Saturday, 3 March 2012

12B Phase 1 Slideshow

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so sit back and enjoy what can only be described as a masterstroke from our Expedition photographer, Ale. Stunning, and a far better telling of Phase One and the Alpha groups than I could muster with mere 'words' (sigh...)


  1. Danielle Dowding. Just watched the amazing video Ale put together of all the work you guys have done. So so proud! Keep your chins up and climb to meet the stars - just google earthed your trek! Enjoy everyone and have a great time. Love and miss you angel. Remember when it is tough,the tough get going! God bless, Mom, Dad and Shell.

  2. Claire Edgley, X-Ray 7
    Claire dear, love seeing you on the slide show and hope all goes well on the trip to La Naranjita, long bus ride, recovering from all the hiking? All is well here, Katherine in social agony, nothing unusual. Hope you have your work gloves and suntan lotion for the next phase! Foot of snow up at Alta this week, finally. take care love mom

  3. Fionja Worrall4 March 2012 at 12:05

    For Louis Worrall, so good to see you looking fit and happy. Dad and I very impressed by some of the staggering views and you all look like you are having some awesome challenges mixed with fun and a lot of laughs. Hope you have a chance to show off your singing talents and keep taking those pics. saw Sahsa today at Samworths singing in the house concert and she misses you and sends lots of love. Grundig left today for South Africa and Ro goes to Brazil this wednesday. Have sent Raleigh photos to your brothers and sisters!! Keep smiling your wonderful smile , missya Muma X

  4. Lucina Ryan - X-Ray 4

    Hi, what a wonderful trip you're having!! Wish I was there.
    Loads of Love,
    Noreen xxx

  5. James Wildgoose xray 8
    hola james, como r u heciendo, im serguro como tener un ran tiempo en NICAS, son su edificio habilidades viene, todos bueno aqui y todas bien.
    alls good at home and we love you lots. harriet has a cold just before her exams , not good but im sure she will be better soon, johnny is having a great time, not much working but hes happy anyway !looking forward to hearing about your building skilss !!much love and many kisses your mum, and dad xxxxx

  6. Charles Courtier11 March 2012 at 10:13

    To Holly Courtier/xray 8
    Hello Holly, Hope you're doing well and that you're having fun in Nicaragua. All well here.I'm off to Shanghai tonight for the rest of this week. Amber busy doing stuff for her art GCSE. Joe is being Joe! Mummy has spent nearly the whole day trying to make labels for Joe's egg boxes! We need your computer skills badly!
    Really liked your 12B slideshow...can't wait for the Nicaragua blog - you're the author, aren't you? Grandma and Poppa are avidly following your progress too.Lets see if your phone works this time when you get back to base camp. Really miss you. Love you. Daddy xxx

  7. For Louis Worrall, X-Ray 7, Hi Louis darling,we have all been invited to Turkey for a week, on July 14th, Sat the day after you arrive back in England.The trip is on a turkish sailing boat and we would be going with 5 Hiltons ,6 Robinsons and 2 other families so will be around 24 of us mostly your age. We have to book our place on the boat and our flights so the sooner you can let us know if you are happy to join us the better. We probably won't go if you can't come. Had a great birthday with Ru, Giles and Sophia, Munch and Will, Dad spoilt me. I missed you but we all had a drink to you, missing you loads Muma XXXX

  8. For Mark Wardle, Alpha 3.

    S'up dude. Just thought I'd take the time to post a wee message for you. :D
    I thought you'd be interested to know our pool results thus far this season...

    27 Feb BOSC X 3 - 9 Bordon WMC A
    05 Mar Bordon WMC A 5 - 7 Passfield Returns
    12 Mar The Drum A 4 - 8 Bordon WMC A
    19 Mar Bordon WMC A 5 - 7 BOSC Exchange

    ... and tonight (Monday 26th) we have the joy of playing the B team. Yaaay. -.-

    So yeah, we are just about holding our own in at 4th in the league but that doesnt mean we dont need you man. :D

    Uhhh... what else was there... ah yes. I've had a good few hours of driving lessons now man and dude... its really really easy. I have an amazing instructor so hopefully should be passed and on the road with in a month or two. So sadly I probably wont be picking you up from the airport. :( But meh, just wanted to thank you for pushing me to finally do it. :)

    Hear from you soon buddy :D

    - The Wigmeister

  9. - Roisin Carson (ALPHA 1)

    What you're doing is amazing, so proud.

    Loved your email!
    To yours and my shock Megs and I ended up meeting up! - She came round :D And we've skyped alot, we just miss you in our combo.

    I can't wait to see you, it's been so long!!!
    Counting down days until I get to see you!
    Gutted I can't see you in the easter holiday though.
    So next week megs is off to spain and you're still out there - ... oh dear. I'm stuck in old eastbourne hah!

    Looked at the photo's and you look great with a cheeky tan you!

    Love you always, take care. Laksh

    (Megs sends her love)



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