Saturday, 3 March 2012

X-Ray projects, some background

Many of you undoubtedly read the previous post regarding X-Ray allocations and spied some new locations in amongst some familiar names. Well observed. Whilst some of the groups will be continuing the work undertaken by the awesome Alphas, a couple of new projects have cropped up which I will give you a background.

The Turrisantos and Corcovado treks, as you may have guessed, are the same as those that ran in Phase One, albeit with one new addition, the Miratombo trek, which will be tackled by X-Ray 3 during the phase. Starting up in the north of Nicaragua, near to Esteli. This route snakes its way through the Miraflor and Estanzuela wildlife reserve, and for the second half of its duration, the mighty Volcan Momotombo remains within sight; the trekkers celebrate the trip’s climax in the crater lake of Asososca.

Environmental efforts continue at Carara and La Amistad National Parks, with X-Ray 4 and 5 respectively, however the new kid on the block is Volcan Tenorio, visited by X-Ray 6. Located in the north of Costa Rica in Guanacaste province, it is notorious for the ultramarine Rio Celeste, which attains its colour due to mineral deposits and the emanation of sulphur from the volcano. Whilst in the park, X-Ray 6 will be repairing access trails alongside constructing a stair case down to a waterfall on the Celeste. This is one of several projects Raleigh will have undertaken on Volcan Tenorio; previous Raleigh groups assisted with the constructions of a bridge and Latin America’s first disabled access pathway in a rainforest.

X-Rays 7 and 8 will carry on the community projects undertaken in La Naranjita and San Jose up in Miraflor, Nicaragua, whereas X-Ray 9, in a new project, have swung south to Dorbata, in the Chirripo Indigenous Territory which is located on the Caribbean slope in the Matama area. Populated by the Cabecar indigenous people, one of the largest groups in Costa Rica, X-Ray 9 will be constructing a school in the area, which due to its remoteness, is generally only accessible by foot. The majority of the population are subsistence farmers, with one notable import to the community being football boots!

We will of course, bring you news and views from the projects as they break. If you haven’t already, whet your appetite by checking out the fantastic photo review of phase one (see the link on the left hand toolbar), composed by Ale. I can assure you it only gets better the more you watch it.


  1. Hi George X ray 5 great to hear your voice yesterday & to get your email with all your news from El Portillo, Nicaragua.
    La Amistad sounds good, hope you enjoy your environmental phase. Looking forward to receiving more news soon.
    Not too much news to tell you. Tomorrow it's the postponed Ireland v France game. Think France are the favourites to win the six nations. Claire & Al were here for supper tonight, it was good to see them. Fin has his A levels in May. Pepper is missing you, as are we. Have fun on phase 2.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxx

  2. Stephen christie-miller4 March 2012 at 07:43

    X Ray 5. Amelia Christie-Miller.I have just seen your wonderful photos of your trek, what stunning countryside you must have seen, great talking to you on Friday, letter on its way, snowing hard here in the Chilterns!! take care and love from us all, Dad xxx

  3. Message for Matt Moore, X-Ray 9

    Thanks for your lovely e-mail which we replied to but you probably didn't get before setting off for what sounds a fantastic phase 2 project with a whole lot of new friends to make. We enjoyed the photos of the "skits" (where did you get that blouse from?) and the fabulous slideshow of your trek, including early morning on a pacific beach we assumed. Meanwhile, AVB has just been sacked here (but you will no doubt have heard that by the time this arrives) which is no surprise after appalling performance v West Brom yesterday. Di Matteo interim manager until season end.

    Miss you but so proud of what you are doing. Love from us all xxxxx

  4. Charlotte and Nicola Milner4 March 2012 at 08:51

    X-Ray 6 – Hannah Voisin

    Hello han,
    Your project sounds amazing, very jealous of you being in Costa Rica at the moment!! Hope the work isn't too strenuous and you must take full advantage of those nearby hot springs, as you won't be getting any hot showers for a long time (especially at base camp)!
    Charlotte is currently visiting me in Edinburgh, her first time in Scotland which is very exciting. We attempted to go for a walk up the famous Arthur's seat today, but failed epicly as a freak hail storm took us by surprise, so we made a quick escape running back to my warm bed!
    We will try to keep you updated, thanks for the facebook message and let us know how your first phase went when you get back.
    Miss you and lots of Love
    Charlotte and Nicola xxxxx

  5. Hindle Fishers4 March 2012 at 09:25

    To Diana Hindle Fisher X-ray 1
    From Hindle Fishers
    Dearest Di,
    We are down at Granny's and loved seeing all the pictures on the blog, you look very smiley so hope you are renjoying it all. Well done winning the skit review and your mural looked great. Good luck on the trek, sounds quite a challenge! Just think of the beach at the end & hope the feet hold up! All very well here, Granny sends her love & so do we.
    Lots of love M & D x x x x

  6. for Jessica Emerson Xray 3 from la familia Emerson Hola guapa que tal? Well done for completing your plumbing apprenticeship! The trek sounds fantastic--am sure that all those walks in the peak district will stand you in good stead! Love to both the "steel magnolias" aka Sheffield lassies Jess and Rosie from all at home x x

  7. For Nicole Waller X Ray 4
    Hello Nicoley was WONDERFUL talking to you the other day.SO well done on the trek and hope you have a great time in Carara Keep well Love you lots and lots - from all of us at home xxx ooo

  8. For Nicole Waller X ray 4

    Hey Mouse
    Sorry I missed you the other day.Saw your sms and tried phoning from Impala but no connection.
    Missing you lots.Keep having fun and enjoy.
    talk soon.
    Lots of love.Dad

  9. bente mikkelsen4 March 2012 at 13:40

    hei Thea! it was so nice talking to you - we miss you a lot!!! remember you are strong, beatiful, smart, warm - sometimes funny and always honest. this will be an extraordinary experience wicth you will never forget and will a nice thing to bring with you for the rest of your life!!

    store klemmer mamma og Jesper

  10. To Hannah Voisin - X-Ray 6

    Hannah !!! hope your having a great time and so jealous right now cause it has been freezing cold here. Not sure when your free to skype again but we seriously need a catch up.. Love youuuuu


  11. To: Alfredo Salas Garro 12b X- Ray 5
    De: Macha

    Holaaa alfree espero q la este pasando genial! ahi nos contó tia q estuvieron hablando!! me alegro montones!! Quería desearte Feliz cumpleaños!! adelantado pero esperando q lo podas leer a tiempo!! 18 ya!! q grande esta feillo!! jajaj ni lo creo! disfruta montones! y cm dijo tu mama aunque sea en una boñiga! pero tiene q somplar una candela!! xq solo una vez en la vida se vuelve mayor de edad! XD! te mando un besoote y un abrazooo te quieroo montones alfreditoo y te extrañamos montones!!!

    pd: el viernes me dormi como 1 hora en su cama!! super rica!! =)

  12. For Edward Maxi Lilley; X Ray 6; love the photo of you and George hugging well done so far; sounds tough; all well here Sam's been in Barcelona on Macca's Stag do. No stories yet!! Had the weekend in London with the Walkers; did a knife skills course; Dinner in Ziani; I bet you could do with a nice Tagliolini Verdi Gratinati!! Miss you A LOT; take care Mammy xxxx

  13. Danielle Dowding (Xray 1). Thinking of you angel and hoping the beautiful surrounds are providing you strength for your climb - just think of it as a few trips up Domboshawa with a large cooler box and reaching the summit will be the cold bubbly at the top! Had to drop you a quick not to let you know that Reggie is the proud father of 3 sons and a daughter. Love you so much and pray for you all day long. God bless angel. Love Mom, Dad and Shell.

  14. He Sjoerd (Alpha 2), Wat gaaf om al skypend weer van je te horen. Heb net filmpje bekeken van oa. Alpha 2. Geeft mooie indruk van jullie jungletocht. Foto's van jullie voeten ontbraken! Je bent zelf ook weer helemaal bij met onze belevenissen. Puerto Maldonado geregeld. Nòg een jungle voor jou dus. Fey-Gro 1-0, PSV-Twe 2-6, Ado-HFC 4-0 :-( Geniet, Pappa

  15. Pame XRay 6! u know u r the best right???
    Mi vida la extraño un repichazo!!! los dias son rarisimos cuando pienso en escribirte y q no tas, peor despues me recuerdo en donde estas y lo q estas haciendo y tan solo me lleno de felicidad!!! contrario a mario yo no kieor q pase rapido, mas bien quiero q te dure y q lo disfrutes!!! 23 turri? ;) la loveo como dice la pangoli!

  16. Louis Manders X-Ray 5
    Thanks for the e mail - sounds like you are enjoying every minute. Hope you enjoy your second phase project at La Amistad and get to see some wildlife. The pictures of the skits were funny - where did you get the shirt!! They put up a slide show of everyones firs phase and it was great to watch. I took Ceryn to her first concert at Wembley Arena yesterday - The X Factor Live tour!! she loved it but I'm not sure I did with the constant shrieking that she and Joely kept doing everytime an act came on. Joe also had a good weekend winning the latest B team League match and the weekend before played in an A team league match due to injuries. The Camberley A team also played at the weekend and got throught the first round of the national cup in appalling weather. Yes it's cold and wet again here and we even had a few more snow flurries yesterday. I am taking Joe to visit Hertfordshire Uni this coming weekend so will let you know what he thinks.
    Keep up the Journal and photo taking - you know I will want to hear all about it when you get back.

    Love you

  17. Charlie rombaut x ray 4. Hi Charlie, just to let u know all good here, apart from the fact the dog is behaving very strangely - since you left she has been carrying the manky frog thing, and looking for you everywhere. She goes up to your room, but then beats a hasty retreat as she doesn't recognise it, Alex being in there! Hope you are all having an amazing time, really looking forward to the first update. Take millions of pics! Jason here tomorrow for a couple of days, so will update him. Big love from us all. Mum xxxx

  18. For Neneh - Xray 5. Hi Nen. Your package was sent on Saturday so will be at base when you return. Have been spotting you in various photos and videos. Sad about ankle and trek but sure you are in another beautiful place. Louie has injured his knee!! Phoebe asleep next to me with muddy nose from lots of mouse hunting. Miss you, Cxxxxxx

  19. Batsam X RAY 1 I wonder what you will be called this phase!!! I can't believe I missed both your calls. I was at singing and not allowed phone on. So disappointed not to speak to you but will make up for it with lots of messages!! The photos were wonderful and some of the views were spectacular. Clearly a brilliant team finishing early. An extra night at field base must have been quite a treat. Am about to look up the trek you are on so I can picture you. Enjoy and treasure the heaven and the possible hell. I await the stories with anticipation. Elie at it's most glorious. Clear blue skies and no one one the beach. Back to London tomorrow. Ollie back' to London next week for what will be his 7th interview! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. Miss you. Love mum xxxxxxx

  20. Sam Marsden - X-ray 3

    Hey Sam,

    It was so nice to finally speak to you last week (albeit briefly) and to see all the photos/slideshow from your Alpha 5 adventures (especially as you're smiling on lots of them!). The Miratombo trek sounds amazing (fingers crossed your ankle is ok) and a little warmer than your experience at Barva. On the home front, Ollie has played for SoR tonight and is awaiting decision about whether selected for an NLD match on 25th March. Also, I've joined the gym and in his capacity as my unofficial personal trainer, Martin Bates has been putting me through my paces on the spin bikes - ouch! No news yet re L101.
    Lots of love,

  21. Roisin Carson x-ray 8
    Hey Rosh, just watched the photo review of the things your group have been doing...looks AMAZING!keep up, enjoy and be strong.Bump is getting ready to arrive into the world, not long and you'll be auntie Roisin!love you lots and lots more.With love from Zan, Ben and Molly dog.xx xx

  22. Sam Horbye - X-Ray 1. So jealous of your adventure. Reminds me of my Raleigh Expedition many years ago!! Looks like lots of fun; bats, rats and all. Back off to China next week. Might go out hiking with the Beijing Hikers - not quite so demanding as your trekking. Enjoy, Love, Jean

  23. Message for Yzza Xray 9
    coucou ma chérie, je pense très fort à toi ! tu me manques beaucoup ! J'espère que tout se passe bien pour toi et que tu prends du bon temps ! Enjoy à fond, ca sera des moments que tu n'oublieras jamais de toute ta vie ! Je t 'aime très fort , Papa
    PS n'oublie pas de prendre plein de photos

  24. Charlotte Hobson6 March 2012 at 05:58

    Louis Manders X-Ray 5

    Heyyy lovely, was great to have a message from you the other day, really cheered me up :) congrats on all the amazing work you did during your first phase, sounds fab :)hope you're enjoying the next phase, i'm so jealous, sounds really great.

    My deadlines are over tomorrow! All 15,000 words of them! Just got to finish one essay today and then i'm done. Not got much planned for the rest of the week, just relaxing for a few days after all this work and stress. Couldn't go to work on Saturday as i'm not very well, but hopefully once the deadlines are over i can get better.

    Miss you,
    Love Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxx


    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with images and the blog it is really reassuring with our 'babies' having fled the nest...great work and much appreciated.

    Love from all us mums!

  26. George Moody X-Ray 5
    Hi George! From the photos it looks like you are having an amazing time, you look so brown I'm incredibly jealous. I have been told that you are somewhere called La Amistad National Park, I just gave it a quick google and it looks incredible! Not much is going on with me, I managed to get the job at Hollister, but I seem to spend most of my time writing lab reports (something for you to look forward to). It must be weird for you not being able to watch the 6 Nations, England are doing pretty well although we lost against Wales. Good luck with the rest of the expedition and take care, lots of love. Hannah xxx

    PS. I hope your fear of large mammals hasn't been too much of an issue for you out there

    PPS. I love how mum included "Fin has his A levels in May" in her blog like it's highly important info

    PPPS. I miss you sending me photos of Pepper sleeping in sunbeams

  27. Roisin Carson
    X-Ray 8
    Hey hey hey seb here! hope ur having fun i love the photos.. got lots to tell! me and carl are moving out next saturday to eastbourne! carl says hello there, he has been watching your fish when he comes round as mum thought she lost one! haha.. see u when ur back dont forget my pressie! :D xxxx

  28. Para Alfredo Salas Garro de la X-Ray 5

    Alfree ya falta poquito para su cumpleaños, cada vez que me dan ganas de llorar, y luego pienso en lo bien que lo va a que yo me imagino todo digamos...definitivamente este cumpleaños, a parte de ser el de los 18, lo va a viviiir de una forma que lo va a recordar forever. Y vuelve y yaaa con cédula, dichosísimo, usted no sabe la cantidad de humillaciones que me han pasado por ser menos, no en bares ni nada de eso...para simples trámites o para firmar una hijuepucha increíble, a cada rato todo el mundo me recuerda que soy menor, y que me falta mucho para que eso cambie -.-(colerones de la vida)
    Por aquello, le voy a decir, que celebre esos 18 a lo grande, no tengo dudas que lo vaya a hacer (:

    YA QUIERO QUE VUELVA(soy egoísta y me hacés falta)
    aproveche el tiempo, aproveche la oportunidad...y haga escabeche EEEEEEH JAJAJA chaooo guapurris

  29. X Ray 3 Sian Lewis

    Hello Siany,
    Hope you are settling in in Nicaragua and looking forward to you're walk without too many nerves. We are all thinking of you and everybody keeps asking how you're getting on and sending their love.
    I'm good - coursework season is ripe so still stressed then and I get my results on Thrusday so AHHHHH. Mum and I are going to Bristol tomorrow for a visit day which should be fun :)
    Mum called Tess's mum and she said Tess is OK. She's out of hospital and enjoying being back at home but apparently the CPR she had to have might have permanently damaged her breathing so she's struggling to do a lot of things without getting breathless :/
    We received you're letters and they're really lovely! We have sent/delivered them to their correct recipients and I'm sure everyone will enjoying reading them. It's so great to hear all the things you're doing - they sound amazing especially compared to dreary old Penarth: you might as well be on another planet! I think you're so amazing to do this whole thing and I really hope you're enjoying it as the once in a lifetime experience it seems to be on the blog :)
    Write again soon
    all my love
    you're little sis

  30. For Afsana Tahirova X-ray 2
    Congratulations for Women's Day on the 8th! Excellent photos of Alpha 5. Checking out Eurovision in Baku - UK entry is 75 years old. I am not making that up. There is hope for us all!! Happy trekking.....

  31. Fleur Jansen X ray 8.Lieve Fleur,zag leuk fotos van jullie alphagroep, ik hoop dat er ook gauw fotos staan van Xray 8.Het was heerlijk in Zwitserland, heerlijk weer en mooie sneeuw, er was zelfs een lawine in het dorpje naast ons, maar gelukkig is dat goed afgelopen.(dit komt omdat er al vroeg in het seizoen sneeuw is gevallen bij een warme ondergrond)Met Ada erbij was ook heel gezellig, veel kletsen.Ik heb nu ook skyp op Iphone, kan je dus overal ontvangen.De verbouwing in Noordwijk is begonnen en we zitten in Amsterdam.Joya komt as weekend gezellig naar Amsterdam, we gaan waarschijnlijk eten bij tante ineke.Morgen ga ik logeren bij opi.Ik ga samen met hem een mail naar je sturen.Binkie is logeren bij 7 andere honden, hij zal wel genieten,door het hele huis daar lagen lekkere dingen.Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het is in je nieuwe groep , ik hoop net zo leuk als de eerste 3 weken.Hoe is het logeren bij de mensen aldaar, wat moet je precies doen?
    Vanuit Nederland uit de krant geen speciaal nieuws
    Veel liefs, tot gauw mama

  32. Alexandre Bello X RAY 9
    Hey Alex, beetje gesetteld? We volgen allemaal de foto's, Oene heeft ze al op de voorkant van de compuut. Hoop snel foto's te zien van jullie groep. Ben gisteren naar Parijs geweest was weer gezellig, myan en je pa hadden me zelfs uitgenodigd om s'avonds uit te gaan maar ik moest terug. Isabelle is op zeeklassen en heeft het heel erg leuk het is alleen wel heeeel stil in huis.
    Anyway enjoy, neem veel foto's! We zijn supertrots op je!
    Tot snel! Mama X

  33. Alfredo Salas Garro de la X-Ray 5
    ya 18...dichisísimooo, lo envidio, esa es la verdad jaja...debería de hacerme llegar de algún modo un "feliz día de maujer" imbécil -.- porque hoy no sólo es su día...paaaraa que lo sepa (:
    chais te amis
    Nicole Alpízar.

  34. To: Alfredo Salas Garro 12b X- Ray 5
    alfreee feliiizz cumpleeee!!! le deseo lo mejooor espero q la estes pasado demm bn y etsoy segura de q asi es!!! 18 al fiiinn ya no nos van a sacar de ningun bar x tu culpa jajaja!! tengo q confesarle que no sabe la falta tan increible q me ha hecho :(( ya quiero q vengaaa!!! cuidese muchoo!! un abrazooo gigante lo adoroooo!!un beso! ah tengo q informarle q nuestro equipo no anda muy bn :s
    atte: rosiillaaaaaa! :D

    Glad you are having a great time. Well done you got B in retake. What a relief.All well here, granny doing well, prob wont be home till end April. Dad hope building work will start in April, watch this space. Dogs are well, teasel is a bit wild at the moment. Hope you taking loads of photos and writing your diary. Off to sussex to work with emma and maria. Everyone sends their love and wishes you a very happy 19th birthday. Maybe will be able to speak if you back at base. love mum x x


    Lieve Fleur, hier je zus.
    Hoe is het daar? Ik heb je foto's bekeken en ziet er goed uit! ben heel trots hoe je dit doet:)
    Hier in NL niet heel veel bijzonders.. Ik zit nu in Amsterdam een weekendje. Het is heel mooi geworden! Er is nu zelfs een tafel (heeft weeeekkken geduurd). Verder hebben we net de uitnodiging voor het huwelijk gekregen. Het thema is de love boat! We hebben er zin in, maar heel jammer dat je er niet bij bent. Mama is al bezig met een lied/act (zal wel genant worden:P)
    Hier wat nieuws updates: De finale van wie is de mol is gewonnen door hadewich. Annemarie was de mol. Hadden wij het toch verkeerd;)
    In groningen hebben we weer een nieuwe onderhuurster (de saaiheid zelve), maar wel prima.

    We skypen snel!

    LIEFS Joya

  37. Mark Fearon, xray 4
    Congratulations you got an A in maths ,B in physics and a B in economics :) ! the hard work paid off ! You look as though you are having a great time, we didn't recognize you with all that fur on you face. All good at home and you have a new second cousin called Connor.Dad and i had a great time in antigua. try and ring us when you are back at base love MUm and Dad xx and may be your brothers!

  38. Roiain Carson x-ray 8
    hey lovely !!! counting the days ... they are moving so fast.... soon be April.. oohh my Birthday !!!.. well Bexhill has some sunshine its been about 12'C.. still a bit chilly....been busy digging and raking in the garden....
    Nanny an Grandad send you lots of love.... Saydie, Eddie and Tilly are fine... loving the sunshine.. especially eddie.. loves to sunbathe !!.... always lookforward to the updates... soon you will be finished with trek no 2....... hope all is going well.. I miss you loads.. love you always.... Mum xxxxxxxx

  39. Abdallah Slaoui13 March 2012 at 04:20

    Yzza Slaoui X-Ray9
    Salut ma puce, Je n'ai pas l'impression que tu ai reçu tous mes messages :( En tous les cas tu me manques terriblement. On n'a pas vraiement de nouvelles de votre groupe. Il semblerait que vous êtes tellement loin que les infos et les photos ne sont pas encore revenuent. J'espère que ce n'est pas trop dur, mais en tous les cas ca te fera une très belle expérience dont tu te souviendras toute ta vie :)
    Je pense que ta maman ta mise au courant, tu as un nouveau petit cousin - Félicitations !!! Ils vont faire le Sabaar jeudi.
    Tu as reçu un mail de Penn disant qu'ils vont donner leur réponse à la fin du mois. Je suis tout ça ne t'inquiète pas.
    Sinon tout le monde va bien ici, Je t'embrasses très très fort,
    Ton papa

  40. Hannah Voisin X-ray 6

    Hey Han!
    Hope you're enjoying Costa Rica! So very jealous of you and cannot wait to have a massive catch up and hear all about how your first phase went :) Bet you're having an amazing time! Miss you loads, lots of love :)
    Emma xxxxx

  41. Charlotte Rombaut X-ray 4

    Hope you're enjoying Costa Rica so far lovely! So very jealous of you, but crazily happy for you at the same time for having this amazing opportunity! Cannot wait to hear all about it and have a massive catch up :)
    Miss you lots! Lots of love, Emma :) xxxx

  42. For Dara;

    Gracias a este blog nos estamos enterando un poquito de tus aventuras!
    Te mandamos un abrazo!!

    Lila y flia.

  43. Sam "the bam" Horbye, x ray 1,
    Mother's Day today, Tom bought her a crepe machine. As you can probably imagine benjegg spent the whole day stuffing his cheeks with nutella pancakes. I have my final set of interviews with J P tomorrow morning, but at least now I am on holiday. Hope you're well and that the bats and the cats arent following you on your hardcore trek. Keep living the 'pura vida' for us all back home. Lol Guacaduholg x



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