Tuesday, 20 March 2012

News from Nicaragua: San Jose, X Ray 8

The war has officially begun between the boys and girls of X Ray 8. After a lovely day at work under Michael’s leadership, Charlie, Andrew, James and Hanko ruined it by soaking Felur, Holly and Georgina, before rolling them in the sand pit! (Official terminology here I believe is: ‘donuting’) Sleep with one eye open boys... On Monday we had a double excitement – half the group headed with Vicki to Esteli on the bus tour a cigar factory, the industry employing around 70% of residents of the town, whilst X Ray 7 paid us all a visit after work, we had a lovely reunion at the water hall. On Tuesday, the second half of the group made the same trip and we were given free cigars; the boys taking the whole experience incredibly seriously!

Jemma also arrived with us on Tuesday and we are now getting started on the painting. The school is already a brilliant blue/green blend, while the murals have been planned out and waiting to be filled in! The community centre is going very smoothly (our rendered walls are like marble). Georgina and Azelle’s ‘Dad’, Don Gustavo, proved a ..help.. with the painting, splashing paint around like nobody’s business! James subsequently spent two hours resurrecting the door.. Cindy then showed up Azelle by out-shovelling. And she’s TINY! Charlie got his tongue in a twist discussing turnips with Fleur, or was it tulips? “You have loads of turnips in Holland right, they’re all over your postcards!”

The Bravo’s (Ale, Holly and Dangerous Dave) arrived on Thursday night – lovely to see them all and receive our messages! We’ve got the drawing board out for our skit – the boy’s are gunning for an auction idea but we’ll see... Charlie does a mean Paddy McGuiness impression so maybe a ‘Take Me Out’ parody is needed. Let the bangers see the mash!

We’re all excited for our fiesta on Monday when we open the community centre! A classic Nicaraguan celebration!

X Ray 8 out!


  1. Hey Auntie Roisin ..... you have a beautiful baby nephew call Oliver weighing in at 8ib 6oz.... Iv not seen him yet bit as soon as i have a piccy I will send it to you xxxxxx Rosanna , Ben and baby Oliver are doing just fine....... love you lots Roisin missing you too Mum xxxxx

  2. James Barlow x-ray 4
    Happy Birthday for today. Sorry cant speak to you but hopefully in day or two. All well here, emma waiting for mri scan, milla been home for weekend for 21st parties. Vicky,john and anna stayed last night and send their love. Granny doing well, plaster should be off soon. Look forward to hearing about the last 3 weeks. Hope you will celebrate today! Lots of love mum x x x

  3. For Georgina Webster X Ray 8
    Hi Honey
    Loved reading the latest news and piccies. Seemed to be a lot of creme de menthe paint going on - what was the theme of the mural - cocktails! Would love to hear from you at changeover - either email or phone? No news from here - Leo is now contemplating Fiji!! Cesci found new accommodation in the house next to her Pitlochry cottage. The lovely old gent - Charlie - who used to take out Anouk has offered her half his house at £80 per week! Dad took Granny and Uncle George around the east neuk for mother's day and stayed the night in St A and had dinner there at the Doll's House - guess who dreamt up that little jaunt? Speak soon Lots of love Mummy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Christie-Miller22 March 2012 at 11:18

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  5. Hey Roisin.... x-ray 8 love the photos
    lovely long email. from you thanks.. seems like you have so much to tell !!! glad you received the photo of Oliver... cutie !!...Rosanna is doing just fine off to see her on mon 26th carn't wait... Iv posted a photo of Oliver to your camp base hope you get it soon....more photos have been emailed to you... don't worry about the hostel payment I will try to sort it out .....love you sooo much so glad you are well and happy love you Mum xx

  6. Jane Pilkington26 March 2012 at 10:22

    Charlie Pilkington - On Trek

    Sorry we have had no blog updates since Tuesday 13 March on Raliegh's site so I don't know which group you are in for your trek?

    Noticed your email and response from Miranda at STA travel. Just be wary as you can only make so many changes to your ticket and if things get worse in Argentina you may have to change your itinerary somewhat and any none essential changes may become an issue further down the line. It's your money!

    All well at home and we just had a glorious weekend which we spent in the garden with the cat. I had lunch with Jane K on Saturday and we went shopping for her 'step mother of the bride outfit' which was a giggle. We went up to Middleham to see Superoo last week and they hope he'll run early in April so that something to look forward to. We are due to go to Punchestown with Gid and Jane later in the April. Apart from that we are working hard and missing you Love Mum x

  7. Charlotte Rombaut26 March 2012 at 13:47

    For Charlotte Rombaut Zulu 1
    Un bonjour de la Rochelle, de Danièle et Gilles, les voisins de Gérard et Eliane... On espère que ton trek se passe bien, on a essayé de trouver des photos de toi sur le blog, mais on n'a rien trouvé.!!!
    A bientôt,
    Danièle et Gilles.

  8. Roosmarijn Groen27 March 2012 at 02:59

    Sophie van Woerkom

    Haaaaij lieve soof!
    Hoop dat je een geweldige tijd hebt daar! Ik mis je. Heb zelf de tijd van mijn leven! Net mijn ticket omgeboekt zodat ik toch nog even wat langer kan blijven :)
    als je je plannen weet voor na Raleigh, moet je dat maar even laten weten!
    xxx hou van je!

  9. charles courtier27 March 2012 at 03:28

    To Holly X Ray 8
    Hello Holly, loved reading the latest blog and seeing all the pictures. And it was so good to talk to you on the phone the other day. Sounds like such an amazing time! Me and Mummy have given everyone your news. I spoke to Zoe as well - totally relaxed about any organisation to get you over to Puerto Viejo. She was also very excited that there will probably be a gang of you in the area! As I write this it's your birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I do hope you get a small cake as a side dish to your rice and beans!
    Miss you laods. Love you, Daddy xx

  10. Kathryn Courtier27 March 2012 at 03:52

    For Holly, xray 8

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you get this message today and that you are having a party/celebration in the rainforest. How is the trekking - Granny can't believe how far you are going? Loved the latest blog and the photos - you look very well and so happy! It was so good to chat to you at changeover time - sorry we got cut off. I have topped up your phone and will do it weekly given how much it costs to call Costa Rica. We have warned Zoe and Tom of the Raleigh invasion to Puerto Viejo - I think they are looking forward to it! All is well here - animals enjoying the beginning of spring. Everyone asking after you and excited for news of you and wanting to know when you will be back. Really looking forward to hearing from you again. Have a great day today, With LOTS AND LOTS of love, Mummy xxxxxxxxx

  11. Roisin Carson (XRAY 8)

    Awkward...totally didn't realise you had been assigned to different group.. haha.

    This website is so mindboggling to use!

    Either way just read about the lovely mother you spoke of in your email!

    Photo's look great!
    Someone's painting in the photo, hope you got to do that too - I know how creative you can be :D

    Keep having a great time,
    Looking forward to seeing you.
    Miss you!

    Loveyou laksh.


  12. charles courtier2 April 2012 at 06:51

    Holly X Ray 8
    Hello Holly
    Hope the trek is going well. Think it must be amazing. Can't believe how far you're going. Any blisters?!
    Joe had his birthday the other day. Felix, Bart and PC came for a sleepover. Well you can imagine the chaos. It was a blizzard of BB Guns, COD, chocolate cake and Hot Fuzz.
    Zoe and Tom actually have someone getting married at Geckoes today. The first 'Geckoes wedding'! Zoe pushing the boat out of course.
    We have Granny, Grandpa, Grandma, Poppa, Mandy and Kate all coming for Easter Day. Think we'll need to eat on our laps.
    Amber at home now but revising away for GCSE's.
    So pleased for you on the Universities front. You've done really really well. So proud.
    Everybody asking after you...and news travelling fast of your exploits!
    Miss you. Love you. Daddy xxx



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