Saturday, 17 March 2012

Letters from La Amistad

X Ray 5 has had plenty to do since the last update. On the final night of the field base visit we celebrated Alfredo’s 18th birthday with a bonfire, piñata and the largest energy bomb cake made in Raleigh history.

One of the most important aspects of our time (apart from work) in La Amistad has been Human Cluedo initiated by Amelia. Every person is given a location, a ‘weapon’ and a ‘victim’. The objective is simple – kill your victim with your allocated weapon in the allocated location. Obviously this has resulted in a series of extremely amusing moments, such as Valeria smearing energy bomb on Matt’s face, and Gareth tipping cold water over Dani – whilst she was sunbathing!

After a few days of hard work x5 decided to take a day off, for what we thought would be spent at the local swimming pool. Unfortunately we arrived to find it empty, but were redirected to a river nearby where we wiled away the hours bathing in the water, the sun and playing volleyball. Louis and Dani meanwhile attempted the world record for most falls in a day – the latter taking the spoils. You’ll be pleased to know it’s not all fun and games for X-Ray 5. Due to the huge effort put in by the group, we’re way ahead of schedule and close to completion several days early.
Of course, being in a National Park wouldn’t be complete without wildlife encounters – just last night the classroom was invaded by a stag-beetle/butterfly hybrid and it was all we could do to prevent George having a panic attack. This was followed this morning by the invasion of a herd of 30 cows onto the campsite, which were duly driven away by banging pots and brandishing machetes. No animals were harmed in this defensive display.Since our last update we have seen not 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 but 6 spider monkeys, which were spied by Gaz and Phil, swinging their way above our worksite.

Yesterday we visited the pool (now full) and stopped on the way at a local organic farmers union. We were unsure what to expect – especially not a coffee shop made of mosaics which impressed the whole group. Here we sampled pure organic jam and coffee which can only be described as the best ever.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow we visit the Valley of Silence, a former Raleigh project of footpaths and trails. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed themselves, had a laugh and undertaken some amazing things. Here’s hoping our Zulu groups are just as epic!

X-Ray 5 sends its love to all friends and family at home and wishes all the Mothers out there a truly special day x


  1. Phillip Houghton XRay 5

    Hi son, it's mothersday and we have just got your latest blog with the wishes to all moms at the end, it means the world to me as I am missing your lovelly laugh and smile so much. Nan's and grandads are here today so we will busy keeping track of them and stopping the dog running away with there slippers. Chris went down to London yesterday to meet up with his Raleigh group, you were probably a hot topic.
    Enjoy and stay safe.
    Love your Mom xxxxxxx

  2. To Diana Hindle Fisher X-ray 1
    From Hindle Fisher HQ
    Hi darling,
    Hope the trek is going well and you enjoy the beach at the end. Looking forward to hearing news and hearing what your next project will be. Not much news here except Wales won the Grand Slam so Daddy over the moon! How's the food going and how are the feet?! Missing you lots, lots of love M &D x x x x

  3. BATSAM X RAY 1 Why do you always appear to be in a group from which we hear the least!!! Hope you are all OK. As I type with the broadband now sorted Brightwell Baldwin is at its best. The sun is out, the sky is blue and the daffodils in bloom. Uni term has finished for Ollie, and Ben has one week to go with not much work only mock results back!!! Think of us on Saturday as we will all be at Doc Jims memorial. Longing to have that long awaited chat - it has been 6 weeks since I heard your cheery voice. The ocean wont be far away now. Miss you.All our love. MumXX



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