Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blink and you'd have missed it

So another Raleigh phase has gone by quicker than a meteor flashing over the Cheviots; here’s a run through of the endeavours of those fine Raleigh guys and gals’

Our trek groups have routed their respective routes. X Ray 1 delved through the heart of Costa Rica, almost coast to coast. Beginning in Barbilla National Park they have breached the continental divide and are celebrating their success at Punta Judas. Whilst Turrisantos may sound like a beach resort, apparently its completely the opposite. And you need to like peanuts. and tang. and getting slightly lost. but mainly peanits.

X Ray 2 conquered the Corcovado, tackling the eponymous national park and La Amistad in the hot and humid southwest of Costa Rica. They finished with three days striding the sands at Playas Madrigal, Carate and Piro.

X Ray 3, up in Nicaragua, mastered the Miratombo trek, with their final days in the Maribios Volcano chain, enjoying stunning views of Volcan Momotombo and Lake Managua. They visited many communities along the way, were treated to food by smiling hosts, slept on volcanoes, traversed deserts and rivers, all celebrating in style at Lake Asoscosas.

X Ray 4 have completed their work on the ‘Quebrada Bonita’ trail in Carara National Park, enjoying a day trip to Playa Hermosa, and celebrating several birthdays throughout the phase. The traditional celebratory energy bomb cake was pimped with addition of oreos. Must have been some huge sugar crashes down in Carara after that...

X Ray 5 in La Amistad have also been productive on the ‘Gigantes del Bosque’ trail (Giants of the Forest’. They have enjoyed various outings to the swimming pool in Altimira, a local farmers market, and to the Valley of Silence Ranger station where Raleigh undertook a project a few years ago.

X Ray 6, after 18 days of pouring rain, finally had a day of sun! They have been working at Volcan Tenorio, undertaking an overhaul of the path to the waterfall on the aquamarine Rio Celeste.

X Ray 7 have continued the work of Alpha 7 on the adobe brick houses in La Naranjita, mixing mud and ‘old man’s beard’ to create a ‘cement’ between the bricks, alongside trips to Esteli and visits to X Ray 8...

...who have completed the community centre in San Jose! This was celebrated with a fiesta yesterday afternoon, featuring all the classics - pass the parcel and some rather competitive musical chairs. They too undertook trips to Esteli, visiting the cigar factory and there was a barely a dry eye when they said good bye on Tuesday morning.

Finally, X Ray 9 in Dorbata. In their one phase, they whipped up a school building faster than a Groundforce montage and have enjoyed the good life in the beautiful surrounds of Chirripo Indigenous Territory. The school is already in use and the group enjoyed a game of football with the locals, the torrential downpour during the fixture making the Brits feel truly at home.

They’ll all be back at HQ tomorrow for all the fun and games of changeover so stayed tuned for the latest goings on at Raleigh Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


  1. For Ravenna Westerhout Xray 9
    He die lieve Ravenna! Ik heb ook een bericht op je weblog geplaatst. Ongelooflijk wat jullie hebben gebouwd! Wat zullen de kinderen blij zijn. Iedereen die ik vertel wat je aan het doen bent (want ze vragen naar je, bijv men van Lent, Allison, vrienden en vriendinnen van ons)knikken met ontzag.... Hopelijk kan je goed bijtanken. ZOu het fijn vinden als het lukt om te skypen! Kan je aangeven wanneer dat jou lukt voordat je de jungle induikt? Wij hopen dat alles heel goed met je gaat!xxx mam

  2. to Dougie and Phoebe Mackenzie Smith in X Ray 1&2. Well done! Congratulations both of you! Looks like v tough treks and a lot harder than Mum's 100km through the Sahara... Proud of you for making it. Hope to speak to you before you set off for rest of trip. No great news here. Willa home for easter hols this weekend. Mum has had a good birthday. Aggie still spoilt!
    Dad xx

  3. Abdallah Slaoui24 March 2012 at 13:35

    Message for Yzza xray9
    Coucou ma puce, ca a super de te parler ces 2 jours, tu es maintenant reparti pour 3 semaines et tu vas beaucoup me manquer !
    Tu as reçu un mail de ucla
    Comme je t ai dit profite de ces moments et n oublie pas que tu as déjà ta sécurité a Londres et que c est une sécurité de grande qualité ! Je sais que je me repete mais c est important : La vie est faite de bons moments mais aussi de difficultés, c est ainsi ! Et c est pour cela qu il faut profiter a fond des instants de plaisir et se battre dans les mauvais moments !
    N oublie pas que je t aime,
    Je te fais de grosses bises,

  4. BATSAM ZULU 7 So good to speak to you after 7 weeks and so proud you finished what clearly was a challenging trek. Please please look after those knees and dont carry too many bricks. ALso keep away from what I dont think is a very friendly cockerel!! You are probably bumping along on your coach, perhaps your vocal chords are being excercised. All our love. Miss you,. Biggest of hugs. MumXx

  5. Phillip Houghton X-Ray 5

    Happy Birthday lovely, hope your having a lush day! (: just a quick birthday message and to say only 3 weeks left, so make the most of it! Hope you're keeping yourself safe and missing you lot's can't wait til you're back (:
    Love, keana xxxx

  6. Sharon Granville25 March 2012 at 14:41

    Maria Gerono trekking

    Hi Darling no idea which group or trek you're on as no info posted so I hope this finds you. Quick GP update: Malaysia what a race! Alonso 1, Perez 2, Hamilton 3, Webber 4. Jenson ran into the back of a HRT and came in 14. Vettel ran into same HRT (Karthikayan) and came in 10. What a season so far! Love you loads. Hope you have a good team on trek. Grandma sends her love. Eric and Dot send love too. Love Mum xxxx

  7. bente mikkelsen25 March 2012 at 15:51

    x-ray 3 hello thea - glad you made it and enjoyed the trek. i am so sorry that we did not reach eachother when you were back on HQ. I was jelaous on otto and jesper that they did talk to you - miss you a lot, every day.


  8. For Callum Hunter Zulu 7
    Hi Callum, It's been a fine weekend here very warm and sunny and I have been out in the garden and walking in the forest. Dad cycled to Bristol as if it were just a little spin and seems remarkably well today. Aidan is taking his training seriously but I think you'll have no trouble keeping up with those two after toning your muscles on your trek. How is your billet? Hope you're 'eating properly dear'. All the grandparents send their love, so do I, Mum x

  9. BATSAM ZULU 7 So hot today, feels like summer. Had lunch with CIndy in Hyde Park outside!!! Ben completed first day at MPW, packed. Ollie at home with mates and going to Oxford Literary Festival.Pam resigned, can believe she did it with no warning other than a text. She must be missing you!! Hope the cockerel isnt pecking too much. biggest of hugs. MumXX

  10. To: Sian Lewis x ray 3

    Hey Sian, the Cyprus trip is great. It's nice and hot, and I've taken some great photos. We went up mount Olympus and there was 3 feet of snow!

    I hope your community project is going well. Being away from Cardiff has made me miss you even more. I'll leave another message soon.

    Lots of love, Pete xxxxx

  11. Familie De Kroon27 March 2012 at 00:36

    For Max de Kroon,X-Ray 2,
    't is gelukt! Je reis is omgeboekt, je kunt nog wat langer blijven genieten van de Costa Ricaanse zon. Als het goed is, krijg je vandaag de gegevens door. Heel veel plezier bij de waterval, zal ongetwijfeld weer een fraaie plek zijn. Hoe is het met je enkel? In Nederland is het heel even lekker weer: graad of 18 en zon. Heel veel plezier van ons allemaal. XXX S+M+W

  12. Charlie Rombaut Zulu 1
    Hello Charlie! Just to let you know all ok here, the sun is shining and your bedroom is completely empty! Hope you are all ok and putting one foot in front of the other....you will be so proud of yourselves when you complete this. Will be in touch soon, love you loads, Mum, Robert, Alex xxxx

  13. For Holly Courtier trekking

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!! Hope you're having an absolutely incredible time on trek and loving it as much as I did... Although it may not feel like it now as you're probably struggling up a hill with a stupidly heavy bag, but looking back I reckon you'll have very fond memories of your 19th birthday. And don't forget to keep using zinc oxide tape like your life depends on it!! Say hola y pura vida to everyone from me. Much love, Anna x

  14. illy boyes zulu 2
    illlllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i missss you so much!!! omg i need you to be in london i am FREAKIN out about travelling and ur not here to calm me down :(( but sooo excited to see you in ecuador!!!
    hope your enjoying trek haha im lying on the sofa eating some ben and jerry hehehe :P im so mean ;) keeeep walkingg its totally worth it when you get to the beach!!!!! i miss you so much hope everything is good (and your feet are surviving)

    lots of kissess xxxx

  15. Fleur Jansen Zulu 3
    Lieve Fleur: ik zag de foto van jullie groep, wat leuk.Ben benieuwd hoe het lopen is, in ieder geval veel sterkte en gezelligheid, soms zal het niet meevallen (vooral je voeten.) Ik ben benieuwd naar de mooie fotos en de verhalen.We gaan as zaterdag naar het diner van Coen en Margot, ik heb liederen gemaakt oa op Ai Ai se eu etc.
    Ik heb voor je terugreis geinformeerd.Helaas kun je niet op andere dag boeken, er moet een nieuw ticket komen.Ik zal een optie nemen op een terugvlucht,komt goed.svp contact opnemen zodra het mogelijk is.
    De zomervakantie ook geboekt, met de familie uit Zeist gezellig in Sicilie,maar zover is het nog lang niet.
    Veel liefs en brasas mama, FW



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