Friday, 9 March 2012

X-ray 7 begin their adventure!

On Sunday, the newly formed X-ray 7 set off bright and early from Fieldbase along with X-ray’s 3 and 8, to make the long journey to Nicaragua and their home for 19 days – La Naranjita.

Here, Claire from the group, update's everyone on how the first few days have gone...

The group enjoyed trying to get comfortable on the Transnica bus by making use of their well-packed sleeping bags and pillows! Games of Articulate also helped to entertain all groups on the journey. That night all three X-ray groups settled down for the night at a school in Jinotepi – a school that was in fact built by previous Raleigh volunteers a few years ago.
After a good night of rest and much needed sleep, X-ray 7 continued the journey onwards by a bright yellow school bus, setting off at the early time of 5am. With heads lolling around due to bumpy ground, and lots of singing to the music, the group enjoyed viewing the beautiful Nicaraguan countryside along the way. Emotions were high at the end of the day, as X-ray 7 said farewell to their travel companions X-ray’s 3 and 8.
Excited, the group left their bus and arrived at their destination – La Naranjita, Nicaragua. Unfortunately for one member of the group, the day did not begin well – with Jonny realizing that his bag was missing! This, as you can imagine when you have spent time and care packing everything you need, can be most upsetting. Luckily however faithful friends X-ray 8 came to the rescue! Jonny’s bag was safely with them a few km’s away in San Jose, Miraflor. The group, were then soon introduced to their new families for the duration of Phase 2 and all Venturer’s were very happy with their accommodation. Everyone is quite jealous of Amy and Emma, as they have the biggest house to stay in, which has two lovely hammocks to relax in after a hard day’s work.

Unfortunately for Jonny – day 2 did not start all that well either! After mixing lots of mud, perfect for adobi brick making, Jonny then fell into the big pile of squelching mud! Let’s hope things improve for Jonny over the coming days!
Louis and Eika have been eating lots of tortillas – mainly because they are struggling to understand the questions asked by their families, and are not sure how to politely decline further tortillas! Other comical highlights so far include, Eika and Louis getting locked out of their families’ house twice, on two separate occasions – there is still some debate as to exactly whose fault this was! The game, Mafia, is also proving very good entertainment with Uriel, Harvey and Jay proving very popular narrators.
The whole of X-ray 7 are enjoying the work they are doing – building new homes for residents of the community. They are looking forward to an exciting phase of getting to know their families well and completing the houses.


  1. X Ray 3 Sian Lewis 09.03.12

    Hi Sianey - hope your not yet back on bus and the boots are holding up!! To think that you are now half way through your trip is amazing. It has gone so quickly at this end although we do miss you. No news our end. I think Bethan has told you about Tess - things are tough but she has pulled through a really worrying time. Paula was thrilled that you has written and sends her love. Everyone sends their love - saw Kathy yesterday. Max is alright but has not money and is working in a burlesque bar all night. Mamgu continue to pick up and I spoke to Pete on Monday. He was really happy to have spoken to you on Skype. Hope all is well - keep safe.
    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Daniel Saborío - X-Ray 1 Turrisantos Trek

    Que me diche Saborío, mae que exito que le toco The Turrisantos Trek seguramente vas a pasar a uns 8Km de mi choza cuando ande por El Jardín, El Cedral llegando a San Pablo de León Cortéz. A ponerle con tremendas cuestas, El Turrialba, el Dragón, jajaja bueno mae espero que le este llendo en todas y que lo este disfrutando al máximo. Exito socio PURA VIDA!!

  3. Adriana Rodriguez - X-Ray 9

    ADRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII como va todo, que tal la reserva indigena, que tan bueno puede ser? La extraño un pichazo, ayer vi a bruce despues de no se cuanto tiempo! Espero que todo ande bien lo quilla y que lo siga disfrutando al máximo, va rápido esta vara! jajajaja nos vemos pronto!


  4. eika,

    missing you lots and lots. almost a month till our reunion in SF right? seems like you're having lots of fun, cant wait to hear all about it!

    love, you know who x

  5. Tom Edney X-Ray 7
    Hi Tom - everyone here is wondering whether you should buy another green t-shirt! It was good to see you in the Alpha 5 photos - we hope X-Ray 7 is just as fun. Han says hi. We do miss you lots, love mum and dad xxxx



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