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Titbits from Tenorio

Blog X-ray 6

X-ray 6: mission to build stairs to the waterfall in Volcan Tenorio National Park

Mission update (1):
X-ray 6 has been working hard on the mission in hand. Each individual has played a vital role in the development of the path towards the baby blue waterfall of the park. No job is too tough!

Days 1-2 we prepared camp to make a jungle into a home: chopping bamboos from the forest, gathering wood, building our hammocks, the place looked great, even our kitchen area was great where our Michelin star chefs could do their cooking. Also as Roeland was injured due to the previous phase, he would become everyone’s mommy!

Days 3-6 the task in hand was to move materials to the place of construction, the only way of getting there was by foot on a trail that was muddy, slippery and wet. It isn’t called the rainforest for nothing! The team were up for the challenge, carrying heavy bags of sand on their shoulders, with a few members slipping, especially Ben C, whose balance isn’t great at the best of times! We created a Raleigh Chain all the way up the 1.5km path working from 8-3, 1hr for lunch; the team were putting in a shift.

And when they returned back to camp, Mummy (Roeland) would´ve cleaned, made improvements and have dinner ready. Inside that tough Dutch exterior, was a man who is kind, soft hearted and loveable (he does not like this being disclosed (I really don`t!!))

Days 6: With Roeland returning back to work, he had a point to prove carrying sacks like the soldier he is! Tim (the Scottish machine) was carrying plenty of sacks a day and always running too, even when others had become tired.

A low point had hit X-ray 6 as one day the productivity output was low, so a change was in order. Roeland with the idea altered the Raleigh chain and increased output by triple. The team were moving many sacks of sand per day and were ahead of schedule.

However a twist occurred in X-ray 6`s fortune: the weather! It became more and more wet, people’s hammocks were being turned into swimming pools, and it was raining most of the day. The trail had become too treacherous, so X-ray 6 had to suspend work. Morale was down and the team were wet and everyone had wet feet! The team had to abandon camp and moved into the Ranger Station, where they could get dry and recover.

No need to worry! The Team was filled with people who would entertain and boost morale. With Maria and her wit, and her mothering of the group, Max with his dancing and singing creating songs! George and his comic personality always keeping everyone entertained. Mercedes, whose work ethic everyone can look up to and whose voice that one can listen to all day. Allegra´s wonderful smile and happy personality making everyone feel better.

Sonia´s great dancing, which she is teaching as well as her great game jungle speed is keeping us all entertained (although she always wins...). Gustavo and Pamela, the two Ticos always translating for us, we could not do this job without them as well as Gustavo’s cheery personality and Pamela’s great strength (she does kickboxing!) we now realise why we love Costa Rica! Tim’s humour and stories always make the team laugh. Simon’s many roles, that he likes to use and Ben M, who has a look that could kill, but poses no threat. Hannah, who seems quiet, but once out of the shell she is a great person.

Last but not least the Project Managers, Amanda and Roeland, without them X-ray 6 would be no more, excellent morale boosters and good at keeping the team in order.

With all the members playing a great role in the team, x-ray6 are all happy and enjoying their time.

Entertainment in the evenings have been excellent, with Ben C´s shaving of the bead as well as a Quiz that George, Sonia, Ale and Gustavo won, x-ray 6 are not bored.

X-ray 6 reporting out. Status: all well and healthy, having a great time. Will report back in a few days.

Pura Vida!


  1. Patricia Deiters-Rahusen18 March 2012 at 03:35

    Sonia Deiters (X-ray6), heerlijk om weer een bericht te hebben van jullie en dat je jungle speed het zo goed doet! Go Sonia go.
    xxx mam

  2. For Max Lilley XRay 6
    Hi Max what a relief to hear news of Tenorio; thought you'd all gone missing in the Jungle; hoping to hear from you in a few days; not much going on here; the swans seem to be resident; 6 ducks and 2 geese! Going for a walk: Dad's knees are really good at the mo. Sam working very hard! Weather here lovely today; I look every day at the weather in Costa Rica; looks like you've had thunder storms since you arrived!!!!! Loads of love Mum xxxxx Dad says Pura Vida xxxx

  3. Sharon Granville18 March 2012 at 13:10

    Maria Gerono XRay 6

    Hi Darling! Lovely to hear news of you and your group-sounds like you are all getting along and really enjoying yourselves. Shame about the
    rain still sounds like you're keeping each other well and truly entertained. Thank you so much for my lovely present and card. I was really good and didn't even peek once before today. Just been to Hutton Rudby for the weekend. Went to Crathorne with the Grandmas for lunch which was nice. Lily was 89 the other day and looking well. Grandma was off her food just had a little chest infection
    but other than that was on good form. All send their love. Chris was asking about
    you on Skype. He's just working none stop. Love you lots. Thanks again for
    lovely pressie. Have fun. Hope there's some photos soon - have you found a
    needle and cotton yet? Jenson won Melbourne GP, Vettel second, Hamilton third. Boys are in the FA semis just beat Stoke 2-1. Playing Everton or Sunderland at Wembley. Love ya xxxxx

  4. Matt Moore, X-Ray 9:

    Torres, Torres! You may hear results but not the detail - thought you'd want to know that our 5-2 win over Leicester in the FA cup QF this afternoon included 2 goals from Fernando - at last! Pippa was there with 3 friends plus Chris and John with his girls so we had quite a little party at the Bridge. We've drawn the winners of Spurs v Bolton in the semi (their match yesterday abandoned after tragedy struck but more on that another time). And we've got Benfica in the Champions League QF, the disappointment for you being that we are away in the first leg and that none of us will thus be able to be at the home match on April 4th. Good draw 'though - would get the winners of AC v Barca in the semis!

    It was lovely to see news of your project on the blog and we do hope that you will have had a good few showers by the time you come home next week.... We are all really excited about your homecoming and hearing all about your epic achievements first hand! Probably won't send another message via the blog now as by the time you get it we'll hopefully have heard from you by email / phone again.

    Miss you. Lots of love xxxxx

  5. Craddock Family19 March 2012 at 05:03

    Amy Craddock, X-Ray 7
    Hello my pops
    No recent news of your group for us to read and share with the rest of the family so hope all is well and you are all dug in working hard. The crew from NZ send their love and taking their hats off to your amazing effort at Raleigh.
    Dad is off on one of his walking jaunts, he is trying to keep bonded to you I think. You probably know about amendmemnts to your return flight number, shall send you info soon. All other details remain the same. I am going to be filmed for a training DVD - so shall have to see how that turns out.
    Remember, when the lovely photographer is around do have your picture taken as we want to see you.
    lots of love and a big hug


  6. Anne Treadewell19 March 2012 at 05:31

    x RAY 2 LOUISA TREADWELL Just heard you are in to Newcastle --- just such wonderful news - they loved your portfolio ----fantastic --- have already put your name down for the hall of residence - one where George was!!!! Brilliant we are all so happy for you - have the most wonderful time - love you Mum xxxxx Big hug XXXXX

  7. Nicola Milner for Hannah Voisin xray 619 March 2012 at 09:10

    Han ban, x-ray 6

    Classic rain forest banter.. rain!! Bet you weren't too impressed at what sounds like a constant downpour (I read your groups blog, exciting stuff), but yay you are in the rangers station now. Hope that's working out better for you than the soggy basher beds! Apart from the damp i hope you are having a lovely time and that the path in far on the way of being finished?! not sure if that is realistic?!

    So news, well not that much has been happening really.
    oh i went to see Florence and the machine in concert on thurs, she was amazing, i will have to show you videos when you get back (although i think your photos might be more interesting). after Florence i stayed with friends and then went to see char, we were actually meant to write on this together.. might have forgotten?! the only only thing is Ed make a fb group for his 21st bday, which is going to be in London on the eye. I guess you already knew that, i'm not sure if your back in time! hope you are.

    Miss you lots,
    hope you are still having an amazing time
    love you lots
    Nicola xxxxx

  8. Ben Chowdray Xray 6

    Got the message via CS. I haven't been following your time closely just wondered how you were getting on. Brings back memories of when C did it.

    Where is the beard !! You look much younger !!

    What news here ??? JH is retiring in June as she does not want to go full time. They have to reapply for their jobs. LE is applying. We go into four localities in a few weeks.

    MD going for HV training. TH will then return from the coast. AB is loving her OT new job. Most other people are new except for DS and me since you went to Raleigh.

    Enjoy the rain, lovely spring day here.Meant to be the hottest day of the year in the UK tomorrow. Clocks change Sunday.

    Keep smiling, the experience is character building. It will be easier than the commute back from London after late deals !!



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