Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No 'Oar'dinary Trek Group

It’s Day 5 and Zulu 1 have made pleasing progress on the Turrisantos trek. Thankfully the torrential downpours which hindered previous groups’ progress in Barbilla National Park stayed away, and glorious sunshine has been in abundance, enabling a good speed through the jungle and on the climbs.

Day 4 saw us ascend out of Barbilla and out into the Rio Pacquare valley, and the group enjoyed an hour or so in its water, cleaning off the previous day’s grime. Given our early arrival time we chose to push on and eat into Day 5’s 25km, following the undulating gravel tracks around from San Joaquin to San Vincente.

Several positions have been created which add to the fun of our endeavours. The ‘Master Oarsman’ is charged with ensuring our group is well hydrated. The solution – a ‘boat race’. 2 teams of 9, each member consuming half a litre of water in turn whilst competing against the rival team. To the victor the spoils, and to all a refreshing and healthy start to the day.

Last night’s food drop saw another enjoyable evening’s entertainment in the form of the snack stock exchange. Negotiations were fierce and Zulu One is home to some hard businessmen and businesswomen, and some who made questionable trades. To inform those of you at home – Trail Mix and Casino biscuits are hard sought commodities whilst for many, peanuts sell sell sell.

George, Amanda, Rachelle, Daniel, Fred, Charlie, Tom, Harvey, Amy, Hannah, Sonia, Kevin, Ant, George Moody, Charlotte, Jess, Joe, Matt and Dave are in good health and send all their best. Pura Vida!


  1. Family Craddock28 March 2012 at 16:13

    Dear pops
    It was good to chat with you and glad that you are into your trek. Keep that knee strapped; fingers crossed that it will hold up for the duration of phase 3. Enjoy your adventure and remember your journal. May help with the memories


  2. For Daniel Walsh, Zulu 3.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I bet it will be a memorable one! I hope you have an amazing day and have a little time off the walking to celebrate! Did you get my card? We can celebrate properly when you get back :-)

    The sun is shining here - highs of 23 degrees in Scotland! Only a week left of work until Easter holidays, so am hoping it stays that long.

    Hope you get this message on your birthday, missing you loads, Sarah xxxx

  3. Patricia Deiters-Rahusen29 March 2012 at 11:25

    To Sonia Deiters (Zulu1), heerlijk om te lezen dat het niet meer zo regent, dat houdt de schoenen en de hangmatten/tenten/slaapzakken in ieder geval droog. We hebben hier heerlijk lenteweer gehad, pasen in zicht, kouder op Schier. N BvR een voldoende voor NL lit. terwijl hij van de 15 boeken alleen de uittreksels een beetje kende :-). En voor de rest is het alleen maar wat de klok slaat. Besos, je bent een kei!

  4. To Amanda Peterson ( Zulu 1 / Alpha 5)

    Hej Amanda,

    Jag har försökt följa er, men tyvärr fattar jag ingenting, men ni verkar ha riktigt kul ivilket fall

    Puss och Kram

  5. Sharon Granville29 March 2012 at 16:14

    Maria Gerono Zulu 3
    Hi my darling! Lovely to see slide show and photos of you all having a great time on project. Pleased you got the trek you wanted -looks amazing. Weather here is beautiful. - the nicest spring I can remember. Ice cream shop is doing a roaring trade so let's hope it stays sunny when you get home. Love you loads. Keep smiling. Everton in semis at Wembley. Love Mum xxxx

  6. Abdallah slaoui30 March 2012 at 01:55

    Yzza Slaoui Zulu5
    Après tous mes mails d hier soir j ai une grosse pensée pour toi ! On s est raté de qq minutes , quand j au répondu à ton mail tu étais apparemment déjà déconnecté :(
    J espère que tu t ennui un peu moins qu il y a qq jours et que tu passés de bons moments avec tes nouveaux amis ! J ai pratiquement bouclé l organisation de notre voyage au Pérou, ça va être génial ... J espère :)
    May viens mange le vous vous avec moi aujourd'hui.
    Je m apprêté à reprendre le sport et demain je me met au régime ! Tu vois plein de bonnes résolutions !
    Du point de vue professionnel j ai eu plusieurs bonnes nouvelles ces derniers jours, je suis donc un peu plus serein.
    Je t aime très fort
    Ton papa

  7. For Azelle Egbe Zulu4.
    Hi Zee, We hope you are having a faboulous time out there. Many congratulations, Your Scott trust bursary application was successful. A letter came in the post this morning.
    We had the deanery monitoring visit yesterday (our own version of OFSTED). Our Foundaiton Programme here remains the most sought after. The boys and girls told the inspection team Mama Egbe was a legend (verebatim quote). It went really well. We're going out to "retreat" (the place near us) celebrate our success. I hope i can find my way home! Good thing Tommi's home today so he can be on standby. You require higher scores to get into our programme than the London programmes.
    Not much else happening around here. Dad's bought a scond car (Passat Cc) for Abuja. Paul was here the other day and told me with pride that he packed in smomking. Good on him.
    Take care my darling and i'll see you when i see you. Don't forget your GNJ.
    We love you. Mum and Dad

  8. For Joe Donovan - Zulu 1

    Hi Joe. Good to see you are now up & running on your 3rd adventure. It obviously means you've obtained some replacement boots, and other supplies, so that's good news even if your pockets may be a bit lighter now. We've received replacement cards for you, so will hang on to them until your return.

    Saw you on a Blog photo the other day, and it's good to see you looking well (even though I couldn't see much of your face through the beard!!).

    We're okay at home, going about our usual activities, work - eat - sleep, with the odd glass of red every now and again. Looking forward to the Easter Bank Holiday, so we can get a couple of extra days off. That'll be nice. The weather has been positively tropical over the last couple of weeks, 20 degrees C (can you imagine it being that hot ?). However, snow is forecast in the next week, so it looks like the Summer is over already.

    Hope to hear from you soon, we'll be looking out for further exploits from X-Ray 1. Mum sends her love (as I do). Take care.

    Dad (& Mum) xx

  9. Harvey - Zulu 1

    Hi - you must now be half way through your trek, it all sounds amazing I just hope you are not suffering too much from blisters etc. Archie is back from the US and Norfolk, Freddie has finished his second term only 4 more to go ! Emma is in Kent this weekend. Chelsea won again today - Torres scored so phew ! Hope the tropical storms keep away for you all.
    Love Mumx

  10. zulu 2 illy boyes
    heyyyyyyyyyy i misss you!!!! i see your enjoying trek wooo!! well done on getting into middlebury and waitlisted at dukee wooo!!! OMG ills my mama is tres pissed at moi because im leaving in 2 days and have done nada- just now sorting out money (v hard to organize so close to when im leaving) and insurance - havent done that yet either basics she is jst pissed that ive been so laid back about it ahaha also cos i only realized last night i might need malaria tablets which i obv havent got any of! oh wellzzzz and instead of organizing today im getting my hair brazilian blowdried ahahhaaaa i have my priorities correct! :P its been so hot in london! its amazing we were all in shorts but appaz next week its gonna start snowing hahah suckers while we are lying on the beaches of montanita with a cocktail in our hand chillin the rest of em will be trekking through the snow in london in their moonboots and ski jackets mwahahahhaahaaa!!!!!
    anyways i must go pack! lots of love xxxxafs

  11. Sonia - Zulu 1.
    Bonjour mon petit pois! Hope your living the nomadic dream with your tin of beans and your zinc oxide tape. miss you already and just thought i´d let you no that me and phoebe are managing to cope without raleigh. yep it has been hard but we´ve survived drinking cocktails and eating good food. We also survived going to Panama and lounging on and island, HARD TIMES EH!
    Don´t forget about how good yer face is.
    see you soon



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