Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Like the proverbial butterfly our venturers and their groups have undergone an astonishing transformation: they’ve morphed from X-Ray groups into Zulus as they bid to see out the third and final leg of their quest. In other words, Phase 3 is ready to roll!

Zulu 1 – Turrisantos Trek

David Winterflood
Matthew Jewers
Jessica Soane
Joseph Donovan
Charlotte Rombaut
George Moody
Anthony Gallagher
Kevin Ho
Sonia Deiters
Hannah Voisin
Amy Craddock
Harvey Burgess
Thomas Edney
Charles Pilkington
Frederik van Landegem
Daniel Meza
Rachelle Bent
Amanda Petersson
George Cosgrove

Zulu 2 – Corcovado Trek

Jon Baguley
Dani Percival
Roeland Terpstra
Jezreel Lezama
Véronique Driebeek
Ileana Boyes
Phillip Houghton
Louis Manders
Alfredo Salas Garro
Ben Chowdhury
Joni Antonio Moreno Gonzáles
Fleur Jansen
Andrew Sweerts
Holly Courtier
Georgina Webster
Mercedes White
James Barlow

Zulu 3 – Miratombo Trek

Alex Dennis
Adri Rodriguez
Daniel Walsh
Valeria Celeste Polimeni Solís
Ben Maclean
Liam Ward
Gareth Price-Baghurst
Maria Gerono
Gustavo Badilla Araya
Simon Webb
Sophie  van Woerkom
Ravenna Westerhout
Dara Sternberg
Robert Sutton-Mattocks
Ciara Atkinson
Brayan Lobo Fallas
Alexandre Bello

Zulu 4: Carara National Park

Alex Beaumont
Amanda Payne-Danson
Victoria Brennan
Erika Lobo Sánchez
Thea A Mikkelsen
George Batt
Claire F Edgley
Marvin Uriel Perez Villarreyna
Azelle Egbe
Anna Blackwell
James J Wildgoose
Hanko Gerritsen
Michael Modesto Romero Herrera
Josephine Killen

Zulu 5: Volcan Tenorio

Jemma Grundon
Daniel Saborio
Alexander E Gordon
Istvan Josue Sepulveda Hernandez
Yzza R Slaoui
Lisa J Steinmetz
Fosca Meyjes
Max de Kroon
Valeria Vasquez Cruz
Deyanira Monterrey Centeno
Jarol Jassiel Tercero Morales
Eika S Webb
Roisin M Carson

Zulu 6: El Portillo

Francesca Hodge
Caroline Bolt
Katie Philpott
Jose Pablo Castilo Halabi
Lauren Davidson
Louisa F Treadwell
Jonathan A Sacarello
Mark T Wardle
Rosemary G Henry
Wing Tung Wong
Samuel G Marsden
Tess P de Jongh
Julian Heckmatt
Amelia A Christie-Miller
Allegra Dowley
Edward M Lilley
Sjoerd B Baardman

Zulu 7: La Naranjita

Fiona Arakelian
Afsana Tahirova
Lucinda Ryan
Markus Hjorth
Diana  Hindle Fisher
Savan Shah
Sam Horbye
Sophie  Jenkins
Callum Hunter
Mary Dashfield
Sian Lewis
Ting Phoa
Jessica Emerson
Mark Fearon
Julie Balfour
Timothy Welander
Pamela Quesada Gutierrez


  1. zulu 6 - Mark T Wardle-
    heey marky , cant believe your on your last phase! hope you having an amazing birthday and that it will get even better with the community phase next ! whatever your doing im sure it will be unforgettable and fb me as soon as possible to say how it is going or has gone ! missing you loads and cant wait to see all your photos and here all your news love you loads katie
    p.s it was sunny for once here on your bday !

  2. Callum Hunter - Zulu 7

    Hi Callum, its summer here! got sunburned cycling to Bristol last weekend -took the hilly route south of Bath and regretted it - lots of whacky kit at the show - met mark and supped coffee in the docks then gentle train home. Hope to pick up renovated frame this weekend and thinking about the spec- modern or retro ? what do you think?

    Had a great b'day today - pressies had a coffee theme so chance to refine my palate a bit.

    Cav got dropped at Milan San Remo and Gent - new tactic appears to be to blast up the early hills so removing him from contention during the sprints. Big talk now is whether to focus on wiggins alone for the tour.

    England 193, Sri Lanka 318 ist innings and england take a pasting in the press.

    Love from us all - Simon

  3. Holly Courtier – Zulu 2
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY! Hope that you're having a fantastic day (or at least you did – whenever this gets to you)! Saw a few photos of you, one of which you appeared to be digging a hole or something – looked like hard work, but immense amounts of fun! And the 'doughnutting' sounded... interesting! Hope my letter got to you – which should hopefully explain how I'm posting this!! You're missing out on some insane weather by the way – was chilled out in Soho square earlier with an ice cold beer – it's like summer already! Anyway, I digress; hope your 300km trek goes excellently, – I did a similar thing for my DofE – listening to 'Revolution Rock' for hours on end got me though it!
    have a brilliant day...
    angus xx

  4. Holly Courtier - Zulu two

    Happy birthday Holly!

    Whenever you read this, I hope you had a great birthday and your treck is going well!

    I hope you recieved our package as well! If not, its the thought that counts right?!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, I look forward to hearing all about it!

    Lots of love,


  5. BATSAM zulu 7 So nice to see group pic, we never did see one of X RAY 1 !! It is wednesday and you must be now quite adept at carrying adobe bricks!! Hope those knees are bearing up. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and it is going to be 23 degrees in London. THis could be our summer!! Keep your smile and sense of humour. Miss you lots. Big hugs. From all in flat 21

  6. For Afsana Tahirova Zulu 7
    Good to see you still smiling! Go for it!

  7. Louis Manders Zulu 2 - Corcovado Trek
    Hi Blue, Just a short note. Thanks for the fb chat was really nice. Hope you enjoy the trek, that it's not too hard and you don't get too many blisters! By the looks of the group photo the first thing you will be doing when you get back is get to the barbers!! Just a couple of days until I break up from school and then I will contact Charlotte about coming to the airport. Not Long now. Take Care Mum XX

  8. To Diana Hindle Fisher Zulu 7
    From Hindle Fishers
    Hi! So good to speak to you & well done completing the trek, sounds amazing. We've been wondering how it was all going and relieved to hear you made it back safely. Now on to the last phase, hope it's fun & you enjoy the job & your families. All well here, Is is home to revise for a few days and off to Cornwall for Easter, so we will be thinking of you! Take care darling, miss you lots & hope to catch some more sightings on the blog. Lots of love M & D xxxxxxxx

  9. Abdallah Slaoui28 March 2012 at 11:09

    Yzza Slaoui Zulu 5
    Coucou chérie,
    J espère que tout va bien pour toi et que ce n est pas trop difficile. Ici tout va bien, on est rentre dans l été ... Beau temps magnifique ! Je suis en train de boucler l organisation de notre voyage au Pérou, ça va être super (j espère :)) je te ramènerai des vêtements chaud car on sera en altitude et il fera froid !
    J au May et Driss ce week end, ça va être sympa !
    Y'a maman m à dit que tu allais en Koree avec elle juste après notre retour, ça va te faire des sacres voyages ! Je suis content pour toi :)
    J ai emprunté ta voiture de nouveau car j ai un problème avec lamienne , du coup je vais te l arranger car je trouve qu elle ne freine pas bien !
    Je pense à toi tous les jours ! Je t aime

  10. Zulu 1-Charlie Rombaut
    Hey charlotte! Everything looks so amazing from the photos! I miss you so much though, but i hope your having an amazing time, i got nominated for head girl and dep head!! that better make you smile!!! Everything is well here, except the dog- she misses you way to much for her own good! Love you loads, Alex XX

  11. Ma/Amanda Petersson, Zulu1
    Hi! At last a photo and you all look well but have you been hiding away from the sun! It looks great and fun. I am sure you are off the radar until you are back to field base. Ma x

  12. for lucinda ryan zulu 7
    hope you had a good journey Lucinda and now enjoying the last phase. Summer continues in London and still only March. Hope we save some nice weather for you for when you come home!
    all well here. Take care darling and look forward to speaking when you return to field base
    lots of love

  13. George Moody Zulu 1
    Hi George good to hear the details of your final phase today. Hope you're pleased with the trek, it sounds amazing to be walking coast to coast. Can't believe you're now on the last phase, it seems to have gone so quickly, wonder if you think the same.
    Texted Sam & Harry about your plans to visit Bristol. Only Sam has replied saying great to see you but won't be back in Bristol 'til 22nd April. Remember we leave on 7th April to go to Edinburgh to fly out to France on 8th back on the 15th. Assume you will be landing at Heathrow on 17th April unless we hear otherwise. Both sets of grandparents would love to see you but you should go to Stony first. We have had the most amazing hot weather lately, Aboyne had record breaking march temperature of 23.6 a couple of days ago, nothing compared to you but incredible here for March! Just had book club at Sally's, quite late now & have work tomorrow so will sign off. Missing you, have fun & watch out for blisters, cows & horses!!
    Lots of love Mum xxxx

  14. Roisin Carson Zulu 5
    Hey Roisin love the slide show... looks like youve been well busy !!! Well Iv meet little man Oliver went to see Rosanna Ben and Oliver on Mon 26th March .... he's sooooo adorable you will love him... they will all be down to stay with us at the end of April we will be able to spend 5 days with him !!!!
    Its been lovely here weather wise so been out gardening alot.... not long now till you come home... carn't wait will be lovely to see you....love you very much Mum xxxxxxx

  15. For Danny Walshy Zulu 3: Happy birthday Danny! Hope you're trek is going as well as alpha dos' did! I've already managed to tick about 30 items off the food list and going to the big easy tonight so am planning on doubling that! say hi to all the x ray 9 gang too! good luck. Matt

  16. zulu 2 illy boyes
    OMG ILLY I JUST LOOKED UP THE WEATHER FORECAST FOR ECUADOR ITS GONNA B MINIMUM OF 30 DEGREES AHHHHHHHHHHHH GOONNA BE SO TANNED (or in you case potentially burnt hehhee :P) misss youuu hope your enoying trek! just keeep going!!! LOVE YOU XXXXXXX

  17. lieve Sjoerd (Zulu 6),
    wat een prachtige slideshow (was jij de fotograaf?)! Ben benieuwd bij wat voor gezin je nu zit, een soort eenzijdige puberruil..En wat je daar moet doen. Hier alles prima. Pappa telt de dagen af. Eerst nog Pasen en dan koffers pakken.. Kabiniet Rutten legt nu ook een "ei" maar dan over de economische bezuinigingen. Lieve schat, hoop dat je ook de laatste weken zo geniet, we zien erg uit naar je terugkomst!!dikke kus, mamma

  18. For Kevin Ho in Zulu 1

    Kev! dude we're having trouble changing your flight tickets, the number you gave us is a number abroad or what? anyhow i suggest you try get online and email us..i went on the iberia website too..but its the same number you gave. Confused.com! Jens taken look too. Anyhow hope you're enjoying your trek!! Miss u ! Sammy xxx

  19. Zulu 2 - Jon Baguley

    Baggers!! hope you're enjoying your second trek you crazy fool doing 2 back to back! look forward to hearing an update on how u are getting on but thought i would share 2 bits of news with you..

    1. They are making a sequel to Anchorman - i thought you'd appreciate this!!
    2. You beard is TERRIBLE!! But i hope you win the best beard out of the PM's. It's truly shocking.

    Keep up the good work love, you're a legend. Look forward to hearing all about it soon!

    Lots of Love from Cambodia, Nicole xxxxx

  20. Zulu 5 Lisa Steinmetz

    Hey lieve lisa,
    Hier is mijn eerste berichtje naar zulu 5. Ik heb gisteravond de slideshow gezien met allemaal foto 's waar je op staat. Wat zie je er goed uit en wat kijk je blij en ontspannen. Zelfs op de trek. Kind, wat zie je veel en wat maak je veel mee. Wat word je sterk en krachtig en prachtig!
    Ik heb vliegwinkel gebeld. Je kunt het beste met ze e-mailen op amsterdam@vliegwinkel.nl. Geef je naam door en de data dat je zou vliegen en wanneer je wil vliegen. Ze zei dat het niet veel uitmaakte wanneer je dat doet, maar ik zou het zo snel mogelijk doen. Het moet in ieder geval voor je vertrek datum, maar dat is logisch.
    Ok een update: wolfje wordt een wolf, ze is nog steeds een kleine kat...komt meteen tevoorschijn als ze mijn stem hoort met van die onderwater-knipper ogen...ze miauwt nog steeds niet...alleen als ze me een tijd niet heeft gezien zegt ze zachtjes mrau...ze heeft haar ecolatrine in huis verhuisd naar buiten...dat is een beetje gevaar
    Ijk, dat snap je...dus ze moet goed uitkienen wanneer ze kan gaan toileteren....
    De opnames voor de documentaire waren heel leuk.
    Ik ben met de trailer naar het bos gegaan. Daar is A op het paard gaan zitten en toen zijn we naar de kraal gewandeld. De kraal is een ronde omheining waar je kunt picknicken met je paard. Het ligt in het bos op een open plek. Heel mooi. Het was prachtig weer. Toen ontmoetten we daar de filmploeg. A en star hebben opdrachten gedaan en alles werd gefilmd. Op een gegeven moment werd het te lang voor star...maar toen kwam er nog een celebrity om A te interviewen en mij ook...hmmm spannend. En op een gegeven moment waren ze klaar. Ik heb mijn lieve vlekkenmerrie gezadeld en ben met Lola aan onze zijde weer op weg gegaan. Dat vond ik zo leuk.
    Alles gaat hier verder zijn gangetje. Babette studeert hard en we zien haar eigenlijk heel weinig. Jill heeft net haar laatste se-week gehad en die ging volgens mij wel goed. Pam is nog steeds heel gelukkig op de verpleegstersschool en werkt hard in het bejaardenhuis op haar afdeling met demente mensen. Heel bijzonder wat ze doet, het blijft niet bij kopjes soep voeren...want wat erin gaat moet er ook weer uit, zal ik maar zeggen...je snapt het wel en dat doet ze volgens mij allemaal met een lach. Bibi heeft volgende week verkeersexamen en de vikingen...zij gaat met Pasen op hockey-kamp.
    Ron 's praktijk vordert gestaag. Het is wel een heel gedoe maar het wordt erg mooi en het is heel groot.
    Wij gaan vandaag naar den haag naar een voorstelling van het scapino ballet.
    Ik werk vrij hard. Heb veel vertaalopdrachten van de rechtbank, tolk er veel en tolk bij de gevangenis, ziekenhuizen, bij mensen thuis.....
    Met paardenleren gaat het langzaam maar wel ok. Ik ga niet echt op zoek, maar wacht een beetje tot men naar mij komt en dat gebeurt ook.
    Ik heb met den haag gebeld gisteren. Je gaat eind juni voor de intake- dag. Ik heb de mail ontvangen en jij ook denk ik. Rotterdam moet je nog uitnodigen.
    Ik moet gaan tolken.

  21. Callum Hunter Zulu 7

    Hi Callum,

    Just wrote you a huge message but I don't think it sent! Darn! Will try to remember what I wrote...

    End of a gorgeously sunny and warm week here. Had a really memorable cycle with Dad for his birthday on Tuesday- shorts and short sleeves, and the clocks have gone forward so it was light until late. So lovely! Been quite a busy week here so just spending the morning catching up on some jobs and then off to drinks in London this eve.

    Really loved the slideshow!! You all look so cheery, lovely smiles! Hope you're enjoying the next phase. El is home next Thursday, we're all really looking forward to seeing her!

    The boys are very excited about the tour of flanders this weekend. I'm just happy that my latest 20 miles were reatively easy! Just the run/swim to go now.. David Miller broke his collarbone last weekend, poor chap.

    Anyway, that's all from me. Love you lots, keep having fun! Jo xxxx

  22. Callum Hunter Zulu 7

    Hi Callum - Big day tomorrow - Tour of Flanders - a showdown between in form Boonen and Cancellara -should be a cracker- Aiden paced me across Cranborne Chase this am - legs, and other areas, now very sore, but i'm sure its good for me! Have stocked up with chamois cream and torq food for the summer (.....thought you would want to know)

    Jo phoned this am - found rats in her compost - but says they tasted very good bbq'd. Ellie now on her way back to Delhi and flying home of thursday.

    Mum has just cooked a cracking cream and damson jam cake - i'll try again sending a slice over the internet, but not hopeful after the problem i had with the chocolate brownies.

    Lancaster finally confirm as new England manager.

    Love from us all


  23. Message for Caroline Bolt now on Zulu 6 from Mum and Dad. Hi Caroline, hope the building is going well and your feet have recovered from your marathon trek. Weather has been Costa Rica like here in Worthing !! Mum has been very busy planting all her veggies. Finley John is doing well - Louise has sent photos, he looks lovely, lots of dark hair. Sam has gone oiff to SA so yer Bro is feeling lonely although I am sure he will find a few mates to keep him company in the Rum bar. Off to Olivers birthday tomorrow, Granny and Grandad with us on Tuesday. Keep well, love you loads and will blog again soon. xxxxxxx

  24. Message for Mark Wardle zulu 6
    Hi Mark!
    Hope the building is going well and that you had a great birthday! The weather for the last week has been lush, even got to top up my tan haha but now there is warnings for snow crazy eye! I have just finished making a book for mum and dad of their photos from Africa, maybe i could help make you one of your trip? We have Tims surprise birthday party tomorrow, not sure what we are doing for katies birthday now due to the weather, but her card from Costa Rica came today! :) Look forward to hearing from you when you get back from the build! Dad has been able to contact Nigel and they will be back in Tampa by the time you get there, they will also be sorting the flights so will post the details when we know them. Love you and Miss you loads Fi xxxx

  25. Callum Hunter Zulu7

    Hi Callum ,

    Lots of last minute olympic hitches here- because beach volleyball is not actually being held on a beach ( currently Horse Guards Parade) it has to be moved - the good news is that beach volley ball will come to Swanage - but onshore winds will be so cold that participants will have to wear tracksuits and ticket holders are asking for their money back!

    Also controversy about the sponsorship of the velodrome post Olympics - Pringles makers Proctor and Gamble are refusing to sponsor a building they currently get free publicity for ( everyone calls it the Pringle) - the hot favourite sponsors post olympics, Coca- Cola, will remove the iconic roof and replace it with something resembling a bottle top!

    Love from us all on this special day.


    ps Boonen won Flanders

  26. Callum Hunter Zulu7

    Hi Callum ,

    Lots of last minute olympic hitches here- because beach volleyball is not actually being held on a beach ( currently Horse Guards Parade) it has to be moved - the good news is that beach volley ball will come to Swanage - but onshore winds will be so cold that participants will have to wear tracksuits and ticket holders are asking for their money back!

    Also controversy about the sponsorship of the velodrome post Olympics - Pringles makers Proctor and Gamble are refusing to sponsor a building they currently get free publicity for ( everyone calls it the Pringle) - the hot favourite sponsors post olympics, Coca- Cola, will remove the iconic roof and replace it with something resembling a bottle top!

    Love from us all on this special day.


    ps Boonen won Flanders

  27. Caroline de Jongh for Tess de
    Jongh zulu 6
    Hey lieve tessie. Hoe is het in Nicaragua en heb je al een toiletje gebouwd daar? Ik stel me voor hoe je daar met je werkhandschoenen bezig bent en 's avonds met de nieuwe local families rond de pot zit. Hopelijk heb je weer heel veel plezier en goede, leerzame en chille momenten. Hier is het bijna Pasen en gaan we familiedagen tegemoet. De lente is al lekker op stoom en we zijn zoveel mogelijk buiten. Ben goed aan het sporten: bodypump, zumba en hardlopen. Kiki zit in haar tentamens en studeeert hard. Maggie heeft 3 dagen gewerkt tijdens de stuntweek van domino's en vindt het leuk daar. Papa is lekker aan het werk net als ik en we genieten van de zomertijd nu het langer licht is. We missen je wel hoor en af en toe kletsen en fantaseren we over wat je aan het doen bent! Nog een paar weken en dan begint je reisavontuur. Ik wens je veel plezier en succes nog en dikke knuffel van mama pap en kikie en mag. Xxx

  28. Alexandre Bello ZULU 3
    Alexos hoe is het hoop dat je voeten nog heel zijn.
    We zijn hier al beetje ingeslingerd, vandaag eerste duik ook voor Isabelle!!
    Ze hebben aan deze kant te maken met global warming, heleboel koraal is hier door el nino volledig gebleached, dus geen mooie snorkelervaringen!! Ze doen wel heel erg hun best om nieuw koraal te planten en dat lukt aardig, Alhoewel het hier weer superheet is water was gisteren 31'. drijiven zelfs dooie vissen(die kleine zwarte). We missen je heel erg hier!! Geniet nog van de laatste loodjes!! Veel liefs Oene mama en isa xx

  29. Callum Hunter Zulu 7

    Hi Callum,

    Els arrived safely and in great form, and full house here for the Easter weekend . We've organised an egg hunt for mum but we're worried the rats may get to them first.

    Frame is now sorted, though have not yet receive it.- expected tues. GB men and women's pursuit teams won gold in track world champs Melbourne both world records and hoy and kenny through to sprint semis . boonen won Flanders with FC falling and cracking collar bone so out for the rest of the spring classics -Paris roubaix this sun.

    Have been checking out the routes for Baleriac trek - sa colabra will have to be done on day one so hope you are keeping fit!

    Love from us all

  30. Alexandre Bello - Zulu 3

    Hi Bro,

    Your trip seems amazing.

    I am happy that you have the chance to leave it and enjoy it, and also very happy to have the chance to see you very soon.

    We can't wait to hear your stories and live your experience through your eyes.

    We miss you, baci !




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