Monday, 19 March 2012

Conquest of the Corcovado (...almost!)

Having determinedly strode onwards through the scorching heat of the sun in Southern Costa Rica, trudged the open mud tracks, battled the mosquito-laden, humid jungle and waded across the winding waters of the Rio Rincon, X Ray 2 are fast approaching their desired destination. The glimmering promise of the Pacific has been sighted at the Golfo Dulce, and its inviting waters enjoyed at Rincon.

Such glorious adventure has not been without its misgivings however, and with blisters in abundance, food rations proving increasingly monotonous alongside 3 weeks of grime, sweat and dirt scenting the air surrounding us, we urge ourselves to our final destination.

The Corcovado trek has been rich in diverse wildlife. The vibrant colours of Costa Rica’s butterflies amongst the mystical fog of Santa Lucia’s bamboo fields have brought us a wealth of beauty and calm, in contrast to the alarm evoked at the sighting of snakes as they bask on our route, or the cohesive confines of spider’s webs strewn from trees.

Group morale has been faultless as we strive towards our adventures end. Two more days and we can rest our weary limbs and contemplate what will have been a unbelievable journey across some of Costa Rica’s most stunning landscapes.


  1. For Joe Donovan - X-Ray 2

    Hi Joe. Hope you are well, and avoiding too many of the pitfalls and potholes associated with extensive jungle travel (spiders, scorpions, snakes, jaguars, anacondas, etc.). Just seen your picture on the Blog (Top of the World!), and you are looking very well considering your many days of trekking.

    We've just come back from a flying visit to Lucy & Matt's, and I can safely say that your favourite nephew is bright as a button, and up for anything & everything - he's brilliant! I told him his Uncle Joe is looking forward to seeing him in May, which made him grin (mind you he was beaming all the time we were there - he's such a happy boy.

    SPORTS UPDATE: Jenson wins Aussie GP, with Vettel & Hamilton close behind. Chelsea staged a magnificent comeback from 3-1 down to beat Napoli 4-1 in a thrilling Champions League 2nd Leg. Wales won the grand Slam against France in Cardiff (the gods are again smiling on the Millennium Stadium). England came a creditable 2nd after hammering France in Paris, then slaughtering Ireland at Twickenham. Looks like Stuart Lancaster might get the job!! Finally, brace yourself for this one - Torres scored 2 goals on Saturday against Leicester in the Cup. What a shocker!

    Look forward to hearing from you again when you get back to some semblance of civilisation.

    All our love

    Dad & Mum xx

  2. Alexi, X Ray 2,
    Katapliktiki n fotografia sou! Tin evalal gia screen saver.To trek sas meiazei apithano. Den borw na pistepsw oti exete perpatisei toso poly kai fantazomai poso tha sou leipei ena kalo krevati...toulaxiston teleiwnete me paralia kai thalassa. Kalo kouragio kai kali synexeia. O Stefanos exei tin karta sou gia na beis, me exigiseis ti na peis. Edw oloi kala, kai xekiname gia taxideia kai emeis. O babas kai egw gia Colombia kai n Clio gia Orlando, Florida. Polla polla filia kai agapi. Sofia

  3. To: Alexi Meghir, X-Ray 2

    Hi lovebug!!! I'm sorry I've been out of touch for a while (midterms/ spring break... you know how it is). I've just seen pictures from your trek. It all looks amazing. They got a couple of nice pictures of you- made me happy to see them. As you know, Caz and I have been speaking, by the way, she wanted you to tell Biggles that her phone is completely broken. Anyway, I got back to New York yesterday and already I've been thrown into classes and all the work that accompanies them. The only thing that makes it bearable is the gorgeous weather! It's sunny and 70 degrees and all the trees are in bloom. I miss you tons. Can't wait to see you soon!


  4. Familie De Kroon19 March 2012 at 13:46

    For Max de Kroon,X-Ray 2: Hoi Max, zo te lezen word je wel op de proef gesteld: de blog verhaalt over een harde, zware tocht. Ik hoop dat de blaren meevallen, je zult er wel niet aan kunnen ontkomen. De paar foto's die we kunnen zien, getuigen van een uiterst fraaie natuur. Wat zul je veel te vertellen hebben! We kunnen haast niet wachten ... maar er komt eerst nog de laatste beproeving: naturework. Benieuwd of je in fieldbase nog tijd hebt om een motivatiebrief voor de VU te schrijven. Bel ons als je kunt. En .... zoals altijd: geniet! Liefs, S+M+W

  5. xray 3 Sian Lewis 20/03/12

    Hi Sian,
    Bethan left a message yesterday but we can't see it on the system so I thought I would send another one just in case. All is well. I wanted to let you know that an offer has finally come in from Cardiff and UCL will hold a place for you. We are hoping that you will be able to Skype us tomorrow on Thursday. Dad and Bethan are going to Solva at the weekend and I am on one of Jackie's girls weekends in Swanage. Can't wait to hear your news. We will leave Skype on.
    Love Mum



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