Tuesday, 20 March 2012

X Ray 7 La Naranjita

As we’re swiftly approaching our last few days at La Naranjita – admiring our (nearly) finished house – which we energetically constructed with a ‘little’ help from Alpha 7 on phase one. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. We’re also incredibly impressed by the resident cockerel –that rather amusingly is government protected (it was a gift) and has terrorised victims relentlessly; including Fiona who received a vicious peck to the ankle.

The work has been hard, but we’ve taken it in our stride and there’s never been a dull moment, especially with mud around. It has done wonders for our skin, and some would say it’s like being on an extended spa weekend, minus the relaxation element, with a hardcore workout substituted in. Unsurprisingly, the boys have been trying to outdo each other by carrying the most bricks – current record holder is Johnny, who managed 3 on his shoulders.

We’ve all taken to life in La Naranjita and really settled down with our families, although this took longer for J our village ‘Goldilocks’, as he was determined to find a bed that was just right. A few of us have even woken at the crack of dawn to milk the cows; Istvan and Emma collecting an impressive 5ml of milk between them, which is more impressive thatn A-Bomb’s feeble attempts – and Eika who got lost and never showed! Luckily we had an expert in our midst, so we were all able to enjoy a fresh glass of hot milk with sugar and cinnamon – delicious!

On Saturday afternoon we had a visit to a picturesque waterfall around 30 minutes from the village, enjoyable despite the shockingly cold temperature of the water. Harvey aka Harvinator, stole the crown for best swim-wear. His pizza hut delivery boy chic, sourced from Ropa Americana, for the equivalent of £2. The trip was for many, the first real shower, and in Amanda’s case, her only shower – as hers has 3 sides and a clear view to the rest of the village.
On Sunday we had the opportunity to visit Uriel’s home town Sontule – 2 hours walk away (actually 4), but it was well worth it, even if it did mean having to run 7km mainly uphill to return in time for Raleigh Radio!

I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that we will truly miss our families and reminisce fondly of our time in La Naranjita. We can’t wait to get home, dig up our own back gardens with our newly acquired expertise, and build our own adobe brick houses. Now where to find some old man’s beard...


  1. To: Sian Lewis (X-ray3)

    Hey Sian, I can't believe you've nearly finished the trek! The photos got posted on the blog the other day and they all look amazing, especially the one of the spider.

    Things are the same as usual at home, but the days are getting longer which is nice.

    I'm nearly ready for Cyprus, just doing some packing now. I've even been learning some Greek. We leave on friday morning, so I hope I can speak to you before then.

    σκεπτόμενος σας πάντα. Σ 'αγαπώ.

    love again, Pete xxxxx

  2. For Amanda Peterson on X-Ray 7.........Hello! It is your favourite Scottish person calling you! I know you know a few Scottish people but I am the best one obviously. Just read the X-Ray 7 update and looked at the photos of you covered in mud. It looks like a lot of fun. Forgive me for not sending you a message on this earlier - I only just figured it out. I know, I am an idiot. I am on a well deserved day off today. Doing nothing. Except watching a lot of spooks. Innocent Promotion is killing me slowly.

    There are many letters winging their way to you as we speak. You'll probs get a few when you get back to HQ.

    Love you,


  3. Robert Sutton-Mattocks, Zulu 3: Hope you have a fabulous, non-blister ridden trek and really look forward to seeing you in three weeks time - less even! I'm off to Italy tomorrow but I'll keep in touch with the blog and see what you are up to. Dad is at home for a few days, then he'll probably come and join me if he can - back in UK a day or two before you I expect. Weather fantastic here - 23.7 in Scotland yesterday and the same expected here today, plus drought. Much love Mum

  4. for Charlotte Rombaut Zulu 1.
    Coucou mon chouchou! daddy et moi on est contents de voir que tout va bien. nous sommes très fiers de toi. Combien te reste-il de kilomètres? Ici tout va bien, nous pensons bien à toi ainsi que Igor. A bientôt ma chérie, big bisous. Daddydou et Mamita.



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