Friday, 9 March 2012

X-Ray 2 - Corcovado Trek

Unaware of the rough terrain and high mountains we were to endure with bags brimming with trek essentials, we departed in the cold early hours fom Prognosso. It wasn´t long however until the scorching sun seared down upon us, as we began our first climb up a dry, dusty road that we began to feel the pain pulsating in our quadriceps.Thankfully this was quickly relieved as we approached a valley abundant in orange trees, where we were greeted by a very happy dog.

After crossing 2 rivers, eating lunch and walking several kilometres we came to the sickening realisation that we had gone the wrong way, resulting in us camping in the moist, soggy, mosquito-riddem jungle. Somewhat depressed and demotivated, the group must be credited for their determination to correct this profound error of judgement. After powering through torrential rain and a dark, gloomy jungle containing many uphills, we reached our first village with a pulperia. Here we stocked up with haste and were even eagerer to maintain our speed when we heard of the hot springs at the end of our day. After reaching this paradise we spent a much needed hour bathing in the luxurious pools that sat on the river bank, shortly after reaching our destination, an the second day was complete.

Another tough day followed as we began to feel the heat, but we battled through to the ranger station at the summit; complete with flushing toilets, (ice-cold) showers and soft matresses. We departed the next day by the lead of a guide who macheted his way through the jungle. After a couple of mild river crossings, we were stopped dead at the foot of a near-vertical mountain. 2 hours of solid uphill later and we were at the top, fully deserving of a drawn out lunch break. Feeling rejuvenated and hearing that Amistad and X-Ray 5 were close, we sped down the otherside to see our friends, full of joy and elation at our achievements. Tomorrow the ´perilous´ journey continues...


  1. Danielle Dowding (Xray 1). Hi angel, you have been on your trek for a week already and you have been in our thoughts and prayers every day. We hope that the weather has improved and that you are having an amzing experience with wonderful people. We all well and had dinner with Cheryl and Steen last night as Shell went to a party. Molly is acting extremely friendly, I think she is really missing you. We had a builder around to advise and quote on the verandah extensions - so exciting. However, I am sure you could lay a few brick for us now! Sharks have lost all their matches so far int he Super 15 - not a good start! Bulls and Stormers doing very well though. We have had so much rain and the poor roads even worse than before. The jeep has been fixed and is looking very smart. Everyone here sends their love angel and Daan said to watch the rain at 3am! Love you so much and hope that you are enjoying your walk. May God bless you and keep you safe and happy. Love Mom, Dad and Shell.

  2. To: Sian Lewis (X-ray 3)

    Hey Sian, hope your feet aren't too sore! The trek sounds awesome. Bet the monkeys are keeping you awake.

    I've had a really hectic week, but went out for Rob's 21st last night. Wish you could have been there, we had a great time.

    Everything's fine here. I'm starting to get ready for the Cyprus trip, getting real excited now. Hopefully I'll be able to talk to you on skype before I leave.

    Missing you lots. Enjoy the trek, I'll send another message soon!

    love, from Pete xxxxx

  3. Wilbert de Kroon10 March 2012 at 10:17

    For Max de Kroon, X-Ray 2: your blog sounds great and tuff as well. must be beautiful out there, if you have the time to look around. Maybe we can do the same with the whole family? Grandma as a guide, we following singing out loud? No way, much to hard! how is everybody doing? Keeping up the good spirit? Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime-experience.

  4. For Joe Donovan- X-ray 2

    Hey you, I saw penguins yesterday! :-D have met my group who are lovely so all is good with me. Your trek sounds challenging to say the least! I'm so proud of you, stay positive and I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you get back to field base!
    All my love xxx

  5. X-Ray 4, charlotte rombaut-
    Hey chick! hope all is going well, miss you so much! everything your doing sounds amazing! All is good here, but miss you so much. love you loads! Alex XXXX

  6. Bonjour Edward Maxi Lilley xRay 6
    I have no idea if these get through but here goes; I love reading the Blog; I wish I was there; might apply for next year! all's very well at Pinfold; good plans for Alanmaxted this summer! I can't really imagine how awesome it must be for you
    ; sights, sounds, experiences, friendships, not to mention the delicious food!!
    I've organised myself with Skype!! dads knees are good; Sam and Alex in Abers this weekend; Rosie and Rocket behaving; miss you lots and lots!! Mamma xxxxxxx

  7. For Rosie Henry, X-Ray 3
    Rosie!!! happy trekking?? I got back from India last Sunday, pretty awesome week. really bizzare though going for such a short time, after 2days i felt like i was back travelling again. so it was just lovely to arrive back in ireland again as you can imagine...haha. also went to the 6nations rugby again yesterday which was schweeet. and i've had all my midterms now so no more exams till the summer, i think i have about 4 weeks of uni left!
    anyway wish i could hear how trekking is going! have you seen Momatombo yet? feels wierd i've seen it eh? but can't believe you got off with an easy trek (jokkkking-last thing you want to hear right now i imagine!!) but seriously I hope it's not too painfull and you and Jess are having a fab time. HI JESS!
    looking forwards to hearing from you :) Jazzi xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. HARRY VERMA X-Ray 2
    Hi Harry,
    England beat France in the rugby today-good game.I split a tooth with a diabetic toffee-next time I'll stick to the real stuff. We've got 5 birthdays in 6 days- so Party when you come back.
    Mama & Randhir Mamaji have gone to India. Roy Mamaji & Masi's asking about you lots.
    The Trek looks amazing, but quite hard work. All look happy. Hope you get your eyewear sorted asap and get back out there!
    We are all missing you loads and r looking forward to seeing you safe & happy soon.
    Love you.

  9. Para Valeria Vásquez:

    Hola princesa, te extraño muchísimo y la casa se siente vacía sin vos. Nos haces mucha falta. Te cuento que Andrei está parcipando con un proyecto en la Bienal de Arquitectura, que Franco volvió de Barcelona y está bien, que ya compré el pasaje a Barcelona para julio y regresarme con Pamela y que todos estamos bien, esperándote con ansias. Dogui, Tío Culli, Tía Mary, Abuelito y Tío Manfred te envían saludos. Bendiciones amor.

  10. Jimena Chinchilla12 March 2012 at 21:20

    Pame: X Ray-2

    No sabes lo que duré buscando en cual número de Alpha estabas! jaja ahora si voy a poder seguirte! No se que tan seguido lees esta carajada, o si algún día lo vas a leer, pero por si las moscas topo con suerte: Sobra decirte lo chuza y fuerte que sos!! Ahh esta carajada es una prueba de pura fortaleza mental.... entre muchas cosas... pero todo está en la mente, por dicha no dudo que vos con tu alegría y mente positiva sos el soporte de los alphas 2!! Sobra decirte lo mucho que te extraña la gente por acá en la civilización!! Living la vida loca!! fuerza Pame =) Atte: soy Jime Chinchilla jajaja

  11. For Afsana Tahirova X-Ray 2
    Your trek sounds to have been very eventful and exciting! Seeing my old Yorkshire friend at the week-end who selected Raleigh Venturers with me in the early neolithic period!

  12. Andrey Vasquez C

    Para: Valeria Vasquez

    Hola como va todo? cansada? vale la pena verdad?
    pongale bastante... aki todo esta bien, dogui esta sucio y hoy le puse la ampolla para las pulgas. cuanto le falta para q se venga??.. reportese a la base apenas pueda...

  13. to Dougie and Phoebe Mackenzie Smith in X Ray 1&2, looks like you are having a fabulous time. sorry we haven't messaged before but only found the blog last night thanks to Rach coming to dinner for mum's 50th!! Hopeless! Hope the treks go well. Looks like you have been working harder than you did in the Troubadour/Debenhams!! Miss you loads . Can't wait to hear more. Skype when you can.
    Mum & Dadxxxxx

  14. X-Ray 2 – Corcovado Trek
    To: Afsana Tahirova

    Tell her she is 'Meymun' :)))

    Cheers. Ozzy

  15. Frank Armstrong3 April 2012 at 10:32

    Danielle Percival - 12B expedition
    Corcovado Trek
    Hi Dani, got your letter at last. Only 2 weeks + to go so will not send another. We can't wait to see you now and we are all missing you. So glad you've enjoyed the whole experience, and next time (?) you can take me and we can lie about the age. Nana says "Ollie" is still doing well and fronting the "One Direction " Tour in USA.
    All our love darling as always N & G xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. James Barlow Zulu 2

    Happy Easter from us all. Hope your well and having a great time. we have been to the Hughes today for lunch which was fun, had an easter egg hunt, daddy was being very childish as you can imagine and got very over excited. we went to sandon point to point yesterday. also the boat race was on yesterday, cambridge won but the whole race was a bit of a nightmare. the race had to be stopped half way through as there was a swimmer in the water trying to protest. so they then restarted the race, and one of the oxfords oar broke so thats why they lost and then at the end of the race the oxford number 8 passed out and no one realized for about 10 minutes. so there was a lot of drama. also the cox for cambridge was Ed Bosson! other sport news, blackburn are 3rd bottom, so not doing well at all! they lost 3-0 to west brom. everyone is well, i broke up for easter in thursday and now im at home till the end of april. the weather is rubbish as always. anyway hope your having a cracking time and look forward to hearing from you when you get internet.

    loads of love, mum dad milla and emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  17. Vale, Vale,amore mío: Te amo mi perla preciosa y te cuento que durante esta Semana Santa pensé muchisimo en vos, en lo que estarás haciendo allá por el Volcán Tenorio, en tus metas logradas, las dificultades remontadas, tus fuerzas idas y también las recobradas, en cada día y noche vividos, en tus pensamientos y en tu positivismo para seguir adelante en este proyecto. Sigue, sigue, sigue, que los días son irrepetibles y cada situación tiene su propio afán. Vas bien y todo estará mejor mañana. Te espero en casa con ansias de abrazarte y llenarte de besos. Ahora Dogui es dueño de tu cama, creo que tendrás que seguir durmiendo en tu bolsa mochilera. Pame viene llegando de un paseo de varios días a Pamplona, Bilbao y el país Vasco con algunas compañeras de Maestría, Andrei estuvo en Venecia y yo me fui unos días a Guapilandia y otros a Orotilandia. Todo tá bien. Tu mamá. Besitos.



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