Monday, 19 March 2012

Dorbata, Chirripo Indigenous Reserve X Ray 9

Quietly and unassumingly, hidden down in the Chirripo Indigenous Territory, X Ray 9 have constructed their school building with the energy and vigour of an army of thousands. Indeed, such is their progress that on Saturday morning they celebrated the opening ceremony with the local community.

Apparently the group don't have time for words, preferring to let their actions do the talking, so treat yourself to a mug of the hot stuff, settle in your favourite chair and enjoy X 9's photos from Dorbata.

It is also worth pointing out that an envelope of electronic proportions, featuring a smorgasbord of photos from our Nicaraguan groups landed in our inbox this morning so check back through the blog to see some digital depictions of the X Ray Groups in action.


  1. For Diana Hindle Fisher x-ray 1

    Hi Di,
    Hope you're surviving the trek! i am really jellll - got to revise tonight, great!
    Hope its gone well so far, and you've got nice and muscly!
    Nothing very interesting is going on here! got exams starting next week for a couple of weeks, 17 days until im done woop woop! thank gawwdd
    Wasted my whole weekend watching rugby, wales won the 6 nations! and watched a medic match as well as a procrastination from work!
    Also banned myself from doing anything fun for the next few weeks so not very enjoyable!
    look forward to hearing all about it
    lots of love xxxxx

  2. Abdallah Slaoui19 March 2012 at 14:22

    Salut ma puce ! Enfin je vois les premières photos ! Je suis trop content pour toi ! Tu as l air de t éclater, tu me manques trop ... Si tu me voyais maintenant j ai un immense sourire sur mon visage en regardant tes photos :))
    J espère que tu es bien
    Je t aime

  3. Abdallah Slaoui19 March 2012 at 14:50

    For Yzza Slaoui Xray9
    Coucou ma puce, je te renvoie le message, j ai oublie de mettre ton nom tout a l heure !!! Je t aime ma fille, tu a l air si belle et si heureuse sur les photos ... Ce sont les premières que l on voit et je suis tout excite :))) !!! Je suis tellement content pour toi, tu as l air tellement bien et heureuse ! Éclates toi ma fille, profites a fond ! Je t aime,
    Ton papa a qui tu manques beaucoup

  4. Message for Victoria Brennan Xray 8. Hope you're all right building walls! The picture of you was great. Thank you for the beautiful flowers; how kind of you. The hyacinths smell lovely in the hall. I stayed with Grandpa for the night and he sends lots of love. Then I saw Ceci and stayed with her which was great. We went to Petersham NUrseries which had fabulous flowers, pots as well as china and glass. Vonney very kindly had Jack to supper on the Wed and he stayed the night too. We had a good time. Aunty Nan is a bit busy at the mo with her Portfolio. everyone sends lts of love. Jack has a new job in Dubai!, all change! Your friends in Dubai have sent a wedding invite to you and George.

  5. For Josie Killen x-ray 9....Nice to see you doing some manual labour for a change LOL i am well jell of the places you have been, it looks fantastic, poppy is going to have serious words with you when you get back due to you two timing her with another mutt !!!!!! Keep smiling, everyone is asking for you and sending their love, love and miss you lot's, Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. georgina reilly19 March 2012 at 15:50

    josie killen x-ray9
    hi josie, just having a look through your teams pictures . looking good ive taken down a couple of more walls in the house . looks likes you could help me rebuild when you get home .how you dealing with the wee beasties ? hope your dog is getting fed well we are all good .keep up the great work. lots of love auntie Gina x

  7. Danielle Dowding (X-ray 1)
    Hi angel, hoping this finds you well and that your knee is healing well. Have had no news so am praying and trusting that the swelling is down and that you are not in too much pain. Missing you so much and hoping that you have managed to keep busy despite your injury and that you have enjoyed yourself. We all well and counting the days to end of term! Doing the flowers for the eisteddfod concert on Friday evening at Chisi then just one week and Shell is off to Pretoria. So pleased as the Sharks beat the Reds!! Also Roger beat Nadal in semi-final and Isner beat Novak. Roger then won against Isner in the final. Button first in F1 and Vettel second. Wales won the six nations. So so looking forward to chatting when you get your phone, love and miss you so much. Keep your chin up and know how very proud we are of you always. Lots and lots of love and God bless, Mom, Dad and Shell Bell xxx

  8. BATSAM X RAY 1 still no pics ofyou explorers yet!!! So dont want to miss your call this week. Head office tell me you should all be back at fieldbase on thursday and friday. I will be at home thursday afternoon and evening and friday afternoon. YOU ARE 6 HOURS BEHIND US. Cant wait to hear all your news. It cant be far to your destination now. Big hugs. MumX

  9. Josie Killen Xray 9 , looking hot Josie your doing so well maybe in stead of me finding a new house why dont you build be a house will make it more special for me. cant wait for you to come home,love well done on caring for the dog, who will feed it when your away? you group sounds great i think we should do it together one year , hope to here from you soon Im cooking us dinner when you get back! never missed some one some one so much , when am i getting a wee phone call from you again ? love you so so much see you soon hunnie love Darren xxxxxxx

  10. Rob Sutton-Mattocks X-ray 9. Great photos - love the beard! You look as though you are having the most amazing time in an incredibly beautiful place. I'll show the photos to Grandma when she comes out of hospital - she's had the op at last and it's all gone v. well. I'm going to Italy next week (from 29th) to do some gardening with a gang of RHS 'girls', but we'll keep in touch with the blog to see what you are up to. Saw Will's mum with morning, by the way, and she says Will is loving Uganda too. Much love Mum

  11. For Max Lilley X Ray 6
    18 days of rain sounds fun Maxi; I'm jealous; bet you're looking forward to a few proper showers; hope phase 3 sees you with a tan!!! London today till Friday; looking forward to a phone call! Oh, and I've got Skype!! Love Mum and Dad xxx

  12. Hi guys, this message is for Alexander Bello, X-ray 9

    Hoi Alex!

    Goeie foto's op het net van je! Heb je je haar alweer bijgeknipt? Coup
    Je word gemist door myself en onze twee meiden thuis, maar het is goed om je foto's op het blog te zien. De school die jullie aan het bouwen zijn schiet lekker op. Zal niet meevallen in die steaming jungle. De locals zullen er super blij mee zijn en het home front is ape trots op jullie prestatie!
    Ik heb net een rondje Australie achter de rug en zit nu een dag in Muscat, Oman. Straks lekker weer naar huis! Hoop je snel weer te zien.

    Take care!


  13. Christie-Miller2 April 2012 at 08:17

    Amelia Christie-Miller Zulu 6
    Hoping the Nicaraguan life is suiting you. Got home safely after skiing. Missed you too much. 12 hour car trip. Dave back and Ted revising and tennis lessons but the sun is shining. Emma in Nice and is back tomorrow. Good luck with the Spanish.
    love Mumma x x

  14. Christie-Miller2 April 2012 at 08:20

    Hey Molly, Zulu 6,

    Its dave, just wondering how you are, tonight is the premier of Empo on TV, MIC.. should be hilarious. Still havent spoken to you on skype.. please let me know when you are next on...

    Hope you are having a crap time, lots of love
    guess what?




  15. Louis Dal Bosco7 April 2012 at 05:55

    Message is for Alexander Bello


    Alles goe broertje? foto's zien er zalig uit, hopelijk hebde het naar u zin maar daar twijfel ik ni aan. kom maar snel trg naar belgie dak u ng is kan zien ;) laat wete wanneer ge terug zijt he, kheb nog smsje gestuurd ma wrs hebde u gsm ni meer gehad. Hopelijk tot snel en geniet nog maar van u laatste dage want hier ist weer slecht weer zne!

    Cu soon!




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