends love.Keep well
    Love Mom xxx

  3. Clare and Simon Hunter1 March 2012 at 13:55

    For Callum Hunter Expedition 12B
    Hi Callum, Great to see you in the photos, Simon says you have the best haircut! I had some news today about your Edinburgh/ Scotland trip in the autumn, it's off! But Simon says cycling in the Mendips is definitely on and the weather will be better.
    Love from us all
    Clare and Simon

  4. From the Davidson Family
    To Lauren Davidson and Sophie Jenkins-How are the crazy explorers doing? We see from the website that you have lift off! Looks like you are setting off on your phase 2 adventure. Keep smiling and enjoy!
    We will follow you on the blog!
    Love Mom, Dad and the gang!



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