Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mud, Mud, glorious "Lodo"!

“Lodo”, “adobe” y “muchos pintos” are a daily occurrence for Zulu 7. We’re powering ahead with our building work, getting stuck in with the mud-stomping and, having completed the brick layering, are rendering the walls and fitting the roofs.

Our agricultural community at Miraflor National Park have provided ample opportunity for fun outside the building sites. Perhaps most notably, we’ve enjoyed our trips to the tranquil waterfall which, in light of the alternative which involves balancing a bucket of water behind a plastic sheet at the bottom of the garden, has proven itself a an extremely refreshing showering opportunity. So much so, that a bottle of Sian’s eco-friendly shampoo had to be rescued by Ting after Jess’ particularly unsuccessful throw from the top – thankfully the shampoo survived. As I’m sure you can imagine, after a day’s work under the pounding Nicaraguan heat, a light swim on the calm waters between the dry sun-scorched hills of this area is the ultimate treat enjoyed by all.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to attend two parties in the school room – special mention must go to Jerry, our Nicaraguan DJ whose unique remixes fill the dance-floor with ease, Sav for single-handedly boosting the Brit’s poor dancing reputation and Pamela who can literally dance Salsa with her eyes closed.

The phase has not been without its dramas however. Arguably most dramatic, was Sam and Rob’s cake-making incident. Their Nicaraguan mother, clearly delighted at the boy’s enthusiasm in the kitchen, agreed to their creation of a British classic; the Victoria sponge. With Diana, their female housemate working hard on building the houses outside and only an open fire at their disposal, the cake was tragically smouldered. The burnt remains were later spotted being fed to the dogs – we hate to think what impression we’ve given of our great British cuisine!

Stay tuned for further news of our Easter celebrations, Diana and Sam’s birthday, and of course our hopeful completion of the houses


  1. Segun el blog, Pamela, who can literally dance salsa with her eyes closed!!! bueno pos tmabien deberia decir q lo q ud sabe s elo enseñó PAPÁ!!!! o sea yo!!! mamita! ubiquese jajaja un besote pame! la veo en una semana! la playa no fue lo mismo sin ud! pero ooooobveo la pasamos bombi!

  2. Callum Hunter Zulu 7
    Hi Callum,
    So far our easter culinary highs have included 'Ham Nite' ( wait till you see the Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists) and home made hot cross buns, rather delicate and brioche like, Ellie said "could be chewier!". Big BBQ today and we're saving some Easter eggs for you.
    Ellie is downloading thousands of photos it will be a huge task to tag the good ones. How are yours going? Hopefully not in the thousands..
    Ellie has unpacked her rucksack to reveal many floaty garments but has not had any more tattoos and the nose ring is growing on us.
    Can't wait to see you- next week now, much love

  3. Lauren Davidson Sophie Jenkins8 April 2012 at 12:18

    Hello Lauren Davidson and Sophie Jenkins,
    Happy Easter! The weather is very warm here so we're spending as much time as possible outside.
    Talia is here for the weekend. Talia and Mom went to Kingston on Saturday to visit Taryn and Justin. They had a great day. Taryn's fridge is filled now for exams! She comes home April 28. Jane P. is with us for Easter dinner today. It won't be long and we'll have you back in our clutches! Miss you,
    Love Mom, Dad, Sean and Talia.

  4. For Joe Donovan - Zulu 1

    Hello Joe
    I’ve just seen a condensed version of Frozen Planet on TV and thought of you. How very different from your current environment!
    Are your new boots functioning well? I hope they get you back to Fieldbase without too many aches and pains.
    Trust you are still having a fantastic time.
    Take care of yourself; you are always in our thoughts.
    Love Mum xx

  5. Maria Gerono Zulu 3

    Happy Easter! Stuffed with Twirl -thank you for the egg. You will laugh when you get - home yours has melted in the sun (when we had it ) so you will be receiving an Easter sludge! Tastes the same though. Drew against Villa. Played well in second half - 8th now though, even Everton are above us (the shame). Can't wait to see you. Come on Zulu 3! not far to go xxxxx

  6. BATSAM ZULU 7 Good morning on what is Easter Monday and grey and drizzly here!! Yet more mud with you it would appear, you wont know how to live without it!!! I hope the houses are finished as is the mural in the pre school. CLearly you were keen to do all you could working over the weekend. Well done. The water fall is clearly a welcome relief but not sure about your Victoria Sponge baking. Dont remember that ever being in your repertoire and certainly not on an open fire!!!! I hope someone else is making your birthday cake!!!. I am sad it is all coming to an end, I will miss my CR&N blog visits. I cant imagine what you will all be feeling like. Remember they are not goodbyes but AU REVOIR - assuming y ou havent forgotten all your French!!!Just off to the pub for lunch. Biggest of hugs, miss you and love you. MumXX

  7. Lauren Davidson9 April 2012 at 08:34

    Lauren Davidson
    How was your Easter? How was the fish dinner? Sounds like you had lots of activities planned. Did you play the baseball game? Talia and Jane were here for Easter. Jane has an audition with Les Miz today-bid day for her. Harley crashed into a tree this morning catching a ball-didn't faze him a bit. He misses you and so do we!
    Love, Dad, Mom and Sean

  8. Callum Hunter Zulu 7

    Hi Callum,

    We've had a wet easter weekend - so everyone wallowing in the mud here too. today spent packing the bikes down and doing some last minute maintenance - i've left yours in case you want a spin sunday. have ordered some more cables and brake blocks and a longer stem to play with geometry a bit.

    Els is cooking up dishes from her travels (!) and we are now looking forward to tasting some Costa Rican fare when you return.

    CH lost to JK in the track sprint semis - but blasted back for keirin gold. Boonan took P-R after a solo break with 50kms to go - impressive win.

    Love from us all


    Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleanos! Wish we were there with you. Have a fab day and good luck on your next adventure. Looking foward to speaking with you on a more regular basis!!Saludos Dad

  10. BATSAM ZULU 7 HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous boy. I am sure it will be a special one never to be forgotten. Perhaps you can celebrate the completion of the houses too. The memory bank must be full to overflowing but am sure the end must seem all too near. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Biggest of hugs. Love you. MumXXX

  11. For Afsana Tahirova Zulu 7
    From pipe laying to building! Sounds as though the Nicaraguan experience is very productive. Glad all the visas worked out!

  12. Sam Horbye- happy birthday Claaaaaaaaaaaaaammmb! Hope you have an amazing day and that someone with better baking skills than you is making your birthday cake! Tom xxx p.s. Feel free to lose the red bandana in the jungle! Sphlaaaaad x

  13. BATSAM ZULU 7 I hope you were spoilt rotten yesterday. Never will there be a birthday like it. We all found it rather strange not being able to speak to you. Apart from us missing you so is the expresso machine, dont think it has been used since you left. The dining room is full of books, Ollie and Sam stuck in there most of the day, with tennis to release frustration and boredom. Ted comes to join them. WIll be thinking of you tomorrow when you say goodbye to your family. Biggest of hugs and cant wait to speak to you. Love you. MumXX



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