Friday, 9 March 2012

X-Ray 5 in La Amistad

X-Ray 5´s Louis gives us an insight to life in La Amistad

X-Ray 5 are currently renovating the ´Gigantes del Bosque´ (Giants of the Forest) trail in La Amistad National Park, some of which has been renamed by the various work groups. ´Bill´ (a steep section where stairs are being constructed) has been given a makeover, roadwork´s have been undertaken on Sunset Boulevard and the whole trail has been Rambo´d (cleared of debris/fallen trees) from top to bottom.

Upon arrival at the campsite we took a day to install some creature comforts - we now have a makeshift stereo, hammocks, and our very own chillout area, dubbed ´el chante´.

The area has played host to some spectacular wildlife. So far we have spotted some gigantic butterflies and moths, hummingbirds and unconfirmed reports from George of monkeys as well; ´a brown flash and an ooh-ooh´ the only evidence to go on.

On the 7th we played host to the Corcovado trekkers, and the next evening we celebrated the 18th birthday of X-Ray 5 HCV, Alfredo with a pinata and marshmallows on a fire.

The group are bonding more and more and each day is full of laughs as we get stuck into the work.

X-Ray 5 out x


  1. AMELIA CHRISTIE - MILLER XRAY 5 I am glad you have a few creature comforts like hammocks and a makeshift stereo. It is amazing what is now considered a luxury!!! Keep up the good work on Sunset Boulevard and your lovely smile. think of you often. Had a lovely day with Mum and it was Oxfordshire in the Spring at its best. You are a star. Lots of love. FiXXX

  2. BATSAM X RAY 1 Another glorious spring day 17 degrees. Watched Ben play hockey, they won, and had a long chat to Elle. Now catching end of rugby Scotland v Ireland 14 - 22. Scotland didnt start badly!! I hope everyones feet are holding up, you dont want trench foot. Ollie has only one more week of term and is down in London doing something with his tents and then has his 7th interview with JPM!! The memory bank must be brimming over. Miss you. Big hugs. MumXX

  3. Christie-Millers11 March 2012 at 03:28

    Amelia Christie-Miller, X-Ray 5
    love the sound of the Chill Out area and stereo - already one week down on this phase. Hope the path building is fun - all good at home. Emma is home for the weekend, exhausted with Ted and the sun is shining. Dave is in Prague with Fred and the boys for the weekend Lucky boy. Missing you. big hugs Mama x x x

  4. lieve Sjoerd (x-ray 6),
    Na jouw uitgebreide skypeverslag zijn we heel benieuwd hoe het in de tweede shift is en of je daar een beetje kunt bijkomen (en bij-eten!!) van de trekking. Enorm goed dat je die trekking hebt uitgelopen: weet niet of ik dat had gered, heb daar een hard hoofd in. Hier is alles prima, maar wel kaal zonder jou. De lente begint; je hoort s'morgens de vogels weer fluiten! Marc en Genia hebben tentamen en PEP week voor de boeg, iets wat voor jou heeel ver weg is nu. Lieve schat, we hopen dat je het fijn hebt en in je hangmatje een beetje kunt slapen. dikke kussen, mamma

  5. Phillip Houghton X-Ray 5

    Hey son, Love the shirt. All send there love and missing you loads.
    Spent the weekend at the 'Holiday Home' Tizzy settled in very quickly although still not travelling very well. Let her loose on the beech and she loved it. Only one recall problem and that was when she found a poor fish which was still moving and that was it 'I am going to play with this no matter what! Apart from the journey a good weekend.
    Chris is getting stuck into his ironing and swimming practice with such enthusiasm, what a shame. Gary was over in Paris watching the Rugby on Sunday, nice to beat the French, and Wolves are truly doomed.
    You should have some letters arriving soon, hope its everything we wished it would be for you.

    Love you tons & tons.

    The gang, Dad.

  6. James Barlow x ray4 Hope all going well. England beat france 24-22 in six nations. Good match.
    Emma had ski accident. Damaged her anterior cruciert ligament and minusclar cartilage. Waiting for insurance to fly her home. Will need an operation on knee. Poor Emma. Granny doing well, will have plaster off beginning of April, hopefully. Went to point to point yesterday, lovely weather and good racing. All well at home including dogs and chickens! Look forward to hearing all about x ray 4. Have a happy birthday. speak soon lots of love mum xx

  7. Amelia Christie-Miller X-RAY 5
    Holaaa Molly! Gutted I missed you when at fieldbase but heard lots from everyone else. So glad you loved the trek.. pics look insane! The view from your tents at the moment is also pretty incredible! You are so lucky and look so well. Extremely jealous as I'm stuck at my desk looking at outside sunshine! Plus Ted giving me endless 'old banter'! I get the odd trip into Soho/ Shoreditch for meetings with the agencies though which is cool! 16 of us stayed at Nelson's in Bosham last week.. reminded me of you!! and I experienced your pink ohlala at home.. I'll give it to you I had underrated it! Miss you, can't wait for a catch up. Loads of love, Em xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Caroline de Jongh13 March 2012 at 07:59

    Hey Tess de Jongh at X-RAY 4! Alles goed wijffie daar in de jungle? We denken aan je tussen de reptielen, anglofielen en planten. We zijn benieuwd naar je avonturen en zouden je graag een groot stuk taart komen brengen!! Hopelijk heb je ook veel plezier en kun je al engelse moppen tappen. Alles goed hier, we gaan komend weekend met opa en oma naar Cadzand, lekker genieten van zon en zee. Dikke kus, mama xxx

  9. Louis Manders X Ray 5
    Hi Blue, Read your contribution to the blog and was nice seeing some pics of where you are. You must be camera shy though! Seems like you are all getting along well and working hard I hope you get to see some more wildlife as I know you were hoping for that. I took Joe to Hertfordshire Uni and he really liked it - I can def see him on a Campus type although the accommodation was a bit dire he wasn't bothered by it. Hope it spurs him on now. Ceryn is def going to Farnborough Hill in September. Dad isn't much good at writing on the blog but don't worry he checks it every day at work or when he gets in and keeps talking about what you are doing so is definitely missing you. Can't believe you are now halfway through the trip. Weather has improved here a bit so Joe has been coming out running with me. Hope to hear from you when back at base. Lots of Love Mum and Dad

  10. George Moody X-Ray 5

    Hey man. The photos are looking amazing!! Can't believe you've been out there so long already. The time really is flying. Back home you've missed some great games of rugby in the six nations (including England beating France 24-22 in Paris!!!! great game to watch so hopefully Dads recorded it) but other than that I've just been living in the library - not fun!

    Enjoy the rest of your time out there and I can't wait to hear your stories.

    Speak later


  11. Rachelle Bent xray5 hope you are doing well at the other side of the world!! hope you have a great time there and that it will be a great experience! really want to talk! but time fly's, have so much to tell you!! cu in april/may
    gr Patrick

  12. George Moody X-ray 5

    Hi George, seeing these photos brings back a lot of great memories from when I was out there. I had the best time of my life and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did. You have the treck next which is hard at times but it is so rewarding. Nothing very exciting is happening here, try to get some travelling done after raleigh (Bocas del Toro in Panama is the coolest place). Have fun!

  13. To: alfredo salas garro xray 5

    Alfreeee quiero q pase ya el tiempoo!! lo extraño demasiado en serio! osea se me ha hecho eternisimo y ya quiero q esté aca y me cuente todo cara a cara! me conto un pajarillo q ya anda lagarteandoooo jajaja y no lo dudo! pero me alegra jaja nada mas q ud sabe vdd, si sigue la cosa, presenteee!! jaja bueno solo espero q siga disfrutando muchito y q el tiempo para mi se pase rapido! en serio villin y yo lo extrañamos :( ya no tenemos las salidas del trio dinamico haces falta ya... pero siga sea feliz viva el presente haga loco q ahi se lo permiten y ya :)
    te amooo tres millones de hectareas de galaxias sensoriales!
    te extraño muchisimo alfree
    popa's :)



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