Friday, 13 April 2012

La Naran-three-ta

With 5 Nicaraguan families settled into their new homes and a school room freshly painted, Zulu 7 are returning to Costa Rica triumphant.

It’s been a tear-jerking end to fantastic phase and with our host families left behind in La Naranjita, we return with a humbled outlook and renewed sense of the agricultural, non-materialistic way of life so dominant in this area with Sav’s video blog and a multitude of journals at our disposal, the memories had by all on this phase are precious and unforgettable.

Perhaps most importantly the opening ceremony of the houses was a moment that summed up the entire phase. The honest gratitude expressed by the community for our work was extremely touching. Having worked for 3 whole phases with them, special recognition was rightfully geared towards PM Fiona, who is eveidently an honorary member of the La Naranjita establishment, assisted by her near perfect Spanish.

Fiona’s connections aided us immensely in our adventures outside the community which became apparent when we found ourselves bound for Esteli on the once-daily chicken bus. A couple of hours later, having been thoroughly battered around by the dusty, bumpy roads we arrived. A trip to a museum and a quick look around the shops allowed for an enjoyable day. Massive shame about the torrential downpour...

A quick bot-fly update; Lulu is pleased as punch with the results from her scalp – so much so that she’s successfully used her own traumatic experience to remove not one, but three of the pests from Mark’s sun-kissed pins! She may not be able to use a hammock, or walk down a hill with any sort of gradient without falling, but when it comes to medicine she knows her stuff!

In other news we’ve been lucky enough to celebrate 2 Raleigh birthdays. Both Diana and Sam reached the ripe age of 19 which gave La Naranjita the chance to show us how to party and really celebrate in style. With matching pineapple cakes, an enormous bonfire and local DJ Terry on the decks (cd player), Zulu 7 have enjoyed 2 fantastic evenings with the entire community. We even got a talented performance on the guitar from Tim – he kept that quiet!

Stay safe, we’ll see you soon xx

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