Thursday, 1 March 2012

Alpha 5 - Final Update

Yes everyone, its time!! Alpha 5 have finished!! The 25th of February saw us finish our pipeline a whole phase early! Water will now always reach the lovely Rangers – Ronald, Fabio, Santa Maria, Alex, Andres and Mario at the top of Volcan Barva – 3000m of pipe crossing 5 valleys, done! In the evening we were treated to a huge dish of paella – needless to day it was delicious MUCHOS GRACIAS! Since the 20th we have had Caroline with us and the lovely Josie too – a full group and also a Scottish trio in addition to Georgina. Aye Aye!

Our day off on the 26th took us to the ‘Laguna Copey’ and despite the persistent rain, the majority of the group had a dip, albeit a brief one. Skit work has come on in leaps and bounds and we are confident the ice cream will be ours come changeover. We are however, so used to the cold and refried beans that returning to fieldbase is going to come as something of a shock to the system. We will miss you Ronald and Barva!

Pura Vida!


  1. to Tim Phoa alpha 4
    Hoi Tim, we horen al een tijdje niets van alpha 4, dus we hopen maar dat het goed met je gaat. wij missen je wel hoor, zeker ik mis mijn 'bezemwagen' met skieen...Zonnetje schijnt hard hier, boven aan de Felhorn is het vandaag 10 graden geweest, dus de sneeuw gaat snel achteruit.
    als je in het basiskamp bent, kan je dan even SMSen of via facebook een berichtje achterlaten? liefs, mama

  2. morenita bella!! que bien verla!!! te amo mucho mi negris!!! te amamos tefy y gabrielito!!

  3. BATSAM ALPHA 5 You finished early in spite of 17 human chains failing!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL. Cant believe I missed your call. Have sent you a long email. Longing to hear of your next deployment!! Big hugs. MumXX

  4. To Josie Killen Alpha 5, well done Josie the Plumbing gene runs strong in you LOL, it has been raining nearly all the time since you left and it has not snowed so you have not missed taking poppy out in it , Orla is not impressed you missed her birthday but had a good time anyway, everyone is always asking how you are getting on so you are in many peoples thoughts. Keep smiling and having fun love and miss you lots , mum and dad xxxx

  5. For Josh Biggs O'May
    Good to see your back in a photo. You were upright in daylight! Permission given for you to call us on our mobiles. You are six hours behind so try 5 pm your time.
    Love m and d

  6. for caroline bolt ; XRAY 3

    Bolt-ster! Hows the volcano? No unscheduled eruptions I hope. Don't get too near the edge - gets quite warm so I hear. Well thought I'd drop you a line to say hi. Not much news this side of the world. Toms back in brisbane and i'm trying to save my pennies so living like a hermit at the moment. Get to see him in 6 wks; trying to work out where we'll meet. Looking through some old bunbury photos last week; including the leaving do in fitzies, christmas eve eve that we spent on peppermint beach and many BBQs on your lovely balcony! made me smile. Anyways I hope you're not too covered with insect bites, or having unscheduled eruptions yourself, and I trust you're maintaining your usual high standards. look forward to catching up on your return. Emma C xx

  7. Charles Courtier4 March 2012 at 15:51

    To Holly Courtier/Alpha 5
    Hello Holly! Have watched with fascination your brilliant building and plumbing skills.What an incredible achievement! Have seen all the pictures. Now you're off on another expedition...looks like you're having an amazing and exhausting time. You aren't missing anything special going on here. It actually snowed today - not nice. Everybody all fine here.Last week I was (relatively) near Miami. M spoke to O2 about your phone. Apparently everything is ok and there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to call.We tried calling you but couldn't get through. Maybe it doesn't like the jungle!Amber has her Spanish oral GCSE in the morning!
    We miss you loads. Lots of love, Daddy xxx

  8. For Keiner

    Heeeee Keiner!! Jajaja (as you ticos laugh :)), una message de Hollanda para mi amigo! I just had a look at the 12B blog and it looks tuanis... How can I survive not being there in Turrialba with all the crazy Raleigh-people?? How was the first changeover? Nice skits? Keiner, you are Fantastico, I know you are sitting there behind your little desk at fieldbase trabajando muy muy duro. I miss you and your crazy but ALWAYS positive attitude. I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome and that I hope I'll see you in May!!!!! You HAVE to. Tienes que. Adios y hasta pronto, yyyyyyy Ya! lala, 11L ..... sin parar.... exciste nada que ...parar! (sorry i still don't know all of the lyrics...) :) xxxxx Lisa

  9. hoi Rachelle
    alla sani boen?
    No wan sneki?
    Fa waka nanga telefoon?
    Mail je terug, XL

  10. Louise McIntosh6 March 2012 at 15:16

    Georgina Webster - Alpha 5

    Hey Gee, missing you loads! Looks like you are having an amazing time out there! So jealous of you, apart from the horrific sounding blister! hah. Hope its getting better though! Well done for all your unconditional offers, that is soo good! Knew you'd do well though! :) Cannot wait too see you when you get home and to hear all your stories! Hope the rest of your time there is a,amazing and see you soon! Miss you!
    Lots of Love, Louise xxxxx

    1. Louise McIntosh7 March 2012 at 10:21

      Sorry i have written to you twice, didnt think it worked the first time so tried again but now you have two from me! hah Sorry! See you soon! Missing you! Love Louise xxx

  11. Georgina Webster, Alpha 5
    Hey gee! I recieved your letter but when you said no letters after the 31st i didnt know if that meant it had to get to you by then so i panicked and decided to leave you a post instead. It sounds like you are having an amazing time out there, almost to much fun! I can't wait to hear about it all when you come home, which i am counting down the days till! I am missing you loads! Enjoy the rest of your days out there(: Love you lots, Erin. xxxxx



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