Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chirripo calling... news from X-Ray 9

Hello relatives and friends of X-Ray 9. We’ve been in Dorbata for over 10 days now and we’ve made great progress building a school for the indigenous population. Although it’s work in progress, it’s been put to good use as a stargazing platform and an impromptu bedsit.

The group are now happy residents of our jungle camp, including hand cut bamboo. This has produced a number of funny incidents such as monsoon rains forcing 11 out of the 14 members to find refuge in the hut. Only Brayan, Matt and Rob managed to sleep through the night. We’ve now acquired a whole community of furry friends including a few dogs turning up for dinner, one of which is particularly underfed and has been adopted by Josie as Skeletor. This morning Sophie was awoken by a cow attempting to join her on the basher. Unfortunately there is only room for one...the cow won.

In terms of our actual project, the walls are starting to come up with the help of Ciara and her magical spirit level, you know, the one used to measure ghosts... Alex and Fred, our residents Belgians, are attempting to learn Spanish whilst hard at work with varying levels of success. As we’re writing this, Jay, our group mother, is complaining about our lack of hygiene. Yes Ravenna, you should’ve cleaned up today. Danny’s beard is coming along nicely, long enough so that braids can be constructed.

Yzza our most talented photographer (well she has the best camera) has turned out to be our most devious card player. We celebrated Ciara’s birthday on the 10th with cake and a homemade piñata constructed by Adri and Jay. Dara has been rejected membership to the latino club by Adri and Brayan. The camp has been pimped up as we have no running water or electricity. Despite Rob constructing a shower, Matt has eclipsed his tenth day of no showering and if he makes it through phase, he will receive 15 Oreo packets from Dara.

So, as you can gather, we’ve been very productive. Everyone’s looking forward to Bravo’s visit and building a bridge for the locals, all in time for the school’s inauguration, where we hope to celebrate with the whole community.

X-Ray 9 out.


  1. BATSAM X RAY 1 Hope you have enjoyed a rest from my messages but thought it was time for another one. Since the prompt first blog you have now gone off the radar. Have just taken nearly 3 hours crawling along the M4 -nightmare!! Ollie had his 7th and 8th interviews at JPM and the 9th on Monday, all difficult as he has lost his suit trousers and has to borrow a suit each time. Not many people are his height. This time he also had now shoes and finding a size 13 wasnt an easy job either!!! M&C running a relay on the 100m track at the Olympic stadium so Tom very excited. Several tons of gravel arriving tomorrow for the drive, little stones are clearly dominating our lives. jean has gone back to Shanghai and Christian is returning to London as Zim has not worked out. Lets hope he finds a job this time round. Biggest of hugs, hope the feet are still in one piece and there are neither too many blisters or sunburn.Rain however does seem to be a recurring theme in a lot of the blogs. Miss you and so want to speak to you during your 24 hours in fieldbase next week. I wonder where you are. The sea is waiting for you. Keep smiling. All my love. MumXXX

  2. Sophie van Woerkom. Heb je toch niet meer van 3 maanden in de jungle verwacht dan wakker te worden gemaakt door een koe!
    Je bent een stoere vrouw! Love ya. mama

  3. For Callum Hunter X Ray 1

    Hi Callum, Hope you get this message , we all feel a bit bad not to have been in touch more but we are thinking of you in your hammock in the jungle when we sink into our comfy beds. Hope you are enjoying your river bathing and haven't been seduced by any 'sireens' and turned into a horny toad.
    Ellie is in India now and planning a very long train trip south to north. Jo and Aidan are coming round this w/e to watch the cycling, no other news from UCAS, everyone is well and sends their love. Mum x

  4. Rob Sutton-Mattocks, X-Ray 9. I see you've constructed a shower! How can this be?! We'll look forward to your return so that you can make one for us too, ours being very feeble as you know. Nothing much going on here as we have been busy getting back to normal life after our sybaritic interlude in India. Grandma is going into hospital on Monday for her operation - I hope they hang on to her this time instead of booting her out untreated as they did a couple of weeks ago. Julia and Patrick are taking me out for lunch on Mother's Day - I quite like having grown up children, gainfully employed. Hope you are still having a wonderful time and really look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. Much love from Mum

  5. X-Ray 9, Ravenna Westerhout
    Hee Raf,
    Hoe is het daar allemaal, vast heel goed!
    Ik ben zeker jaloers op je, hier regent het alweer, we hebben 1 dag lekker weer gehad.. Veel plezier en we missen je!! XX Livia

  6. Sophie van Woerkom. Is de school klaar? Kindjes erin? En jij? Met spanning kijken we uit naar je terugkomst op het basiskamp. Oma mag misschien vrijdag 23mrt naar huis. Opa woont voorlopig bij Floris en Olwen.Didi heeft zijn theorie gehaald. Chipper is nog steeds onze liefste vriend en Charlotte twijfelt of ze nu wel of niet economie moet kiezen. We zijn trouwens voor Died op Luzac Utrecht geweest. Spannend allemaal. Ik heb vandaag met Matthé langs de Reeuwijkse Plassen gelopen. Geweldig weer. Ik hop je snel te spreken en je verhalen te horen.
    Veel liefs, Saskia

  7. X RAY 9 ALEXANDRE BELLO, Alors mon Alex enfin cette fois ci tu as trouver un moyen original pour ne pas t' ennuyer à l' école . Concernant le rangement de ta chambre ta mère va être contente , le meilleur moyen de garder tout en ordre, est de ne rien avoir à ranger, d' ailleurs dans ta chambre à PARIS afin que tu ne sois pas trop dépaysé nous t' avons installer une tente. Enfin les visages de tes amis sur les photos ont l' air très sympa. Bon courage pour ton raid profites de tout. MYHAN



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