Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Phase 2 Slideshow

Well here it is - what you´ve all been waiting for... the amazing Phase 2 slideshow. Ale and Jemma did such an awesome job that we´ve had to divide it in two... enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Hi Peeps,

    The first vid is in a format we can not see in the UK, second one is fine.

    Cheers all and keep up the fantastic work.


  2. Alexandre Bello Zulu 3

    Hey, gelukkig zat je in de 2de video want de 1ste was niet te openen. Echt super leuk.
    Net even gekeken met Loek, je krijgt de groeten en je moet weer snel thuis komen!

    Gisteren nog in Parijs geweest gegeten met myan was gezellig.
    Verder gaat hier alles goed, wordt druk gewerkt aan de laatste afwerkingen van het huis. Oene is alleen maar aan het vliegen, zit nu weer in NY.
    Succes met je trekking!!!
    Zijn allemaal apetrots op je!!

  3. for Tim Phoa, Zulu 7
    leuk filmpje! eerst deed ie het niet, maar daarna wel en stond jij op 0 seconden vol in beeld!
    ik zal morgen bellen met cheap tickets, want we hebben nog steeds geen mail ontvangen. ik kan zelf niet veel doen op de website van cheap tickets, want ik heb je inlogcodes niet. ik laat wel horen of er iets gelukt is (nb Anja geeft mij niet veel kans... zij moest een heel nieuw ticket voor Marieke kopen ipv omruilen met bijbetaling) heel veel liefs en nog veel plezier met de laatste 2 weken. mama

  4. George Cosgrove Zulu 1

    Just to say great news ,you are in !You had an email yesterday.We are thrilled for you.!Loved the slideshow you look like you are having the time of your life!
    Everyone is getting excited for my big Birthday tommorow,I will miss my boy but am looking forward to celebrating with you in the Summer.Love to Charlie,it is great you are together on the trek,take care ,love you,Mumxxxxx

  5. Message for Katie Philpott Zulu 6

    Ola Katie!
    Great to see you on the pic of Zulu 6! Hope the loo building is going well and you're getting some good Spanish practice. All's well here - has been hot for the last week - amazing sunny days(good for post-work cycling). Dad's book is finished - it's awesome! Missing you loads - keep happy. Lots of love Mum xxxx

  6. BATSAM ZULU 7 Much as I LOVED the video not so much as a millisecond of XRAY 1 nor anything of Amelia, perhaps you appear in part 1 which appears to have been banned in the UK. Would so love to see some photos. Went to the Hajj at the British Museum, wonderful, and then saw CHarles Edwards in the Kings Speech - he is so like David. Petrol stations are running out of diesel in London (tanker drivers on strike) so will be an interesting journey home and once there we may never get out!! biggest of hugs, miss you and do hope your knees are bearing up. MUMXX

  7. Samuel Marsden - Zulu 6

    Hey Sam,

    Hopefully you are by now ensconced with your new family and well under way with the eco-loos! Tried to get a glimpse of you on the most recent slide show but unfortunately it's blocked because of copyright issues so won't play. We are all off tomorrow (Ollie skiing and Molly and I to Moscow) and are so looking to seeing you when you come back on the 17th, which isn't long after we return. In the meantime, we'll continue to look out for you on the blog and hope you are still progressing with the spanish! Enjoy the rest of your trip and Pura Vida:))) All of our love, Mum, Ollie and Mol

  8. For Max Lilley Zulu 6
    Hi Max; at last; correspondence from you; we love the pics; looks like you're having an amaaazing time; wish I was there; enjoy every moment. All is well here other than Dad and I miss you loads; can't wait for your return. Take care my lovely. Mama xxxx

  9. alexander bello zulu 3
    alex met tara ik wou weten hoe het daar is.Heb je der al vrienden gemaakt is het er niet te vermoeiend daar.we missen je allemaal heel erg oma is hier en geeft je een dikke kus.Het is vandaag de verjaardag van camran .hij vind het spijtig dat je er niet bent .het zijn alemaal hele leuke fotos en het lijktme der heel me al een tip gegeven we denken alemaal aan jou en we geven je heel veel kusjes

  10. We can see it in the UK now, many thanks Raleigh

  11. Sian Lewis Zulu 7

    Hope you are well and enjoying this phase as much as you did the last. It's the end of March now and all is well. We've just had a week of lovely shorts and T-shirts weather but today its clouded over again (scoul).
    Mair has returned home so we are all lost and in a daze trying to work out what to do with our lives without her to organize them for us :) Dad saw Tess in Penarth the other day with her girlfriend. He said that her voice was still weak but she looked really happy, chatty and well.
    We are missing you like crazy and cannot wait to get you home to check your wounds and exchange stories.
    I went for a picnic in Cosmeston yesterday and all my coursework deadlines now so am a tinsy bit stressed :/
    Hope you've received some of our letters
    Bethan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Family Craddock31 March 2012 at 08:06

    Amy Craddock, Zulu 1
    My dear pops
    Missed my chance of writing my final letter to you so shall 'up' the message sending to make up. Out and about a lot so days are whizzing by. Hope the trekking is proving fun and satisfying. You have soldier qualities so keeping moving and dearly hope that your knee is not letting you down. Was delighted when you Zulu 1 update said that you were all in good health. Dad is off to see his friend in town. Went to see Natalie at her workplace and it was a real treat. You will like it and perhaps take Lily with you.
    love from all of us and a big hug

  13. james wildgose zulu 4
    James Darling, espero que la proxima eetapa es tan buena como la primera!!!! I hope your Craic is at a good level ,and your using the longdrop on a regular basis. Alls good here at home, im so very glad your thoroughly enjoying your experiences in Costas Ricas.. We r off skiing tomoz, so we are missing one vital family member YOU !!!!but im sure your haveing lots of fun.. We all looved seeing your pohots of your fitst phase and it was really great to talk to you the other day. Johnny is back from school now and hes busy packing and is thinking of his biggy bro loads.xx hazzy is fine shes missing you as we all are, but happy that your having sooo much fun. enjoy and love to all. your mumski xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. James Barlow Zulu 2
    Hi Darling glad you having great time. Just seen lots of pics of you in X Ray 4. Looks like you have lost weight! Hope trek going well and boots ok. Been very hot here but now due too snow! Been to see granny who is good form and send her love. Off to Sandon p to p on sat, then to Hughes for easter sunday which should be fun. Then Aintree the following week. Milla home on thurs for easter. Have accepted Oxford brooks so need to sort accom with 5 halls. Will ask Hamish. At least you know where you are going now. Got to pack up the house to start building work!! Hope you are fit and well and enjoy your trek. Lots of love mum x x x x x x x x x x

  15. Lauren Davidson Sophie Jenkins1 April 2012 at 16:03

    Hello Lauren Davidson and Sophie Jenkins,
    We were thrilled to see the slideshow. Lots of great pics!! A photo is worth a thousand words.
    When you get a chance, let us know how you are doing on the next leg of your adventure. We looked for where you are on google maps. It's cold and rainy here as the winter is dragging into Spring.Sean is practicing, getting ready for the Canada Cup Floorball tournament. He is missing his sis Lolo.We're getting lots of painting done around the house. Can't wait to see you guys. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Love, Lynn, Ron and Sean

  16. Kaisa Peterson2 April 2012 at 02:19

    Amanda Petersson, Zulu1

    Don't forget to email me before you set off to your next adventure. It has rained a lot in the Jungle but here is a threat of draught: I am off for 2 weeks during the Easter Holiday and today is the first day. The house is quiet because your brothers are asleep. When Leo wakes up he wants to go and get some new clothes from H&M. Not my idea but his waist line has expanded a bit. I send a cyber hug and thought! Ma xxx

  17. BATSAM ZULU 7 A huge gracias to all concerned for enabling us to see Part 1 of the slide show - great to see some pics of the formidable trek. Those following in your footsteps are clearly having a somewhat easier time!!! The feet on view looked YUC!!! Sunny as ever today although a little chillier. Went to fascinating talk by ex Ambassador to Kabul as Ox Lit Festival. Ben has his head in his books and then took out his frustration on the tennis court with former captain of Edi Uni tennis team!!! Ollie headed to Switzerland today, CHristian here and Tom working away!!! Longing for an instalment on your project but cant stop thinking about the cockerel. I hope he has become your new best friend. Love you lots and miss you.XXXX Mum

  18. Roisin Carson XRay 8
    Wicked video of you sis! (not sure if you seen it :) Really looking forward to seeing you soon woop woop how exciting, hope you're not too sad about coming home. Sending you infinite love soul sister (and real life sister) Kiss kiss kiss xxxxxx NMRK

    Roisin sister, it was so loveley to see your smile your vibrant strong and sensitive and compasionate life state shines through. Im sorry i have not emailed its not because i have not been thinking of you, i do often and feel so happy and proud of you. I look forward to seeing you soon, have a great couple of weeks and tell the trees and sea im coming soon to see them:)

    LOVE AND DAIMOKU ALWAYS love you bro Iv. Oh yeah congrats Auntie rosh :) lucky oliver xxxxx

  19. To Diana Hindle Fisher Zulu 7
    From Hindle Fishers
    Ola! How's it going? Hope you're having fun? Not sure if my last message got though so in case not: Happy Birthday! We are having lovely time in Cornwall, Daddy just did his walk from Tintagel & I met him in Port Isaac, then walked back so very tired but hot & sunny, but weather changing tomorrow. Off to knutsons tomorrow - seems strange without you! Hope you have a fun day on Monday, we will be thinking of you. Lots of love darling M & D xxxxx



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