Friday, 2 March 2012

(Re)Appearance of the Alphas

It only seemed a mere handful of days since we waved farewell to our Alpha groups as the buses rumbled away through CATIE campus, but goodness doesn’t time fly, 19 days later they’re back, tired and weary in the most part, after long journeys across the isthmus.

It’s all hugs and smiles at Fieldbase, as old acquaintances catch up and exchange anecdotes from their phases; and after what is sure to an eagerly anticipated BBQ, tonight’s entertainment comes in the form of the group skits – which is sure to see a variety of genres used to illustrate life on phase. To the victor go the spoils; bragging rights and a tub of Dos Pinos’ finest ice cream.

Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you the run down of Phase Two’s allocations as come Saturday; our venturers will be whisked to all corners of Costa Rica and Nicaragua for their next instalment of Raleigh goodness.

Check back soon!


  1. Sharon Granville2 March 2012 at 02:12

    Maria Gerono Alpha 6

    Well done on project. Great to see the photos of you and the salsa film. Looking forward to seeing what the next phase of the adventure will be. Love you lots
    Mum xxx

  2. Richard Welander3 March 2012 at 02:50

    For Tim Welander Alpha One

    'Alpha One! Where the XXXX are you?!' Glad you found them and got back from the trek looking so good! Great pic of you on the blog. Check out the beard! Hope you get a chance to 'feed up' before heading out on your community project. All my love Dad xx

  3. For Amanda Payne-Danson X-ray 6, saw your status on facebook - glad everything is going well. Good luck for the next project.Also I passed my exams so no retakes for me! Yay! No brilliant marks though - about 5% higher average then this time last year. More hours need to be spent in the library. Ciao! xxxxxx

  4. For Roisin Carson
    now x-ray 8
    Hey what an acheievement well done!! you look so pretty and happy in all the photos iv seen of you.. Enjoy and cherish every moment of your next expedition. Katie sends a message to say she has blogged several times , Rosanna also has, she is fine not long now !! love you so much xxxx Mum



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