Saturday, 3 March 2012

X-Ray Exodus

In the mere blink of an eye our Alpha groups have returned, eaten us out of house and home, regrouped, and flown the nest in the form of X-Ray groups. Phase Two is underway. Just two days ago, all was calm at Fieldbase. In a jam packed schedule we’ve welcomed and initiated our Explorers at ‘jungle’ camp, taken the Expedition 12B photo, seen our groups relay the story of phase one in their skits, reformed and ‘broken the ice’ with our new X-Ray groups, and last night celebrated the end of changeover with a super-heroes and villains fancy dress party. They’ll be off for 19 days on a variety of projects, some of which involve continuing work undertaken by the Alpha groups in phase one, some of which are new for expedition. The groups are as follows:

X-Ray 1 – Turrisantos Trek

Clare Wright
Daniel Saborio
Francesca Hodge
Elliot Gordon
Callum E Hunter
Danielle Dowding
Diana Hindle Fisher
Jack Bannenberg
Jose Pablo Castilo Halabi
Lauren Davidson
Phoebe Mackenzie Smith
Savan Shah
Sophie I Jenkins
Lisa Steinmetz
Sam Horbye

X-Ray 2 – Corcovado Trek

Afsana Tahirova
Joseph Donovan
Harry Verma
Dougal Mackenzie Smith
Erika Lobo Sánchez
Louisa Treadwell
Mary Dashfield
Max de Kroon
Valeria Vasquez Cruz
Jonathan Sacarello
Alexi Meghir
Joshua Biggs O'May
Fosca Meyjes

X-Ray 3 – Miratombo Trek (*New*)

Caroline Bolt
Jonathan Baguley
Kelly Mcpherson
Oliver Thomas
Wing Tung Wong
Deyanira Monterrey Centeno
Jarol Jassiel Tercero Morales
Jessica Emerson
Mark Wardle
Rosemary Henry
Samuel Marsden
Sian Lewis
Thea Mikkelsen
Ting Phoa
George Batt

X-Ray 4 – Carara National Park

Alexander E Dennis
Katie Philpott
Lucinda Ryan
Charlotte Rombaut
Ileana Boyes
James Barlow
Julian Heckmatt
Liam J Ward
Mark J Fearon
Nicole R Waller
Sjoerd B Baardman
Tess P de Jongh
Véronique Driebeek
Daniel Meza
Markus Hjorth

X-Ray 5 – La Amistad National Park

Danielle Percival
Matthew Jewers
Gareth Price-Baghurst
Alfredo Salas Garro
Valeria Celeste Polimeni Solís
Anthony Gallagher
Julie Balfour
Kevin Ho
Neneh Mae Whiting
Phillip Houghton
Rachelle Bent
Louis Manders
George Moody
Amelia Christie-Miller

X-Ray 6 – Volcan Tenorio (*New*)

Amanda Payne-Danson
Roeland Terpstra
Mohammed Benyamin Chowdhury
Maria G Gerono
Mercedes White
Benedict J Maclean
Allegra Dowley
Edward M Lilley
George K Cosgrove
Gustavo Badilla Araya
Hannah Voisin
Pamela Quesada Gutierrez
Simon Webb
Sonia Deiters
Timothy J Welander

X-Ray 7 – La Naranjita, Miraflor

Alex Beaumont
Fiona Arakelian
Amanda H Petersson
Amy Craddock
Claire F Edgley
Eika S Webb
Istvan Josue Sepulveda Hernandez
Jack T Griffin
Joni Antonio Moreno Gonzáles
Marvin Uriel Perez Villarreyna
Thomas S Edney
Louis J Worrall
Harvey Burgess
Emma Tivey

X-Ray 8 – San Jose, Miraflor

Jemma Grundon
Jessica Soane
Victoria Brennan
Andrew C Sweerts
James J Wildgoose
Anna Blackwell
Azelle Egbe
Charles A Pilkington
Georgina H Webster
Hanko Gerritsen
Holly K Courtier
Jezreel Lezama
Michael Modesto Romero Herrera
Roisin M Carson
Fleur Jansen

X-Ray 9 – Dorbata, Chirripo Indigenous Reserve (*New*)

Adrianna Rodriguez
Daniel Walsh
Jayshree Jadav
Robert F Sutton-Mattocks
Alexandre Bello
Frederik van Landegem
Brayan Lobo Fallas
Ciara Atkinson
Dara M Sternberg
Josephine Killen
Matthew F Moore
Ravenna A Westerhout
Sophie G van Woerkom
Yzza R Slaoui

From hereon in, if you wish to send a message, please put the NAME OF RECIPIENT and their X-RAY GROUP. Makes admin a little easier. Thanks!


  1. deyita pongase las pilas usted puede que tuani ese treck es cortito disfrutelo. la quiero mucho la estoamos esperando para cuando regrese. para k nos conectemos y contemos nuestras experiencias. Nicaragua deacachimba de belen acuña

  2. Sharon Granville3 March 2012 at 17:34

    Maria Gerono XRay 6
    Volcan Tenorio and Rio Celeste look amazing! Takes lots of photos. Maria digs trail- in your element. Have a great time. Love you, Mum xxxx

  3. For Sonia Xray 6

    He Sonia, dit is wel heel apart. Geen idee of je nog weet wie ik ben, Lisa Rijsenbrij, ik heb een paar keer VJK kampen met je gedaan, wat was het volgens mij 11 jarige en nog een keer 3e ofzo. en nu spot ik je opeens op foto's van Raleigh in Costa Rica en Nicaragua! Ik was precies waar jij nu bent alleen dan 3 maanden geleden tijdens expedition 11L... Hoe toevallig is dat! Je wilt niet weten hoe snel alles voorbij gaat vliegen tijdens Raleigh. Heb een geweldige tijd, straks terug in Nederland mis je zelfs the 3-bowl system, mestins, ninja, skits en ga zo maar door. Geniet van elke seconde! Liesf en groetjes, Lisa

  4. George Cosgrove x ray 6

    Hi George, Love the photos !! Dad says you are having a fantastic time ,
    and your family were so kind to you .Hope you didn't eat them out of house and home !! We are all well and wish you lots of love and hugs from the Monkeys XXXXXXXX

  5. illy boyes xray 4

    awwwwwww there is the cayutest pic of you on the blogggggg naaawwwwww smooooooooooshkins
    making me misss you!! cant wait for ecuadoorr we need some quality twin timeeeee

    hope your surviving the jungle!!! love youuu afs xxxx

  6. To: Alfredo Salas Garro- X-ray 5


    Feliz cumpleaños! Hoy estamos como 6 pero es por si las moscas de q le lleguen los mensajes el 8 de marzo! :) Espero q la siga pasando bonito bonito, siga aprovechando todo al maximo! yo se q lo esta haciendo...
    Desde aca los mejores deseos para sus 18 :) sientase viejo viejo q ya lo esta! ya podemos salir legalmente :P solo falta Renato -.- q es un lerdo y es hasta nov...
    Pero disfrutelo q es su dia! Creame q lo voy a tener demasiado presentee
    te sigo extrañando demasiadisimo en serio!!!
    love you doscientos millones!
    un besote y abrazote

    popa-lopa :)

  7. Rob Sutton-Mattocks X-Ray 9 Hi Rob, back from India in one piece and being mauled by a very happy cat. V.v. tired but just wanted to wish you well on your new project. Much love Mum and Dad

  8. For Eika Webb, X-ray 7

    Eika, ogenki desu ka? Hatsukakan de zutto aruku no otsukareta ne. Watashi wa mainichi kono website miteiru. Eika wa tanoshiiiso de anshin shita. Watashi wa yoku Ishi-chan no haisha itteru. Itai desu. Kouka wa benkyoushiteiru fuu ni shiteiru. Papa wa itsumo mitai ni kakouii.
    xxxx haha

  9. Jon Baguley - X Ray 3

    Good luck on our 2nd stage Baggers!! Make sure you work them hard; I am sure u will!
    I think u are doing an amazing job and cant wait to hear all about it! I am off to vietnam today so will update you from there when u are back.
    keep up the hard work, u are an ironman remember!! this should be easy!!
    lots of love, Nicole xxxxx

  10. Fiona and Peter Horbye7 March 2012 at 02:16

    Xray1: Sam Horbye alias Batsam
    Hola Sam,
    I understand you are enjoying the natural mud baths and rainshowers ! Better there than rainy cold London!Keep up with pictures and daily blogs. We love'm. All is well here. Ollie coming down for his final interview nxt week.Un fuerte abrazo. Dad

  11. BASTSAM X RAY 1 and all of you. I hope you are all wearing suncream, the sun is so strong!!! What a start. Pehaps the Deerhunter was filmed on the Turrisantos Trek!!Just keep smiling and perhaps a song or two. I am glad I am not doing your washing. Messages will be sent thick and fast to keep your spirits up. Keep on trecking, it cant get any worse - I hope!!! Lots of love MumXX

  12. Camilla Barlow7 March 2012 at 04:19

    James Barlow, X-ray 4

    Hello Hello, Was so nice to get an email from you the other day, sounds like your having an amazing time. So your on your next adventure now, hope that's all going well. Iv just been looking at all the photos and spotted you, great to see your face (dont get too brown!!) Hows the Spanish going? You better be fluent by the time you get back. Not long till your birthday now, I sent you a card so hopefully you should get it soon. Alls good over here, been quite busy with work etc and got lots of 21st on at the moment which is great fun. Mum and Dad are well, they came up to visit the other weekend which was lovely, mum has also been down in Sussex quite a lot visiting Granny. Emma has gone out to France again to stay with Charles! So alls groovy really. But really glad your having a fantastic time and working wonders out there. Would love to speak to you when you can next get internet, so please get in touch. Miss you lots and take care.
    Loads of love Milla xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. For Clare Wright Xray 1

    Hey chick, we are all thinking out you!!! Photos look amazing and make me laugh A LOT! Especially the one with you all wrapped up in your bug net. You must be having the time of your life.
    Spring is arriving here in UK and can't wait to see you very soon.
    Lots of love, Liv, Kieron, Ashlea, Janet, Chris and Lou - Plus all the animals! xxxx

  14. Alexandre Bello, X-Ray 9

    Hi Bro,

    This sounds amazing!
    Hope to see lots of pictures of you and your team during hard works.
    Next time, I come with you.

    Enjoy this quality time, kiss

    Your old sister :-)

    Hello mon IDIANALEX ,les aventuriers frustés PARISIENS que nous sommes,suivons tes aventures SUD AMERICAINES sur le site de l'expédition . Même Dominique qui a vu ta photo des groupes X-RAY est jaloux de ta coupe de cheveux !!!!!! Nous t'embrassons tous, la famille , les amis et toute l'équipe commerciale de BELLO AUTOMOBILES. Proffites de chaques heures

  16. Claire deiters7 March 2012 at 08:44

    Sonia Deiters Xray 6

    Lieve sun
    Hoop dat je het nogsteeds chil hebt! Was heerlijk je stem te horen! Liefs van Christine, die Zag ik gister in de Tiroler! Mijn rug is trouwens kapot dus kan niet meer skiën dus chil 'm in de apreski
    Love! Claire

  17. Christie-Millers7 March 2012 at 10:11

    Amelia Christie-Miller X-ray 5
    Hi Molly, your deadline for accepting your offer is the 9 May. We can look at Edinburgh when you get back? Try and get a message to me if you can when you are at base camp to let me know if you would like to fly up there on your return. So hope the rain is not too horrendous where you are, I hear Sams group is knee deep in mud! Big hugs Mama x x

  18. To clare wright x-ray 1
    Hi clare, watching your adventure on the blog is amazing. You look to be having a fab time. All well at home, so looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month. Take care, lots of love mum xxx

  19. Message for Joe Donovan X-Ray 2
    Hello Joe
    I see from the blog that you have now all regrouped, so I look forward to X-Ray 2’s first update. I’m not sure exactly where you are, or what you are doing, but I know you will be facing it with your usual fortitude and enthusiasm, and your “craic” will be sky high. Take care of yourself; you are always in our thoughts. Love Mum xx

  20. Abdallah Slaoui8 March 2012 at 04:24

    Message to Yzza Slaoui Xray 9
    Salut ma belle ! Je pense à toi tous les jours, j'espère que tout se passe bien. Raleigh n'a pas encore posté des photos de votre groupe mais seulement certaines d'autres groupes ... Ils ont l'air de faire beaucoup de marche, je suppose que toi aussi ! Je sent que tu vas revenir en pleine forme :). Ici tout va bien, on a déjeuné à la maison comme d'habitude avec May, Driss et Nawal, c'était sympa ! Nouna est parti à Val d'isère dimanche, elle ski tous les jours, elle a l'air de s'éclater ! Je te fais de grosses bises. Ton papa

  21. For Azelle Egbe, X-ray 8
    Hi Zee, we hope you continue to enjoy the expedition. All's well at home.
    The MRCP exams passed uneventfully, for us the examiners but not for the candidates of course! We had the examiner's dinner at the Reflections bar and restaurant at DeVere. The food was good. It was strange going back there. The star of the evening was Kevin who gave the after-dinner speech. He was ace as usual.
    Tommi's phone is on its last legs. That's why you couldn't get through to him. It's due for upgrade next month anyway. Email's the best way to contact him.
    Guess what? he's still racking up parking tickets like they're going out of fashion. By some act of magic he does seem to be aware of, they always end up coming through the letter box at 277!
    Mum has given up the thursday afternoon falls clinic but has taken on an extra TIA clinic at RBH on friday afternoons. Lynda says hello so does Anita. Spoke to Prof Banerjee this afternoon. Nothing's changed there. Having lunch with him in a fortnight.
    The restaurant chain Nick's have opened another branch in westhoughton. We'll sample the food at the new restaurant on your return. We're still on course for Gauchio on the 16th.
    By the way is the Nicaraguan rice and beans as good as ours?
    Take care love and God bless.
    Don't forget your GNJ.
    We love you and can't wait for you to come home.
    Lots of love from
    Mum and Dad

  22. Alexandre Bello X RAY 9

    Hey Alex, ben je al n beetje gesetteld? Hier gaat alles goed Isabelle is op zeeklassen en heeft het erg leuk, en Oene is vliegen! so leeg huis!! Ben maar naar Parijs gereden was gezellig! Myan en je pa hebben me nog uitgenodigd maar ik moest terug. Hoop snel weer foto's van je te zien de eerste heeft Oene al op de screen safer staan. Enjoy maak leuke filmpjes.
    En veel succes met je project. Liefs mama x

  23. Joseph Donovan, X-Ray 2

    Hey Bromes, Hope you're having fun out in the jungle and that you are avoiding all of the dodgy creatures! Looks like you've been loving every minute from the photos! Wolves are struggling at the mo - 1-5 and 0-5 last two results. Plus their captain turned up drunk at training this week!!! Max says hi to his favourite uncle too! Take care, Matt

  24. Familie De Kroon9 March 2012 at 09:50

    Voor Max de Kroon, X-ray 2: Hi Max, even in vorige blogs gelezen over de Corcovado Trek: klinkt fantastisch, wel zwaar. We hopen dat je er zonder blaren door heen komt. Nu komen de bergwandelingen die je hebt gemaakt van pas: weinig vlak terrein. Denk aan de foto's, nu meer dan ooit. Heel veel plezier. Love you, M+S+W

  25. Craddock Family9 March 2012 at 12:26

    Amy Craddock, X-Ray 7
    Hello pops
    Staying with a family - how wonderful to really experience life from the Nicaraguan perspective. Learn much give more. Big news from here is that cousin Barnaby's engaged. It seems he proposed on Valentine's day. As you can imagine Auntie W is thrilled.
    No proposals on Feb 29 as far as I know. There was a bit in the news about people promising to do something unexpected or challenging on the day to mark it. So no use telling you to do something different as it seems the entire experience is that. As they say in the old country, 'we are dead proud of our girl'.
    Keep enjoying your Raleigh adventure and we await to hear updates and news from you
    lots of love and big hug

  26. marijke terpstra9 March 2012 at 12:30

    hoi roeland

    hoe is het in de tweede week? nu op een vaste plaats of trek je weer rond? nog geen berichten van je op de website om te kijken waar je nu zit
    Hier alles goed; geen bijzonderheden, verbouwing begint maandag de twaalfde en verder gaat langzaam de lente beginnen. groet en lik van benji en saartje

  27. xray 4 illy boyes
    heyyy bubbbaaaa hope your doing good am missing u lots!! just got ur results you got 76 percent so ur grade is still an A im sowwii but its still AMAZING!! mucho loveee twin xxx afs

  28. Harvey Burgess X ray 7

    Hi Harvey,

    We are so looking forward to hearing some more news from you - perhaps you could send an email when you are next back at base or some letters ??
    Archie already home for Easter hols and off to FLorida next Friday. Claire and Mark are staying this weekend - had fantastic time in Paris but will send letter this weekend - do hope you are receiving them all. Have you decided which Uni yet ? Lots of love from everyone here Mum x

  29. Xray 6 Ben Chowdhury
    Hi there, Took me a while to find your group but got there in the end.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself. System one must seem an easy option compared to all the challenges facing you at the moment.
    That chance conversation at Shrub End resulted in you being in Costa Rica. Life will never be the same.

  30. X-Ray 8 - Vicki Brennan - Hope the building is going well and the foreman is behaving.  Back from a super road trip to kicking horse, a 6 hour drive into the rockies where I went with several other ski instructors.  We skied some unbelievable terrain, in knee deep fresh snow, hiking 3 precipitous ridges to access some of the steeper runs. Busy now with spring break work so back to the tots on the magic carpet. Lots of love, George 

  31. Para Adri Rodriguez xray 9
    Adri que tuanis donde estas.!! Sé que esta disfrutando un montón..ya la quiero ver.. fijo escucha musica en las noches en medio de los arboles y viendo las estrellas como en san lucas..a diferencia de una cosa cuida y nos vemos pronto.!!!

  32. For Caroline Bolt X-Ray 3 from Mum and Dad and David and Sam!! :D

    Have had hectic 2 weeks in Melbourne with - as you can imagine - plenty of water. Whoops, we mean wine!!! And maybe just a tiny amount of food. Have been to the Melbourne Food Festival in the exciting pouring rain, followed by a fantastic 12 different meals over 4 different course in Ginger Boy (super duper Thai restaurant in CBD) - THEN! to the rum bar!! Had manic 3 days in Sydney, have done two separate days of wine tasting, more eating, possibly a little more eating, and going home tomorrow :( :( :(

    Hope you are well, we all wish you were here!!

    Lots of love from all :) xxx

  33. Ravenna Westerhout Xray 9. Lieve Ravenna, inmiddels zal je weer een stukje van de school hebben gebouwd (achtermuur, zijmuur, dak?). Je tecnische kennis zal je vast van pas komen! Of misschien mag je wel een mooi ontwerp maken voor de plaatselijke kinderen. Wel bijzonder dat jullie op zó'n afgelegen plek zijn. We hopen dat je je goed voelt, dat je inmiddels aan de bonen gewend bent geraakt (en dat je in NL moet afkicken). We praten veel over je - thuis als we bij de open haard zitten, allerlei mensen die vragen hoe het met je gaat en in iedere keer met grote bewondering luisteren als ze horen wat je daar allemaal doet. Toen ik voor een paar gesprekken op school was, begon men Verharen over jou en wilde precies weten wat je aan het doen was. Hij vond het fantastisch en ik moest je de groeten doen..Het gaat goed met ons allemaal, gisteren was de jacht op de Treek maar pappie kon niet meerijden omdat zijn paard niet van de manege weg mocht ivm Rino virus. Ilonkaneni reed wel mee en zelfs Zeeger was er om het laatste stuk te rijden. De kinderen van nananeni schreven ook hele geestige stukjes op jowu weblog, dat zal je wel lezen als je weer terug bent op je kamp. Buda heeft een antibiotica kuur want zat onder de teken na ons verblijf in Hongarije. Hij knapt weer op. Hou je taai, we denken heel veel aan je !! liefs van ons allemaal, mammie

  34. The blackout has gone too far. We all here are missing you very much. Hope you are having a good time (dolğun və məzmunlu vaxt). Big hug from everyone. The biggest from me, then from Zulush, then from Ayan and so forth.

  35. x ray 2 Louisa.... hope the trek is fantastic --- you have done so well A in geo and B in maths just brilliant well done - pretty certain job at Wimbledon as have asked for refs. All well here just so happy for you - have the most wonderful trek - hope not too wet - sunny here and cherry blossom out love you Mum and Dad...and dogs

  36. Kaisa/ Amanda Peterson X-Ray7.12 March 2012 at 12:53

    Amanda Peterson X Ray7.
    Hi! Nice to hear you were ok but again your group seems to have gone off the radar as Alpha 5 did. Hope all ok and that is not too cold and no new earth quakes. Ma

  37. xray 4 illy boyes
    hey bubba i miss you soo friggin much get ur ass back here you loser. omg so i went to bristol this weekend to visit marie and go to clic (the medic strip party.. remember when i showed u the videos) and omg illy im def chosen the wrong major like woooooww the guys were amazing ahahhaaaaa we shud study medecine! everyyy single girl was lit like :o i will explain in detail when i seee you!! haaha hmmm what else has been going onn... my toenails (both of them) finally fell off!!- enjoy trek! :p they look so rank eww dunno what im gnna do for the beachh! errr my internship is going releee well atm :) very stressful tho! i think the new intern thinks im a bit crazy but whatevs haha
    anywayz i hope your havin a banginn time and enjoying yourself can't wait to see you in just over a month :D
    lots of loveee xxxtangeyy

  38. Amanda Peterson X-Ray7.

    My heart lit up when I saw your letter. My goodnes!. It gave me the shiver to hear you are cold. The whole group must be cold too. What happened to the sweater? Mosan Anna is on a mission to send you some Earl grey asap so you can indulge in a "british" cup of tea. The Punto has to in to the garage for repair. The head casket is broken and has to be changed. At least it is safe to drive for you when back home. Have you got any blog from m? I have sent a couple but not seen them on the website. Take care and stay warm. Ma xx Miss you

  39. for Afsana Tahirova
    from Roya Tahirli
    i have sent you three messages so far,but none of them were seen here:)we miss you a lot,hope you enjoy your you,kisses and hugs from mommy,dad, me and grandpa:)

  40. For Afsana Tahirova X-Ray 2
    Things sound to be hotting up!I am most impressed. Happy Novruz for March 19.

  41. For Azelle Egbe X-ray 8
    Hi Love, how's it going? fine we're sure.
    Oh you wouldn't guess what has happended at the Bolton Vs Spurs FA cup 1/4 finals. Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch and was stretchered off with CPR being administered. We are told he is fighting for his life in hospital. It all looks and sounds very very serious. He likely suffered an arrhythmic event for which an intra-cardiac defib will be fitted if he survives this event. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.
    All is well over here. James now has chicken pox. He has man-chicken pox! Sarah has largely recovered from hers.
    Saw Rene and Peggy at Leicester last weekend on our way from Milton Keynes.
    Enjoy yourself love and God bless.
    All the best. We love you.
    Mum and Dad

  42. Christie-Miller Family18 March 2012 at 13:25

    Amelia Christie-Miller X-Ray 5
    Hi Molly - The human cluedo sounds hilarious! Well done you, and thank you for your mothers day message from Xray 5. Happily received with Granny here for lunch too. Great news your ahead of schedule with your path and hopefully will get lots of relaxation time. So excited you're over half way now. love Mum x x

  43. Louis Worrall X ray 7 Louis Hi there, we are all missing you , have'nt seen m any photos until today. Lugging those bricks around we presume you are still having fun!!!! Sent a blog a few days ago , was hoping you got it. Dad Sasha you and I have been invited on a gulet (boat) July 14th in Turkey for a week. Can you skype us when you are back at fieldbase camp before u leave so we can have a chat, Sasha back from school for holidays this saturday afternoon and I know she would love to speak to you aswell. Great news , Edward and Vero have got engaged, wedding in Madrid end of July. Thinking of u lots love ya Muma XXX


    Trop touchantes ce reportage photo sur la construction de l’école .
    Mais ou est tu ??
    On ne te vois pas beaucoup sur les photos !!!
    Est-ce toi qui prends les photos ou donnes tu déjà des leçons de Neerlandais aux jeunes écoliers du village.
    J’espère qu’en tant de finaliste de la dernière coupe du monde tu a brillé dans le match amical de foot avec les locaux !!
    Essaies de ne pas te cacher dans la jungle lorsqu’un photographe passe près de toi afin que l’on puisse voir la tête de temps en temps sur les reportages.

    Profites de chaque instant, régales toi, nous sommes tous de tout cœur avec toi .

    Papa , Myhan , Mamy popom, Bello automobiles team . Swan , Sam, Mylan, Mathieu, Jean , Olga, Paul, Edouard, …………………

  45. message for Mark Fearon
    hi Mark lovely to speak to you the other day , you sound really happy and enjoying yourself. I tried desperately to change your flight but unfortunately they are non-transferable.I am so sorry. You need to check the san-jose flight for a change. All good at home,James has left for Japan for three weeks.You look as though you need some new clothes when you get back, speak to you in a couple of weeks. let base know that the first video of 12b phase 2 has been blocked in the uk

    lots of love Mum and Dad xx



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